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October/November 2010

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SA Music

The Parlotones see page 10

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South African

From the editor



Well once again we a have full magazine brimming with interesting articles, new advertisers and information which will help any new comers to New Zealand. After lots of deliberating, we have decided to keep our advertising rates the same as they have been for the last three years. Our aim is to help our advertisers become more visible to our readers which in turn, allows our readers a greater selection of choice. We are aware that there are many advertising mediums out there, but feel that The South African Magazine delivers excellent articles and adverts in a high-quality and surprisingly affordable manner. Our magazine is not only read by South Africans but many Kiwis and other immigrants as well and we are proud to say that we receive loads of compliments each issue that our content is really making a difference into the lives of South African (and Zimbabwean) immigrants. I always say that for any newbie, fresh off the boat, that you should consider all the advertisers in The South African to be your new network of service providers, doctors, tradesmen, car dealers, etc, in New Zealand. Use this magazine to your advantage, support our advertisers and they will make your transition into this “New Worldâ€? easy and accessible. On a sad note we would like to say ‘goodbye’ to Ted Woodberg the sub editor, who has taken on a new career. We thank Ted for all his input into the magazine, his articles and his total dedication to The South African. Ted we wish you well in your new position and do not forget us. All the best for your new career with Quinovic. I am sure from time to time you will send us articles of interest. See Ted’s advert on page 5. I send the South African by e-mail to many other countries. If you want to get your loved ones on our mailing list, please send me their e-mail addresses and I will add them to this list. As for the rest of you living in New Zealand you will ďŹ nd The South African magazine at your favourite South African Shop.

Peter Woodberg mob: 0274 520 794


Norma Vaz mob: 021 043 7342

POSTAL ADDRESS The South African, P.O.Box 300-155, Albany. AUCKLAND 0752 Click on then click on the facebook logo

CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS The South African Social Group – Richard Pearce Mob: 0275 357535 e-mail: Die Afrikaanse Klub – Thys Oosthuizen THE SOUTH AFRICAN HIGH COMMISSION, WELLINGTON Tel: 04 815 8484 level 7, State Insurance Tower. 1 Willis St. Wellington. Email:

Front cover: Detail of painting by artist Craig Bone entitled “Storm Skittish�

Mission Statement “The South African Magazine shall provide current, high quality, relevant editorial on subjects relating to the links between South Africa and New Zealand. It shall be the vehicle for SA immigrants living in NZ to integrate socially with their own community and to advertise their products and services.�

Regards Peter Woodberg


All rights reserved “The South African� is subject to copyright in its entirety. The contents may not be reproduced in any form, either in whole or in part without the consent of the Editor. Opinions expressed in the magazine are those of its contributors and not necessarily those of the Editor. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication, the Editor assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions or for any consequences of reliance on this publication.

Introducing Debra Duke Senior Travel Consultant

GEORGE DEEB A S S O C I AT E S Barristers ~ Solicitors ~ Notaries Public


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For expert legal advice, from a team with 30 years combined experience in New Zealand and South African law, call us. We’ll help you sort out your affairs and make sure your new life in New Zealand is successful. Property - Trusts and Estate Planning - Company and Commercial Business Law - Immigration - Matrimonial ENSURING YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR PRACTICE

94 Anzac Street Takapuna Auckland Tel: 09 486 1415 | |

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South African



by Ian Mellett of Quay Law Solicitor Ian Mellett

In this issue, Auckland lawyer Ian Mellett discusses the importance of regularly reviewing and updating your will, which is a very important document that formally sets out how your assets are to be dealt with upon your death. A recent media article has highlighted this aspect as follows:-

Your will and your intent Don Wilkinson, a police officer tragically slain in September 2008, executed a Will with the Public Trust in 1985, when he was 23 years old. At that stage his assets comprised two guitars and a second-hand car. It appears that Don Wilkinson was a frugal individual who had remained unmarried and childless and by the time he was killed; his estate had grown to $2 million. His will effectively bequeathed “the whole of my estate both real and personal” to Ron Wilkinson. Ron was Don’s adoptive father and the wording contained in the Will has resulted in Ron being the sole beneficiary of the Will leaving Don’s mother, Bev Lawrie, without a penny. His parents have been separated since 1983. According to the media, Ms Lawrie and other family members and friends say Don Wilkinson and his mother were very close, and he would not have wanted her left with nothing. As Don was killed two years ago his mother is now unable to contest the Will under the Family Protection Act, as potential claimants have 12 months after a Will is probated to bring a claim.

efforts and legacy. This may initially be yourself and your partner but will obviously need to include your children and possibly other loved ones after your death. Failure to have an appropriate estate planning structure in place can have disastrous consequences for all concerned. We at Quay Law recommend that you seek professional legal advice with regard to both your Will and any related estate planning aspects. Your lawyer can provide you with the requisite advice and guidance to ensure that your affairs are in order and that your wishes can effectively be implemented once you have passed away. This will give you the certainty and peace of mind that your loved ones are looked after in the manner you intended. Please feel free to contact Ian Mellett (BCom LLB H Dip Tax) at Auckland law firm Quay Law for more information, or if you have any questions regarding your will or estate planning needs visit our website for more information.

Reviewing your Will It is good practice to review your Will on a regular basis. Life takes its course and situations change. We have compiled a list indicating some of the situations that could prompt you to alter your Will: • The birth of a child • The commencing of a relationship • The ending of a relationship • The death of a family member, executor or beneficiary • The changing value in any of your assets • The receiving of a large inheritance • Moving countries, or • The purchase of a home or business. There are certain events that will automatically change your present Will. Under these circumstances, a revision or renewal of your Will should necessarily be conducted. These events include • Getting married • Getting divorced and • The birth of a child or adoption of children.

Dying intestate We are often asked what happens if a person dies without a Will. If this situation occurs you are said to have died intestate. The administration of your estate is then governed by the provisions of the Administration Act 1969 which sets out a statutory regime to be strictly followed. Your wishes are unfortunately not relevant.

What else should you consider? We also recommend that you regularly review your entire estate planning structure. People are inclined to view estate planning in terms of investments, property, finances and assets. Yes, it is all of these things but the focus of proper estate planning should be the individuals who will benefit from your



South African


Craig Bone


his man’s wild animal paintings are so real you can almost smell the mud and dust being trampled by the subjects of his work.” In this issue we feature Rhodesian born wild life artist Craig Bone. His work is so captivating that we have decided to run two of his paintings as

front covers and present his life story in two separate episodes. Our first front cover is entitled “Storm Skittish”…and here is part one of The Craig Bone Story. To understand the history and inspirations behind wildlife artist Craig Bone, you must know the history of his country, Zimbabwe, from which he left in 2005 to live in Coral Springs, Florida, with his wife and three children. After World War II, England encouraged servicemen to move to its colonies, and Bone’s parents ended up in colonial Southern Rhodesia, an African country now known as Zimbabwe. Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 1955, Bone began drawing cartoons as a child. Thought to be a “fancy boy’s” subject, Bone says the arts were never encouraged. His high school didn’t provide art courses, so Bone decided to bicycle five miles to a neighboring town where art classes were offered. Not considering himself a “fancy boy” Bone also played on the rugby team. Straddling these two subjects--one “artsy” and creative and the other “manly” and physical--played out in other forms throughout his life, he says, whether it was shooting photos in the bush, teaching Cub Scouts or fighting a war. In 1965 the Unilateral Declaration of Independence of Rhodesia was signed by the white minority government of Ian Smith, whose Rhodesian Front party opposed the United Kingdom’s push for black majority rule in the then British colony. Nine years later, after studying graphic art at Natal University in South Africa, Bone found himself performing his National Service in the Rhodesian Light Infantry. Yet the Rhodesian Bush War didn’t hold back his propensity for art. Bone drew the scenes of battle--soldiers, helicopters and death, a fate he was lucky to escape and one that helped him realize his future as an artist. After a mortar attack put him in hospital for four and a half months, he was sure of his calling. “I was literally lying in the field bleeding, and I decided, I’m not a soldier; I’m an artist,’” he recalls. That’s when Bone decided to go out into the Zimbabwean bush, where his popular wildlife art was born. His paintings are more real than the photographs that he takes of them when he is out in the wild. He has become an ace photographer and is no scaredy cat when it comes to getting the best shots. He often provokes elephants to charge so that he can get in front of them for a good action shot. See our next issue for Part Two of this man’s fascinating life story. View the full size painting showcased on the cover at

