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Mummer’s Fancy Brigade Assn.

1/1/2018 Attendance: 5,000 Economic Impact: $855,000

Board of Directors Governor’s and Mayor’s Messages Economic Impact

Facility Manager SMG

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Leadership Message

Convention Center Art Collection Capital Investments

Sustainability Hotel Growth

Community Festival Corporate Responsibility

Social Media

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= Denotes a Green Meeting

American Economic Association/Allied Social 1/4/2018 Attendance: 14,000 Total Rooms: 24,985 Economic Impact: $43,195,609

Philadelphia Home Show 1/12/2018 Attendance: 19,837 Economic Impact: $3,392,127

United Soccer Coaches 1/17/2018 Attendance: 10,000 Total Rooms: 13,404 Economic Impact: $18,256,046



In the 1980s, public officials and business leaders in Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia began planning for the construction of a new convention center to replace the old and outdated Philadelphia Civic Center. While various locations for the new facility were discussed, stakeholders ultimately decided that locating the new venue in Center City would serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of downtown Philadelphia. The Pennsylvania Convention Center’s grand opening in May 1993 proved integral to the renaissance of Center City. The Center’s launch 25 years ago was followed by significant public and private investments in tourism, cultural attractions, restaurants, and hotels. In 2011, the Center underwent a major expansion in order to attract larger conventions and meetings, as well as enable the facility to host multiple large events simultaneously. The expansion project increased the facility’s saleable space by 60 percent with two new exhibit halls, provided the facility with the largest convention center ballroom in the Northeast, added more meeting rooms, as well as a new atrium entrance on Broad Street. The investment has clearly paid off as the Center’s expansion was instrumental to the Center winning key pieces of business such as LightFair International, the 2016 Democratic National Convention, and the 2015 World Meeting of Families that included the Papal Visit. Since the Center opened in 1993 and focused tourism marketing commenced in the late 1990s, the number of hotel rooms in Center City has more than doubled in inventory from 5,613 to 12,206 in 2018. In fact, convention and meeting related hotel stays last year helped drive a record occupancy rate of 79.6% at Center City hotels. This record setting hotel occupancy rate marked a 5.6% increase in room nights sold and fueled a 9.2% increase in hotel revenues over the previous year. The increased business that convention and meeting attendees bring to the City’s hotel industry, dining and entertainment venues, transportation commerce, and historical and cultural attractions has helped fuel significant job growth in the hospitality and leisure sector. In 2018, Philadelphia’s hospitality and leisure workforce grew to 74,300. With a 60% increase in hospitality employment compared to 1990, the hospitality industry is the fastest growing sector of employment in the City. The coming year promises to be a strong one for our facility and the region’s hospitality industry. While the Center will host approximately 200 events over the course of a year, the conventions that deliver the biggest economic impact, particularly for the hotel industry, are “citywide” conventions. In 2019, the Center will host 19 citywides, a term used to define a convention or meeting that brings 2,000 or more hotel room night bookings at peak. Those 19 conventions alone are projected to fill more than 369,000 hotel room nights and attract over 361,500 guests to the City of Philadelphia. We make customer service and delivering a positive experience for meeting planners, exhibitors, and guests a top priority. That commitment will help to ensure that the Pennsylvania Convention Center continues to be a major economic driver of the hospitality industry in the Commonwealth for many years to come.

Philadelphia Auto Show

Gregory J. Fox Chairman

1/27/2018 Attendance: 250,542 Economic Impact: $42,842,682

Marian B. Tasco Vice Chair

National Title I Conference 2/8/2018 Attendance: 4,000 Total Rooms: 8,778 Economic Impact: $11,601,290

John J. McNichol President & CEO

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2/9/2018 Attendance: 25,799 Economic Impact: $4,411,629

Gregory J. Fox

Marian B. Tasco

John J. McNichol

ACRE Northeast Craft Show 2/17/2018 Attendance: 2,500 Total Rooms: 2,250 Economic Impact: $3,408,885




Senior Counsel, Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads, LLP

Business Manager, Laborers’ District Council of Philadelphia

President & CEO, Brown’s Super Stores, Inc.

