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PRAY | GROW | SERVE | CELEBRATE Peninsula Covenant Church Quarterly Newsletter

June 2009 | Q2

By Gary Gaddini

Trust in the LORD with all your heart... do NOT BE WISE IN YOUR OWN EYES. Proverbs 3:5,7


ouldn’t it be great if the “…for Dummies” series of books that has sold more than 35 million copies and offers more than 100 titles had a book entitled, “Life… for Dummies?” It seems like our culture overflows with information and knowledge but is increasingly lacking in wisdom. Yet when it comes to the reality of life and the

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myriad of choices that confront us every day, wisdom is what we most desperately need! Proverbs is the most practical book in the Bible. Its instruction in the art of living has been long tried and long proven. Proverbs is a book that takes the ageless, priceless wisdom of the Author of Life and delivers it to His creation in an understandable and practical way. Proverbs puts pertinent truths for everyday life on the bottom shelf where we can all reach them. Proverbs, in actuality, is God’s book on how to do life…for dummies! Each week we will address, in a very practical, down to earth way, everyday aspects of life from God’s perspective. Join us this summer at PCC as we Wise Up!


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God moves through LOVE Dare

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MIDDLE SCHOOL - Back in a New Way! Lauren Majewski

Baptism • Alexandra Hardenbrook • Abbie Thomas • Linda Carter

My name is Lauren Majewski and even though I am no stranger to the PCC community, God has brought me back out here in a new way. As a wideeyed summer intern from Cleveland, Ohio in 2005, only to return the next two summers, I had a hunch God would eventually call me back. I am absolutely thrilled to take over the middle school ministry on behalf of Slim! Even though it is never easy to replace someone, I am ready and excited to rise to the challenge. Last year I received my B.A. in Youth Development from North Central University in Minnesota, which has provided me a strong foundation in youth psychology and ministry. I have a genuine love for students and see an eternal value in building relationships and investing in the lives of youth. Not to mention I love having fun, and can be located on campus or Redwood City (for that matter) by the sheer volume of my laugh. I hope to bring a creative outlook and a genuine passion for God and students. Needless to say, it is a true blessing from God to be back in this community, and I look forward to forming and continuing bonds with this congregation.

Birth Announcements • Ella Grace Dlima born to Elizabeth and Vivek Dlima on March 9. • Mele Joy, born to Christina and Siupeli “Tom” Netane on March 29. • David LeRoux, born to Hilmari and Kyle Ray on April 6. • April Joy, born to Debbie and Wyatt Anderson on April 16. • Kezra Nicole, born to Shakira and Cade Hensley on April 30.

HIGH SCHOOL - Inspire Me Anonymous Student

I’ve been too scared to find out So I keep trying to hide out In this shadow that I’ve lived in for so long And I’ve been staring at mountains And trying to move them But in the midst of it I’m losing myself I’ve been trying so hard to Forget where I came from I’ve even forgotten my name Why can’t I believe that You will light a fire in me that used to burn before And why can’t I believe that You will take me higher than I’ve ever been before Why can’t I believe that We will walk together and we’ll cross this desert plain Why can’t I believe that You’ll hold me in your arms and help me remember my name

• Audrey Martin • Gail O’Brien

I’ve been thinking a while And I have come to realize That most of me really wants to change But there’s a part of me still that’s Denying that will and It’s making me want to stay the same But I refuse to believe that That small part of me Can’t reconcile with who I want to be But I’m informing regretfully That that small part of me Is currently stealing the lead And I acknowledge the irony That now resides in me And dictates my life from within So if you want to inspire me Please light a fire in me ‘Cause you know the state that I’m in

child dedications • Kaylan Patrick Bruce • Serena Emily Van Scherpe • Robert Howard Coleman • Aaron Asa Clarke

• • • •

Stella Marie Hughes Charis Rose Taner Salome and Mele Joy Netane April Joy Anderson

Love and Sympathy • To Brian DuBois and family. Brian’s sister, Karen, passed away on April 16. • To Beverly Good and family on the loss of her husband George, who passed on April 24. • To Melanie Seybert and family on the loss of her father, Frank Vlach, who passed on May 9. • Jamie McDowall’s mother and Emma and Iain’s grandmother, Cynthia McClellan passed away on May 18. • To the Holt family on the loss of Kendra Holt, who passed on May 22. • To Dot Toews and family on the loss of Dot’s brother Melvin Davis, who passed on May 23. • Barb Bartoshuk and family on the loss of her step father, Stuart Whittelsey, who passed on June 1.