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Dr Bernie Brenner


Gynaecologist and Uro Gynaecologist

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#$I%.$I% 1SFU

Live your life as you’d like to



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Quinovic are a well established residential property management company that operate an extensive franchise operation that includes 24 independently owned outlets covering all of the major centres on both islands of NZ. They have been in the forefront of residential Ted Woodberg property management for over 22 years and their Parnell franchise, which Ted has just joined, was recently taken over by seasoned Kiwi investment property owners David and Mary Vinsen. Their past dealings with property managers to handle their portfolio led them ultimately to Quinovic, who blew them away with their focused and professional approach to residential property management. They were so impressed by the service they received that they made enquiries about acquiring a franchise, and when they were told that the Parnell outlet was up for sale they were overjoyed and in June this year they made the bold step.

They are now the proud owners of the Parnell franchise and they have taken up the challenge of re-modeling the outlet into an accurately branded, fully edged type-copy of the typical Quinovic property shop with a major overhaul of the entire premises and major staff changes that included bringing Ted in as Marketing Development Manager. Ted would like to extend the hand of friendship to all new South African immigrants who are looking for a “temporary place to stayâ€? while they look around for the ideal area in Auckland to settle. There are so many factors to consider when you move to a new country. Proximity to good schools for your kids, your new place of work and your love of the outdoors will all play a part in your ďŹ nal decision of where to eventually “pitch your tent.â€? Ted will take the stress out of this transition period by ďŹ nding you a comfortable “padâ€? where you and your family can hang out while you get your act together. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to bring over a lot of cash from the old country, and you are looking for alternative investments besides your own home, you might decide to buy a hassle free residential property as an investment. Ted will get you tenants that are top-end people who will pay you good rent. The Quinovic formula for tenant outsourcing involves a rigorous investigation into the character standing of the subject before accepting them as potential tenants. So don’t fear when Ted is near!





he South African magazine is a free community publication and as such the entire editorial team do their valuable work on a part-time basis. Co-editor Ted Woodberg made a career move recently by joining a highly successful residential property franchise, Quinovic, as their Marketing Development Manager.






An Expanding Heart for the Super City


aving recently purchased what was previously known as the Custom Fleet Building on the southern motorway, directly across from Sylvia Park, North Shore based City Impact Church are now expanding their reach. This well known, well established church was pioneered by Senior Pastors Peter and Bev Mortlock and their family in 1982. Through their vision and determination the congregation has grown to over 3,500 with other churches being established both nationally and internationally. City Impact Church is a contemporary and vibrant generational church with a strong focus on the power of the Gospel to bring improvement to the lives of individuals, our city and our nation. The church’s Community Impact Days see around 500 volunteers dedicate several Saturdays per year to serve other North Shore community groups. They make-over homes; they lend a helping hand by cleaning, painting, gardening and providing food and clothing to those in need. Most jobs are referred from community organisations such as Plunket, North Harbour Living Without Violence, Hospice and others. “These teams are truly awesome,” says Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust North Shore Co-coordinator Bonnie Williams. “Our grandparents cannot praise them highly enough and neither can I. They do anything that needs doing - no job has been too big or too difficult.” With over 18,000 man hours invested in the community since 2008 the church has committed itself to helping the likes of the North Shore Hospital to be a brighter, better place by gardening, painting, providing art work, and even doing “ward make-overs.” “These guys are amazing, they are truly a


blessing,” adds Jane Hunter, Executive Director of the North Shore Hospital Foundation. “They have committed to helping us over the long term, doing everything from cleaning staff rooms, to redecorating our Palliative Care Unit, to maintaining our gardens and installing sculptures. Without their help there are so many things we would not have been able to achieve.” The church also runs free fun days for children down at Browns Bay beach along with a host of other positive events for youth and the wider community and many charitable organisations also receive donations from City Impact Church. Their TV show Impact for Life, which screens on TV3 at 6am on Tuesday and Friday, and on Prime TV at 9am on Sundays, profiles ordinary people living out their faith by bringing a message of hope to everyday New Zealanders. Senior Pastor Peter Mortlock says, “After 28 years of serving the North Shore we are looking forward to serving the wider community of Auckland by being a blessing to our new Super City. Being one church in two Auckland locations will bring a whole new dynamic to the vision of our rapidly expanding congregation that already has well established roots on both sides of Harbour Bridge.” The opening of their new venue in Mt Wellington on the Mt Wellington Highway opposite the Sylvia Park Shopping Complex will be at 6pm on Saturday 2nd October continuing with weekly services Saturday 6pm, and Sunday 10am and 6pm. If you want a blessing, you’d better be there! For all enquiries about the new church opening contact the City Impact Church office weekdays on 09-477 0300. The North Shore main venue is at 794 East Coast Road, Browns Bay, Auckland.


South African

Robert Aspoas, Neuro-surgeon HE CHOOSES NZ OVER SA & THE UK!


his is the success story of SA born Robert Aspoas, who climbed the long ladder of medical surgery to become senior neuro-surgeon at Auckland Hospital “I was born and brought up in Johannesburg and went to Medical School at The University of Witwatersrand, graduating in 1980. I spent the following 12 months being a House Surgeon and House Physician at Baragwanath Hospital, which was followed by 12 months as a Lecturer in the Department of Physiology at Wits. At this stage of my career, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in Surgery so worked for 6 months as a General Surgical SHO at the Johannesburg General Hospital, before I saw the light and moved down to Cape Town in 1983. Although initially appointed as a General Surgical Registrar, I soon became fascinated with Neurosurgery, so after completing the general surgical requirements I focused on my Specialist Neurosurgical training at Groote Schuur Hospital, Red Cross Children’s Hospital and the University of Cape Town, receiving my FCS and MMed. Everybody who worked in the Department was encouraged to spend a year abroad, so in 1991 I went to Newcastle General Hospital, Newcastle-upon-Tyne as an Overseas Registrar. I was then appointed as a Senior Registrar in Newcastle and was able to complete my Higher Surgical Training in the United Kingdom. This culminated with being awarded my FRCS (Surgical Neurology), Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training and being on the General Medical Council as a Specialist. From 1994 to 2005, I worked as a Consultant Neuro-surgeon at The Essex Regional Neuro-science Centre at Oldchurch Hospital, as well as The Essex Spinal Centre at The BUPA Hartswood Hospital in Brentwood. I started the Spinal Assessment Clinic at the Essex Nuffield Hospital, a Multi-Disciplinary

Clinic for the assessment of patients with spinal conditions. I joined the Department of Neuro-surgery at Auckland Hospital in January 2006, and have a general neuro-surgical practise, with an interest in Vascular Neuro-surgery, Neuro-oncology, Spine, Pain Surgery and Peripheral Nerve Surgery. I have developed further expertise in Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery. Janet, nee Grey, a theatre nurse from Groote Schuur Hospital moved to the UK with me. We got married in a Scottish Castle in 1993 and have three daughters all born in Essex. We have now settled in Auckland, living on the shores of the Tamaki estuary, enjoying life once again in the southern hemisphere.” Robert Aspoas MBBCh, FCS, MMed, FRCS(S/N), FRCS, FRACS. E-mail:

Let the experts take you on Safari. Making tracks to Africa? South African Airways offers direct non-stop flights out of Sydney and Perth to Johannesburg, with convenient code-share connections from New Zealand. We can get you to South Africa faster. Once you’re there we offer more African flight connections than any other airline so you can easily get to where you need to go. So visit or call your local travel agent or call us on 09 977 2237 to get started on your adventure today.




