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How to Choose the Best PCB Designing Software? In market you can find number of software available for PCB designing and it is quite difficult to rate them. Generally everybody rate the PCB designing software for which they find the satisfactory answers for their questions / expectations / criteria for the software. List out your own questions / expectation /criteria and get answers for them for the available software in the market and then do comparison based on those lists and decide for the best suitable designing software to you. I have tried to list out some of those general questions every PCB designer has when he chooses any designing software: Which Are My Major Considerations For The Designing Software?

Some examples for major consideration:    

Price of software Maintainability of the software Learning curve Capability of the software

What Are My Expectations From The Software?

General expectation from PCB designer for the designing software:         

Schematic drawing facility Online electrical check facility to avoid stupid mistakes PCB Layout On line Design rule check facility No. of schematic sheets supported per design Import schematic option Output gerber-x files Supportive o/s system preferences Design reuse facility

Why EAGLE is The Best PCB Designing Software? Eagle is offering the same core functionality as the expensive commercial PCB design software, at affordable pricing. Eagle has been awarded as “Product of the year” eight times by a leading German electronics magazine.

Eagle is very popular designing software among open source hardware designers, small design houses, hobbyist and students of educational institutes. For that reason there are a lot of extensive component and footprint libraries available for many of the parts used by hobbyists and the open source community.



PCBPOWER – PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD MANUFACTURER Eagle offers a full featured version of the program free limited only by the PCB size, and includes free technical support. Eagle is easy to maintain across the multiple computers.

Eagle is easy to learn and easy to use also lot of help available online for getting started with it. Eagle is Compatible with Windows®, Linux®, Mac®. Eagle includes of 3 modules: Schematic Editor, Board Editor and Autorouter.

Schematic Editor Features:    

Supports multiple schematic sheets upto 999 sheets for one circuit board Connections between sheets can be defined. Simple copying of parts Replace function for parts with consistency loss between schematic and layout

Layout Editor Features:




     

Provides real time annotation with schematic Components can be placed in any angle with a precision of 1 degree. Changes done to the schematics are immediately reflected on the board in real time and vice versa. Supports blind and buried vias. Supports for BGA components. Output of manufacturing data for pen plotters, photo plotters and drilling machines with the CAM Processor

Autorouter Features:   

Autorouter will rout the connection with user defined DRC rules. Change between manual and automatic routing at any time Takes into consideration various net class




Eagle is The Best Designing Tool for Those Who Fit in The Profile Defined Here:     

Small to mid-size design team (<10 engineers) and looking for low cost and high quality design tool. Any design team can use it. R & D department of a large company Educational institute teaching the use of CAD software. Developing and designing electronics system for fun as a part of his hobby.

Overview on Pleasing Licensing Terms: Eagle offers very pleasing licensing terms: EAGLE Light, EAGLE Standard & EAGLE Professional. Comparison between commercial licenses is as given below: Licenses


EAGLE Standard

EAGLE Professional

Maximum Board Size Routing layers Schematic sheets per design

3 inch x 4 inch

6 inch x 4 inch

150 inch x 150 inch

2 layers 1 schematic sheet

6 layers 99 schematic sheet

Upto 16 layers 999 schematic sheets

Multi user option

Not applicable

Possible Combination


Available (3, 5, 10, 30, 50 users) Schematic Layout Layout+Schematic Layout+Autorouter Layout+Schematic+Autorouter

Available (3, 5, 10, 30, 50 users) All combinations are possible as shown beside.


For further details, Please contact



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