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SKATECHURCH - Accepting Christ Chris Davidson

Ever since our first Mexico Outreach to San Luis in 2004, our desire has been for a permanent skate ministry to be planted there. I always envisioned that God would accomplish this through a missionary moving there and starting one. Last January I visited San Luis for a day and was told about a local skater who had accepted Christ and was sharing the gospel with other skaters in San Luis. I did not get to meet with him that day, but a few weeks later I got this email from him: ”I would like to see how the youth of my city can accept Christ into their hearts. I want to deliver a short message on what God has done and can do in their lives. In these past four years, God has been teaching us how to work with our youth and we are trying with all our might. If you have any questions or need anything, I will be here. God Bless. Thanks for everything. Hiram Lomeli” Unfortunately the door was closed on the Skatechurch Mexico Outreach, and we were unable to go down. But Hiram, along with a local church, took initiative and put on a three-day outreach without us. On the final night 200, people attended the outreach and got to hear Hiram’s testimony! We are hoping to return to Mexico this fall and deliver ramps to be use to start a Skatechurch. 2

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OVER THE YEARS Marilyn Lynch

Twenty years ago I was volunteering in the 2-yearold Sunday school class. Pastor Rod Toews had encouraged each member of PCC to serve every-otheryear, this was my year. And, two year olds were my favorite. They began the year as toddlers in diapers. By the time they left, 12 months later, they were steady on their feet, had left diapers behind (except maybe at nighttime) and were talking up a storm. That’s where I met Elise Dahlin. Elise was rather quiet, and sometimes shy, but had a great time playing with the other children in the class. They would hide under the table, serve snack as a “tea party” and sing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” with all their hearts. In early December we started a project that would be a Christmas gift for their parents. Each child decorated a construction paper wreath that would become a frame for a picture of them. The children were excited to have their pictures taken and loved seeing the image appear in the Polaroid. All except Elise. She wouldn’t look at the camera. She hid anytime we brought it out. It took deceit and trickery to get her picture, but we did, and she also enjoyed watching the picture develop. She finished her gift, and took it home the following week. Twelve years later, I was with the two-year-olds again, and had a middle school volunteer – the 14-year-old Elise. In December we were making gifts for parents, and she commented “I have an ornament just like that at home!” She was surprised to learn it came from this same class with me a dozen years earlier. In high school, Elise and her best friend Jenny faithfully attended the youth group functions. I was a small group leader for the senior girls. Even though they were juniors, Elise and Jenny were friends with the senior girls and joined their group. Once again Elise and I were connected through PCC. She continued in my small group until graduation. We shared a tent in Mexico and dress ideas for the prom (duct tape dresses?) and 10

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dyed her hair turquoise. Following high school graduation Elise worked for me at PCC’s Swim & Gym ministry for several summers. She was a great counselor for the children and an encouragement to the staff. This spring break, Elise and her boyfriend came to visit her parents for a week. I saw Elise at the Easter service and asked it we could get together. We met the next day and she shared with me the exciting story of her engagement to a fellow Colorado Christian University student, David Overcash. To me, this is a picture of the family of God. It has been a privilege to know, minister to and with Elise over the last 20 years. It is a testament to the staying power of the body of Christ and the faithfulness of our Lord. Elise, congratulations and may God continue to bless you and David and may your ministry give glory to God.