How to bring Garfield and Odie into New Zealand K

it Lill of Bayvets North Shore gives valuable advice to new migrants who want to bring their family pets with them…

Immigration is a stressful time in one’s life. The emotions you feel have been compared to losing a member of the family. It is for this reason that one should have familiar things around you when you emigrate and one such thing could be the family pet. I am seeing more and more South African families bring over there family pet from S.A when they immigrate. When my family and I emigrated 10 years ago I immediately purchased an Abyssinian kitten which went a long way to making our rented house (with no furniture) a bit more homely and he really helped the kids adapt to life in our new homeland. Unfortunately bringing pets to N.Z from S.A is not an easy task and can be quite costly (anything from R15-30 K depending on the size of pet and type of quarantine used). Firstly at least 7 months before your departure your pet must be micro chipped, then vaccinated against Rabies. 1 month later blood is taken for a Rabies titre testing. If your pet passes this test you have a 6 month waiting period before you can emigrate. In this time it’s a good idea to get on first name terms with your vet as you will be seeing a lot of him/her! You now have to apply for space in a quarantine facility in New Zealand (look under There are 4 in the North Island and 1 in Christchurch. Your pet will have to spend 4 months in quarantine in New Zealand. A good client who has just been through the process advises to look online at the websites of the kennels before choosing, taking into account location, visiting hours, affordability etc. In the 6 months leading up to your leaving your pet will have to have a number of blood tests to exclude certain diseases not found in New Zealand. At least 6 weeks before leaving you need to forward the micro chipping certificate, vaccination record the certification of an adequate rabies titre and your booking confirmation at a quarantine kennel to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in New Zealand to apply for an import permit for your pet. It is a good idea to buy a travel crate early so your pet can get used to it and feel safe inside it. Sedatives are not a good idea for the travel as they make the pet sleepy and mask symptoms of illness and may stop your pet from drinking. Tranquilizers on the other hand are a better idea as the pet is less anxious but still alert. Another good idea is to put the pets name on the side of the crate so the handlers can easily see it and use it to calm your pet. The crates are burned in New Zealand after use. Another good idea is to make a calendar for the 6 months leading up to departure so that no tests or checkups are missed. For those of you already living in New Zealand and thinking of jumping the ditch to Aussie, the process is much easier provided your pet is New Zealand born. All you require is an export permit signed by a Justice of the Peace and a health check at your local vet within 3 days of departure. South African born pets need a few extra blood tests to exclude diseases like Ehrlichia and Leischmania. These tests may take up to 6 weeks for the results. Emigrants to the U.K. have to have the same rabies titre tests done in New Zealand and you may leave 6 months after the positive results are seen. Good news is that there is a lot less pet disease in New Zealand than South Africa. There is no tick fever or ehrlichia. Parvo and Distemper are present here but only seen sporadically in certain areas. Certain breeds including the Pit Bull Terrier are not allowed to be brought into New Zealand. All in all I do not have one client that is sorry for having made the effort to bring their pet with them to NZ. A good website to look at is: www.biosecurity. BayVet. 37 Bute Rd, Browns Bay. (09) 479 3918



South African

Insights... Personality profile of... SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESSMAN IN NEW ZEALAND

Robbie Dale, Regional Manager, Farmers Trading Company 1) What was your career history in South Africa? My retail career began with the huge SA fashion group, Foschini. I then moved on to Quiksilver as Operations Executive and after that I joined Galaxy Jewelers as their sales executive. Just before leaving SA, I was appointed as the Operations Executive for Musica, a music CD retailer that has branches all over the old country. 2) When did you first arrive in New Zealand? I arrived with my wife Teresa and our 3 kids in January 2009. 3) Describe how you settled into the business world of New Zealand and give us details of any adjustments that were required to make it work? It was a major adjustment as I had to take a severe step back in terms of my career. I was, however very fortunate to join Farmers Trading Company, the well known Departmental Retailer soon after my arrival in NZ. I had to adapt to a variety of terminology changes that are used locally in the retail sector and major changes in the style and pace of business here in NZ. Farmer’s employ many international staff and a fair amount of South Africans and this made the transition so much easier. 4) Tell us about how your family made the “Kiwi integration” process work for them. My wife is very easy going and this has helped tremendously. The move to New Zealand was such an unplanned spur of the moment decision that by the time we realized we had moved to the other side of the world, we had settled in and made many new friends. Our eldest daughter (Michelle, now 20 years old) took some time to settle in but as soon as she started to work it became so much easier. The two younger kids, Liam aged 13 and Emma, 6, settled very fast and really enjoy the carefree lifestyle 5) What are some of the things that you love about your new life here? Security must be top of the list. My kids can do something as simple as get on a bus or walk down to the local shop and I know that they will be safe. Another thing is that most people here are law abiding! There are no black taxi’s squeezing down the left lane! Then we have the absolute beauty of the country. We are fortunate

enough to stay right on the beach at Waiake Beach and I never get tired of the stunning views across the Gulf. 6) What are your favourite recreational destinations in New Zealand? We love the country side and any camp site will do. The Corromandel, Taupo, Napier and Bay of Islands are fantastic. We are planning to do a road trip down to the Main Land in the New Year with our parents and I am sure some places will get added to our “favorites” list. 7) If you were to give one piece of advice to a new immigrant about how to succeed in the business world here, what would it be? I think it is best to first understand the “lay of the land” so to speak. You must have faith and confidence in your ability without seeming arrogant. To succeed you must put a score on the scoreboard. You are, after all, starting from scratch again and while your reputation might be respected you need to produce results. A wise old man once said: “To know where you are going you must remember where you came from.” Thanks for those wise words, Robbie. If you want to contact him:




