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The Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association (FFVA) was organized in 1941 from the vegetable committee of Florida Farm Bureau. Initially known as the Florida Vegetable Committee, the organization’s primary focus was to represent vegetable growers during wartime regulation of production quotas, rationing, labor availability and transportation.

Incorporated in 1943 as a statewide association, FFVA’s mission is to enhance the business and competitive environment for producing and marketing fruits, vegetables and other crops. Today, the association is recognized as the leading political and educational voice of agriculture in Florida. In 1956, the agriculture industry experienced difficulty obtaining workers’ compensation coverage in Florida. Subsequently, the FFVA Self Insurers Fund was chartered to write workers’ compensation exclusively for agricultural risks. In 1996, the Self Insurers Fund evolved into the present day FFVA Mutual Insurance Company, and in 1998 the decision was made to expand writings to all business segments. Today, FFVA Mutual is an A.M. Best A- (Excellent), FSC VIII rated insurance company providing coverage to focused business segments, including manufacturing, retail/wholesale, construction, agriculture, and other service industries throughout the Southeast.

FFVA Mutual 2013 Annual Report  

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