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Winter 2010


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A Ransack for the Good?!? Liberato and Eloida Ovalle (right) have been actively involved in the work of the Lord in Mexicali. Liberato is the Dean of the school and an Elder of the church. Eloida is teaching women’s classes. Both have been a great blessing for the work of the Lord in Mexicali. But the devil doesn’t stand still to the progress of the Gospel. Just this past November, 18, Liberato’s son-in-law passed away. Then, while they were out of town because of the funeral, their home in Mexicali was ransacked and they lost many of their personal belongings; appliances, electronics, a computer, and even money. In response, those who were told about such tragedy, looked for ways to demonstrate the love of God to Liberato and Eloida. Not everybody could help directly to restore this lost, but certainly many prayed to God over this. (Continues on page 4)

Oscar Alonso is part of our body of students that is on target to graduate in May of 2011. He is originally from Mexico City. Although only 18 years old, and suffering from episodes of epilepsy, he has made the commitment to serve the Lord and prepare intensively to preach the Gospel to the lost souls of Mexico. Drop him a note of encouragement at his email: English or Spanish, don’t worry, he will appreciate it the same!

We want to express our thanks to Ken Moshier from Woodward Park Church of Christ (Fresno, CA) who donated 6 sets of “all-inclusive bedrooms” for our dormitories. The set includes a bed, a study desk and cabinets. He himself made them! His wife and Terry and Carol Hinton helped him to deliver and install the sets.

November 2010: Just days before thanksgiving, a group of men and women from Woodward Park Church of Christ, came down from Fresno (CA) to visit the church in Mexicali and to offer their time in service for the advancement of the Gospel in that city. Although this trip seems short, a round-trip of only 4 days, every participant is touched in a unique way when taking the humble place of a servant to do small but important “good works,” yet “cent by cent” they are “storing up for themselves the treasures of a good foundation for the future.”

(Clockwise from L to R) Matt doing wall repair; Fellowship meal; Good paint job by Ronald; Edwin detailing walls thoroughly.

(Clockwise from L to R) Randy working carpentry; Matt and Daniel (LABIM student) during combined worship services; Loren finishing new gate to provide a safer place for the church’s children .

Mexicali is the capital of the state of Baja California with a population near to 1 million people. Although a border city, the violence and crime characterized by other border cities hasn’t spread to this buzzing industrial city. Mexicali is strategically located to only 8 hrs from Fresno, 10 hrs from San Francisco, and 4 hrs from Los Angeles. This points to an open door for the Gospel into the Hispanic community in the West coast.


The next mission trip is planned for the spring break in 2011. Would you like to join us, please contact us (see page on the back.)

A Ransack for the Good?!?

Visit us at:

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The best thing we can do is to let God work out His will in all circumstances and echo the words of Paul, nothing “will be able to separate us from the love of God.” No tribulation is bigger than the power of God working through the faithful hands and feet of His servants. God answered the pleas for help to Liberato and Eloida. Various churches and individuals had made special contributions that will allow them to restore everything they lost. We praise God for every blessing He has poured out to the Ovalle family and pray that through their ministry, not only material possessions can be restore, but also many souls are restored to Him and, why not, perhaps the very souls of those who brought about this “ransack for the good.”

The Call Jesus saw Simon and his brother, Andrew, casting a net in the sea, for they were fishers. It was a casting net — one that could be thrown in different directions in order to enclose the fish. Moses and David were called from keeping sheep; Gideon from threshing wheat; Elisha from the plow. God has honored humble, yet honest labor, from the beginning. “Jesus said unto them, come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” Mark, he records the call of these two brothers. They are now to be fishers of men; winners of souls to Christ. They were to catch men in the gospel net and lead them into the kingdom of God. Note that Jesus did not at this time call them to be fishers of men, but promised to train them to be such on their becoming his followers. He said, “I will make you to become fishers of men,” then they left their nets, not only for the present but forever, as their permanent employment and their means of their subsistence. As Jesus goes further, he calls James, the son of Zebedee, and John, who also follow Jesus. They left behind their father and the hired servants in the boat. Doubtless Zebedee was just as able to continue his business as when his sons were with him. At the school in Mexicali, young men who are going there have also dedicated their lives to be gospel preachers, to become Christ’s followers, to be fishers of men, winners of souls to Christ. Most of them are young, middle-aged men for the burdens, the trials, and hazards of the future waiting ahead of them. Pray for these dedicated men who are deeply involved in studying God’s word. There is also a need for prayers for the men who are waiting for their financial means to begin the process of becoming gospel preachers.

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Part of the missions ministry for the preaching of the Gospel to the Hispanic communities: Please forward all your inquiries and donations to: 7886 N. Millbrook Avenue Fresno, California 93720 (559) 446-2550 Attn: LABIM LABIM

LABIM Journal 14th edition-Winter 2010  

Journal with the latest news for the Latin American Bible Institute of Mexicali

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