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e began composing at the young age of five, was a child prodigy, and an attraction of nearly all European cities of the 18th century. He is known as one of the most important composers of classical music. His name is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Brother and Sister Mozart had an older sister, called Ana Maria but better

known as Nannerl, who was also a good pianist1 at a young age. Their father, a well-known music teacher, sacrificed his career and devoted himself to the music education of his children. Thoughts on Music Music has always been the food of love, and love is the food of music. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Despite her talent, Nannerl remained in the shadow of her brother and faithfully followed him on numerous tours all over Europe. Today she is known only as the sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 1


A pianist is a musician who plays the piano.

In order to impress the audience, Mozart and Nannerl often played with their arms intertwined, with blindfolds over their eyes, or with a bed sheet over the piano keys, and, on the posters promoting their performances, their father often advertised them to be younger than they actually were. 7

Мozart after Mozart Inspired by the rivalry between Mozart and Salieri, Alexander Pushkin, the official Russian Court Composer, wrote a short tragedy entitled “Mozart and Salieri”. Pushkin’s tragedy inspired a Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov to write an opera with the same name, and Milos Forman to direct the film entitled “Amadeus”. One of the best known products carrying Mozart’s name is the “Mozart ball” – a confection made of chocolate and marzipan . 1



A tragedy is a dramatic genre with an unhappy ending. Marzipan is a confection made of almonds and sugar.

THE TIME MACHINE - 1756. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. - 1762. Mozart began his first European tour with his father and sister. - 1773. He was commissioned as a court musician in his hometown of Salzburg. - 1781. He moved to Vienna. - 1782. He married Constanze Weber. - 1791. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died.


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Volfgang Amadeus Mozart  

Volfgang Amadeus Mozart