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By: Mason Weisfisch Mrs. Kissell and Mrs. Dearman’s Class of 2013

First year,” Mace said while the other boys were crunching up their chicken nuggets at the dirty lunch table. After that Sam blurted out, “You stink at math don’t even talk about winning the math award “OH NO!! I need to work on my math to get the other boys to like me,” Mace thought to himself.

Mrs. Money “I don’t understand the math unit.” Mace said. “HA! HA! You don’t understand the math unit” Sam said with a huge smile on his face. As all the other boys except one jumped up and said Told You! Told You! You’re never going to win the math award.” “ Those boys are never going to include me now’’ Mace thought to himself with tears dropping from his eyes.

Zoom! The red stop signs shot out of the side of the bus at 81 First Street in Florida. Mace stepped off of the bus and walked home with his backpack over his shoulders. Sam secretly followed Mace to his house. Sam peeked through Mace’s window and saw him struggling with the easiest math homework ever. In the classroom the next day Sam laughed aloud “Mace did not understand the easiest math homework ever.” “Oh no!” Mace thought to himself “Those boys will never include me now.” At home that night Mace studied his math. Mace made flash cards like 7*7=49, 8*9=72, 12*11=132, 6*9=54 and he got those smack down!! Then he made different ones like 96/8=12, 10/5=2, 16/4=4, 56/8=7 and he got those ones smack down also. “Oh yah! He said to himself as he thought it does not matter if those boys don’t like me.” The next day coming home from school on the bus Mace did his math homework really quickly. Then all the sudden the one boy who didn’t jump up or laugh asked ‘’Can I have help with my math homework.’’ “Sure” answered Mace. “Use my flash cards they will help.’’ “Thanks” answered Ben.

Two weeks later was the award assembly. Ben and Mace sat next to each other. It was time to announce the awards. Dr. Mark the principal was about to announce the math award!! Mace’s feet were shaking and the Math Award goes to Mace!! Mace ran up on to the stage and held up the certificate and the next is the best friend award goes to Ben!! What a great friendship from then on!!

The Super Friendship  

Realistic Non Fiction Mrs. Kissell's Class