SCHOOL AGE CHILDCARE Playground or Pray-ground? Denise Touhey

As one peers over our bridge, we take delight in observing our “canyon” that has always been a beautiful scene and display of God’s beautiful creation. Over a dozen years ago, a beautiful, modern play structure was built by loving PCC members just above the canyon. It has served literally thousands of children during that time through PCC’s various programs and ministries. In the last few years, several pieces have needed to be replaced and the entire structure was becoming worn, shabby and mildly unsafe. Dreams and ideas began forming in the minds of

PCC School Age Child Care (SACC) staff to one day upgrade this area to keep in alignment with God’s ultimate purpose and plan on our campus….. celebrating His great love for us and for our children! Playgrounds are important areas for this. During this “dream” phase, SACC had been slowly saving nickels and dimes, and finally had enough saved to build “Phase One” of project. Phase One, which completed the end of April, consists of a brand new play structure which includes swings, a state of the art climbing wall and a “toss up” basketball game. The tan-bark was removed and replaced with a safer rubber cushioned surface. A large portion of the new structure will also now be protected from the hot summer sun with a high quality shade structure, which will keep children and staff much more comfortable during play time. A beautiful new block retaining wall now borders the playground and provides a comfortable sitting area for all. A “Phase Two” of our playground project will be pursued as God directs and allows us. This phase would include a large deck to be located under the big oak tree, an “outdoor classroom” ampitheatre area, additional retaining walls and landscaping. God is good and has perfect timing. He will let us know when the time is right to pursue our next phase. So, is it a playground or a prayground? Certainly it is holy ground. Let’s remember that this is an area of our campus that can reflect our four priorities here at PCC: Pray, Grow, Serve and Celebrate, that enables us to fulfill the Great Commission. Please pray for the next 2000+ children that will experience God’s love on the new playground and grow from there.

THE POWER OF SHARING Featuring Bristol and Cameron Connor

At First Resort, Tanya was counseling a client named Michelle who was extremely abortion-minded. She was deathly afraid that her parents, especially her mom, would be against her having the baby. Toward the end of the counseling session, Tanya mentioned the story of another client named Bristol. Bristol was a young Christian woman - she had a different background from Michelle yet she had been in Michelle’s exact same situation. When Bristol found herself pregnant, her mom pressured her to have an abortion ... for months. But Bristol courageously decided to parent. She gave birth to a son, named Cameron, and her mother has completely fallen in love with Cameron. In fact, her parents see Bristol and Cameron often now since they live less than a mile from each other. After Tanya mentioned this story to Michelle, the counseling session ended. Tanya tried to follow up, but couldn’t reach Michelle - unfortunately, she thought, Michelle had an abortion. Several months later a client named Lisa came to First Resort and Tanya began counseling her. Lisa told Tanya, “Oh yeah, I found out about First Resort through my friend Michelle. And oh, her baby is so cute!” Tanya said, “Baby? You mean, Michelle had her baby?” Lisa said, “Oh yes, a little boy named Mason. He is SO adorable!” It turns out that Bristol’s story was the turning point for Michelle - it gave Michelle the courage to choose life for her baby and become a parent. And in turn, Michelle’s story gave Lisa the courage to carry to term! That’s the power of sharing. Bristol’s decision saved not just her child but two others and transformed three families. And no doubt, God is not finished yet! How will God use YOU and your ability to SHARE to help save more lives like these in 2009?

MISSION POSSIBLE Missions would like to introduce you to our new Mission Possible Newsletter! Be looking for it once a month in Gmail. Also make sure to visit Mission’s website at mission. Find out how you can get involved in your Mission team or learn what your missionaries are up to. Also, join us at our next bi-monthly Mission Celebration on June 28 at Tim and Kathy Sandquist’s home at 7:30 following the 5:30 gathering. We will be hosting Mitch Anderson who is currently serving in Chile. NOTE: If are planning a short term mission trip, please contact your mission team at mission@ We would love to hear what you are up to and how we can be praying for you!

