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The No Good Very Bad Report Card!

Written and illustrated by: Taylor Metz 3/7/13

The school bell rang, Briiinnnnnggggg! Amanda turned the corner to the narrow strait hall and saw Suzie looking at her report card. Amanda glanced around Suzie’s shoulder and saw that every space had A’s except for Spanish! There was an F! She was so eager to tell her friends so Suzie could feel humiliated when Amanda tells the whole class!! Suzie’s dad drove Suzie to school and asked Amanda and her friends if they could help Suzie with Spanish and Amanda said “OH! That’s the day I have huge plans! Me too.” Said another kid. “Sorry! Better luck next time!” They all said in mean voices. Suzie got called on in Spanish class. “Oh no!!” Suzie thought. “Say Adios,” said the Spanish teacher. “Adoies ,” Suzie whispered. ““What?” said the Spanish teacher Adoies,” Suzie said. “What”, said the Spanish teacher? “Adoies”, cried Suzie.

“ Ahhh!!!! Ahhh!!! Ahhh!!!!” All the children tittered. Suzie kept getting laughed at in till she got laughed at the worst most awful way! “Suzie, you can barely say hola you

say horilae! How weird!” Said a kid. “You’re so not

smart!” shouted Amanda. Suzie wanted to run away so bad! “Cry baby” Everybody shouted. When Amanda got home her sister checked her homework and said, “You should know this, this is so easy! Oh no! That’s exactly what my friends and I did to Suzie! Amanda thought. I still think this is easy. Said Amanda’s sister. Amanda fell asleep and dreamed … “Amanda you can barely even say Hola.” “Amanda you are so dumb!” Shouted her best friend, Amanda woke up with a cold sweat on her head. “I didn’t mean to hurt Suzie feelings like that.” “I, I don’t know what to say. Why did I do that? I can’t believe I hurt Suzie’s feelings.” “Hey Suzie!” Said a kid. Suzie put her hands over her face and whimpered “Please don’t hurt me I know I am not smart!!”

“ No! Were here to help you!” “Oh!” Suzie wondered, while Suzie moved her hands out of her face. “Suzie!” “Yes dad!” “ You failed in Spanish, again?” “ What?” Suzie squirmed! While she was going down to her knees. “Just kidding!” Suzie’s dad yelled. “Wait, I got straight A’s?” “Yep!” Suzie’s dad said. “Yes! Yepee! Whahhhoo!”

About The Author

Hi! My name is Taylor Alexis Metz. I am 9 years old. I go to Pine Crest School. My teachers are Mrs. Kissell and Mrs. Dearman I live in Weston Florida. My favorite subjects are reading, writing and math. My favorite food is hamburgers and pizza. My favorite hobby is gymnastics!!!! There is something you don’t know about me.

Yes My Report Card is Here!  

Mrs. Kissell's Class

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