THE PARLOTONES Blues ballad rock” at its best! by Ted Woodberg


rom relative obscurity this undeniably brilliant South African band of four merry men have found their way into the hearts of people all around the world with their captivating cache of beautiful but powerful ballads that are sweet, sensitive and certainly spellbinding. I must admit that while I was listening to this fantastic foursome on Youtube I was immediately reminded of the New Jersey, US ballad rock outfit “My Chemical Romance” that rose to fame during the last decade. But “The Parlotones” are certainly no copy-cats. They have come to the fore with a blend of musical styles that mixes “U2” with “Boyzone” and a variety of other late ‘nineties UK bands such as “Manic Street Preachers,” without losing their true identity as an outstanding new SA group with a new sound for the new millennium. And they haven’t gone unrecognized. Their classic composition “Beautiful” was used in a travelogue advertisement for Ireland. They have embarked on some monumental tours around the world recently that have taken them to the UK, Europe, Russia and the USA, with sell-out concerts at every single venue. Their most recent achievement of note was their appearance at the opening ceremony of the FIFA Soccer World Cup in June 2010 at Soccer City in Soweto, Johannesburg. They played alongside Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, Shakira, John Legend and other African bands at this event that endeared them to the SA public


and catapulted them into superstar status after being watched by billions of people around the world at this most prestigious event. The Parlotones consist of lead singer / song-writer/ guitarist Kahn Morbee; Glenn Hodgson on bass and keyboards; brother Paul Hodgson on guitar and Neil Pauw on drums. They were all born in Johannesburg and they attended the same primary AND high school together. You can imagine how they spent their schoolboy lunchtimes as best friends…discussing music, music, music! Kahn recalls how the band got started: “In the beginning we would often play only to our friends who were all “Smiths” fans. We began throwing parties which we aptly named ‘Louder than Bombs’ where we would perform and our friends would take turns in DJ’ing throughout the night, playing music that would become the soundtrack to our lives. At that stage there were no real clubs rendering music that was relevant to our tastes and later on I wrote a song in homage to that period of our lives, and of course, to the ‘Smiths.’ ” (The Smiths are a UK pop band from Manchester that grew to fame in the ‘80’s) Teamwork is the key to the Parlotone’s massive creative ability. Morbee relates: “I generally come in with a completed song, which I play over and over to the band. During this process they “colour up” the melody lines with their respective instruments. The number then moves from a stripped down acoustic song to one with better dynamics.” And his inspiration? “Life and its many nuances including love, death, sadness, happiness, loss etc are my inspiration,” reveals Kahn. “These are the


South African things I experience, so I can write about them and remain relevant to an audience that probably experiences the same.” The band have come out with a clutch of album releases over the last decade that have sold over 200 000 copies , Their first notable album entitled “A World Next to Yours” released in 2007, shot to the top of the album charts in South Africa and drew considerable interest from the international music industry. This was followed by “Stardust Galaxies” in 2009 which placed the band firmly on the international music map with subsequent releases in the UK and Europe this year. During 2006 they signed a worldwide license deal with the international division of Universal Music. This deal covers distribution rights in France, Japan, Germany, Holland, Ireland and the UK. The recording industry in South Africa has not failed to reward this talented foursome and they have garnered some prestigious awards recently. They received two SAMA awards this year: Best Rock Album for “Stardust Galaxies” and Best Music Video for “Push Me to the Floor,” a song taken from the album. In addition, they received two Independent Music Awards in 2009 for “Louder than Bombs” nominated for Pop/Rock Song of the Year and a special award for their Music Video productions. They have just returned from a hugely successful six-week tour that took them to New York and Austin and a whistle-stop tour right across England, Scotland and Wales. Not too shabby for a bunch of everyday-average neighborhood Jo’burg schoolboys, eh! The world waits in tenterhooks as this highly talented group of youngsters prepare for a monumental world tour that will take them to every corner of the globe. Well done, guys. Your fellow South Africans everywhere are extremely proud of your achievements. Maybe you’ll wanna come and visit us here in New Zealand sometime?

GP Locum Wanted Northshore Medical Centre, Auckland: We are looking for a GP locum long term or long term locum with view to purchase. Friendly busy practice in Milford, Position available from end of September, but start date negotiable. Please contact Margie on the email address below for further information

Source: Facebook



South African

What you do today will benefit you tomorrow. ‘To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights, or inside information. What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotion from corroding the framework’. (Arun Abey and Andrew Ford)


n the next three decades the

smooth running of our financial

who rated themselves as highly

proportion of New Zealand’s

affairs. Long-term goals, such as

satisfied with their lives, from

population classified as elderly

leaving fulltime work, may seem

those who felt vulnerable, was a

will go from 12% to 21% of the

a long way off, but they have a

sense of feeling in control of their

total population. On a global scale

habit of arriving sooner than you’d

financial situation.*

the aging trend is even far more

think. Living well in the years

A well-constructed and

ahead relies on taking stock of

comprehensive financial plan

Also, thanks to advances in

your financial situation today and

can provide the key to financial

technology, medicine and other

collecting some investments.

independence. It can help you


fields, we’re living longer and healthier lives, meaning many of us will have to support ourselves in retirement for 25 years or more. As a result, we can expect significant strain on government

Having worked in the finance industry for more than 14 years, I believe the biggest mistake is failing to invest at all. People often think investing is ‘all

take an objective view of your financial situation, develop an effective, long-term strategy to reach your goals and protect yourself from the unexpected. While one secret to investing is to

too difficult’ so they don’t do

‘buy low and sell high’, the global

anything. It’s important for

financial crisis provides a good

with a reasonable standard

everyone to take the time to

reminder of some fundamental

of living in retirement are

work out what their likely

investment principles that


financial needs will be and

continue to stand the test of time.

funded pensions. The days of the government providing everyone

We need to embrace the fact that we must take responsibility

what types of investments will best achieve them. Many South

If you ever hear the phrase ‘low risk, high return’ then stand back

for our own financial futures

Africans that have emigrated to

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New Zealand, need to recreate

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Far too often we take a cavalier

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will be additional risk involved.

and have a very close look at what’s on offer. If someone is offering you a higher return than what is available elsewhere in the


It may not be apparent in fancy charts showing a series of historic returns or in the advertising literature, but there’ll be risk embedded in there somewhere. If you don’t feel qualified to analyse what’s on offer yourself, ask someone who is and who you trust. Another common mistake investors make, is a lack of diversification, i.e. don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you have a mix of investments, such as property, shares, fixed interest and cash, then you are more likely to even out your investment returns over

South African

Perhaps the most important lesson

no matter how much money you

some investors will learn from the

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latest crisis is that they should

to invest wisely for your future

have been even more diversified

and enjoy the peace of mind that

than they were.

comes from being in control of

When investing, the adage that

your financial destiny.

‘patience is a virtue’ is very apt. Investing for the long term

Spicers at a glance:

can give the benefit of long-

• Established in 1987 with over 20 years of financial planning experience

term market appreciation and compounding returns. Patience means sticking to your investment

• A network of 45 advisers throughout New Zealand

strategy and not letting short-

• Spicers advise on more than NZ$1.2 billion on our clients behalf

term volatility deter you from

• Spicers look after more than 6000 clients

the achievement of your long-

• Spicers operate independently with the large scale backing of our parent company - AXA Asia Pacific

term goals.

time, even if your investments are affected by short-term volatility in

And perhaps the most important

a particular sector.

Whatever your circumstances,

message is to ‘just do it’.

• Trustee services are provided by New Zealand Guardian Trust

Portions of this article have been reprinted with permission from “From Crisis to Confidence” by Ralph Little & Aaron Hing. Published by Penguin Group (NZ). RRP $40.00. Available at all good booksellers nationwide. *From the book “How Much Is Enough ”by Arun Abey and Andrew Ford.

Lynette Ball works for Spicers as a financial adviser and she has more than 14 years experience in New Zealand and South Africa. Lynette obtained her New Zealand CFP (Certified Financial Planner) in 2004 and she has been working in New Zealand since 2002.


o speak with Lynette for an initial no-obligation consultation, free of charge, phone 09 374 1815,

or 0800 102 100. You can also visit for more information.

A disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge.




Jeremy Mansfield by Ted Woodberg

“Good morning, Jo’burg!”


ou could be tucking into your breakfast cereal or standing in front of the shaving mirror. No matter where you were, if you were tuned into 94.7 FM Highveld Stereo in South Africa around 6 to 9 am you would be listening to his voice. And Jeremy Mansfield has never pulled his punches! He is renowned as an outspoken morning radio host running his own show “The Rude Awakening” that has been the show of choice in the old country since 1996 when he came up with the idea of being a controversial talk-back announcer. His remarkable sense of humour at the spur of the moment when people are live on the radio has been his benchmark. His face became well known on the SA TV screens during his years as presenter of “A Word or Two” which ran for 10 successful seasons from 1998 to 2008. He turned a rather boring word game into a scintillating laugh-a-minute TV watch with his inimitable wacky wit and comfortable candour. Jeremy was born in Grahamstown where he went on to study speech, journalism and drama at Rhodes University. While still a student, he moved up to Jo’burg in 1985 and started working part-time on a rogue radio station

EX-SOUTH AFRICAN? Access your retirement annuities now! Take it all in cash at any age CONTACT: JULIAN HAW ACIS; CFP Authorised Financial Services Provider No. 6082

Visit for more details Email: PO Box 10672, Marine Parade, 4056, South Africa Tel: 2731 207 6295 Fax: 2731 207 6298


known as Capital Radio 604 that was styled on its UK counterpart. Although it was Durban based, Jeremy did his broadcasts from Jo’burg. The station was privately run and was frowned upon by the apartheid governmentcontrolled South African Broadcasting Corporation because of its outspoken views on racism. It was eventually closed down in 1990 so Jeremy moved on to another Jo’burg station known as 702 Talk Radio. Besides his natural talent for broadcasting he was pretty active on the stage and in 1985 he garnered the AA Vita Award for the most promising young South African actor. His fame on the airwaves continued to grow and in 1993 he was appointed as regular presenter of 702’s Saturday afternoon programme, but his big breakthrough came in 1996 when he moved to another Jo’burg station, Highveld Stereo. Here he applied the Mansfield magic and invented a top-rated weekday breakfast show known as ”The Rude Awakening.” This talk back show has been running since 1996 and has become a daily “wake-up call” for all South Africans regardless of their ethnicity. Jeremy plays on the diversity of South African culture in this highly successful daily radio spot that has often got him into heaps of trouble because of his radical views on SA society in general. But Jeremy has the edge on all of his political critics - the SA public love him! Despite facing legal action from SA President Jacob Zuma and a variety of other wounded souls, he ploughs on with his critical diatribe that shows up the sins of a South Africa that has unfortunately sunk into the political morass that has been the failing flag of every other country on the “dark continent” that is Africa.


South African Mansfield has an endearing heart for people in need so his venture as a singer for local Jo’burg boy-band “Eastlife” not only extended his natural talent for music but it became his way of giving back to the community. The band became well known in SA for its contributions to the “Hear for Life Trust,” a charity started by Highveld Stereo. Reflecting back on his career Jeremy remains unapologetic of his statements made on public radio. He has won a regular prestigious award each year as “Jo’burg’s Best Radio Personality” since the inception of his inventive “Rude Awakening” programme, so he has regarded his critics as self-deprecating. On Monday July 12th 2010 Jeremy said his last “Goodbye” to millions of fans around South Africa and the world when he announced his retirement from Highveld Stereo and broadcasting in general because of his health condition. Jeremy has been prescribed with a serious disease known as Lymphocytic Luekemia which he is dealing with in an extremely positive fashion. “I have always been a positive person,” he says “and that is the way I am approaching this particular hurdle in my life. There is too much good to be done to allow something like this to get in the way.” His wife of just over seven years, Jacqui Thompson, looks at the situation positively. She is a vegetarian, former game ranger and author. Following on the

success of her first book “An Unpopular War” dealing with the experiences of the SA Defence Force in Angola and in the “Caprivi Strip” she has collaborated with her hubby to produce a remarkable anecdotal cook book that they have called “Zhoozsh!” Despite the unpronounceable name they ran away with the honour of winning “Book of the Year” in the South African section of the international “Gourmand Cookbook Awards” that took place in 2008. Jeremy is making good progress in his therapy to conquer the disease that has put a huge question mark on his future as a radio personality, funny man and TV presenter. Undeterred by what his doctors are telling him, he is still throwing himself into a career that has been more than a roller coaster ride. American directors have been scouring the world looking for a voice for one of their characters in the next edition of the ever popular animated movie series “Toy Story.” Mansfield has applied, and guess what……? He now has the part! He currently presents a comedy show “Laugh out Loud” on SA pay TV MNet that has placed him firmly on the list of the most popular comedic talents in South Africa today. Well done, Jeremy. We know that you will win your battles. SA ex-pats from every corner of the globe love you and we are sending our prayers out Source Facebook regularly for your full recovery.

BARRISTER ESKA HARTDEGEN is our expert on Employment Law. Here is her expose on the highly controversial



he first employment case to be brought before the Court since the 90-day trial period legislation was introduced on 1 March 2009 will be a wake-up call for employers who think they can simply dismiss employees during this trial period without any process. The legislation allows for a trial period to be included in contracts negotiated between employers with fewer than 20 staff members and their new employees. Needless to say, this provision attracted a good deal of debate and publicity at the time it was introduced and speculation was rife as to the pros- and cons of this law. There were fears that many employees would simply be shown the door during that initial 90-day period without having the ability to bring a personal grievance claim for unjustified dismissal. What was perhaps not as widely known or understood, however, was that personal grievance claims for discrimination, harassment or for an unjustified action by the employer that disadvantaged the employee, could still be brought if an employee was dismissed during the trial period. A Department of Labour report on surveys done between October 2009 and May this year, and reported in the New Zealand Herald on 17 July 2010, shows that 43 per cent of workers on the trial period were aged between 15 and 24 and that 20 per cent of those employed in this way were of Maori- or Pacific descent. More than three-quarters of employees on trial periods had remained employed after the end of the period, while twenty-two percent of those on the 90-day trial had been dismissed. The report found some instances of misuse, most often when businesses changed ownership. Employers generally were pleased with the trial-period, whereas some employees expressed “feeling vulnerable to unfair treatment and job loss.” On 18 July, the Prime Minister John Key announced that the 90-day trial period will be extended to businesses with more than twenty staff. The government’s decision to pass this legislation means that all new employees could in theory now face a 90-day trail period. Nevertheless the case of Heather Stokes indicates that the Employment Court will scrutinise carefully the behaviour and actions of employers who dismiss employees in the first

90 days of their employment. Ms Stokes had been employed on a 90-day trial period by Stokes Valley Pharmacy (2009) Limited. She was dismissed during that period, but in assessing the employer’s actions, the Chief Judge of the Employment Court decided in his decision of 26 August 2010, that where employers’ processes and conduct fall short, employees will still have justified personal grievance claims for dismissal. These employees will still be able to bring claims for unjustified disadvantage in employment, and claims for breach of contract. Judge Colgan’s decision ensures that companies will be required to act in good faith and must follow a fair process when dismissing an employee during the trial period. This decision is timely, given the imminent extension of the 90-day trail period to all businesses. It provides a measure of reassurance that our Employment Court will uphold employee rights and will exact fair treatment for employees. This seems a fair exchange where employers can dismiss poor –performing employees (albeit following a fair process) without risk of it being an unjustified dismissal. For more information on this controversial legislation contact Eska on 09-520 5702.



