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The Dire Consequences of Not Updating Your Computer Often Enough When you don't update your computer often enough, you suffer serious consequences. The severity of problems varies greatly, and depends on how long it's been since you downloaded all the drivers you need to run all your equipment. Luckily, it’s not usually difficult to fix.

Signs Your Computer Needs Updates Once you experience inefficient computer performance, you may wonder how it got to this point. Perhaps you never knew how important it was to receive critical updates before now. Even optional ones you download can improve the way your PC runs.

If your computer needs updates, you'll know by watching for these signs: • • • • • • •

Software you used to run suddenly closes on you when you try to open it. Your computer runs slower than previously. Videos freeze when you try to play them. You open a browser tab, and you can't access a familiar website. You repeatedly see alerts from Windows saying you need updates. Your computer seems to take forever to load. Shutting down your PC takes longer than before.

• No sound comes out of your speakers even though you know they're on. • You try to play a game, and the screen freezes or runs very slow with errors. • Messages with error codes or a blue screen with flashing numbers appear. • When you try to open a browser window, it abruptly closes. • You hear loud beeping sounds coming from your machine. • You can't close program or browser windows.

What If It's Malware? Not updating your computer could leave you vulnerable. You might accidentally download viruses that cause further issues, such as sudden movements of your cursor you didn't execute or pixelized color screen.

However, keep in mind your computer might not always run slow because of malware. Instead, you may have just not correctly installed a program or you have essential Java or Flash components missing. In any case, you need to scan your computer for registry problems and malware in addition to receiving regular updates. These three actions correlate and neglecting one of these can cause problems. Where To Find Updates If nothing else, you could turn on your Windows Automatic Updates. Also, make sure you schedule times to receive them daily or whenever you turn on your computer.

If you don't want your Automatic Updates to run in the background while you use your computer, set it to occur when you normally sleep. However, you'll need to keep your computer on for updates to take place. For more specific updates such as ones required for USB cameras, printers, headsets, microphones, or keyboards, go to the manufacturer site. Another way to obtain the drivers you need would be to download and run software that finds updates for your equipment automatically. In any case, the right automated program can access a secure database of authenticallysigned drivers. This will allow you to optimize your computer and hardware performance without jeopardizing PC performance. This method of updating also saves you quite a bit of time.

The Dire Consequences of Not Updating Your Computer Often Enough  

What happens if your computer doesn't get updated? What are the consequences will you be facing when problems starting to show when you ign...