Director, State Government Relations, Verizon

Philadelphia City Council (Retired)

President, VFIM Corporation

Partner, Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel, LLP

Founder, Sobol Law Group, P.C. Senior Advisor, Office of Government Affairs, Temple University Philadelphia City Council Deputy Mayor of Labor City of Philadelphia

Chief of Staff & Counsel, Senate Pro-Tempore Joe Scarnati

Executive Director, Delaware County Regional Water Authority Chairman, Bucks County Board of Commissioners Ex Officio, Designee of the Governor of Pennsylvania

Shareholder, Stark & Stark

Pink Invitational

2/22/2018 Attendance: 10,000 Economic Impact: $1,710,000

Pennsylvania Horticulture Society: Philadelphia Flower Show 3/3/2018 Attendance: 252,000 Economic Impact: $43,092,000

NASPA Placement Exchange and Annual Meeting 3/3/2018 Attendance: 6,000 Total Rooms: 19,459 Economic Impact: $21,396,991

Travel & Adventure Show 3/10/2018 Attendance: 5,000 Economic Impact: $855,000

5 It is my pleasure to recognize the Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC) for its dedication to providing an exceptional meeting space to local, regional, national, and international business communities. In 1993, the PCC opened its doors in downtown Philadelphia with high expectations of revitalizing the region’s hospitality industry. With the help of the Philadelphia Flower Show and Philadelphia Auto Show, the PCC attracted over 1 million people in 2018. Visitors to the PCC filled more than 370,000 hotel room nights in Center City, supporting the jobs of more than 74,300 individuals employed in the City’s hospitality industry. I applaud the PCC for upholding its commitment to immersing visitors in the rich culture and history of Philadelphia, while focusing on sustainability and the future. This tremendous asset of the Commonwealth has been a leader in green technology, environmental stewardship, and keen infrastructure investments which have increased its competitiveness in the world-wide convention marketplace. I am certain that the PCC will continue to represent Pennsylvania with great distinction for many years to come. As Governor, and on behalf of all the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I extend my gratitude to the Pennsylvania Convention Center team for their excellent service to the Commonwealth. Please accept my best wishes for continued success.

Tom Wolf, Governor, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

I would like to congratulate the Pennsylvania Convention Center on another great year. The decision 25 years ago to locate the Pennsylvania Convention Center in the heart of Philadelphia played a major role in jumpstarting the revitalization of Center City. The meetings and conventions held at the facility have created a significant demand for new hotel inventory, spurring new construction, and thousands of new employment opportunities in the City’s hospitality industry. In 1993, Center City had just 5,613 hotel rooms -less than Little Rock, Arkansas- and an occupancy rate of 65 percent. Since the Convention Center opened its doors, the number of hotel rooms in Center City have increased nearly 120 percent to 12,206. Just as important, the demand for hotel rooms -fueled by strong convention and the tourism markets- is keeping pace with the inventory growth. Last year, the demand for hotel rooms in Center City increased by 5.6 percent to reach the highest point in the past seven years. Over the course of the next two years, eight new hotels are projected to open in Philadelphia, adding an additional 1,881 hotel rooms. In 2019, the Convention Center will host nineteen citywide conventions and approximately 200 other events that will attract more than one-million attendees. Those visitors will inject new spending into our economy by bringing business to our hotels, restaurants, historical and cultural attractions, and numerous other establishments. We thank the Convention Center for being a significant driver of our hospitality industry and we look forward to its continued role in helping to fuel our region’s economic growth.

Jim Kenney, Mayor, City of Philadelphia

Public Library Association 3/21/2018 Attendance: 7,873 Total Rooms: 14,066 Economic Impact: $20,503,037

CGI Racing: The Love Run 3/23/2018 Attendance: 15,000 Economic Impact: $2,565,000

Under Armour NEQ

3/30/2018 Attendance: 36,250 Total Rooms: 23,127 Economic Impact: $16,840,793

African American History & Culture Showcase 3/31/2018 Attendance: 3,500 Economic Impact: $598,500




In 2018, the Convention Center hosted


conventions, meetings, trade shows, and other events Those attendees filled


Hotel Room Nights

Supporting hospitality jobs in Philadelphia totaling


Those events attracted

1.2 million attendees

The Convention Center contracted with


companies for ongoing operations of our facility

Setting up the show floor and meeting space for these events required

404,649 work hours

Delivering an economic impact of

$589 million in our local economy

*Based on most recent statistics from PHLCVB & PCC/SMG short term sales

Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Race Series 4/5/2018 Attendance: 5,000 Economic Impact: $855,000

2018 Subaru National Business Conference 4/16/2018 Attendance: 1,650 Total Rooms: 5,703 Economic Impact: $8,147,586

2018 PACK EXPO East - PMMI 4/16/2018 Attendance: 5,000 Total Rooms: 5,278 Economic Impact: $8,443,980

The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa 4/22/2018 Attendance: 3,000 Total Rooms: 619 Econonic Impact: $2,003,693