South African


The NZ Police Service by Charl Crous


outh African born Charl Crous is a senior officer in the NZ Police of Auckland and he has an amazing story to tell about how different things are here compared to the old country. We present PART ONE of this extremely informative two-part series that affects the lives of all of us:South Africans now living in New Zealand deal with a variety of challenges to ensure smooth integration Charl Crous into their new home land. One of the organisations that we all need to get to know is the police service here. There are a number of significant differences between the New Zealand Police and the South African Police in terms of rendering their essential service. A specific issue that you might deal with as a new immigrant is the way in which you obtain fingerprints for immigration purposes. You need to be aware that you have to make special arrangements with your local police station to get someone to take your fingerprints. Contact your local station for this purpose. Telephone numbers of all police stations are available on the internet pages of the New Zealand Police. Visit district/phonebook.html to get your local police station number. You might find that you have to wait a number of days or even a week or so to get an appointment for fingerprints to be taken. There are two kinds of fingerprints to be taken besides the ones police use for evidential purposes. The first type of fingerprints is for passport applications and the second are for fingerprints for police clearances (criminal history checks). Obtaining fingerprints for criminal history clearances is a very important aspect for most immigrants as the department of Immigration requires a police clearance certificate from all immigrants. For South African police clearances you don’t need a special form as the NZ Police will take your finger prints on the normal NZ fingerprinting form at your local police station. However fingerprints for passport applications do need to be taken on special forms. Keep in mind that South African passports can only be renewed upon submitting a set of fingerprints to the South African authorities back in the republic. For passport applications people need two specific forms. The first is


a BI-9 form. This is a bar coded form obtainable from the South African High Commission in Wellington. You have to get this form from the High Commission as that office links each specific form with the identification (ID number) of the applicant. You also need a BI- 73 form from the High Commission office which includes your left thumbprint. In addition, for passport applications you need 4 passport photographs - of which two need to be certified. Remember to take your passport or ID book with you when you visit the station for your fingerprints to be taken. Your forms have to be filled out before you turn up at the station. Station staff will not necessarily know what is supposed to be filled in on your form and it will save a lot of time as fingerprint taking is not a core function or a priority at the local police station. You can obtain all these forms by emailing the High Commission at You also need to be aware that police in New Zealand do not do certifications for copies of official documents. Certification of copies of any documents is done by a Justice of The Peace (JP). These people are normally listed in the local telephone directory. Another thing you need to be aware of is that you cannot go to a police station to get a statement taken regarding matters that are not part of a NZ police criminal investigation. While you could go to any police station in South Africa to get a police officer to take a sworn statement or affidavit from you in any matter or proceeding, this is not the case in New Zealand. For these purposes you need to go to a lawyer. See our next issue for a conclusion to this extremely interesting series.. Charl Crous can be contacted on:


South African

Immigration service you can trust The Entrepreneur Category: Is this the “easy access” route for new migrants? by Simona Woodberg


mmigration to New Zealand has been on top of the agenda for our politicians in order to make the move out of the sludge of the last world recession a reality. OK. So how does New Zealand attract more immigrants? We bring them in on the basis of their skills, their business acumen and how much money they have. If you own a business in SA and are looking at ways of doing the same in NZ or if you are toying with the idea of setting up or buying a business in NZ as an option to seeking NZ permanent residence then read on……. One of the pathways to gaining residency status in NZ is via the Entrepreneur Category. Under this category you would be able to apply for a 3 year business (work) visa called a “Long Term Business Visa.” Then after the first two years, provided that all is going well with your business and you have also met the conditions of “benefiting NZ”, you can apply for residence.

a baby boomer wanting to retire. This is creating a huge opportunity for new immigrants who have some capital to invest in a business in New Zealand. If they have any expertise in the business that is being sold and they can prove this to the immigration authorities, they have an open door. Certain conditions apply for both options above, health and character requirements will need to be met, and proof of English Language proficiency may need to be provided. If you would like to know more, it is important that you get expert advice from a qualified licensed immigration adviser. North Shore Immigration can provide this service and specialises in these policies. E-mail North Shore Immigration or call us on : (+649) 415 3392.

What does this mean? For the Entrepreneur Category (Long Term Business Visa for 3 years) the criteria requires that: a] You have been self employed in the business for a minimum of two years, and b] you need to prove that the business is “benefiting New Zealand”, in other words it would promote New Zealand’s economic growth. This can be achieved by showing proof that the business:• has introduced new, or enhanced existing technology; • requires specialised management/technical skills; • has introduced new, or enhanced existing products/services; • has created new, or expanded existing export markets; • has created employment for a New Zealand citizen or resident; or revitalised an existing New Zealand business. Last but not least, the business needs to be trading profitably on the date the residence application is lodged or you can prove to Immigration that the business clearly has the potential to become profitable within the following 12 months. Another option is via the Investor Category. If you have NZ$1.5 million to invest in New Zealand, by purchasing shares, a business, or commercial property – as a passive investor - you would then be able to immediately apply for New Zealand permanent residence, conditional to your investment being held in NZ for a period of four years. There are so many immigrants who are trying to come into NZ using the “Skilled Migrant” category and the “points” system that they have forgotten about this category that could make their journey much easier. With the recession losing its grip too slowly there are many NZ businesses that have not been able to recover fast enough and so the owners have given up the struggle and put their businesses up for sale; or the owner could be

Immigration service you can trust We specialise in all forms of Immigration policies from Student permits Long term Business Visas, Family Work. Permits, Investor Category, Permanent Residence. Work Permits, Family Category, Student permits

Call now on 09 415 3392 North Shore Immigration Services Email: Address: 17 Corinthian Drive Albany North Shore



South African

Tristan de Chalain MSc MB ChB FCS(SA) FRCSC FRACS


Specialist Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon Consulting in Auckland, Tauranga, Pukekohe and


eing Canadian born from a South African mother who brought the family back to SA when he was six has left an indelible mark on this man’s past. He has seen life in the raw in the UK and the US but his country of choice has always been New Zealand.

now Botany Downs Immediate Past President New Zealand Foundation for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery NZACPS


How to win over adversity


bout 9 years ago I joined thous ands of other Zimbabwean nationals fleeing political and economic hardship, leaving their homeland, friends and family in search of greener pastures. Back then Zimbabwe was experiencing the start of an economic meltdown, increasing inflation, job losses and violence. I initially worked as a teacher aide in South Africa, but I felt that wasn’t the best place for my family to be. By the winter of 2003 I had saved money for my air fare to Auckland. During this time New Zealand was accepting

After obtaining his Master’s Degree in Marine Biology this highly motivated student of life switched to medicine and went on to complete his training at the University of Cape Town as a Plastic Surgeon. He met his wife, Lauren in Cape Town and after the birth of their first child, Catherine, they moved on to the UK for a few years of plastic surgery experience and then on to the US, Atlanta, Georgia where Tristan worked in advanced techniques of reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, training under some of the world’s leading experts. And the author? Tristan has just written a gripping novel about a rogue detective’s involvement in a doctor’s revenge murder. ‘Wolf’s Paw’ - book review Wolf’s Paw is a gripping novel set against a background of the bloody Angolan/South African war of destabilisation. The main characters are cleverly fashioned within the milieu of the clandestine aspects of this war. Changing location to the USA, the main storyline is cleverly assembled against this background and draws the reader into the ever-tightening web of intrigue as the body count mounts. The plot builds progressively to an apparent climax, only to let the reader down slowly before delivering an interesting twist for the final punch. Beautifully written and well-researched, Wolf’s Paw is a must read for anyone who enjoys an intriguing thriller. I couldn’t put it down!

