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The year’s already gone by so quickly that I can hardly believe it sometimes. Clocks are about to go forwards, spring break will nearly be upon us and you’re about to be reading issue 3 of the London Met’s only student run publication. If you’re a music fan, you’re in for a treat this issue as we have an exclusive interview with the man behind Oasis, Alan McGee. If you’re not, don’t fret, we also have tips on preparing yourself for the world of work and careers, useful for everyone to read from first years to last years, as well as another exclusive interview with Anna Richardson, presenter of The Sex Education Show on Channel 4. We also have all the regular features, as well as a new ‘Comment’ section for your opinions on any topic you like, as well a new extended entertainment section. You’ll also notice a few minor rejigs in design and layout. I’d also like to say a huge thank you to those who attended the MetSU media launch event on February 24th and were able to get their hands on the first copies of issue 2. I was thrilled with the interest being shown from those wanting to contribute and to you, the readers. That’s about it from me personally, apart from to say that you can contact me at if you have any questions about the magazine or wish to get involved at any way. We’d be glad to have you on board to help maintain and improve the magazine Have a grand Spring break!

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MetSU & You MetSU is an independent, democratic Phillipe Giovanni Chiarella organisation run by students for stu- Communications Facilitator dents. It provides representation, adI am currently a second year vice and support to students at the Politics student based at CalcutUniversity. ta House and am President of For 2008/09 the Union comprises of London Met LGBT. Student Support Facilitators who will I am one of your two Interim Student Communications Faciliwork to provide an advocacy, representators, the other being Rishi tation and advice service for all stuPancholi, and at the moment dents. one of the big areas I am concen-

Finding Us City Campus The City Campus office is on the floor of 2 Goulston Street (above the Hub).

trating on is how you see MetSU and how we can make the work of MetSU more relevant to you! I am also one of the leads in the team on VerveZine, our student magazine. If you want to have a chat to me about Communications at MetSU – whether that be the magazine, photography or getting involved drop 3rd me an email at

You can call the Students’ Union at City on 02073202233 or 02073202221 North Campus The North Campus office is TMG-65a in the Tower Building. You can call the Students’ Union at North on 02071334171

Contacting Us In addition to popping in and saying hi you can check out our web site or email us.

We Want to Hear Your Views! If you have anything to say about the University or the Union, why not tell us, we can’t change things without knowing what you think and what you want!

Rishi Pancholi Communications Facilitator Hi I am Rishi Pancholi, one of your Interim Student Communications Facilitator. I am also a third year Music & Media Management Student and the President of the Radio Society otherwise known as Verve Radio. I work in the communications team with Maria Munoz and Phillipe Chiarella and we are responsible for keeping the student population informed all about our Student Union through our website If you would like to get involved with any aspect of student media, maybe taking photos at campus events or even journalism please get in contact, my email address is

Rondell Donawa International & EU Students Facilitator Hi guys, my name is Rondell and I am your new Interim International and EU Students Facilitator. I am here to help you go through a smooth transition into London Met so that your time can be a most memorable one. I know that sometimes as International Students, we face numerous difficulties, hardships and sometimes loneliness. We feel as though there is no one to talk to or hang out with. That is why I want to make your experience the best one by involving you in activities and days out, 'have your say' forums and International students' parties. So come on board! Join the 'London Met International students’ Facebook group and lets regain our space!

You can contact me by sending me an email to

John Forrest Welfare and Diversity Students Facilitator It is my job to raise awareness for students around issues related to welfare and diversity and to raise any concerns you may have with the University. I have lots of contacts both within the University and outside which may be of use to you if you are experiencing difficulties such as money worries or problems at home. I’m only available parttime so the most reliable way of reaching me is by email ( ) – I promise I will respond quickly. The most important thing to remember is there is help and support out there for you to use. Often if you tackle a problem early on you can prevent it becoming a more serious issue later on. If there is a chance that whatever the problem is may make continuing your course difficult, the sooner you seek help, the more likely it is that you will be able to take advantage of the things that the University can do to help with the academic side of things. Finally, in my job I’ll be doing whatever I can to make the student experience at London Met as easy and student-centred as possible, so if you have any ideas about how we could do this I’d really like to hear them – just pop into the SU office or write an email.

Ketan Shende Postgraduate and Part time Student Facilitator Hi there!! A lil about me, 5`3 (blame it on the genes!), spectacled and mostly with a smile. But most importantly a postgraduate student at London Met, and why is that important? Well coz I am your Postgraduate and Part time Student Facilitator. And being a post graduated student myself, I know what a roller coaster ride it could be. So, what’s the focus of my job? Well its, YOU! If there’s something bothering you regarding your academic life, perhaps regarding support for writing essays, I can tell you where you can find help. Or it could be just that you had too much of studies and want to chill out, I can tell you about what the university has in store for fun time. We are also facilitate schemes like StARS (Student academic representatives), which is really dear to my heart. I would like to hear from you about your experience as a Post Grad or part time student, and what we could do to make it much better! Do you have any ideas about events, programs, etc regarding post grad and part time students? Tell me about it, I am all ears!! You can reach me at


London MetSU

2009 Elections

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Clubs & Societies Why should your student club register? Student clubs or societies that register are eligible to receive certain benefits and resources.

Nominations have now been re-opened for the Welfare Officer (Part time) spring 2009 election to the Executive Committee Part-time Students’ Officer (Part time) and Student Council of London Metropolitan University Students’ Union (MetSU). Nominations Independent Student Council Members close at 12.00 noon on Friday 3 April 2009. Poll- - 3 North positions and 3 city positions ing (voting) will then take place from 27 April-8 May. Guide to elections, nomination forms and job MetSU is an independent, democratic descriptions are available from: organisation run by students for students. It provides representation, advice, advocacy and support to its members and campaigns on issues es/studentdemocracy which matter to you. Being a student officer is a great opportunity. It will enable you to take a Students’ Union, 3rd Floor, Joy Gardiner House, role in directing the work of an organisation. 2 Goulston Street, City Most people do not get the chance to take this responsibility until years into their working lives. Students’ Union TMG65a, Tower Building, North The following positions have been re-opened: President Vice-President (North) Participation and Development Officer

Calling all StARS! (Student Academic Representatives)

ties, events and campaigns to the wider student body.

