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Lonely Dylan By Jake Fucci

Dylan James is the boy who has almost everything he wants: a new house to live in, an adorable little dog, enough fun toys, and a great school. But he is missing one important thing… “Why don’t you go play with your friends?” Mom asked as she walked into the living room. Dylan put the video game controller that was in his hand on the counter for a second. “I don’t play with my friends because I don’t have any,” he said, thinking of his friends back in New York. “Well, it’s only the second week of school so why don’t you try to make some,” Mom said thoughtfully. “I guess I’ll try,” Dylan replied as he pet Patch, his dog. Then he headed to his room, played some more video games, and thought about what his mom said earlier. And finally he got tired and went to sleep.

Beep, beep, beep! Dylan turned to his alarm and switched it off. “Oh no!” Dylan said to himself. The clock read 7a.m.Dylan rushed to put his clothes on, ran down the stairs, sped to the kitchen, and grabbed a quick yogurt. But when he turned around Mom was standing right in front of him.

“Good morning,” Mom said crossing her arms. “You should hurry up, the bus is here.” Dylan raced out of the house like a cheetah chasing its meal, but before he could close the door Mom shouted; “Don’t forget to make friends!” Then Dylan found an empty seat and rode to school. He walked into his homeroom class and it was still early. There was a group of boys by their desk talking. Dylan tried to join in, but that didn’t work. At lunchtime he tried to find a seat with a group of boys. And that didn’t work either. And then at recess he tried playing tag with some kids, but they just ignored him and kept on playing. Dylan went home feeling frustrated and lonely. “How was your day?” Dylan’s mom asked with a smile. He didn’t want to answer. “Well I tried to make friends but nobody wanted to sit next to me.” Then Dylan’s eye caught something- it was an envelope that said The James family on it he opened the envelope. It was a birthday invitation to one of his classmates. Then he turned back to his mom. “But I think I have another chance,” he said to his mother. The next day his mom drove him to the party. Dylan walked through the lobby of the beach club. When he got to the pool, he saw tons of his classmates. He tried playing pool

games with many of them, but they ignored him. Dylan felt like he was invisible and could not be noticed by any of his classmates. He went home sadly. Dylan shoved his covers off his bed. He felt like he would do anything to move back to New York. Then mom came into the room. “Good morning,” mom said as she opened the blinds. “You should take Patch for a walk. It’ll take your mind off it.” So Dylan put his clothes on, walked downstairs, and took patch outside and walked slowly down the block with him. When he turned on 10th street there was a boy walking his dog too and the boy looked like he was Dylan’s age. They walked right past each other. “My name is Max. What’s yours?” Dylan turned around and couldn’t believe the boy just talked to him. Dylan didn’t know what to do. At first he thought about turning back around and ignoring the boy talking to him, but then he said without even noticing, “Hi I’m Dylan James. I just moved here from New York.” He told Max. “I’m new here too! I moved from California. Would you like to come over to my house tomorrow?” Max asked.

“Sure, I’ll meet you here.” “Bye!” Dylan said back to the boy. Then they walked down their separate streets thinking about tomorrow. Dylan went to bed that night knowing that he had a friend.

Lonely Dylan  

Mrs. Kissell's Class

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