CONGREGATION MEETING RECAP On Sunday, May 17 after the 11:00am Worship gathering, on an unusually warm Sunday afternoon, over 150 PCC members gathered to pray together, hear from Gary on our upcoming Summer series (Proverbs) and our upcoming Fall series (Love – 1 Corinthians 13). The congregation also thanked Anthony Mejia (Chairman) and Tom Johnson (Treasurer) for their six consecutive years of service as officers. In the business portion of the meeting, the congregation overwhelmingly approved the 20092010 budget, elected the new Council and Nominating Committee members, and unanimously called Dain Jepson as our Pastor to Families. Dain and Terry Jepson will be joining PCC in late August, moving to Redwood City from Cincinnati, Ohio, where Dain has most recently been providing leadership for Back-2-Back Ministries ( An article featuring Dain and Terry will be included in the next edition of the Bridge. ■

Summer Day Camps! PCC Day Camp is a themed adventure week packed full of fun and enlightening truths that all point to our Lord Jesus. Children experience exciting music, drama, crafts, sports, and more! Come join the fun and find out how you can participate! Registration has begun! • Day Camp #1 June 29 – July 3 (grades 1-5 in Fall) • Day Camp #2 July 6 – 10 (grades 1-5 in Fall)

Skate Camp is a week of skateboard and faith learning at three different local skate parks. It is a fun and exciting way to learn to skate in a structured and safe environment. • Skatecamp #1 July 13 - 17 (entering K/1/2/3 in Fall) [Registration FULL - waiting list] • Skatecamp #2 July 20 – 24 (entering grades 4/5/6/7/8 in Fall)

• Day Camp #3 July 20 – 23 (entering Preschool through Kindergarten in Fall)


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MISSIONS Back to Jerusalem The Great Commission


Sharon King

God is calling PCC to a new level—24/7 prayer. That’s an additional 71 half hour time slots. Our goal is that continuous praise, worship, gratitude and intercession will go up before God’s throne from PCC. Our goal beyond 24/7 prayer is to have every ministry person and event covered in prayer. We are an army of people who march forward on our knees. Some of us are pressing for this spiritual victory with fasting prayer. This level of commitment means God must be our first love. If He is, we will naturally want to spend time with Him and do what will draw others closer to Him. 24/7 won’t be a problem to fill, if God is our first love. Let’s go for it!

When Christ commissioned His followers to go into all the nations to make disciples and baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, He mentioned starting with Jerusalem. (Matthew 28:20, Luke 24:47 and Acts 1:8) Last summer there was a HUGE international conference held in Jerusalem called “Back to Jerusalem.” (BTJ) This conference was a call from God for the local church in the Holy Land to preach the gospel and make disciples according to the Great Commission. Some PCC’ers had the priveledge to meet and pray for Rajai Samawi who was one of the coordinators for the BTJ 2008 conference. Why am I telling you some “old” news you ask? Because there will be a 2009 Back to Jerusalem conference this summer. The dates for the event are July 8-10, then the city outreach on the July 11-15, and finally the Celebration on the Mount of Olives on July 16. This year the main speaker will be Josh Mcdowell. Why am I telling you about a conference in Jerusalem you ask? Because our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land need our prayers before, during and after an event of this magnitude. The BTJ project is an event that will hopefully move in the hearts of thousands, to accept the Lord Jesus into their hearts. Prayer is a powerful tool and we can come alongside our brothers and sisters and pray for some of their specific requests: 1) for the training courses they are doing in them order to equip and prepare the churches for the summer; 2) for the main speaker Josh Mcdowell that he would bring powerful messages. 3) for the financial needs of Back to Jerusalem; and 4) for the materials for distribution to be ready on time. Visit their website for more info. and updates: 4

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Russ Llewellyn, PCC Prayer Coordinator

It Was A Beautiful Day! On May 16, PCC gathered with three other churches and friends and families to bless Roosevelt Elementary School in Redwood City. Over 250 people participated. We also hosted a blood drive on our campus to serve our community where over 50 people participated. Here are reflections from some of the participants: “I absolutely loved all the child labor! It’s so important to have your kids work, serve others and get involved with their community. The kids were joyful. It made me joyful. Can’t wait to do that again.” “God was everywhere at Beautiful Day. His name didn’t even need to be mentioned to see His presence shining through everyone. God united everyone under one roof for one common goal – to better our community.” “I loved giving blood and helping the sick.” “It was phenomenal! There were so many willing, eager workers! It was especially neat to see all the age groups, all different ministries, working together.”

