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Gearing Up For The Beautiful Race

Superleague Formula

The Best Of Both Worlds

Superleague Formula is a brand new, global Championship that connects two of the most popular sports in the world: football and motor racing to create a completely new, sports marketing product. At their heart, both sports offer fans action and drama; that is their engine, their attraction. By uniting the two, we will create a brand new racing series, an exciting competition and a unique blend of entertainment, passion, fair play and exhilaration. Welcoming fans, broadcasters, media, sponsors and the public at large, Superleague Formula has the potential to become one of the biggest events in the global arena of 21st century sport. Welcome to the beautiful race.

Football at 300kph The 21st Century’s ultimate spectacle

Superleague Formula

Who’s taking part?

Providing a fantastic opportunity to extend the reach of their image and brand equity, famous football clubs from Europe and South America are already on the grid, with more from around the world preparing to compete on a truly level playing field. Superleague Formula will see one car represent each football club, with all teams using identical cars and technologies to take motor racing back to its essence. With drivers and race teams all competing – for the first time as equals – without financial or technological advantage, SF will be a showcase of man and technology with the emphasis on each driver’s contribution, skill and ability.

“ The drivers will become heroes for the fans, just as the footballers are for them.” Alex Andreu, SF President

“This is the antidote to the boredom of F1 that many of us are looking for… A world series aimed at the fans has to be the way forward” Neil (SF blog, April 2007)

Superleague Formula

Car/Engine Overview

Élan Motorsports Technologies – one of the largest race car manufacturer in the world – has developed the awesome Superleague Formula car. Menard Competition Technologies Limited (MCT) is the company behind SF’s lightweight V12 engine, producing 750 horsepower.

Max power: 750+bhp Max RPM: 12,000 12 cylinders 4.2 litre capacity

Total length: 4600mm

Slick racing tyres

Hewland six-speed sequential gearbox

Track: 2000mm

Wheelbase: 3162mm

“ A neat way of generating immediate passion, ownership and rivalry” Steve (SF blog, April 2007)

Superleague Formula

Race Calendar 2008

Having gained official FIA approval at the World Motor Sport Council meeting in Decemeber 2007, Superleague Formula’s inaugural 2008 race season will visit the following six major circuits across Europe.

Race 1/August 30/31

Race 2/September 20/21

Race 3/October 4/5

Race 4/October 18/19

Race 5/November 1/2

Race 6/November 22/23

Donington, United Kingdom

Zolder, Belgium

Estoril, Portugal

NĂźrburgring, Germany

Italy (location TBA)

Spain (location TBA)

“ Go, Go, Mengo Goal! It’s great, a wonderful hit! Flamengo Racing, the biggest motorsport fans of the world!” Frederico (SF blog, August 2007)

Superleague Formula

Football Club Participation

Superleague Formula brings together the passion, action, colours and rivalry of football and motor racing to create a new competition. For the first time ever, top football clubs will compete against each other on a new playing field, with man and machine in perfect harmony.

Superleague Formula

How Does It Work? Weekend & Race Format

Saturday 1. Arrival

2. Activities

3. Unique VIP three seater programme

4. Practice & Qualifying

5. Activities & Concert

6. Depart

1. Arrival & Activities

2. Race One (As Per Qualifying +/-50 Minutes)

3. Activities

4. Race Two (Reverse Grids +/-50 Minutes)

5. Activities

6. Depart


Superleague Formula

New Opportunities For All

Superleague Formula’s level playing field race format will ensure plenty of action, meet /exceed expectations, and generate maximum interest for spectators, TV viewers and commercial partners. With a free to air TV strategy enabling worldwide coverage and awareness of Superleague Formula, this exciting, high-performance motorsport’s association with football will arouse fans’ passion, create a far wider audience, and generate strong revenues and growth. There’s no need to create passion for the product… the product is the passion. Engaging with a worldwide audience of fans, and providing an outstanding new arena to build brand equity and awareness, Superleague Formula will provide a tremendous business opportunity for all commercial partners – and deliver a high return on investment.

Superleague Formula


With Superleague Formula, our goal is to create a sport that gives fans something different, captures the imagination and provides real value. With a field of fully-bespoke 750 horsepower single-seater race cars bearing the colours of the world’s leading football teams and the roar of the fans matching the sound of the V12-powered engines, Superleague Formula will deliver something spectacular – an exciting contest with unforgettable moments to treasure. While other motor sports are dominated by technology, the spirit behind Superleague Formula is about feeling the pride and the passion… and getting closer to the action. The time is now for an unrivalled entertainment experience and the biggest sporting event of the 21st century: The Beautiful Race

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