StARS Training

MetSU would like to offer our StARS some training on how to Every course at the University be an effective student represhould have a Student Academic sentative. First though we need Representatives (StAR). These to know who you all are! Thereare students who are elected by fore if you are a StAR, or would their fellow students to reprelike to be a StAR please email sent your interests on that the following address course. They can raise issues and concerns on your behalf to please make the subject of your your tutor, course leader and email ‘STAR’. department. StARS sit on course Please remember that if committees and other relevant you are a StAR we can help and meetings within the Academic support you so don’t forget to Departments so to provide a email us! student voice into the decision making process. TO DO LIST FOR StARS StARS feed into London Metropolitan University Stu1. Let us know who you are dents’ Union (MetSU) and pro2. Talk to other students vide a vital link between MetSU 3. Ask for help if you need it and the Academic Department. MetSU can then help and support students who may have issues and concerns with their departments. It is also a two way process, MetSU can use StARS as a communication tool, to pass on news about what is happening in the Union, activi-

You must register in order to have access to University facilities and services. To register a society please go to the following link: studentoffice To have a look at existing Clubs or Societies please go to the following link

How do you join a Society? It’s a really simple process... 1. Go online to Studentoffice 2. Click on “Clubs and Societies” and then on “Sign up to an existing Club/Society” 3. Register using the online form 4. Go to the Student Office at City or North and pay your £3 membership fee 5. Keep your receipt and get involved!

Want to start a Society? This couldn’t be any simpler! 1. Go to the web site above 2. Click on “Clubs and Societies” and then on “Register Here” 3. Fill out the form 4. Pay membership at the Student Office


In a statement made on 19th March 2009, it was announced that Brian Roper, the Vice-Chancellor of London Met, has resigned his position with immediate effect, opting to take early retirement. He will stay on at the university until December 2009, though it is unknown what his The BIG Question was a survey, the first of what contribution will be. “London Metropolitan University is sorry to will be many, looking at the student experience at London Met. What made it unique was that it announce that Brian Roper, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive, has decided to leave the Univerdidn’t look at the academic experience of stusity to take up the opportunity of early retiredents, but rather the non-academic. The survey was undertaken during Novem- ment and to pursue other interests. Brian has made a significant contribution to the University ber and December 2008 and was completed by 358 respondents from both North and City cam- and on behalf of the Board of Governors, the University would like to pay tribute to his enerpus. gy and determination in delivering the Campus Services, the Student Office (who are part of SDAS, Student Services) and the Stu- University’s mission and to thank him for his dents Union have collaborated in order to gain a support and efforts in his time here. “Although Brian will not be leaving the Unibetter understanding from students. versity until the end of December 2009, he has The purpose of the market research was to gain a better understanding of the overall social stepped down from the role of Vice Chancellor with immediate effect. London Metropolitan experience of students at London Metropolitan University will communicate details of Brian’s University. Here are some of the key findings from the successor in due course. London Metropolitan University wishes Brian well in his future endeavexecutive summary. ours.” Campus Life... “There was a mixed reaction regarding the on campus life at London Met with feedback ranging from ‘nothing to do/not enough facilities’ to ‘there are many offers of entertainment’. There seems to be an issue with the lack of student participation and the way certain activities and events are advertised with poster boards being cluttered with too much information.” Would you recommend London Met? “When respondents were asked whether they would recommend London Met to a friend, the findings showed that 58% were likely to do so compared to a relatively low number who wouldn’t at all, 11.5%.” The Students Union... Image:

“70.6% of respondents were aware of the Students Union with 30.8% being satisfied with the department. Some comments in regards to their dissatisfaction concentrates on the fact that they felt there wasn’t a Students Union with one particularly stand out statement being “who are they, what do they do and where are they’. It should be noted however that the Student Union had employed new staff soon before the survey took place and the whole area has radically changed. The percentage of respondents who haven’t voted in a MetSU election was very high at 84.7%. This shows that students have either been unaware of the elections or have shown little or no interest and this will be something the Student Union will need to look into to change the results for the next survey.”

Brian Roper was formerly the Vice Chancellor of the University of North London prior to the merger with London Guildhall University in 2002. He has courted criticism in his 7 years as Vice Chancellor at London Met; He has courted criticism in his 7 seven years as VC at London Met….In 2008 he was reported to have apologised for bestowing the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Tibet a honoury PhD so to keep a good relationship with China. According to the newspaper website on 8 August 2008 Brian Roper stated that ‘offering the degree to the Dalai Lama was not a well considered decision.’ , and has been under attack from unions regarding his dealings with staff during a pay dispute in 2004-5 and threatening staff with legal action if they were to go-ahead with plans for a strike. London Met is currently is the middle of a financial crisis, with funding for 2009-10 cut by £15 million, while still having £38 million left to pay back following the news that the university has been overpaid for students completing courses at the uni. As a result, Brian Roper informed the 2,000 strong staff that enforced redundancies were necessary for around 550 of them in order to recoup the losses.


Hub is a really cosy and fun venue for you during the day or at night! You always get a warm welcome and amazingly cheap drinks, available exclusively to metcard holders. With its central location at City Campus, 2 Goulston Street, Hub is the ideal place for you to come and chill out. During the day the met lounge is great for a coffee and catch up with your friends. After lectures it’s time for drinks in the bar and a little bit of light-hearted competition on one of the pool tables or the arcade games not forgetting Nintendo Wii on the projector!

Cue’d Up (Every Monday)

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Put your skills to use at our pool competitions with great prizes up for grabs. Go on, give it a go!

Destination Met - Karaoke and Club Night! Wednesday 1st April 2009 at Hub

Bandwars (every Thursday) Final heat Thursday 2nd April at the Rocket complex Get Ready for the number 1 student party of the Year - BANDWARS!!

London Met LGBT event with prize give aways, a top London DJ, FREE ENTRY, drinks offers, amazing music and more! Followed by entry to Heaven for FREE! Visit for more information.

The Eclectic (Every Friday) For all you lovers of RnB, Hip Hop, Soca and Bashment. Come get your dancing feet on every Friday night at Hub. £1.50 drinks 5pm to 9pm.

If you’re after a place to chill and chat with your friends or needing a post lecture blow out at one of our many events, come and visit the Rocket Complex where the friendly staff will happily serve you some of the most competitively priced drinks in London available to all metcard holders. With 4 rooms on 2 floors and 2 bars plus an outdoor courtyard and shop, this is the place to be. The Rocket Complex has something going on virtually every night.


Mondays (Every Monday) Free play on the PS3 and free pool! What more could you want from a night drink! It has that too with 4 pint jugs for £5 and some bottles at £1.50 for metcard holders. A great night with DJs provided by Verve Radio.

Themed Big Fish - flirt!

Bandwars (every Tuesday until 26th March)

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Final heat Thursday 2nd April at the Rocket complex - Get Ready for the number 1 student party of the Year - BANDWARS!!

Big Fish (Every Wednesday) 9pm-2am All your fishing can be found in the main room with party games and prizes for those willing to play, DJ Jethro pumps out his usual array of clas- Cocktail Night (Every Friday) sic floor fillers and party anthems with an extra Start your weekend off with freshly made cocktwist of urban grooves. tails shaken before your eyes. £4entry, £2student, £1metcard Cocktails 2-4-1 from 5 –7pm!!

