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Guidelines & Informa on for 2010 “Stomp the Grapes 1/2 Marathon & Team Relay” Thanks to each of you for your registra on. We apologize to those who wanted to par cipate, but were closed out due to space limita ons. I believe each of you who is par cipa ng will have a greater understanding of the closure when you run the road into and out of Quail Hollow State Park. I hope that you take the me to read this informa on packet as it will hopefully answer many of your ques ons. It will be sent to each of you by your registra on e‐mail and in addi on to be posted at

PRE‐RACE PACKET PICKUP ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 5:00‐9:00PM If you live locally, we encourage you to visit Maize Valley Winery on Friday evening to pick up your race number, shirt, hat, & socks from 5‐9pm. This will alleviate some of the conges on race morning plus familiarize you with the layout for race morning.

RACE NUMBERS Your race number will have your name printed on the number for recogni on along the course. In addiƟon it will have two coupons each valid for one glass of Free wine at the post race party. Addi onal wine is available for purchase by the glass or bo le. The number will also have a coupon for your L/S wicking T & the size you requested plus your hat & socks, and if you purchased a sweatshirt through web registra on there will be a coupon with your sweat shirt size and it will be used to pick up your sweat. YOUR NUMBER IS YOUR TICKET TO THE POST RACE PARTY. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR NUMBER. Other family members can purchase a number at the beginning of the food line for $10.00. Kids 10 & under are FREE. Numbers and coupons are non‐transferable. Early finisher‐Please remember that there are many par cipants s ll out on the course. One pass through the line un l everyone has return! We will have a great deal of food and there will be plenty for everyone as long as everyone understands that there are many runners s ll to finish and come to the post race party.

RELAY NUMBERS Relay numbers will be the reverse color combina on. Purple on the top, green on the bo om. All individuals on each relay team will have the same number. Relay numbers begin at 1000.


The race will begin promptly at 12:00 noon in front of the Winery on State Route 619 and head west. We could be talking about up to 800‐1000 vehicles entering the winery parking area‐PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY. In addi on, please ride together with other

runners and members of your relay teams. Volunteers will be on duty to assist you in parking‐please follow their direc ons. No one should arrive past 10:45 am and those who arrive then should only be those who picked up their packets the night before from 5‐9pm at the winery. Volunteers will be on hand to assist

State Route 619 will be closed before the start of the race so if you are running late you will not be able to park or be at the starting line. you on packet pickup beginning at 9:00am.

REST ROOM FACILITIES RACE DAY Maize Valley Winery has indoor facili es that can be used, we will have approximately 11 individual units on the premises, plus we will have the unit pictured that has 5 ladies units and 4 men’s units inside. Total units approximately 26. In addi on we have 9 units that were added to the one unit at Quail Hollow State Park. 4 will be at the finish line and three will be at each relay exchange point.

RACE MORNING WARMUPS & TRAFFIC SAFETY DURING THE RACE We do not recommend warming up on State Route 619. IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO SO, please exercise extreme cau on. Traffic will remain open un l closed for the start of the race. There will be 13 officers on the course from Marlboro Township, Stark County’s Sheriff’s Department, Portage County Sheriff’s Department, and a State Park Ranger. An EMS unit from Hartville will be sta oned in Quail Hollow State Park at the finish. In case of an emergency, any of the officers along the course can contact

Regardless of the number of officers, it is your responsibility to use common sense on the course. Traffic will be maintained on the roads. It is important to run on the right side, pass on the le and be aware of the flow of traffic‐SPECIFICALLY WHEN INSIDE QUAIL HOLLOW STATE PARK! The yellow to your right indicates emergency medical units.


the two lane road into the park. There will be cones on both sides and runners are to run BETWEEN


ROAD. Busses & vehicles will be in the center lane inside the park.



ENTERING PARK the first me you veer right toward Park Office to your right

Second me you enter the park you head toward picnic area to the le & the finish

RELAY EXCHANGE Relay legs will be approximately 5 miles, 2 miles, & 6.1 Miles. They will not be exact and there will not be splits based on the relay exchange points to eliminate addi onal confusion on relay exchanges. There will be a line in the road and the relay individual who is finishing will tag the individual who is the next leg within the vicinity of the line. Volunteers with bull horns will be on each side of the road indica ng runner numbers approaching the exchange point. IT IS EVERY RELAY TEAM MEMBER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW HIS TEAMMATES PACE AND BE LOOKING FOR THE RACE NUMBER APPROACHING (Remember‐all team members have the same number!) Relay members will have an approximate 1/2 mile walk from the bus drop off area to the relay exchange points.

RELAY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR EXCHANGE OF WARMUPS, ETC. Team member #1 (5 mile leg) should have team member #2 (2 mile leg) take number #1 ‘s warmups to exchange point #1. Team member #2 will be across the road from his star ng point when he finishes and can either take his warmups across the road before he runs his 2 mile leg or pick them up from where he started a er he completes his 2 mile leg. EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION IN CROSSING THE ROAD AS THERE WILL BE RUNNERS & VEHICLES! Relay member #3 (6.1 mile leg) should have Relay team member #2 take his warmups to the finish area.

BAG DROP There will be a Bag Drop area at the registra on area. Runners will be given a s cker to s ck on their bag with their name & number. These bags will be taken to the finish area for distribu on under the 20 X 80 tent. Volunteers will assist you to finding your garments. DO NOT PUT VALUABLES IN YOUR BAG‐WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR MISSING ITEMS!

BUSSES There will be eight busses to take relay members and family observers to Quail Hollow State Park. THERE WILL BE NO VEHICLES ALOWED ACCESS INTO QUAIL HOLLOW‐DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE TO THE PARK OR PARK AT QUAIL HOLLOW. THIS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED! Finishers and family members will be bussed back to the Winery as individuals complete the race. There is no charge for this service. Individuals will load the busses near the registra on area at the winery and will be taken to the parking area above the finish area. THERE WILL BE NO STOPPING FOR RUNNERS TO DISENBARK OR LOAD OTHER THAN THESE TWO AREAS.










1 7 5





1 D.












TIMING, RESULTS, & AWARDS There will be star ng mats and runners will receive a net me and a gun me. The race is ChronoTrack med with disposable “B‐Tags” on the back of the race numbers. All awards are based on Gun mes. There will be 6.1 Mile split recorded for runners and there will be a clock at this 10K mark. There will not be mes given at the other mile marks, BUT ALL MILES WILL BE INDICATED BY MILE MARKER FLAGS.

Results and pictures will be posted race day at: Awards will begin at 3:30pm at the Maize Valley Winery. Cash awards for those breaking age group records will be mailed the week a er the race a er we have confirmed records. Awards will be given to the top 5 men & women overall, top male & female master runners, and the top male & female grand master runner. In addi on the top three males & females will receive awards in the following age groups: 14‐18, 19‐24, 25‐29, 30‐34, 35‐39, 40‐44, 45‐49, 50‐54, 55‐59, 60‐64, 65‐69, 70‐74, 75 & over. In the Relay the top three teams in Male Category, Female Category, & Coed Category will receive awards.

WATER/GATORADE STATIONS Water/Gatorade (Lemon‐Lime) will be available at approximately 3 1/2 miles, 5 plus miles, 7 miles, approximately 10 miles, 12.5 miles, and of course at the finish line.


Stomp The Grapes 2010 Information Package  
Stomp The Grapes 2010 Information Package  

Stomp The Grapes 2010 Information Package