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The Polish-American Trade Show in Pocono Manor begins the series of such events throughout the Eastern United States. The Polish Consortium Group founded early this year have decided that Trade Shows would be the best occasion to introduce itself to the community, to organize the PolishAmerican businesses and to integrate them with native establishments. Much effort was put to plan and build the Trade Show, many entities and good will was involved to make this first and naturally most difficult event. Not only Consortium but big part of Polish Community was involved. We have received great support from Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York. We were eagerly advertised by many Polish media: Polska Gazeta, 2Tygodnik Polonijny, Polski Partner, Bazarynka, Gwiazda Polarna, Razem, Plus. We were aired by Polskie Radio AM 910 and Polish Radio in Philadelphia, sponsored by Polish-Slavic Federal Credit Union, All Marble and Granite and Polamer supported and cheered by many individuals and businesses, aided by Polish School of Nicolaus Copernicus in East Stroudsburg. Being aware of imperfection and long way to go ahead of us in organizing trade shows, we “Polish Consortium Group�, feel proud and happy that we achieved our goal somehow. We hope that our exhibitors and attendees will find our Trade Show satisfying and beneficial and become our followers for next events. We can only promise that each time we make the Show better and better, and as we learn and grow our supporters will be awarded. Thanks to our exhibitors and guests, we are building a new facility which will strengthen our ethnical group, bring wealth to this community and contribute to the greatness of the United States of America. We thank you all for visiting us and wish you have a great time with us.

Polish Consortium Group POLISH CONSORTIUM GROUP 4N 6th Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360 Tel. 570 426 1883 Fax 570 426 1884 E-mail;

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Consulate General Of the Republic of Poland In New York 233 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016 tel: 646-237-2100, tel:212-561-8160 fax: 646-237-2105, fax: 212-686-3219

Trade Investment Section of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York. “Our focus is mainly directed toward American and Polish entrepreneurs interested in trade and investment cooperation between our two countries. We assist American importers in match-making with Polish business partners such as manufacturers and distributors who intend to export goods to the US market. We will transfer your import inquiry to the website and make it available to all those in Poland who are interested in it. Additionally, on Trade & Investment Section’s website, you will find export offers from Polish companies willing to cooperate with US partners. Our trade promotion activities include organizing seminars and encouraging Polish companies to participate in the US fairs. Both kind of events create a great opportunity for you to meet Polish entrepreneurs personally. You will find information on such on our website. We provide American investors with practical information on where and how to efficiently and successfully invest in Poland. We will advise you which local and governmental institutions to cooperate with, and inform you on financial incentives available to those who wish to conduct business in Poland. Trade&Investment Section’s website offers multiply practical information on the conditions and regulations of doing business in Poland, as well as data on Polish economy, bilateral Polish-American economic relations, trade and investment cooperation opportunities in our country. Moreover, you can find here useful links to Polish websites that will let you get acquainted with Polish economy and Polish market even more thoroughly. “ 675 Third Avenue, 19th Floor New York, NY 10017 tel: 212 370 5300 fax: 212 818 9623 e-mail:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Members and founders have pleasure to inform you that Polish Consortium Group has been formed in Poconos, PA with headquarters in Stroudsburg. Work relating to formation of Polish Consortium Group ("PCG") began in spring 2007.Great effort was put into production of General Rules which is the most important document containing regulations regarding Consortium activities. Organization of PCG began trough discussions and meeting with Polish Consul, Wojciech Lukasiewicz and First Secretary of Economy, Dariusz Wojtaszek, which took place in the Poconos, PA, as well as Polish Consulate in New York City. Prior to the formation of PC, multiple meetings with the representatives of Polish businesses proved to be indispensable as they indicated reasonable and desirable need for the establishment of PCG and essentially contributed to its formation. Final effect of various meetings and discussions was the creating of PCG on June 12,2008. Currently, PCG has been engaged in efforts to organized Polish Trade Show/Expo which is scheduled to take place on November 14 and 15 of 2008 in Pocono Manor, PA.The goal of the trade show is to create an atmosphere and resources conducive to greater integration among Polish-American community as well as promotion of business activity by: - presentation of business offers - convention among potential clients and intermediaries - exploration of new markets - gathering an dialogue among competitors - meeting of special guests The foremost goal of the Polish Trade Show/Expo is to put forward opportunities to Polish firm based in United States together with generating growth prospect for business development of Polish based firms in an American market. By presenting Poland as a country with great investment opportunities, PCG would like to encourage American businesses as well as Polish-American businesses to work together with Poland. Polish Trade Show/Expo offers a perfect form of business development and international communication. The formula of the trade show creates ideal prospects for annual trade fair. In addition, invitations to participate yearly will be extended to those firms that have already partaken in prior trade show. Phone:760-612-6060