Society Events Afro Caribbean Society Dating Thursday 26th March 7pm-11pm @ The Rocket Complex The first event of the year for the A.C.S. if you fancy an evening of speed dating pop on down


AM: A lot of people call it luck but you've got to have a certain amount of luck to do anything. People say I was lucky; well I was but I did find 14 or 15 pretty successful commercial artists and one superstar act. Then when I went into management in the last ten years, we had The Hives, The Libertines, The Kills, Mogwai... Even then I was pretty successful. I'm trying to get out of the business because even though I love music I really can't stand the people that control it as it's become such a corporate animal. I mean they know I'm the enemy and I know they're the enemy so we don't really get on, but that's ok, because I wouldn't pretend to be anything else and neither would they. Those people tend to say I was lucky Steve Gray: With such limited resources, how to find Oasis, but they were kicking about for three years and no-one signed them, so if they did you manage to start up Creation records? Alan McGee: We started a club called The Living were that clever, why didn't they sign them? Room where we used to put on bands, though at that point we didn't know it was going to become SG: When you signed Oasis, did you believe a record label. We used to put on bands like the they’d be such a huge success, or did you see Mikons, the TV Personalties and The Nightingales them more of a risk venture? and these were the bands we started with, out of AM: I never saw which came The (Jesus and) Mary Chain. I put on them as a risk, but I new music nights at Death Disco (McGee’s regular never knew they'd club night at Notting Hill Arts Centre) now, but go on and sell as because I'm moving to Wales, I'll probably hand many records as the clubs over to my partners in July. Where I do they did. I was cluethink rock and roll exists is in the small clubs just less really on that like in Borderline and that's what I love about one. music. Once a gig goes beyond 1500 people, it's impersonal and kind of feels like the O2 centre; SG: During your you may as well be at a football match. Music to time at Creation, me is all about being in a club. I put on Oasis you predicted the concerts where they play 2 nights to 125,000 downfall of the physical music industry, where do you see the people, and I feel like a UFO. SG: Are festivals in a similar boat in your mind? future of the industry lying in the current AM: To be honest, I think they're rubbish. They're climate of P2P file sharing, Spotify and the good for bands because you have to do them for current economic situation? money especially medium size bands like The AM: The film industry is really in the same boat Charlatans and Primal Scream. As an experience, right now but it’s such a huge part of the Ameriit's horrible. You can’t sleep in your own bed, can economy that they’ll sort it out, while the your shoes get dirty and you got a good chance of music industry means f**k all. It's like a pubic hair on America's body. I'm torn really though, begetting E. Coli. cause I like the whole free culture in music, but SG: Would you say luck played an important it's not very fair on the musicians. In this climate, role in getting those bands, and would you say how are managers and the young musicians they take on going to make any money? If Primal it’s essential to succeed in the industry?

Alan McGee is one of the smartest minds in the music industry; he predicted the downfall of CDs as people turned to the internet before anyone else, created and run his own record label as well as helping bands achieve their potential as a manager. Of course, most people know him as the man who signed what would become one of the biggest acts in the world when no-one else would, but there is far more to him than that, including attempts to forge a career as a musician himself. I caught up with him last month to discuss the business and musical mind behind his decisions, as well as the state of the music industry now and for the future.

Alan has mixed feelings on Spotify Scream can't sell any records and they're a massive live act, how can anyone? Regarding Spotify (an online music player where users create playlists and stream music without the need for downloads), on the one hand it’s beautiful, but on the other how are the musicians going to be paid? The big labels aren't thinking how they pay the bands, just how big a cheque they can take off Spotify. SG: Are there any other dangers that aspiring band managers or new independent labels will have to face in the future? AM: I think we’re all in the same boat due to the whole economic collapse. Perhaps managers shouldn’t be worried about not making money and maybe more about whether their college or institutions collapse because they have loans out from the banks and are required to pay them in. SG: After you left Creation, you started up Poptones. Did this make business sense or was it more of a personal venture? AM: Poptones got off the ground because had nothing to do and my wife wouldn’t leave London. In the middle of all that I found The Hives who sold 400,000 records in Britain who I sold to

Alan McGee answers questions from London Met students about his experiences in the industry


Universal for $14 million dollars. It was a bit of fluke really.

Sony in England, Mike Smith, absolutely 100% loves music, but they’re all caught in the trap of ‘If you don’t sell, f**k off’. SG: In that vein of favouring the flavour of the month and not putting out band’s records, do you think the ‘career artist’ is dead? AM: That’s a good question. I would throw it back and you and say is there any point to albums anymore? I mean, there’s a point to bands as brands look a better bet.

SG: You’ve recently started up, what do you hope to achieve with this music blog? AM: I don’t know, you better ask Paul (Brownell, co-author of TooCoolToDie). He just said ‘Can I do a blog’? Usually the best things you do are those that you don’t know what the aim is of, much like Death Disco as I don’t know what it’s for, all I know is that I enjoy it; it’s a party every SG: Of all the bands you signed over the years, single week. who have been your favourites and why? AM: I’m really fond of Mogwai, because as people SG: Where do you think the music blog’s place they’re the funniest band I’ve ever managed. is in the industry? Every single one of them could be a stand up AM: I think they’re pretty important, probably comedian, even the bass player who barely talks. bigger than even I understand it. I’m doing it because I’ve SG: We’ve all been flooded with a lot of the always been same tips for 2009; who do you think will be into the blog- this year’s sleeper hits? ging thing, AM: I love the Grants, but that’s just me. The and I love that lead, Chris Grant, is one part Noel Gallagher and Twitter thing another part Arthur Skargo. It feels like there’s too as I get to no point though as nobody buys records anymore, take the piss; I don’t even think mp3s will exist in a few years when Brian time I think you’ll be streaming your music instead. Eno put an update that he SG: Do you have any regrets in your years in the should try to industry? stop being so boring, which I then immediately AM: No. I did what I did, not all of it was right; replied ‘Stop producing bands like Coldplay then’. I’m not really a nostalgic person. I care about me, Half the time I’m taking the piss, which about 200 my kid, my wife and the future, and that’s it. people on my Guardian blog about Phil Collins didn’t seem to get. SG: Finally, what words of advice would you give to students aiming to get into the industry, SG: Do you think that labels show enough loyal- either as an independent record label or as a ty to artists or is there a tendency go for the music writer? flavour of the month and then ditch them when AM: Become a plumber. Or a hairdresser. Who’s there’s a new one? going to need some guy who knows a great song AM: It’s not the big label’s fault, really. I think in 18 months time, when you can actually earn those who scout out and sign the bands do love money cutting hair or fixing a toilet? It’s so hard music, but the paymasters are the label’s share- to get on anybody’s radar right now, so if you’re holders who demand a profit. The guy that runs really passionate about it, tenacity is the key.