19 CITYWIDE EVENTS booked in 2019

What is a Citywide Event? A Citywide Convention is defined as a convention consuming at least 2000 sleeping room nights during peak booking periods, utilizing multiple hotels and numerous offsite venue locations within the City. *Estimated Attendance (EA)

Pittcon 3/17-21, 2019

4/25/2018 Attendance: 7,000 Total Rooms: 7,135 Economic Impact: $11,767,365

*EA: 15,000

National School Boards Association 3/29-4/1, 2019

*EA: 7,0000

4/10-13, 2019

*EA: 10,000

*EA: 35,000

4/26-28, 2019

*EA: 2,5690

American Academy of Neurology *EA: 14,000

Veeva Systems *EA: 2,9000

LIGHTFAIR International *EA: 23,000

Biotechnology Innovation Organization 6/2-6, 2019


Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc.

National Achievers Congress 5/3/2018 Attendance: 3,000 Economic Impact: $513,000

*EA: 3,0000

Ironman *EA: 21,000

American Academy of Family Physicians

Bayada Home Health Care

5/20-23, 2019

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. 9/13-15, 2019

4/11-21, 2019

5/13-15, 2019


7/29-8/2, 2019

Under Armour 2019 Northeast National Qualifier

5/4-10, 2019

International Society for Technology in Education 6/23-26, 2019

American College of Physicians

6/11-14, 2019

UBM Advanstar America


9/25-28, 2019

*EA: 10,000

American Society for Reproductive Medicine 10/12-15, 2019

*EA: 6,5000

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 10/26-29, 2019


American Public Health Association 11/2-6, 2019

*EA: 14,000

American Heart Association 11/15-19, 2019

*EA: 25,000

Army Navy 12/13-14, 2019

*EA: 4,5000

Blue Cross Broad Street Run 5/4/2018 Attendance: 40,000 Total Rooms: 448 Economic Impact: $6,891,300

*EA: 69,600

AIS Tech 2018 - Association for Iron and Steel Technology 5/7/2018 Attendance: 5,768 Total Rooms: 9,220 Economic Impact: $13,313,000




Wizard World Comic Con 5/17/2018 Attendance: 20,000 Total Rooms: 1,320 Economic Impact: $3,496,950

American Industrial Hygiene Association 2018 Convention 5/19/2018 Attendance: 6,000 Total Rooms: 12,873 Economic Impact: $15,791,987

International Microwave Symposium 6/12/2018 Attendance: 10,000 Total Rooms: 14,558 Economic Impact: $17,196,940

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 6/23/2018 Attendance: 5,700 Total Rooms: 13,266 Economic Impact: $16,017,143

99 SMG, the world’s leader in public facilities management, has overseen the operation of the Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC) since 2013. During its first five years, SMG strengthened the Center’s customer focus, streamlined services, introduced more customerfriendly work rules, and installed new sustainability programming resulting in improved guest experiences while lowering customers’ costs. In 2018, SMG’s management agreement was renewed for an additional five years through 2023. To lead its effort into this next phase of the Center’s evolution, SMG announced the appointment of 27-year industry veteran, Kelvin D. Moore, CMP to serve as its new Regional General Manager for the Center. Moore worked his way up in the hospitality industry in various positions at convention centers, stadiums, and multi-purposed facilities throughout the United States. During his more than ten years with SMG, Moore has specialized in operational turnaround efforts.

Kelvin D. Moore


Gregory J. Fox, Esq. Chairman of the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority

SMG Annual Meeting 6/25/2018 Attendance: 250 Economic Impact: $42,750

Since Moore’s arrival in Philadelphia, he has engaged with customers, meeting planners, industry partners, and community leaders to share his vision for the Center. The Center will complete the transformational pivot began in 2014, under the Customer Satisfaction Agreement, to improve its operations and image with the meetings & events industry. Moore understands the importance of maintaining and nurturing the cooperative partnership the Center has with its show trade labor partners which paved the way for the Center to compete for and attract new events. The 19 citywide conventions scheduled for 2019 are a testament to the great work that the SMG/PCC team and its partners have achieved. Under Moore’s leadership, the Center will be laser focused on delivering the next level of customer service and guest experience by building upon past success and consistently improving and investing in its product, people, and processes. The Center team will continue to strengthen its coordination with its marketing partner, the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB), to solidify the Center’s position as one of the premier meeting destinations in North America.

