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Johnnie Clegg live in Auckland see page 10

South African immigrants share their stories classical ballet, wine, food, business and more...



South African

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he winter weather has slowed down trade in all areas but fortunately many of our advertisers have had such a good response from their advertising last month that this issue is bursting at the seams. Some of the advertorials will have to wait until next issue. Thank you so much for this tremendous response and especially to Norma who is out and about speaking to people about their adverts and how they can maximize their advertising dollar. Check out the Janssens centre page spread. His meat comes straight from the farm to you, so its gotta be good. We put in a small article last month about the Lesley Ann Boshoff cancer fund. Since our article, the fund has increased dramatically. Thank you to all who donated to this worthy cause. It is good to see South Africans helping those in need. Our last two social events at the Browns Bay Bowling Club went off very well. It is gratifying to see the sponsors put their money down to pay for all the lovely prizes and all of the voluntary workers putting themselves out by cooking the food, organising the kitchen and just making the evening work. Thank you to all of those that participated to make both evenings extremely enjoyable. I am looking for sponsors for next month so please give me a call if you are interested. We always take pics of the event and if you are the sponsor we will place your ad on the same page as the event, giving you double exposure. If you are interested in an e-mail version of the magazine to send to friends and family overseas please e-mail me and I will put you on the database. Thank you for all your support and happy reading.


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“Adderley Street Flower Sellers ” a painting by SA artist Isabel Le Roux

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SOUTH AFRICAN LIFE IN VIBRANT COLOUR This issue we introduce a new series drawn P the works of a variety of South African from

resident Thabo Mbeki, who has led South Africa since 1999, agreed on Saturday 20th September 2008 to go quietly after the ruling ANC asked him to resign. Mr. Mbeki artists whose paintings we will display as our leaves behind a largely incompetent government fraught frontnepotism covers… with and corruption, and a despondent country with weakened institutions, declining education and health ur first artist is Isabel le Roux, and we have featured standards, out-of-control violent crime and an HIV/AIDS her beautiful painting “Adderley Street Flower Sellers” pandemic. Troublingly, Jacob Zuma, the man who is likely to as our front cover. replace Mr. Mbeki, inspires even less confidence for the future of South Isabel leAfrica. Roux was born in Rustenberg in South Africa. She is one of the


most artiststhe in disappointment South Africa. Isabel haslast beendecade painting professionally To prolific understand of the in South Africa, since 1974 and to hascontrast held more 40with solo his exhibitions in South Africa and it is important Mr.than Mbeki predecessor. When Nelson internationally. Mandela emerged from his 27-year incarceration, he preached forgiveness and compassion and set about to forge a nation in which the whites – his Her works are included in the collections of numerous corporations and former jailers – had an important role to play. Mr. Mbeki, on the other hand, are sought after by art galleries, art dealers and private investors. remained a Marxist ideologue who never overcame the pain and prejudices of his Herlifeartin isexile. vibrant and her courageous use of colour adds to the In Mr. Mbeki’s view the West oppressed the rest Obsessed expressionistic quality of emotion and feeling. Sheofis mankind. well known for her with race and colonialism, Mr. Mbeki undermined the response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa. To him, orthodox science “portrayed black people…. (as) victims of a slave mentality.” Rejection of the HIV/AIDS orthodoxy was necessary to confront “centuries-old white racist beliefs and concepts about Africans.” Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of South Africans died needlessly while Mr. Mbeki defended scientists who claimed AIDS was not caused by HIV. Similarly, it was Mr. Mbeki’s warped ideology that led him to support Zimbabwe’s dictator. Robert Mugabe couched his devastating economic policies in revolutionary terms -- as a just fight against alleged British plots and other delusions. For eight years Mbeki begged for more time for his “quiet diplomacy” to work while Zimbabwe burned. If the recent power-sharing deal between Mr. Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai works, it will not do so because of Mr. Mbeki’s diplomacy, but because of his departure. Mr. Mugabe may yet find it more advantageous to compromise with Mr. Tsvangirai than to deal with Jacob Zuma who has criticized Mugabe in the past. Mr. Mbeki’s foreign policies have seen him cozy up to Cuba, Iran and Libya. South Africa’s intelligence minister visited Iran last year where he praised Hezbollah and Hamas. In sum, Mr. Mbeki never encountered an antiWestern tyrant he did not like. At home, he exhibited the authoritarian tendencies he had learned during his stint in the Soviet Union. He transformed the state-owned South African Broadcasting Corporation into a personal propaganda machine that banned some of his critics from appearing on it. He banished some of his competitors in the ANC by accusing them of trying to assassinate him. Mr. Mbeki was rightly praised for following good macro-economic policies that saw the budget deficit and public debt fall, and growth increase. But being tight with the public purse did not make Mr. Mbeki “business-friendly” ….SA business entities are heavily taxed (35%) and highly regulated. They also have to follow onerous race guidelines in employment and promotion that are highly prejudiced against white employees. Micro-economic overregulation has kept growth low (expected to come in at 2% this year) and

Isabel le Roux – front page artist

contributed to a 26% unemployment rate. The number of people living in absolute poverty has doubled since the ANC 1994. typical South African scenes, especially thosecame fromto thepower Cape,inbut her travels Mr. Mbeki’s drive to toher monopolize abroad bring a breathless new dimension work. power has led him to attack the independence of the judiciary. According to a High Court judge, he tried If you would to purchase a painting acclaimed artist, you to influence the like judicial proceedings againstfrom his this nemesis, former Deputy may contact her by e-mail on or by post : Isabel President Jacob Zuma. It was that apparent abuse of state power that finallyle Roux,the P.O.ANC Box leadership 173, Kosmos, gave an South excuseAfrica, to ask 0261 Mr. Mbeki to resign. What South Africa is crying out for at this stage is a man or woman who has a web site: i.e. hasShe a “Mandela spirit” one that can put the past behind them and move ahead in co-operation with all of the diverse races and creeds that make up the country. Somehow the thought of Jacob Zuma brandishing a machine gun in his hand does not inspire the vision that we are looking for! Mr. Tupy is a policy analyst at the Cato Institute’s Centre for Global Liberty and Prosperity. Acknowledgements to Dow Jones and Company for the use of his article.