Having been non-stop studying since I walked my tiny little feet to primary school aged 5, I have thought that having a good education will get me anywhere I want to go in life. This is of course true in some respects but as I, and my fellow students, begin to look around at the world we can’t help but ask “Where will this British education actually get me?” It had seemed to be the burning question on every students lips since day one of year one and maybe even before they opted in for a higher education. When leaving secondary school every young lady and gentleman had the choice to go into higher education or go straight into the big bad world of work. These two options are commonly called the long and short routes. The long route to a career means starting at the bottom of a company and working your way up, proving to the employer that you can do the work and gain the experience. The ‘short’ route is going for a degree in that dream career and leaving with a good grade under your belt, proving that you know your stuff. But which really comes out on top; knowledge or experience? I ventured to answer this question as best I could by interviewing an employer from one of the biggest businesses in the UK, British Telecom, Thomas Graves, one of our very own educators at London Metropolitan University, Dr. Jo Lusher and the editor of Vervezine; Steve Gray. In the interviews I wanted to know what we could expect from employers in the current climate of business bankruptcy and job loss and how the educators of today are trying to prepare us for that. As for Steve, I didn’t want you all to think that I was just looking to myself for the student perspective! For my first port of call, I turned to Dr. Jo Lusher; she not only educates on the Psychology degree and masters courses but also works on developing skills that will be needed in our working lives. Things such as the dreaded PDP and presentation skills are not actually just there to torture us but can be used in the world of work. I talked to Dr. Lusher about what she thought would be left for the graduates of today and what the best route would be. Firstly I asked what areas she thought would be hit worst by the recession and which would still be employing in spite of it; “There will be certain fields that will not stop employing such as medical fields and public services, the places hit worst will be banks and small trades or factories.” I also wondered what is being done in the university to help student’s acquire work based skills. As previously stated this is something that Dr. Lusher is directly involved in. When asked what advise she would give for CV writing she suggested; “A profile is always a good idea… You need to make sure you stand out and that you have a combination of personality, not only the qualifications but also good work/life skills”. Dr. Lusher also mentioned the workshops that are going on in

the university currently to help students develop these skills (Information available from Her final advice to all those out there going into a profession that may be affected was; “The people who may not be successful will be the people who don’t put themselves out there, but these are the people who may not have succeeded in the first place regardless of the recession. You need to stand out, have the right experience and have your eye on all that I going on in your field of interest. So look on notice boards, go to job fairs and maybe join a society in that particular field.” So as far as the education front is concerned, just keep, work hard and keep your eyes open for new opportunities! This was also reflected in the words from our very own editor. Steve Gray believes that you need to show to future employers that you contributed to university life and that you took part in extra-curricular activity. He says “There’s so much going on in university life for you to get involved in, that you may as well take advantage of it. No risk, no reward!” Look toward the university society sites, notice boards and radio station. The student union website is also now new and improved so take a look guys, you may just find something that interests you and may give you an edge to the other competition out there. It’s all very well taking our education to the next level and putting extra-curricular activities on our CV’s, but we need to know that this will make a difference to our employment prospects before we jump on the

Get experience and avoid the dole queue


Get involved: The Diplomatic Society in action


Britain is in a state of sexual meltdown and the most at risk are teenagers. STIs are increasing at an epidemic rate; 21 teenagers get pregnant every day but most alarmingly up to two thirds of teens are receiving potentially harmful information about sex via the quantity, accessibility and graphic nature of internet pornography. Presented by Anna Richardson (Supersize v Superskinny) The Sex Education Show returns for a second run and turns its attention to how easy access to pornography is affecting young people in Britain today. Stripped across four nights, the series will examine how the internet has led to an explosion of accessible sexual content on young people’s computers and mobile phones as well as the gradual ‘pornification’ of the offline world. How is this unlimited access to porn affecting children and adults? In a world where many young people use porn to learn about sex, picking-up potentially danger-

I will be honest with you, I think that The Sex Education Show is one of the most groundbreaking shows Channel 4 has put out since Queer as Folk in the 90s. I also love the show because I am in it as an expert, but that is by the by! I caught up with Anna Richardson, the presenter, on set to see what see thought about the show and to find out what it is about. Phillipe Giovanni Chiarella: So why is The Sex Education Show so important? Anna Richardson: The show is absolutely crucial given some of what we have discovered. Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy in Europe and the rates of STI (sexually transmitted infections) are amongst the highest as well. We also conducted a national survey which showed some shocking results showing that many young people are learning from porn. It is really apparent that there is loads of misinformation out there. What we really need to show is that porn is an illusion and isn’t an accurate representation of what happens. Effectively series two is our war against porn.

ous behaviours and attitudes along the way, it’s time to fight back with some fundamental sex and relationship education. Accompanied with a team of sexual health experts, presenter Anna travels to secondary schools across the country to give young people the crucial sex education they are missing. As part of the series, Anna also goes on an investigative journey looking into the pornification of today’s society and the effect it has on the nation. Anna will also meet people whose lives have been affected by porn and talks to adults and young people alike about their attitudes and experiences. Along with startling new statistics, the show will paint a revealing portrait of sexual behaviour in Britain today. The series returns with its dedicated website which generated a huge viewer response last year and now joins the war on porn debate. The Sex Education Show starts Mon 30 March 9pm.

AR: We have to include you in this one Phillipe! It had to be when we were doing the demo with the latex cock. The point was to talk about how semen doesn’t shoot as far as it does in porn and that you don’t produce that much either. We were using a latex cock, and loaded it up with sperm. And then this kid took a running jump and squirted it out with so much force it hit another kid in the face on the opposite side of the room. PGC: What did you enjoy most about the show? AR: I am sure it was the same for you Phillipe, but it was being able to relate to the young people in a totally open and non-judgmental way and teaching them stuff they didn’t know. It was so fulfilling. I felt great that they felt they could talk to me openly, and vice versa, even though I am 38. PGC: Obviously you learnt a lot from series one, but did you learn anything new in series 2?

PGC: What have been your experiences of the AR: I have been around the block a bit and thought I knew a lot but I did learn some new levels of sex education in schools been like? AR: I have been both shocked and relieved going stuff. One thing I learnt and particularly found interesting was that if you have sex with someinto schools. I am relieved that kids are quite savvy about sex and how to do it, but shocked at one who has Chlamydia and you get their cum in your eye you can get Chlamydia of the eye. the huge gaps in knowledge. I think that is the beauty of the show, you They seem to be clued up but clued up in are always learning. the wrong way. Kids don’t know the basic facts about sex or their own bodies. It was also really PGC: So, if you had a top tip for students evident that lots of kids just don’t look at their own genitals or know the basic anatomical facts about to have sex, or already having sex, what would it be? like the fact that there are two sets of lips in AR: Never underestimate the emotional impact the vulva. of sleeping with someone. They could break your heart. PGC: So, we all want to know, what was the funniest moment for you on set?

Phillipe on set with Anna and Dr Radha Modgil

PGC: Is there anything else you want to say to our readers? AR: I just think it is really important to say that it’s really difficult to get your head around how things have changed over the years. When I was younger, if you wanted porn you would go and get a smutty mag. Now with the internet, that has changed. Young people have unlimited access to everything. We did searches and found paedophilia without looking. Just be careful. The basic problems seems to be that people just don’t realise how accessible sex is. PGC: Thanks Anna!


