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Pro Cycling Manager 2012 Community Guide

Introduction Pro Cycling Manager is a series of cycling management and real-time simulation games created by Cyanide. The game was first launched in 2001 as Cycling Manager, but the series took on the Pro label in June 2005. A new version is released every year to coincide with the Tour de France. The game is offered in a variety of languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, ..) although the actual language configuration depends on the local publisher. Over the years a lot of online communities were established. All of them with one single goal, providing their countrymembers with as much information as possible about the game. Thanks to a lot of volunteers within these communities the game was able to reach a new level. It wasn’t just a game anymore, it became a way of life. Visiting a community to seek information is one thing, sticking around and making friends within these communities is the most wonderful part. Since we, as PCM Benelux, wanted to provide all of you the best Pro Cycling Manager-experience possible we decided to make a little online guide for all the Pro Cycling Manager-players around the world. In the following pages you will be able to find all different communities. Sincerely, PCM Benelux

Official community Name:


Website:!/PCyclingManager @PCyclingManager

International community Name:

PCM Daily


No facebookpage!/pcmdaily @PCMDaily

Dutch community Name:

PCM Benelux

Website:!/pcmbenelux @PCMBenelux

Danish community Name:

PCM Freaks

Website:!/PCMFreaksdk @PCMFreaksdk

Italian community Name:

Cycling Manager Italia

Website:!/cym_ita @cym_ita

Norwegian community Name:

PCM Norge

Website:!/pcmnorge/ @pcmnorge

Hungarian community Name:

Cycling Manager Hungaria


No twitter

German community Name:

RSM News


No facebookpage!/RadsportManager @RadsportManager

Portugese community Name:

PCM Portugal


No twitter

Russian community Name:

PCM Online


No image availabe

No Facebookpage

No twitter

Other interesting French communitylinks Name:

PCM France

Website:!/pcm_france @pcm_france

Spanish community (1) Name:

PCM Spain


No Facebookpage!/PCM_Spain @PCM_Spain

Spanish community (2) Name:

Cym Spain


No twitter

Other interesting links Name: Website: Content:

PPDB Databases

Name: Focus Interactive Website: Content: Youtubechannel

Name: Website: Content:

Cyanide Studios Gaming

Feel free to share this presentation Contact:

Pro Cycling Manager: Community Guide  

A community guide by PCM Benelux

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