“What love and gratitude! I loved meeting and working with new people.” “It was an encouragement to see the love between communities. I went to Roosevelt 50 years ago – I loved connecting with the current Roosevelt students and teachers.”

PLUS – Celebrating Its 6th Birthday! Rod Toews

PLUS Ministry will be celebrating its 6th Birthday in September. There are many new people at PCC who are not aware that this ministry serves people 50 years and older. Currently approximately 400+ people at PCC are a part of this life stage. Our emphasis is five-fold: Fellowship, Fun, Spiritual Growth, Service and Evangelism. Every event or program comes under one of these objectives. One ministry that covers at least four of these objectives is our tours. Twenty-six of us just completed a two-week trip to Egypt and Israel the first part of April. It was a life changing experience to visit the places where our biblical messages originated. In Egypt we visited Succoth where the Children of Israel assembled to launch their exodus from Egypt. In Israel we visited many sites where Jesus ministered, the city of Jerusalem where much of the Bible takes place, and then special places where God met with His people, plus many other historical sites. The photos tell part of the story. As we explore new places to visit we would like to serve our entire congregation. All of our trips are open to everyone. Your suggestions for future trips are welcome.

Goin g Di gital! In an attempt to reduce postage cost and to continue streamlining this Bridge publication, the quarterly newsletter will be emailed starting in September. If you wish to continue receiving a paper version or to update your email address, please email Jeff Murphy at with your information.

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GOD’S GIRLS A Glimpse Meg Roundy

From September through May each year, we have an amazing ministry happening for 3rd – 5th grade girls each week. Here’s a snippet into what this group has been up to recently as they wrapped up an amazing year! • Casual: They meet in their pajama’s (slippers and all), the leaders making it a comfortable and fun place to hang out and learn more about God. • One of their big projects was making a quilt – each girl makes a square with her name, favorite Bible verse, and personal décor. Their squares were sewn together to make an amazing God’s Girls 2009 quilt. • Laughter, hugs, horseplay, games, discussion, prayer, worship in song. • Huge growth: 12 to 35 girls this year! This group is so open and welcoming to new members! • Experiencing answered prayer: At the beginning of the year, girls wrote down a prayer request – something

they’d like to see God do in their life or the lives of those around them. They sealed the prayer requests in a bag and opened them on April 24th and found that over the course of the year God had answered about 90% of the prayer requests! • Leader DeAndra shared that she loved seeing God at work in the girls’ lives; that the group was so supportive accepting and welcoming (no bias based on grades) of each other. Several of the girls had gone through some really tough times (one girl’s father died, others had school and home troubles) and God’s Girls became a source of comfort and refuge for them. The friendships with each other and personal growth in their relationship with God was amazing to see. • Leader Hannah, who is graduating and leaving for Corban College in the fall, said she is going to miss the girls. At one point during the year she had been out of town and missed a few meetings and when she came back she was greeted with hugs and a

ton of love (and a lot of “We missed you!”). She feels she got so much out of being a part of this group. • Leader Sherrie shared that the group had grown from 12 girls to 35 and while that was exciting, it was also hard because they had to start limiting the girls’ discussion participation – from paragraph answers (they all love to share!) to single sentence answers and ultimately to one word answers, so everyone would get a chance to talk! She really loved being there with them each week. DeAndra and her co-leaders invested a ton of their time, energy and love into these girls. The benefits were clear in the excitement and enthusiasm in this group and how they grew closer to each other and God throughout this year! Praise God!