The first series of The Sex Education Show was a broad overview of sex in this country. This series is a bit different, isn't it? Yeah. Series one was pre-watershed, and the content that we had reflected the general attitude towards sex that was appropriate for prewatershed transmission. Now we're going to 9pm and the content this time around is reflecting that. Specifically we are looking at how porn is affecting the high street, our sex lives and most particularly how it's affecting teenagers. What's your attitude to porn in general? Is there a place for it in society? It's really interesting, this, because before I started to film this series I felt very strongly that I absolutely didn't want to be the Mary Whitehouse person saying 'porn is wrong'. I enjoy a bit of porn, porn has its place, I would be the last person on earth to say that it's wrong. But interestingly, coming to the end of shooting this series, I've been exposed to a lot more pornography that is on the internet - pornography that I didn't even know existed. And I've become quite disturbed and quite upset by the amount of stuff that is out there. So much as I think there's a place for it, I also think there's a lot of deviant stuff out there that's easily accessible, and without doubt it has an affect on your psyche. How about the girls? How are they affected? The girls we spoke to are all extremely concerned about not having perfect bodies. For me, one of the most revealing exercises that we did this series, was we had a vagina gallery, with big, graphic, open-legged pictures of vulvas. And we brought in a group of 15-year-old boys and asked

them to have a look at these vaginas, and to traordinary what these kids will say to you. For just react to them in general. And, I kid you not, example, we'll say to teenagers, "If you watch they didn't bat an eyelid. And when I said to porn, how far do you think the average guy can them "Can you go and stand next to the vagina come when he ejaculates?" And they all say "Oh, that you think is the most sexually attractive?" it must be about five feet," or "Oh, I've seen a they all, bar one, stood next to the vagina that film where this guy could shoot it at least nine had absolutely no pubic hair whatsoever. Now feet". that, clearly, comes from pornography. And We'll also have separately filmed items where when we did the same test with the girls, they I'm looking at the sexualisation of the high too all stood next to the vagina that had no pustreet, and the fact that in supermarkets now bic hair or very, very little. And when we talked you can buy vibrating cock rings. How is that to them further, the girls admitted that they are affecting us? You're going down the aisles, you're also starting to shave all their pubes off, and getting loo roll, you're getting courgettes, 'Oh, that the boys kind of expect them too. When I I'm going to get a cock ring as well'. That would was a teenager, 20 years ago, I didn't touch my never have happened a few years ago. bikini line, I didn't worry about my pubes at all. I find it worrying that 13, 14, 15-year-old girls Obviously your attitude to pornography has think that their pubic hair is not normal. changed the more you've seen its darker side. Does that mean you would never be able to Presumably there's also something to be said enjoy any form of porn again? for correcting a lot of the misinformation that I hope not. No, no, of course not, it's not going teens pick up from porn? to hinder or inhibit me. But I talked to the crew Yes, which is why we're doing some really frank about making this series, and I think it affected sex education in schools, showing kids, with live us all in the same way. When you are this up models, what vaginas and penises and bodies close to it and exposed to it in this way, it has look like, and doing our own bit of education. put us all off sex for the time being. There's also new government guidelines in that every school must have compulsory sex educaHave you found making this series a harrowing tion from a young age. I think that with knowlexperience, then? edge and education hopefully we can tackle this No, I wouldn't say harrowing. It has, at times, crucial subject. But I think it's a slow process. been distressing for me, and I wasn't prepared for that. And at times it's been disturbing. At What else is going to be in the series? other times it's been joyful, getting your mesThe spine of each show, effectively, is us going sage across to teens and seeing that they've into schools and teaching very frank sex educalearned something from you. It's a spectrum of tion lessons, and the response we're getting extremes. from the teenagers from those lessons. It is ex-


The annual boat race between the two most esteemed universities in England, Oxford and Cambridge, takes place this month on the River Thames. Go along to join the crowds of 250,000 blazer wearing, salad eating, pipe smoking, cheering toffs. The tradition has been running since 1829, and it’s taken very, very seriously by the university academics. Rowers are afforded scholarships provided they train all year, culminating in the 4 and a quarter mile sprint between Putney and Chiswick on March 29th. This Boat Race still runs along the same lines as 1829, but has now become a major international sporting occasion, drawing millions of viewers from around the world. It’s being shown on ITV, with hype and build up beginning from 2pm. If you get to a riverside pub around then you can grab a pint, grab a seat, watch the hype, then spur them on as them whistle past! The Putney music festival happens to be running on the very same day, so a pub with a boat-side view is definitely first choice. They’re all listed on the map below. Cambridge currently lead the series since 1829 by 79-74. Oxford won the 2008 Race though, so they have the momentum. The 155th Boat Race takes place on Sunday, 29 March 2009 at 15:40. ITV1 will be showing the Boat Race live in the UK, including build up from around 2pm We have printed a handy little map for you to use to the left of this page. Make sure you know where you want to be as it will be very busy. For the Start, East Putney is south of the river and Putney Bridge is north Putney Bridge is the closest station. Ravenscourt Park and Hammersmith are closest to the viewing areas at Chiswick Mall. Hammersmith station is accessible for wheelchairs but the Putney tube stations are not.

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Sports and Recreation The first step on your way to a healthier lifestyle is to get a Sports Membership card. You can choose from two options: a card just for our classes, or a Sports card that covers both the gym and classes. The next step would be to go to one of the cashiers offices and pay. Take your receipt and a passport photo to one of the Centres and they will process your membership. The Centres at North and City have fitness gyms with a range of cardiovascular and fixed weights. North also has an excellent free weights area. If classes are your thing, check our programme on the website: There has never been a more enjoyable way to keep in shape. Whether you want to improve your general fitness, tone up, build strength and stamina or just simply workout your stress, join up today and become a member at London Mets Fitness Gyms. If you have any comments on how we can improve our service or make your visit more enjoyable then please let us know. For more information, visit

FITNESS CENTRE (City) 133 Whitechapel High St London E1 Tel: 020 7320 2376

Check out the brand new website

SPORTS CENTRE (North) 29 Hornsey Road London N7 Tel: 020 7133 3620




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Credible pop is back for 2009. Just take a look at BBC’s Sound of 2009 nominations, which includes eventual winner Little Boots, Frankmusik, VV Brown, La Roux and Lady GaGa. All touted as credible acts, but pop acts nonetheless. So why is the time right for a return of credible pop music? David Bowie, in his Ziggy-phase ushered in a new era for pop music, proving that it wasn’t just for the kids, that it could be cool, edgy and credible as well as bucketloads of fun too. Since those halcyon days many decent pop acts have come and gone. But for too long, the British public has been spoon-fed manufactured plastic pop shamelessly aimed at the nation’s wallets for a quick and easy buck, but surely the emergence of such young fresh British talent such as Little Boots, Frankmusik, Esser and La Roux signals the death knell for such brazen profiteering by the record labels which reached desperate heights in the last few years with nadirs of tastes in the chart such as S Club Juniors, the Pussycat Dolls, McFly and Blazing Squad. Granted this sort of thing is still going on, step forward Katy Perry, Lady GaGa and The Saturdays, each a music execs poor imitation of Lily Allen (Perry), Christina Aguilera/Madonna