Zimbabwean nationals as political refugees. My then partner, Julia, daughter Hope (7 at the time), and son Lwazi (then 5) joined me in New Zealand in 2004. I used all my savings in bringing my young family together, hoping to get a well-paying job and to start life afresh. I even had dreams of owning a boat! Our initial excitement was quickly replaced by hard reality. The Department of Immigration was generally very helpful, but my bid to be allowed to find paid employment was very hard. For the next four years I battled bureaucracy in order to gain permanent residency status. During those years we had to constantly renew work permits for the whole family, at a huge cost, every three to six months. This resulted in moving from one low paying job to another whenever my work permit expired. I was working day and night to pay immigration fees. Early in 2008 Julia returned to South Africa. She could not cope with the situation. I wouldn’t give up the kids for anything, so the three of us continued working towards our goal together. At last, in mid-2008, I got the good news: Permanent residency! Now we could start our ‘Kiwi life’. In 2009 I enrolled at a film school, obtaining my diploma in film production. I majored in screen writing, directing and camera work. It’s so exciting! I’m the happiest man! Film making is a complex group affair with many facets. I would like to warmly appeal to companies, individuals or church groups who would be interested in becoming donors, sponsors or investors. Please call me on 027 7278487 or email:



South African MAMA, WHAT A MERC!

Presenting: the brand new Mercedes Benz E250 CDI By Albany Buzz Motoring Editor, Donald Webster


t’s a hell of a job, but someone’s got to do it! The new Mr Albany Buzz, Andrew Stone, wanted me to test the new E Class 250 CDI diesel.

Barry Moodie

In a nutshell: I’ll say this once and I’ll say it slowly. This is a really nice car. I hated having to give the keys back, but Barry Moodie gave me the hairy eyeball when he saw the way I drove it back into the car park! Thanks to Albany Buzz for letting us use this article. See Barry Moodie, Branch Manager at Coutts North Shore for your next Mercedes .They are at 145 Diana Road, GlenďŹ eld, North Shore, Auckland. Tel:09-443 3808. Contact Barry on 021 994 678 for personalised service.


“Not another Merc,â€? I said. “Do I have to?â€? All that luxurious leather, superb seats, dashboard, sound system, safety gear and enough gizmos to y you to the moon. “Oh, I suppose so,â€? I sighed, with mock severity, and like a good boy, I went off to Coutts North Shore to check this new baby out. The E Class is Mercedes Benz’s mid size saloon car, between the C Class and S Class. Within each Class is a range of speciďŹ cations, depending on engine type and size. I was presented to the car I was to test, the E250 CDI, by Matthew, who gave me the 20 minute short version of the introduction to the car! No wonder MB owners keep their cars so long. Besides being so durable, they have so many features it takes you ages to work them all out. What I like about this car is that you start discovering hidden features that you never knew you had until something happens. For example, as I was driving along the motorway I felt a mild vibration coming through the steering wheel. “What was that?â€? I thought. I had veered slightly out of my lane to avoid a “lurcherâ€? or a fellow motorist changing lanes in top secret – i.e. without any indicators! So, I tried it again, without the “lurcher’ this time and it vibrated again. On investigation I found that there is a camera stationed above the middle rear vision mirror that reads the white lines on the road ahead. If you veer out of your lane without your indicators on, it gives the wheel a vibe. Indicators on, no vibe. Ingenious! In diesel format the 2.2 litre 4 cylinder engine has an astonishing 500 Nm of torque to propel this heavy car, yet on checking the trip computer this demo car has averaged less than 5.3 litres per 100 km. This is highly economical fuel consumption, especially for a demo car that everyone wants to “burnâ€? when they try it out. On the motorway I was getting just on 3, driven carefully. It is not as quiet as the petrol version, but all is forgiven when your foot touches the pedal and you experience that effortless surge of power. Here’s how I scored the Mercedes Benz E250 CDI Auto out of ten:External Styling 8, Interior Styling 9, Comfort 7, Interior space 8, Handling 9, Controls and accessories 9, Performance 8, Transmission 8, Steering & Suspension 8, Brakes 9.





South African

SA social

Launch of the South African Social Club in Remuera.


n Friday 30th July at the Remuera Bowling Club a new chapter of the South African Social Club was formed. The event was a resounding success.

More than 120 people attended the function that was hosted by Ian Mellett of Quay Law Solicitors, who have their ofďŹ ces in Remuera. The good attendance indicated that there was a large contingent of South Africans living in central Auckland who are keen to get together on a regular basis. Meetings will continue to take place at the same venue on the last Friday of each second month, starting at about 6.30. Traditional South African fare will be available at reasonable cost and a cash bar will serve drinks at club prices.

Ian promises to bring other sponsors in to give short presentations of their businesses and the South African magazine will be distributed as usual amongst all attendees. Ian will also bring in some high profile speakers to each function in the same ilk as Don Brash, previous leader of the National Party, who gave a scintillating speech at the inaugural meeting on the 30th. He relayed some delightful anecdotes of his experience as a politician and in addition shared with the

rapt crowd the fact that his daughter-in-law, Dr.Shannon Brothers a , paediatric immunologist at Starship Hospital is also a South African! Don was leader of the opposition and parliamentary leader of the National Party from 2003 to 2006. Before entering politics, he was Governor of the Reserve Bank of NZ for 14 years. He had good things to say about our community and praised us for our strong work ethic and excellent family values. Well done, Ian. It was a well organized function and judging from the photos on this page, everybody had a real good time!

the SA Magazine Don Brash, Norma Vaz from and Ian Mellett.


021 933268 Basil Badenhorst, Simona Woodberg, Dennis Carver and Fritz Budler




Flying from fashion to new-nesting!


ynette Bird from Jo’burg s t a r t e d o ut a s a fashion model; became the owner of her own modelling agency; moved on to become a successful recruitment agent and now….look at her!! She bravely runs her own immigration company here in NZ! In the years prior to their immigrating to New Zealand, her husband Steve was seconded to the United Nations as a business consultant. The family experienced some amazing times exploring the Balkans, the United Kingdom

and parts of Europe. It was in the Balkans that a Kiwi couple, running a successful immigration consultancy, offered Lynette a position. This was her first exposure to the immigration industry and for the next two years she happily advised on immigration matters relating to Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand was next on the cards and she secured a position with Albany Executive Recruitment on the North Shore. Lynette’s hands on Kiwi experience as a recruitment consultant further complimented her knowledge of the immigration process. It soon became apparent that the market desperately needed more professional immigration advisors. Taking the gap, Bird Immigration Limited was established. Lynette attributes the company success to her excellent service and reputation. Her passion is to assist migrants to settle successfully in New Zealand. There is no job more gratifying than being able to provide a stress free pathway to a dream of a new life. Lynette feels that the new licensing legislation has introduced the level of professionalism needed in order to protect migrants. As a fully licensed immigration advisor Lynette is qualified to provide broad professional immigration advice to individuals as well as to corporate clients.

