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Putnam County Schools Personnel Changes The Putnam County Board of Education approved the following personnel changes at its June 4 meeting: Resignations: • Jodi Johnson, West Teays Elementary, first grade teacher. • Jennifer Kidd, George Washington Elementary, kindergarten teacher. • Leon McCoy, Winfield High, physical education. Allen Osborne, Poca • High, social studies teacher. • Claudia Snow, George Middle, math Washington teacher. • Ellen Vannoy, George Washington Middle, language arts teacher. • Nancy White, substitute teacher. • Nancy Adkins, Hurricane Town Elementary, extended day critical skills tutor. • Cynthia Butcher, Winfield Middle, team leader. • Cindy Chapman, Hurricane Middle, National Junior

Honor Society. Barbara Collier, Putnam • Career and Technical Center, temporary after-school LPN tutor. • Barbara Collier, Putnam Career and Technical Center, HOSA Coordinator. • Carla Craigo, Poca High, assistant volleyball coach. Jack Dailey, Poca High, • business department head. • Jami Hayes, Buffalo Elementary, extended-day criticalskills tutor. • Tammy Lawhon, Hurricane Town Elementary, extended-day critical-skills tutor. • Allen Osborne, Poca High, athletic director, fine arts department head, Saturday school teacher. Karen Stone, Winfield • Elementary, extended-day critical-skills tutor. Ellen Vannoy, George • Washington Middle, homebound site coordinator/teacher. • Connie Vicars, Winfield High, AP Coordinator.

• Mendi Whittington, George Washington Middle, assistant cheerleading coach. • Maxwell Bailes III, substitute custodian. • Michael Cook, substitute bus operator. Angela Grady, substi• tute aide. • Mary Jackson, substitute custodian. • William Lanham, substitute custodian. Thurman Luikart II, • substitute custodian. Employment: Allison Cremeans, Buf• falo/Winfield High math teacher. • Bryan England, Winfield High, severe/profound teacher. • Tammy Minor, Putnam Career and Technical Center, LPN Instructor. • Substitute teachers: Trudy Acord, Nancy Adkins, Joyce Andrews , Sarah Beakes, Tracy Bowen, James Cox , Lindsey Davis, Linda Dent , Jeanette Ellis, Mary Jo Fisher, Claudia Fizer, Sally Hazlett, Michelle Kel-

ley, Erin McClure, Allen Osborne , Elizabeth Sauvageot, Romilda Smith, Sharon Smith and Wade Welch. Lindsey Bailey, Hurri• cane High, newspaper advisor. • Ryan Bailey, Poca High, assistant football coach. • Tim Bailey, Poca High, assistant girls’ basketball coach. Cheryl Barnett, Winfield • Middle, after-school detention teacher alternate. Sondra Corsaro, Hurri• cane Middle, assistant soccer coach. Jimmy Cunningham, • Hurricane Middle, assistant soccer coach. Christian Hale, Hurri• cane High, assistant boys’ soccer coach. Anthony Hill, Hurricane • Middle, wrestling coach. • Jeffrey Humphreys, Hurricane Middle, assistant football coach. • Deidra Kelley, West Teays Elementary, referral office. • Gregory Lowe, Hurri-

cane High, assistant girls’ basketball coach. • Rebecca Mazzella, Hurricane Middle, after school detention teacher alternate. • Kenny Sayre, Poca High, girls’ basketball. Charles Slater, Hurri• cane High, assistant girls’ basketball coach, volleyball coach. Drue Smith, Hurricane • High, assistant boys’ soccer. • Duane Talley, Hurricane Middle, assistant wrestling coach. • Brian Tinsley, Hurricane Middle, assistant football coach. • Shinya Turley, Poca Middle, intramurals director. Rachelle Williams, Poca • Elementary, SAP coordinator. • Maxwell Bailes III, George Washington Middle, custodian. • Mary Jackson, George Washington Middle School/Winfield High, custodian. • Thurman Luikart II, Scott Teays Elementary, custodian.

Public Meeting on raising Fire Service Fee set for Thursday By Jack Bailey

WINFIELD – Two Putnam County commissioners who opposed raising the county's fire service fee last year say that a recent proposed increase from the county Fire Board is more reasonable, but are waiting to make a final decision until after a public meeting Thursday night, June 14, in Winfield. Putnam County Commission President Gary Tillis said that the most recent request for an increase was more reasonable than a request last year that he opposed. “I definitely feel that this request is way more reasonable,” Tillis said of the request that the Fire Board made last month that would raise the $25 a year fire service fee for most homeowners to $37.50 a year. “But I want to hear from the public first before I make a final decision. I haven't made up my mind yet. I definitely want to listen to the concerns and comments from the public.” Likewise, Commissioner Joe Haynes opposed last year's request for a fire service fee increase, but finds the most recent

request more reasonable. Last year, the Fire Board asked for fee increases that would have increased the fee 100 percent or more depending on the size of a structure. “I find this proposal more reasonable,” Haynes said of the recent rate increase proposal. “I still haven't made up my mind, but I personally find it more reasonable.” Haynes said that last year when the Fire Board asked for an increase he received an overwhelming amount of calls about the issue, with most callers opposing the increase. This time around, he said that he has received far fewer calls, but the calls he has received have been against the increase. “If people are for or against the

increase, I want to hear valid reasons,” Haynes said. County Commissioner Steve Andes, who also serves on the Fire Board, supported the proposed increase last year, and is doing so again this time around. “There is a real need for this, “Andes said, noting that many pieces of equipment in the county's fire fighting fleet of vehicles are aging and in need of repair or replacement. The most recent proposed increase from the Fire Board is scaled back from last year's proposal. The proposed rates are based on the size of a structure. For residential homes up to 2,500 square feet the current fire service fee is $25 and under the proposed increase would go up to $37.50 a year. For residential

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homes 2,501 square feet and over the proposal would raise the fire service fee from $30 to $45 a year. For commercial property under 2,500 square feet the fire service fee would increase from $50 to $75 a year, while for commercial property 2,501 to 3,750 square feet the fee would increase from $100 to $150. Commercial property fees would continue to escalate based on the size of a structure until they top out at buildings larger than 20,001 square feet. For those size commercial buildings the rate would increase from $750 to

$1,125 a year. Fire chiefs in Putnam County say that the increases are necessary in order to keep pace with the rising costs of fuel, workers' compensation insurance and equipment. If approved by the Commission, the fee increases would bring the Fire Board an estimated $1.1 million a year. Currently, the fire service fees bring in more than $700,000 a year. The meeting to discuss raising the fire service fee is Thursday, June 14, at 7 p.m. at the courthouse in Winfield.

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The Putnam Standard  

June 12, 2012, edition of The Putnam Standard

The Putnam Standard  

June 12, 2012, edition of The Putnam Standard