(Gargoyle) and Girls Aloud (The Saturdays). Even my recommendations will be stale by Hopefully these great pretenders will have their the time you read this, so get on this fast and 15 minutes and leave pop in the more capable witness the rebirth of POP. hands of the new acts coming through. Kids are savvy nowadays about the zeitgeist, way cooler than 10 years ago. They have their finger on the pulse and can smell a phony from a mile off. Facebook, Myspace and Bebo are the place to spread the word about music, and the pop coming through nowadays reflects this trend, its cool, its hip, its edgy, but most importantly it sounds fucking great and is loads of fun. Have a listen to any Esser, Micachu, La Roux or Frankmusik and I’m sure you’ll agree These may be the freshest names on the pop scene, but this revolution has been threatening for a while now with the emergence of Alphabeat, Lykke Li, Ladyhawke and Friendly Fires, all non-British acts, but this has seemed to have given pop it’s edge back, and said to the masses: It’s ok to like pop. Pop is good, it can be cool in right hands, it sounds great and is just so much more fun than the skinny-legged indie acts out-moodying each other for a shot a the NME cover.

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U2-No Line On the Horizon By Livia Cruz Firstly leaked due to a passer-by’s mobile phone recording outside Bono’s villa in the south of France, the long- awaited U2 12th studio album is finally out and without the wave sounds. While Moment of Surrender might just be the new the new classic ballad, Breathe is considered the best U2 track ever by the album’s producer Brian Eno. Partly recorded in Fez, Unknown Caller opens with sounds of birds and carries on a Middle-Easternflavoured percussion that soundtracks the tale about a man whose phone bizarrely starts texting him random instructions. But that is not the only song with a character. Cedars of Lebanon tells the story about a war correspondent trying to squeeze complicated lives into simple headlines while Stand Up goes back to Bono as one of the “small men with big ideas”.

Prodigy-Invaders Must Die By Anthony Adams The return of the Prodigy has been long prayed for amongst all generations, and with the release of ‘Invaders Must Die’ one wonders whether or not the Prodigy can reclaim their crown as the kings of rave with such bands as Pendulum and Innerpartysystem around. ‘Invaders Must Die’ is a fantastic album with the Prodigy going back to their old roots and sound, songs like Omen and Thunder gives this album the extreme force the Prodigy needs to put other rave rock bands in their place. There is one issue I have with this album however, even though it is piece of rock-rave art they have created, I cannot help but feel it should have been much better.

Radio Wars by Howling Bells By Anthony Adams Howling Bells are an indie four piece band from Sydney have released Radio Wars, follow up to 2006’s self titled album, with producer Nigel Godrich who has worked with the likes of Radiohead and Paul McCartney, so with such a well-known producer you would expect an album of high quality. Apart from the released single ‘Cities Burning Down’ the Howling Bells new album sounds mostly like their first with slow guitar based songs with Juanita Stein’s stunning voice over the top. Radio Wars is a filled with twelve beautiful for songs but for Howling Bells’ second album they could of at least stepped it up a gear.

NME Big Gig- O2-26th February 2009 By Anthony Adams The NME Big Gig this year had a number of bands that covered a wide range of genres; with the White Lies, Crystal Castles, Franz Ferdinand, and the Cure listed to perform. The White Lies opened to a crowd not big enough for a band of this quality, followed by the Crystal Castles, even though they suffered sound problems throughout their set you can’t help but feel the O2 was too big of a venue for them. Franz Ferdinand are always a crowd pleaser and were a wise choice to warm up the venue for the Cure’s ninety minute set. The Cure’s set was of godlike quality but was not a greatest hits performance, playing songs from every Cure album ever released and only some well known hits like ‘Boys Don’t Cry’.


Our Entertainment Editor, the one and only Anthony Adams, takes your through the best new releases in March and April! Got an album you want us to review, drop us an email at

Lady Sovereign – Jigsaw Unfairly overlooked on these shores as a Lily Allen clone, Lady Sovereign found her niche in the American market with the backing of Eminem and famously being the first non-American female to be signed to Def-Jam. There’s definitely talent there and it’s fairly shown on Jigsaw. If you feel like being surprised, give this a go.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz Karen O and company return with their new long player at the start of April. With London tour dates already sold out, there is huge anticipation surrounding the new album and it doesn’t disappointed, with stand out track and first single Zero leading the way. Ok, so nothing of Maps quality, but then that’s a standard any artist is going to have trouble matching.

Pet Shop Boys – Yes The Pet Shop boys tend release good material, and with the talent behind this one (Xenomania), and featured artists including Johnny Marr and Owen Pallett, this does not disappoint.

Anticipation surrounds the release of any new album either from the band themselves or the fans. During the first full airing of SFA's 9th studio album as a live gigcast, the band looked relaxed and calm; so much so that Gruff reminded my flatmate of a hobo. But a nice hobo, who used to be hot. Of course as a live gigcast the show wasn't without its technical gremlins. Entire segments of Crazy Naked Girls and The Very Best Of Neil Diamond were lost to the graveyard of the internet, and it was only during Inaugural Trams that the feed began to work properly, which is a shame as the aforementioned tracks are some of the best on the album. The other major humdinger of a track from SFA's armoury comes from Cardiff In the Sun, the mid-album epic, stands out by actually making you want to tour Cardiff to see the idyllic (and incredibly rare) landscape which they depict, while Pric is worth buying the album for.

Peter, Bjorn and John – Living Thing The creators of one of the catchiest whistling tunes in existence are back with their fifth album and vocals, following 2008’s instrumental Seaside Rock. Expect a return to form Article by Steve Gray

The combination of Where Do You Wanna Go? and Lliwiau Llachar work very well together to produce the staple Welsh track, and this one stands up to anything on previous albums barring Mwng, which is the closest relation in SFA's back catalogue to DD/LY. Mt. is the only real low point on the album, while Moped Eyes doesn't work as well as it wants or ought to. Hey Venus was a very good and underrated album, but it pales in comparison to DD/LY. It's not quite at the level of Mwng or Phantom Power as an overall album, and doesn't quite match Rings Around The World for stand out tracks, but it's proof if proof be need be that Super Furry Animals are one of UK's greatest bands and the masters of the epic tune. Want to write a music review? Why not send us a sample CD from your band! Email


December 15th, 1978. This is the date that most comic book fans remember for being the date that Superman was released in America. It is known to be the first feature length, straight from comic book to film adaptation, and its gross revenue stands at $300.22 million. Not a bad start for the first film of its kind. It starred such big names as Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve and even Marlon Brando, and the film has given other filmmakers the chance to make sequels, around six in fact. And the superhero is set to star in George Miller’s 2011 release Justice League. Since then, hundreds of comic book adaptations have been made. From the quirky Mystery Men to the dark X-Men franchise, people can’t seem to get enough of them. But why is that?