PCC Community Festival 6/30/2019 Attendance: 2,050 Economic Impact: $350,550

NATA - Telugu

7/6/2018 Attendance: 5,000 Total Rooms: 2,400 Economic Impact: $5,191,560


7/7/2018 Attendance: 2,000 Total Rooms: 2,000 Economic Impact: $2,570,700



ART COLLECTION The Pennsylvania Convention Center completed the expansion of its art collection in 2018 and the launch of its website: www.paconventionart.com. The website showcases the 134 pieces of newly installed $1.5 million West Wing Art Collection. The artwork can be searched by title, artist, and location within the Center. The site provides biographical information on each artist, video interviews with most of the artists, and a detailed location map of the art with up-close images. This new online platform allows the Center to share its museum-quality art collection with the world while also showcasing the facility as a cornerstone of the region’s hospitality industry.

Please visit our Center’s art website at www.paconventionart.com



The Pennsylvania Convention Center ended our 25th Anniversary celebration with the installation of a commissioned oil on canvas by Philadelphia artist, Charles Cushing. “A Tradition of Service: the Pennsylvania Convention Center”, pictured below, honors the building’s rich history and acknowledges its bright future. “A Tradition of Service” encompasses the Broad, Market, and Arch Street entrances of the Convention Center as well as the cast-iron girders of the former Reading Railroad Terminal. The canvas moves from the cold of a snowy night to the warmth of a sunny day with historical themes and personages tied into aspects of modernday Philadelphia. This colorful canvas measures 6-feet tall by 10-feet long and is intentionally installed on the Center’s first floor at 13th and Arch Streets , where it is visible to passersby.







Capital Projects in 2018



7/15/2018 Attendance: 850 Total Rooms: 1,670 Economic Impact: $1,268,615




BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology



7/28/2018 Attendance: 1,500 Economic Impact: $256,500

Digital Summit Philadelphia 2018 7/31/2018 Attendance: 1,000 Economic Impact: $171,000

American Sociological Association 8/11/2018 Attendance: 5,900 Total Rooms: 7,815 Economic Impact: $12,392,370

SUSTAINABILITY The Pennsylvania Convention Center is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and services. The Center is demonstrating stewardship by using equipment and products designed to reduce negative impacts while providing a healthy, high-performance cleaning operation within our facility. Our commitment includes the use of safe-cleaning products, reduced water use, energy efficient LED lighting, a new reflective roof, expanded recycling, and streamlined management of HVAC, lighting, power, elevators, and escalators.


The Center recycled 276.39 tons of materials The Center saved 33,804 gallons of oil

Using technology to ‘go green’ is critical to our customers and our effort to sustain the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for future generations.

Our sustainable initiatives focus in the areas of: Waste Reduction and Diversion

The Center saved 1,935,000 gallons of water The Center reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 879 metric tons

Energy Conservation Water Quality and Consumption Air Quality

American Numismatic Association China-US Cultural Heritage and 8/14/2018 Urban Development Forum Attendance: 6,000 Total Rooms: 3,150 Economic Impact: $4,684,973

8/20/2018 Attendance: 150 Economic Impact: $25,650

ICS Congress Philadelphia 8/28/2018 Attendance: 2,200 Total Rooms: 3,200 Economic Impact: $2,159,160

The Greater Philadelphia Home Show 9/8/2018 Attendance: 2,000 Economic Impact: $342,000




In 2018, Center City Hotels had a record-breaking year driven by the robust convention and meeting bookings hosted by the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Since we opened in 1993, the number of hotel rooms in Center City has more than doubled in inventory from 5,613 rooms to an astounding 12,206 rooms available in 2018. With more hotels scheduled to open in 2019, the growth for Philadelphia’s hotel industry continues to blossom.

12,206 10,605 5,613





Increase in Center City Hotel Rooms since the Pennsylvania Convention Center opened 1993 Philadelphia Tribune 9/13/2018 Attendance: 300 Economic Impact: $51,300




Keystone Comic Con 9/14/2018 Attendance: 2,200 Total Rooms: 3,250 Economic Impact: $547,200



Premiere Philadelphia 9/23/2018 Attendance: 7,000 Economic Impact: $1,197,000

The MedTech Conference 2018 9/24/2018 Attendance: 3,000 Total Rooms: 2,000 Economic Impact: $4,849,560




Increase in Hotel Revenue

Up from $618 million in 2017 to $675 million in 2018

Increase in Hotel Rooms Sold

Up from 3.3 million in 2017 to 3.4 million in 2018


5 YEAR th

In a Row for Record Occupancy


Increase in Average Daily Rate

Up from $185 million in 2017 to $191 million in 2018, matching the record set during the Democratic National Convention