6/8/2009 11:57:59 AM

PRESCHOOL Growing In Hearts Teacher Jodee Steiner

When I told someone recently that I taught preschool she asked me, “So what do you do with them -- play games?” No, I don’t just play games with them. I open possibilities to them so their imagination and innovation can lead them. I help them negotiate the inevitable pains that come with learning to be a friend. I support their courage as they tackle daring physical feats and vulnerably tell the truth about how they feel. I learn from them about how to really see the world -- how to listen with my heart. I’ve been teaching at Peninsula Covenant Preschool for 10 years now. The program in place when I arrived provided me with great opportunities to learn essential skills like how to meaningfully encourage children and how to guide them without being negative. I found in the teachers a group of supportive, loving friends who have walked with me through some very dark days. I have been treated with the utmost respect -- even my wildest ideas have been seriously entertained. I have been given the freedom to experiment and the freedom to make mistakes. I have received grace both personally and professionally and so have experienced the grace of God. It is with a sense of sweet sadness that I end my final year as a teacher at Peninsula Covenant Preschool. Sweet because I know that what I have given is now growing in the hearts of hundreds of

children. Sad because I know how rare and special this community is. It has been an honor and a joy to work with such dedicated, capable, godly women who generously pour God’s love into children and families. I am so grateful for the years I’ve had with you.

YOUNG ADULTS Jumped Right In! Luke Wilkerson

OPEN, AUTHENTIC and EXCITING are just three words I would use to describe the Young Adults community. From wearing crazy hats while bowling at 1:00 in the morning to serving those in need; from prayer walks in Redwood City to worship nights in San Mateo, we are the Young Adults group and I am so blessed to be a part of it. I have only been in community with this group since I graduated high school last year. I was certainly curious about what the transition would be like between the 5

ministries and discovered that it was a smooth one. I jumped right in and found myself among people who were ready and willing to walk alongside each other in life’s journey and bold enough to take action in living out their faith. I realized we shared the same passion for growing spiritually and strengthening our relationship with our Lord and Savior. I saw we struggled with similar issues

To have continuous, unbroken prayer, worship, praise and intercession going up before God the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name. Purpose: In obedience to the direct leading of Jesus as our  Commander in Chief, to have every ministry and church


06_june_q2_09_bridge.indd 5

and shared a desire for excitement and adventure in our lives. It is this very group of people that has helped encourage and bring discipline to my faith and has shown me the joy that can be found in fellowship. We have a marvelous pastor in Tony Gapastione and an amazing ministry in the Young Adult group.

leader  covered through prayer and to undergird and intercede for the needs of the PCC community, its leaders and activities. To engage  in prevailing prayer, loving service and spiritual warfare so that the will of God is done on earth as it is in heaven. Join the 24/7 prayer team! Contact your life stage pastor for details.


One August, my daughter Victoria and I found a tiny baby squirrel in our front yard. He had fallen from his nest in a shade tree and was motherless, helpless, and hardly able to move. I immediately nicknamed him “Gollum,” as he was nearly hairless - all claws, long limbs, and a big head. Victoria immediately vetoed my nickname and renamed the baby squirrel “Glider.” To Victoria, this was a beautiful, graceful animal. It was love at first sight. Victoria became Glider’s mother, feeding him puppy formula from a tiny bottle. I didn’t think Glider would make it 24 hours, as he was tiny and weak. But somehow he thrived, and after a week, he was beginning to look like a real squirrel, with a little tail that curled up when Victoria stroked him. Glider loved to sit on Victoria’s shoulder for hours at a time, covered by her long, beautiful blonde hair. The morning of Darrah’s and my 25th anniversary, Victoria went to spend the night with a friend. But that afternoon, Glider died. Darrah and I were both shaken, and we knew that we would have to tell Victoria the bad news. Though we enjoyed our anniversary dinner together, Glider’s death had taken some of our joy away. Darrah and I picked up Victoria the next day, and – by the time we arrived home – we had broken the news to her about Glider. She burst into tears. Victoria asked, “Why? Why did God take him away? Why would God allow this to happen? Why couldn’t he live, at least until my birthday!?” It was a sad day. We made a little casket for Glider and buried him with some of Victoria’s stuffed animals in her little prayer garden in our backyard. I directed a