Hollywood are making good business out of the comic book franchise and are set to keep going because of the huge demand for them. Watchmen has already got a huge fan base, as has Tintin, Thor and G.I Joe, all of which are set to be made or are in the making right now. And it’s because of these legendary fan bases that these films are still making money. Alongside the amazing special effects that also play a huge part in it, people are reminded of these films because of their childhood. Adults who have just seen the latest Batman film The Dark Knight, most probably saw the Adam West as a child, and the love of it has stayed with them.

While adults are reliving their younger years, children can’t help but love a superhero. Every child has dreamed of flying, being invisible and saving the day. And through watching a comic book film, they can lose themselves in a different world and become a hero.


Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella This is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Rebecca Bloomwood -Isla Fisher-, a young journalist woman who gets serious financial problems due to her fashion shopping addiction. Full of credit cards debts, she suddenly loses her work, and after some funny situations, ironically ends up a journalist for a rising financial magazine that has nothing has to be with her goals. She uses her love for fashion to talk metaphorically about finance and economics, and it happens to be a success within new and bigger audiences. It’s a fresh movie, with some pink romantic Hollywood style situations, but definitively entertaining.

Outlander by Rashad Salim

Release Date: 14th April 2009

Outlander is a science fiction epic from the producer of The Lord of The Rings trilogy, the plot consists of Kainan, a soldier from a planet far from Earth, crash landing his spaceship in Norway, 709AD. Kainan must join forces with a clan of Viking warriors lead by King Rothgar in order to hunt a creature that is killing villagers. Outlander has its flaws – clichés throughout the film and weak dialogue in places but what it lacks in originality it redeems itself with excellent action sequences and flawless special effects that are guaranteed to entertain fans of the sci-fi / fantasy genre.

Eagle Eye by Rashed Salim Release Date: 16th March 2009 Eagle Eye is a thriller from the team that brought you Disturbia. Shia LaBeouf plays Jerry, a university dropout who is framed as a terrorist and forced to become a fugitive and work alongside an equally coerced Rachel in a terrorist conspiracy with a mysterious objective. The central theme of Eagle Eye is the scary level of surveillance made possible with the latest technology. The strength of this film lies in its ability to draw in the viewer and keep you gripped with suspense and the pace of the film never gets complacent.

April The Boat That Rocked A Richard Curtis film without Hugh Grant. Worthwhile viewing just for that. Will also be notable for a great soundtrack from 60s bands. X-Men Origins: Wolverine The story of the most famous of the X-Men and Hugh Jackman’s staple character comes to cinema screens to distract everyone from Jackman’s turn in Australia.

The Fast and The Furious The careers of Vin Diesel and co stagnated after this film, so here they are trying to break the curse by doing pretty much the same thing all over again...

May Star Trek One of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year. Already delayed by countless months, this film is bound to be popular with fans and newbies alike.

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Comedy Gigs

The Comedy Store Players The Comedy Store

One of London Met’s finest The Black Tricks perform at the Old Kings Head in Islington on the 7th April, as mentioned in our music section, these are a band to look out for playing their usual indie-punk style.


Every Wed and Sun Live improvisational comedy at its best. This night has seen the likes of Paul Merton, Andy Parsons, Josie Lawrence and Lee Simpson emphasise why they’re the best in the business of improvisation. No script, loads of laughs.

Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, 2nd April 2009 The Scottish band return to London to promote the release of their debut album ‘Hey Everyone’. They’re huge in indie circles right now and just about to hit the big time, so catch them in a tiny enue while you can.


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The University has invested over £30 million in developing the Science Centre, in which the Sports Therapy Clinic is located. The fully operational clinic offers a clean spacious environment for treatments as well as a fully equipped rehabilitation room. The facility also boasts a full size sports hall and gym facility. Clinic Operation The appointments are made with Sports Therapy students studying at the university; there is a mixture of undergraduate and postgraduate students. All students are in their final year and have similar levels of expertise; many have already worked with professional athletes. For every appointment, there is a fully qualified and experienced Sports Therapist at hand to assist the student when needed. As the students are taught to take a very thorough approach to their diagnosis, the initial appointment will be a complete assessment of the injury. Following appointments will be allocated to a follow up, injury treatment and rehabilitation. When attending the clinic you should make sure you are appropriately dressed for your sessions e.g. wear comfortable sports clothing and trainers for rehab sessions. Wear shorts if you you have long hair, you may need something to expect a treatment on your lower limbs and if tie it up with. If you do not have shorts or you

Q. What is Sports Therapy? A. The Society of Sports Therapists describes Sports Therapy as: "an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability. It utilises the principles of sport and exercise sciences incorporating physiological and pathological processes to prepare the participant for training, competition and where applicable, work."

Q. In what settings do Sports Therapists work? A. Sports Therapists work with a variety of individuals and teams, ranging from elite athletes, through to ‘weekend-warriors’ and to those who are just venturing into sport and exercise. They may be found working in Sports Injury Clinic’s or alongside sports teams/athletes.

Q. What treatments can I expect? A. There is a range of tools and techniques available to the Sports Therapist. During your session these may include: manual therapy, joint mobilisation, sports massage, electrotherapy, rehabiliQ. What is a Sports Therapist? tation, initial first aid, strengthening and A. A Sports Therapist is a professional who will conditioning, core stability, strapping and taping. use a variety of treatment and rehabilitation techniques with the aim of returning the athlete back to full functional fitness for their safe return Q. What should I wear? to sport. A. It is advised to wear comfortable sports clothing and trainers for rehab sessions. Wear shorts if you expect a treatment on your lower limbs and Q. Isn’t Sports Therapy just for elite athletes? if you have long hair, you may need something to A. Not at all. Even occasional recreational individ- tie it up with. If you do not have shorts or you uals can benefit from the treatments offered by forget them, don’t worry, we can still carry out Sports Therapists. the session. It may also be useful to bring along

forget them, don’t worry, we can still carry out the session.

any trainers you would usually wear whilst participating in your sport. Q. How long will each treatment be? A. Each treatment session will last a maximum of 1 hour, but may be shorter depending on the treatment required according to the stage of your injury.

Q. Will it hurt? A. Some of our treatments are aimed at inducing an inflammatory response in order to promote healing. This may cause a little discomfort. However, if this is the case, then you will be advised before the treatment, and what action to take after the treatment to minimise the effects.

Q. How do I book an appointment? A. Go to and then click on How to Book on the right hand side. Your second treatment can be booked directly with your therapist when you come into the clinic. Visit more information.