Philadelphia High School Fair 9/28/2018 Attendance: 12,000 Economic Impact: $2,052,000


Average Hotel Room Occupancy

Saturday is the busiest day of the week for Center City hotels with average occupancy at 91%

National Electrical Contractors Association National Convention 9/29/2018 Attendance: 10,223 Total Rooms: 9,624 Economic Impact: $12,589,533

Hire! Philly Job and Resource Fair

10/4/2018 Attendance: 2,000 Economic Impact: $342,000

American College of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting 10/5/2018 Attendance: 7,800 Total Rooms: 13,134 Economic Impact: $17,595,900



Pennsylvania Conference for Women 2018 10/12/2018 Attendance: 10,280 Economic Impact: $1,757,880


NACAC Philadelphia National College Fair 10/14/2018 Attendance: 12,000 Economic Impact: $2,052,000

American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 10/19/2018 Attendance: 5,000 Total Rooms: 8,400 Economic Impact: $5,535,270

Pennsylvania Foodservice Expo 10/22/18 Attendance: 5,000 Total Rooms: 725 Economic Impact: $2,210,175

17 17

The Pennsylvania Convention Center, in partnership with Wawa Welcome America Festival, proudly opened our doors for a free Community Festival, Art Tour, and premiere movie showing. Our two-million square foot building was alive with the vibrant community that is Philadelphia and enjoyed high-spirited entertainment, games, zoo animals, and the Center’s museum quality art collection. The evening was topped off with Philly at the Movies in our state-of-the-art Michael A. Nutter theatre.

LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo

10/26/18 Attendance: 10,000 Total Rooms: 22,230 Economic Impact: $34,234,200

Philadelphia Bike Expo 10/27/18 Attendance: 3,800 Economic Impact: $649,800

Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show 2018 11/01/18 Attendance: 8,000 Economic Impact: $1,368,000

ISPE International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering 11/03/18 Attendance: 1,000 Total Rooms: 3,165 Economic Impact: $5,185,148




Giving back to our community is important to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Throughout the year our Center, Industry partners, and community-focused team serve others through volunteering and donating. The Center and Aramark teamed together to host local middle-school students and introduce them to various careers opportunities. The Center, our many sponsors, and our team of 150 volunteers donated 40,000 books to hundreds of local schools and teachers. The Center supported future hospitality leaders by sponsoring a Temple student led research project. The Center supported our partner the Philadelphia Auto Show with their “Driving Away the Cold� program which offered free coats to local students.

Rockwell Automation Fair 2018

11/12/18 Attendance: 11,910 Total Rooms: 12,595 Economic Impact: $19,382,850

AACR Philadelphia Marathon 11/16/18 Attendance: 30,000 Total Rooms: 5,350 Economic Impact: $5,643,000

Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition Annual Breakfast 11/16/18 Attendance: 800 Economic Impact: $136,800

Philadelphia Chapter CREW 11/16/18 Attendance: 600



Increase in Facebook likes this year (10,778 likes to 12,612 likes)

Social media is utilized by the Pennsylvania Convention Center as a tool to showcase the dynamic events and special guests that visit the Center each year. It creates a new space for engagement, conversation, and feedback from our valued customers and visitors.



Increase in Twitter followers (116% increase in Impressions)

A community of Facebook friends, Instagram followers, and Twitter users have come to rely on and look forward to information being shared from the Center’s social media pages. With a well-crafted tweet, thoughtful Facebook post, or beautiful Instagram photo, thousands of people can be reached and informed about events, accomplishments, and more. As the digital space continues to change and grow, the Center is quick to adapt to new trends and views social media as an endless opportunity to share the impact we have on the Greater Philadelphia Region.



Increase in visits to paconvention.com, which included 242,029 new visitors

People searched for the Pennsylvania Convention Center on Google

PAX Unplugged 2018 11/30/18 Attendance: 28,000 Total Rooms: 3,250 Economic Impact: $4,959,000


12/07/18 Attendance: 2,000 Total Rooms: 2,000 Economic Impact: $167,438

Mastery Charter Schools 12/12/18 Attendance: 300 Economic Impact: $51,300

HiJinx Concert

12/28/18 Attendance: 18,000 Economic Impact: $3,078,000


1101 Arch St. Philadelphia, PA 19107 Website: www.paconvention.com

facebook.com/paconvention pa_convention @paconvention