Mike Hackner Architects Ph. 09- 580 1914 mobile : 021-459 110 Email: Website:

UPCOMING COMMUNITY EVENTS Come and be a part of the vibrant ex- SA community here in Auckland. Join in the fun and help each other by networking effectively. SOCIAL EVENTS: We have a monthly fun social get together at the Browns Bay Bowling Club, Bute Road, Browns Bay on the first Friday evening of each month starting at 6pm. Our next social will take place on Friday 1st October and after that on Friday 5th November 2010. BUSINESS NETWORKING: As new immigrants you will be given a chance of introducing yourself to our regular attendees and we will ensure that you are entered on to the SA Biznet data base in order for all members to be able to access your details. Bring your business card! Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Browns Bay Bowling Club, Bute Road, Browns Bay commencing 6pm. Next meetings: Wednesdays October 6th, 20th; November 3rd, 17th. SA NEW ARRIVALS CLUB: In order to help you settle in to your new life in NZ this club holds meetings on the SECOND Wednesday evening of each month at

a superb venue in a park like setting that will allow your kids to have fun while you listen to some good advice. The venue is the Kawai Parapura Retreat Centre, 14 Mills Lane, Albany off Oteha Valley Road. Next two meetings: Oct 13th, November 10th. Time: from 6pm to 8 pm. A NEW SA SOCIAL CLUB FOR CENTRAL AUCKLAND See Page 20 for a full page colour report of the first meeting which took place on 30th July. It has been decided to run this function every two months and the next one was due for Friday 24th September. See our next issue for a full report. The venue is Remuera Bowling Club, Dromorne Road, Remuera and the fun starts at 6.30 pm, adults only. For more details contact Ian Mellett on 09-523 2408 or the editors. We need to start clubs in the West (Waitakere, Henderson) and the East (Howick). Anybody want to step up to the plate? MAIRANGI BAY SANZ COFFEE CLUB Calling all SA housewives or retirees who are looking to socialise with others. This club meets once per month on the 2nd Thursday of each month. The Venue: Café Windsor, 542 East Coast Road, Mairangi Bay, in front of the Baptist Church opposite the entrance to Hastings Road. Travel down a little road next to Kentucky Fried Chicken where you will find plenty of safe parking. Time: 10 am to 12pm. Next meetings: October 14th, November 9th.



South African

African art that makes you dizzy!

Rita Haagner and John Bowring



ita moved to New Zealand from South Africa in 1994, but her roots remain in the continent of her birth: AFRICA. Her love for African art started when she was a young girl growing up in Pretoria and over the years her passion grew to the point where it has now become the driving force behind her impressive new African Art Gallery – Afrodizzia! Sitting in her office at 2 York Street, Parnell, she looks at you with those

brown eyes misting over with emotion as she says: “There is no doubt that Africa IS the birthplace of mankind and it possesses a cultural history of unparalleled proportions. The mystique and magic of Africa mesmerizes me and always will.” The Affrodizzia collection has been painstakingly assembled over a period of two years and includes vivid sculptures; haunting masks; raffia; Mud cloth; Silk Kente cloth and leather work mainly collected from the Sub Saharan Countries, Sahel and Savanna. You will find amazing game skin furniture and rugs; glass and pewter work by Diana Carmichael, as well as raku ceramic work based on African themes on offer in this gallery that we are sure will to take your interior décor senses to a whole new level! The People of Africa make powerful statements about their culture, values and identity which are well communicated through the medium of their art. Van Gogh said: “African art is predominantly created for sacred and magical purposes as a kind of mediation between man and the ethereal, so that they can overcome their fears by giving their spiritual reality a form and an image.” Source: “Malraux Publica.” For the first time we do not look at African art as ethnographic data or mere creative curiosities but as a unique and fascinating form of existentialism. It is for this reason that African Art is collected furiously worldwide and also because there is only a small window left in which to do so. In an era where information is moving around the world in nanoseconds, Africa is no longer isolated and this will forever change their cultures, beliefs and desires. Money is becoming important and will inevitably change the people of Africa and their desire to continue being creative. These artifacts will speak to you – a stark reminder of the humanity that you share with the men and woman who made them. And as they speak to you they will draw you into an exploration of a world that is fundamental and pragmatic but also serene and symbiotic. I invite you to come and explore Africa with me. Opening night was Tuesday 31st August. Here are the comments of an invitee: “Thank you so much for the wonderful evening. A truly stunning collection of African Art. Congratulations …..we wish you enormous success.” Paula Ryan, | Paula Ryan Enterprises Ltd ENTER OUR DRAW to win a genuine Zebra rug simply by purchasing your special piece of art by the 30th of November 2010. The “Affrodizzia African Art Gallery” is situated at 2 York Street, Parnell, Auckland, and is open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 11am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Phone: 09-366 1886. Rita’s mobile: 021 759 717. E-mail: Website: Post address: 2 York Street, Parnell, Auckland 1023 NZ




African Extracts ROOIBOS Skin Care Range now in NZ


t was a chance meeting. Kiwi, Pamela Taylor was travelling from Livingston to Cape Town with her husband and two teenage boys on a camping safari; admiring the breathtakingly beautiful scenery and wildlife of Botswana, Namibia and the Western Cape. A dream holiday which began a love affair with Africa which sees Pamela return whenever she can. It was while camping that she discovered potjiekos, Rooibos tea and, alas, that her moisturisers didn’t help her drying skin at all! In Cape Town she spied the African Extract ROOIBOS Skin Care range; recognised the Rooibos name; knew that the area it grew in was spectacularly beautiful and so gave it a try. She was totally amazed with the effects - it had returned a youthful glowing appearance to her skin - she bought more to take home and share with friends It turns out that African Extracts is a SA home grown success story, with over 30% annual sales growth in SA over the last few years. And why is it so successful? ROOIBOS is more than a healthy drink. It has proven benefits superbly suited to skin care - skin quality noticeably improves. • high in anti-oxidants (anti-aging, free radical scavenging) • anti-inflammatory (soothing, good for sensitive skins) • anti- microbial (good for problem skins) • high in Zinc (needed for skin cell function) • high in alpha hydroxyl acid (smooths fine lines and wrinkles)

It looks smells and feels good. People of all skin types try it and love it. It is affordable and importantly the range is non allergenic, has soothing properties, has no animal derivatives, is not tested on animals, and is paraben free. Give it a go. You really do deserve it! Contact: Pamela Taylor 021 260 6691


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A new concept in cleaning!


overall Commercial Cleaning Franchises have arrived in New Zealand. Having been established in Australia for over 10 years and with over 9000 Franchisees worldwide this is an exciting business opportunity for anyone looking for a Franchise in an Industry that will always be in demand as every business whether it be a Restaurant, Fitness Centre or a Medical facility has to be kept clean no matter what the state of the Economy We are actively looking for good quality Franchisees in the Auckland area and surrounds and the following key points about a Coverall Cleaning Franchise are why it is an exciting and rewarding business opportunity • Low entry cost • Low on-going costs • No experience needed as training will be provided to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge you will require to be successful • we provide on-going training and support • The cleaning contracts have a two year warranty • We provide full Administration support – we Invoice the client on your behalf, collect the monthly payments and then pay you • We find the Commercial Cleaning contracts for you • A Coverall Cleaning Franchise is easy to Operate and a Start Up Kit is supplied with the Franchise So if you are a Newcomer to New Zealand or have been here for a while, Coverall Cleaning Concepts New Zealand are here for you to start a successful business in the Commercial Cleaning Industry. Please contact: Tony Kullin Mobile: 0282 580 1524


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