Life is a paradox. One can never please another without first suffering. This is the drama of the young woman now on the first page of most daily papers. Yes, Jade Goody. It’s well known that the best part of her life began on TV and it might end on the same media. Initially the whole nation loved her for her stupidity – running naked on national television; successively she was hated by the masses for her stupidity – when she bullied a fellow contestant, in another reality show, by calling her poppadum (due to her ethnicity). She was the shame of the nation – a society which is so “tolerant” and open minded towards diverse culture – how dare she smudge the clean image of this civilisation which ended slavery? The media made sure she was on national television when she lost everything due to her stupidity. This, in a way, taught her a life lesson – how the TV can make you and at the same time destroy you. She lost everything from the “well earned” contracts: perfume, clothes, columns deals, just name it. She disappeared from the face of the papers as a demonstration of how the medium is fair towards the diversity. To make amends she went to India (appearing on their national television) to show how she had changed. Then she came back and the horrible news struck: she had cancer. Quickly, she became the cover-queen of weekly magazines. The nation started to love her again because she is dying. The media which rejected her took her up again

Once again this shows how the nation loves “diversity”. Hypocrites! It’s an atrocity to learn that people love you more when they know you are at the edge of six feet under. Why should it be thus? Don’t get the wrong end of the argument, her story is sad and much empathy is due to her. just because of her dying soul. All the deals she But, how can society go on ignoring one another lost were offered on a silver platter: her young and yet suddenly love you when they come to prison boyfriend wedded her; the big entrepre- know that tomorrow is the end your life? neur gave them the wedding garments and cake. Shouldn’t we appreciate our neighbours for The venue was discounted; A-lists that detested whom they are, teach them when they are wrong her kissed her cheeks; magazines and TV chan- but at the same time love them not because they nels made their share and gave her the deal for are about to die? the schooling of her children when she is under Love given at the side your death bed is soil. How philanthropic of them. hypocritical and wicked.


When I left London in mid-April 2008 to have a 5-day holiday in Boston, I hoped that the weather wasn’t too bad over there. In fact, London was surprisingly cold, wet and foggy at this time of the year. The plane landed after a six hours flight, and it was great to see that the weather on the East coast of the United States of America was much better than it was in London. A bit chilly, but all-in-all a beautiful blue sky with almost no cloud and a lot of sunshine the whole 5 days of my stay. Boston itself is a nice city with a nice and tiny underground. The skyline of Boston with its skyscrapers looks good, but is just normal, if you’ve ever had a look at other American skylines. Historical Boston is pretty famous because of the “Boston Tea Party”. When the Americans had to pay more and more taxes to the English crown, they threw the shipment over board to make a clear statement, and what could hurt the

English more than a full amount of “real black tea”? You can’t start a better revolt against England without throwing their tea over board. There is also the “Freedom Trail” in Boston (about 4 miles long), where you can see different places from the war of Independence – for example the oldest American war ship (USS Constitution) or the tavern, where Samuel Adams and Paul Revere discussed about their independence to England – with a good pint of beer. If you’re in Boston, go to the North Station (green line) and check out if the Celtics are playing! The basketball court is much smaller than it appears in reality though. And wherever you go remember to take your passport with you, because for some reason they don’t accept a European ID, otherwise you can’t even get a beer! Conclusion: Boston is worth going to and is really fun!

Chicken 2-3 chicken breasts The juice of half a lemon 4 tbsp squeezable honey 2-3 tbsp olive oil

4. Next chop the onion, garlic and tomatoes. The onion and garlic should be fairy fine but the tomatoes can be more chunky.

Risotto 1 cup full of risotto rice 2 tbsp vegetable stock Half an onion 1 clove of garlic 6 sundried tomatoes 2 tbsp olive oil

Got an amazing recipe? 5. Add all to the risotto and keep stirring. In total the risotto should be cooking for about 15-20 mins but it can take less or more depending on pan etc. 6. You may also need to add a little more water as you go, just make sure it doesn’t get too sticky.

2. Make sure the rice is coated with the oil and leave on a low heat for about a minute then take off of the heat. 3. In the mean time boil about a pint of water (in the kettle is fine) and add the vegetable stock to this. Once the stock has dissolved put the risotto back on the heat and pour in the stock. Leave this cooking on a medium heat but keep stirring and season well.

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On to the chicken 1. Ok you want to get the risotto going first as this form of rice, ladies and gentlemen, is a bit of a pain. Get a medium sized pan and pour the 2 tbsp of olive oil in followed by the risotto rice.

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7. Slice the chicken breast into goujon size bits and season. 8. You will need a frying pan on a medium-high heat for this bit with about 2-3 tbsp of olive oil but you may need more depending on how big the chicken breasts are. 9. Again, just make sure it doesn’t stick to the pan too much. 10. Once the chicken has browned off slightly add the lemon and honey and cook thoroughly. 11. By this time the risotto should be done so place risotto on the plate first then chicken either on top in slices or piled at the side.


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This is a great new section for the magazine. Simply email with a problem or issue you have and we will publish it online or in this magazine. Everything you send will be treat as confidential. I have just come out as gay. How do I tell my parents? I’ve just found out my boyfriend of two years has been John, 19 cheating on me. He wants forgiveness and for us to start again. I love him but I’m hurting so much. What should I They will find out sooner or later so, it’s better it comes from you. As you do? Hannah, 21 tell them, calmly sit them down and reassure them that you’re still the same person, just gay. Be aware that it may take time for them to come round to the idea. This may not happen overnight with some parents. They may have questions like grandchildren, for instance. You’re still quite young so this is a long way off. Just take one day at a time. Hopefully, they’ll just accept it as part of you and not treat you any differently (in a bad way). If they don’t and aren’t likely to, this may sound extreme but, you may wish to consider having a safe-house (friend/neighbour/other relative like aunt or grandparent etc.) ready to go to in the event of your parents not taking the news well and throwing you out. Whatever happens, be honest and happy with and about who and what you are. After all, your sexuality is only the business of you and whoever you’re sexually involved with. And always practice safe sex. See,,

Firstly, as it was him that cheated, you have the higher ground so it is up to YOU whether you decide to take him back. Secondly, what is he like as a person? Did he have a reputation as a cad before you met him? If so, I’m afraid he is unlikely to change, and may well cheat on you again in future. Can you take that chance? However, if you genuinely believe him when he says he is sorry and won’t do it again, sit down and (try to) calmly discuss with him reasons why it might have occurred. Painful, I know. But you need to understand WHY it happened in the first place if you’re ever to stop it from occurring again in future. Was it opportunistic? Was he drunk? etc. He may wish to brush it under the carpet and for you to ‘get over it’, as cheaters often do. This will only store up resentment from you and problems for the future. Tell him this is his absolute LAST chance and if he cheats again, no excuses, this time it’s over for good or you’ll risk becoming a doormat.


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