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PCB Training workshop in Istanbul 15 -19 July 2013

PCB Treatment Disposal

Pretreatment technologies

The most applied PCBs pretreatment technologies are: -Electrical Equipment Disassembly -Shredding -Screening -Washing -Thermal Desorption -Solvent Washing

Main treatment technologies

PCBs main treatments technologies: -Oxidation Treatment Methods -Molten Salt Oxidation -Mediated Electro-Chemical Oxidation -Super-Critical Water Oxidation -Advanced Oxidation Process -TiO2 Enhanced Photocatalysis

Main treatment technologies

• PCBs treatment technologies are: (continued) -Reduction Destruction Processes -Gas Phase Chemical Reduction -Solvated Electron Technology -Sodium Reduction -Other Alkali Reduction Techniques -Based Catalyzed Decomposition Process -Vacuum Heating and Decomposition -Catalytic Hydrodechlorination -Thermal treatment

Main treatment technologies

The main widespread PCBs treatment technologies are: -Thermal/exothermic processes as -High temperature incineration -Pyrolysis and -Plasma arc. The dominating technologies to treat PCBs in a sound manner are: -High temperature incineration, following strictly rules for emission and final disposal of ashes. (Europe, Japan, USA) -Metallic Sodium PCB reduction treatment

Treatment of Liquid PCBs

Chemical /exothermic /thermal treatment Advantages: -Flexibility and cost effective for continuous working facilities -Can incinerate pure PCBs -Can incinerate also other hazardous waste Disadvantages: -High investment -Air emissions -The produced flying ashes should be treated before final disposal

Treatment of Liquid PCBs

Na-Metal treatment technology Na-Metal treatment technology is wide used for in situ decontamination of power transformers (20-200 tn transformers). Advantages: -Works efficient and economically for low liquid PCB concentrations Disadvantages: -Limited treatment PCBs concentration Capability of 500ppm -Deal with the very hazard reactive chemical sodium (Na)

Hazardous waste incinerator

PCB treatment and disposal

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