Biblical answers to life’s questions at

little funeral service, and Victoria made a marker and decorated the grave with flowers brought over by neighbors. Victoria continued to ask a lot of “Why did God” questions, which Darrah and I answered the best we could. I did tell Victoria that I had an idea that Glider was out there somewhere in one of God’s wide-open fields, running free. As it turned out, on the very day Glider had died, the Lord was arranging for a wonderful place for Victoria to keep her horse, Gracie. And this, in turn, would lead to a world of unexpected friendships and new opportunities for Victoria. God was working for Victoria’s best interests, in unseen ways, while her tears were still fresh. Isn’t that just like God?

The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the na me of the Lord be praised. Job 1:21 Dr. Royce Garvin is the Director of Covenant Psychological Services. This is his seventeenth in a series of reflections that started in 1992. Dr. Garvin’s complete series of Reflections on Parenthood is available on his website,

Life Advantage Tennis and Tutoring

and high school students, moms, the donut man, tennis coaches and a retired preschool teacher. Please ask one of these staff members how they saw God’s movement throughout the year in the LATT program: Judy Trice, Mike Lynch, Cheryl Mejia, Ty Newcomb, Heather Seybert, George Archbold, Paco Lopez, Alexandra Hardenbrook, Payton Newcomb, Andy Diehl and Dani Mejia. Five of the LATT students will be receiving scholarships for our 2009 Summer Tennis Camp; a new session will begin again in the Fall of 2009. Perhaps you would consider being a tutor to a young boy or girl next LATT season. ■

Movie Ni ght!

July 23

Sid Newcomb PG-13

Twenty-four 3rd and 4th graders from Roosevelt School have enjoyed being a part of the PCC community over the past three months through the LATT program. The students that took part were selected by the administration at Roosevelt based on their need for academic support and their desire to achieve. On May 14 the LATT season ended with a swim, tennis, BBQ and gospel message on our Community Center pool deck. I am so appreciative to the unpaid staff that served so diligently and joyfully. The team comprised of middle

Sponsored by PCC 8:45pm Downtown Redwood City Po is a lazy, irreverent slacker panda who is a fan of Kung Fu but that doesn’t help his boredom at working in his family’s noodle shop. Unexpectedly chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy, Po’s dreams become reality when he comes under the leadership of Kung Fu guru Shifu and trains to hilarious result. Po must use his training to fight the treacherous snow leopard Tai Lung in this animated adventure.


6/8/2009 11:58:05 AM

read. Anne joins me in hoping that these coming months would be God centered, restful and filled with memories! I Love Being your Pastor!

– God Moves Through It

Brian Rhen

Over 500 Love Dare books were sold and hundreds upon hundreds within the PCC body watched the FIREPROOF movie, either at PCC or in their homes. In FIREPROOF, Caleb Holt tells his father that he is about to get a divorce. Caleb’s dad asks him to wait 40 days before moving forward. Dad’s challenge: work a day-at-a-time through a handwritten book he calls The Love Dare. In the end, God uses the book to restore their broken marriage and transform Caleb and his wife. The book in its published format had the same supernatural effect on folks at PCC. Below are some excerpts from spouses who submitted feedback during the 40 Day Love Dare Challenge this past February 24-April 4.

