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The Circuit Diagram From Wonderful PCB Board Base on customer offer the electronic design is called a schematic or circuit diagram. Our engineer would be design the PCB Gerber File to fabrication PCB board. It is constructed in CAD format. There are several different PCB CAD packages; however the work follows the same pattern. At Wonderful PCB it happens we use Portal CAD. Schematic diagrams are constructed according to a number of standards and rules, but the primary function is to explain the circuit design in an easily digestible form. If you are not an electronics person, a circuit may not look that explanatory, or digestible - but it beats all the alternatives.

A circuit diagram is a strict document, and cannot be "mostly correct". (If a diagram shows a simplified representation, it should be called a block diagram, a circuit excerpt, or a representative circuit.) A circuit diagram must reflect the actual construction of the printed circuit board which is made from it, exactly. The printed circuit board CAD and schematic CAD are tied together through a Net-check, and modifications to one document must always be carried out in the other. To Not do this causes confusion and failures, but it does happen, so each diagram carries version numbers and there will be a procedure used to prevent mismatch. The circuit diagram references each part on the printed circuit board with a designator (e.g.

"IC5") and pin numbers for each connection.

A good circuit diagram will include extra information required to understand the circuit operation, have descriptive net and connector labels, and include all of the parts on the printed circuit board. At good circuit designer sees the circuit as a whole, ("Holistic approach" is probably the best description.) and doesn't just look at each element of the design in isolation (the "keyhole" approach). While the keyhole approach is a useful simplification applied to the software industry, in the hardware field it will cause you grief. Circuitry affects other circuitry in unanticipated ways, looking at elements in isolation causes you to overlook such interactions. There is no substitute for being thorough. The design process does work best as an integrated whole. But commercial and workload pressures mean allocation of separate tasks to subcontractors is the norm rather than the exception. Communication between separate design teams is covered below. As a company in the past, Wonderful PCB has taken responsibility for specification, circuit, PCB layout, Software, Prototyping, Manufacturing, and Testing. We find you can do any one stage, or any sequence of stages, but the only (single) stages we can reliably subcontract to others have been PCB

layout or software or manufacturing. Task allocation at other companies may well be different.

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The circuit diagram from wonderful pcb board  
The circuit diagram from wonderful pcb board