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! Organized by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Administration of Albania with support from the CPRAC and MEDPOL in the framework of the UNEP Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (MedPartnership)!

PCBsTraining workshop in Tirana st th January 21 – 24 , 2014

Auditing and Sampling Project Target: ď‚— Identify and collect from Albania 200 tons of PCBs

Elimination plan Priorities Management priorities •

1st Pure PCBs oil 2nd Carcases from equipment containing pure PCBs oil • 3rd PCBs contaminated equipment and oil 5000 <X <10000 ppm • 4th PCBs contaminated equipment and oil 500<X<5000 ppm • 5th PCBs contaminated equipment and oil >50 ppm

Assumptions for Sampling After 30 -35 of ban the use of PCBs: ď&#x201A;&#x2014;

Τhe average assumed PCBs contamination of transformers is 40%,

Audit 1.000 Transformers, Assume that the average weight of dielectric from 400 KVA ~ 400 liter of oil

Audit Assumptions for Setting Sampling plan

Expect that from the 1000 audited transformers are almost the 400 units as PCBs contaminated and or PCBs oil identified From 400 transformers drain and collect 160000 kg of PCBs oil and or PCBs equipment and or PCBs contaminated oil

Project oriented Sampling

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4 project specific sampling, screening, analysis