HENRYK PAWEĹ GODLEWSKI e-mail telefon 973 546 3918 telefon kontaktowy 1 917 376 3433

Nicolaus Copernicus Polish Supplementary School, INC PO Box 952 East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 Email: Web: Contact: Marta Smiertelny 570-476-5917 or 516-906-1865



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Antiques Restoring Refinishing Reproductions of Antiques Greg Bialek 66 N 3rd Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360

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The production of collectors and accessories for solar installation in our company dates back to year 1992. Many years of experience give us the manufacturer position of unquestionable leader on of the Polish market. solar collectors We also cooperate with many companies all over the Europe and Polish Consortium Group in United State.

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Organizatorem balu jest Polska Szkoła im.M.Kopernika w East Stroudsburg Dochód z balu całkowicie przeznaczony na cele szkoły

Email: Web: Contact: Marta Smiertelny 570-476-5917 or 516-906-1865



POLISH CONSORTIUM GROUP 4N 6th Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360 Tel. 570 426 1883 Fax 570 426 1884 E-mail; HAKUS HEWALEX



18 KWIETNIA 2009

Słowo o Nas... "Polska Gazeta" z główną siedzibą w Brooklyn, NY, jest polsko-amerykanskim dziennikiem. Formuła i przekaz informacji sprawia, że Nasza gazeta jest porównywalna do "Daily News" i "New York Post". Gazeta ukazuje się przez sześć dni w tygodniu. Docieramy do wszystkich większych skupisk Polonii, można Nas kupic w Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey i Pensylwanii. Ponieważ naszą grupą docelową są mieszkańcy USA pochodzenia polskiego planujemy rozszerzyć dystrybucję na zamieszkiwane przez nich miejscowości w Połnocnej Karolinie, Virginii (Savannah) i na Florydzie (Orlando, Key West, Miami i Clear Water). Średni nakład gazety wynosi 12,000 kopii od poniedziałku do piątku i 17,000 kopii dla wydania weekendowego. Aczkolwiek grono Naszych Czytelnikow jest kilkukrotnie większe, biorąc pod uwagę wszystkie osoby stykające się z gazetą na co dzien. Wszyscy nasi reklamodawcy, począwszy od tych z listy 500 największych kompanii, takich jak Citibank, AT&T, a skończywszy na średnich i małych korporacjach takich jak dilerzy samochodowi czy biura adwokackie, osiągają o wiele większe rezultaty niż oczekiwane. Nasi Czytelnicy sięgają po "Polska Gazetę" kiedy chcą otworzyć konto w banku, kupić dom, znaleźć pracę albo usługi, wiedzą, że nie zamieścimy ogłoszeń nieistniejacych firm czy niepewnych dilerów. Ponieważ Nasze stawki są bardzo konkurencyjne na rynku, są dostępne dla wszystkich, i tych małych i tych dużych. Koszt kolorowej reklamy wynosi zaledwie $5,42 za cal kw., zaś czarno-bialej $4 za cal kwadratowy. Nasi przedstawiciele chętnie odwiedzą Państwa i przedstawią Naszą pełną ofertę reklamową. We want to earn your business and make you happy with our newspaper! Dziękuję za czas poświęcony na przeczytanie tych kilku słów o Nas. Z poważaniem, Janusz Czuj PRESIDENT

Adres redakcji: 419 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY, 11222 USA email: reklama: tel: (718) 782 0881, (718) 782 2098 fax: (718) 782 3969

100 lat w służbie Polonii

GOLDEN EAGLE DELICATESEN INC. Najlepsze polskie wędliny Napoje, artykóły spożywcze Obiady na wynos, codziennie 10 zestawów, a także naleśniki i krokiety

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