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The Dancing Secret

By Delaney Gertz

It was a warm spring day at Pine Needle Elementary. Skyler’s best friend Katharine was walking home side by side with Skyler. Katharine lives two houses down from Skyler. Every day was the same for Skyler and Katharine until one day… Skyler and Katharine were walking home from school and Katharine said, “Do you want to be in a dance competition with me?”

Skyler was worried as she bit her lip. “I hope Katharine doesn’t find out I can’t dance,” thought Skyler. Finally Skyler said, “Oh, oh, ok.” “Great!!” said Katharine, “I will see you at noon for practice.”

The next day Skyler walked into the practice room. Skyler saw all the other dancers in dance clothes, so she quickly dug through her bag for anything like all the other dancers. Skyler noticed some dancers looking at her and pointing, some even laughing. Skyler turned red. She ran to the dressing room. Skyler locked the door behind her and sat down on the bench. Skyler thought. A loud knocking interrupted her thoughts. “Skyler, we need you in the practice room,” said a voice. It sounded like Katharine. Skyler slowly opened the door and of course it was Katharine. “We’re about to start practicing, we need you in the studio.” Katharine nodded and slowly followed Skyler to the studio.

Katharine showed Skyler where she would stand in the dance competion. Then once Skyler was in her place the music started. Skyler tried to follow along with all the other dancers but Skyler kept tripping and falling when the song finished Katharine pulled Skyler aside, do you need help learning the dance.” Skyler knew she couldn’t hide her secret from Katharine anymore. Skyler sighed,” I can’t dance” Skyler finally admitted. Katharine looked shocked But you’re a great dancer,” said Katharine with a smile. Skyler started to feel better. “You just have to try to work harder,” said Katharine. Now Skyler felt competent because Katharine made her feel like she was ready to start practicing. Skyler started to follow Katharine. She fell down a couple times, but Skyler kept repeating in her head, I can do it, I can do it.” Finally after 3 days of practicing Skyler learned all the dance moves in the dance. She was ready for the dance competion!!

It was the day of the dance competion. Skyler felt ready and so did Katharine. It was Katharine and Skyler’s turn to go on stage. Skyler and Katharine walked to the stage, then once they were on the stage the curtain opened and the music came on. They both started to dance. Finally the music stopped. They both bowed and the crowd roared with applause and then the curtain closed and they both ran off the stage. Skyler and Katharine would find out the winners next month. Skyler and Katharine where waiting for the bus. Then finally Katharine herd the bid wheels of the bus, they couldn’t wait to tell their parents about the dance competion. Know skyler felt like she could tell Katharine anything. Skyler also learned that friends will accept you, even if you can’t do the abilities that they can.

The Dancing Secret  

Mrs. Kissell's Class

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