SUMMER INTERNS Countdown Janet O’Brien

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3: 5

Happy SUMMER 2009! Is it just me or are you blown away that summer is upon us once again? I love this season both on the Peninsula and in our church. I love the long days, the after dinner walks, the barbecue dinners eaten outside, taking the girls to the pool or to Emerald Lake, the 7-11 Slurpee runs, the bike rides, the summer vacation …I could go on and on! PCC has its own unique summer rhythm that is replenishing to me also! I love the Summer Intern Project and the life that these college students bring into our community, I love the sound of kids in our Swim ‘n’ Gym Program frolicking on the lawn or singing in the Worship Center, I love our Day Camps, Mercy Café, Sunday evening gatherings on the lawn, the 4th of July Race and Parade, andpreaching through an Old Testament book. This summer, we will be taking a refreshing walk through the book of Proverbs, applying timeless wisdom to our everyday lives. I pray you enjoy this season and maximize the long days for depth of relationships, with the Lord and with each other. Enjoy your summer! Slow down! Please use this Bridge as a prayer tool, praying through every ministry as you 6

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The Top Ten Reasons we LOVE our Summer Interns: 10) They’re so darn CUTE!!! 9) They really honor God. 8) They have unbridled enthusiasm. 7) They don’t eat much. 6) They do practically whatever you tell ‘em. 5) They’re great additions to our ministries. 4) They work sooooo hard. 3) They sleep very soundly because they work so hard. 2) They’re like a breath of fresh air!

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And the Number One Reason we love our summer interns is…

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1) They are AWESOME!!!

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Now, I know the ‘Number One Reason’ isn’t all that funny, but it’s the truth. It’s an AWESOME program, a fantastic opportunity for them and you, and it stretches and enhances all of us, because God is right in the middle of it. There are lots of ways you can help support the intern program. We still need Safeway gift cards for them. We still need money for meals. And we always need PRAYER, for health and fun and a God-centered experience for everyone involved.

Sincerely, Tony Gapastione and Janet O’Brien Your Summer Intern Administration Team

“We have been challenged immensely to build attitudes and thoughts about each other, as we had in our courting days 56 years ago.” ----“This is wonderful! It’s helping my husband open his heart to God and bringing us closer. Some of the days are more challenging, but prove to strengthen our commitment to each other.” ----“We are more thoughtful with each other.” ----“I didn’t realize until I saw the movie and started the daily devotional how I totally took my marriage for granted and how I was so negative.” ----“My husband has been reaching out to me in new and dear ways.” ----“In reading what my wife wrote in her book (yes, I peaked), I am overwhelmed with what a gracious, humble and sacrificial woman I married. This realization brought me to tears.” ----“It has brought intentionality back to our marriage.” ----“I am realizing I need to be gentler with my wife. I need to show her more grace like God has shown me.” Is the book that good? Yes, in so many ways including: relevant to any stage of marriage, deep with practical helps, rich in biblical basis and gospel presentation, brief in daily reading length and a great tool regardless of the spiritual background. Consequently, it will be a staple within our marriage ministry at PCC. I’d encourage you to give it a try, finish it up or pick a season to do it again (maybe for 40 weeks-one a week). Either way it will bring your marriage to the top of the priority list, heighten personal awareness and give God an opportunity to do some of His best work.

SERVING THE COMMUNITY Beautiful Day HUNT Todd Gumbrecht

“Bring your full tithe to the Temple treasury so there will be ample provisions in my Temple. Test me in this and see if I don’t open up heaven itself to you and pour out blessings beyond your wildest dreams.” Malachi 3:10

Though we were well organized, staffed and supplied, the Beautiful Day HUNT venue and activities quickly became inadequate for the masses that arrived. Our expanded event became overcrowded, we ran out of eggs, the lines were long, BUT our staff of three churches served all who came joyfully. Families celebrated, we took nearly 400 photos with the Easter Bunny, raffled off great prizes like bikes and iPods, and danced and sang with our children’s entertainer. Our event impressed upon us the

great need for free community events and celebrations. In this challenging economic time, families have fewer resources for travel and entertainment. In this void rests a great opportunity for the church to be a blessing by hosting free community events, classes and celebrations. We all reflected on the numbers God brought, and felt affirmed to meet this great spiritual opportunity with new and bold steps of faith. Thank you, Peninsula Covenant Church, for supporting the HUNT! ■


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Q2-09 Bridge  

The Bridge - Peninsula Covenant Church

Q2-09 Bridge  

The Bridge - Peninsula Covenant Church