New to New Zealand ? Any questions regarding the health system here? See Penny Gordon (ex Durban ) and her team at Rosedale Pharmacy 372 Rosedale Road, Albany

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South African


by Norma Vaz

There are a few ex-South Africans resident here in NZ who have the top level skills and experience to keep this exquisite performing-art alive.


stelle Vermeulen is a classically trained Ballet dancer and has started a dance company in the North Shore area of Auckland.

like The Snow Queen, The Nutcracker Suite and Swan Lake. Other productions she has danced in includes Carmen, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, The Merry Widow, La Sylphide, A Midsummer’s Nights Dream and various other locally choreographed productions.

Her interest in dancing started at age 5 and she has been dancing ever since. Dancing is her life and her passion .Her training started as a child and was her major in high school. She attended the Pro Arte Alphen Park High School in Pretoria which is a dual-medium school offering academic matric for students who can have other focus subjects in the performing arts.

Moving to New Zealand in 2005, she danced as the leading classical artist for Company Z Dance in Auckland before this company ceased operation.

The training was very intense, with teaching in classical ballet, contempory dancing, African Jazz, Spanish and Classical Greek. The technical side of the studying involved learning human anatomy, music theory and ballet history. From high school, Estelle entered the Graduate Programme at the State Theatre in Pretoria (formally known as PACT Ballet) and then on to the SA Ballet Theatre also in Pretoria. Estelle has performed as principal ad-hoc and guest artist in productions

In New Zealand, the only official dance company, The Royal NZ Ballet, is in Wellington, and Estelle’s vision is to bring classical ballet to Auckland’s North Shore. With this in mind, Estelle is in the process of developing a Ballet Company and is looking for trained ballet dancers to join her. Rehearsals will start in late July, and she is hoping to have established a full company of dancers for the first showing of the company’s work, which will be taking place in October 2009. Estelle’s one year plan involves building community interest in ballet and looking for sponsorships and performance venues for community shows. She started her own Ballet School in Takapuna in early 2009 and is NZAMD registered. Estelle’s vision for her newly formed Ballet company, called ‘Ballet Theatre of Auckland 1” is to take ballet into the community, outreaching into schools and old-age homes. The aim is to bring the joy of this enchanting dance form to enrich peoples lives. She also hopes that by performing at schools, she can reveal this beautiful craft to school children who might not ever otherwise be exposed to ballet. It would be wonderful if this ignited a spark of a dream in some young minds and she can then give them the opportunity of developing their talents at her ballet school. If you are able to help Estelle with a sponsorship or know of a performing venue in the North Shore area of Auckland, please contact Estelle. She can be reached at her studio on : 09-473 3246 , mobile : 021-0220 6780 or e-mail on

Estelle Vermeulen


South African



etscharts Ltd in Albany are manufacturing specialist in Swiss/German sausages. Paul Betschart trained and qualified in the time-honoured way as a butcher in Switzerland. When Paul immigrated to NZ in the 80’s he was able to utilize his skills as a butcher, combining his knowledge of continental meat flavours by developing a range of delicious meat products for the New Zealand market. He owned and operated a shop for over a decade called Swiss Royal Heights Butchery based in Massey and was well known as the Swiss Butcher in West Auckland throughout the greater Auckland area. When his partner Roberta joined the business they worked hard to grow and expand their products into Restaurants, Cafes’, Bakeries, Deli’s and Hotels within the Auckland region. In order to sustain this rapid growth they took an opportunity to re-locate when ideal premises were found in Albany in 2007

Dickie Newcombe, Roberta Booth and Paul Betschart

The plant was custom built to meet the premises’ requirements for New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) approval of the company’s HACCP based Food Safety Programme (FSP). This was a big investment, but it was critical because they needed the processes and systems in place in order to ensure that when manufacturing cooked and raw products in the same premises, they would be able to separate different steps in the process. They gained NZFSA approval of their FSP in October 2008. Betscharts produce delicious GLUTEN FREE sausages that are full of real meat, bacon, ham, smoked chicken, salami and so much more...... This family has worked hard to ensure their reputation is to manufacture and deliver the highest quality products to both industry and direct to the consumer from their factory shop. Richard (known as Dickie) Newcombe joined Betscharts Ltd earlier this year bringing 44 years of butchery and small goods experience. Dickie who is Scottish born, immigrated to South Africa working in the Meat Industry over a span of 23 years. He owned and operated 4 Artisan butcheries for 10 years making his award winning Biltong and Boerewors before coming to New Zealand. Betscharts will be adding South African meat products to their existing Swiss/German product range adding more variety of delicious continental meats. So come and meet the Team at our Factory Shop, opened Wed, Thurs, Fri, 12.00pm to 6.00pm, Unit 9, 9-11 Rothwell Ave, Albany Ph: 09. 447-3309

Manufacturers of Swiss/German sausages, Cabanossi, Frankfurter, Kransky, Smoked Chicken, Bacon, Ham, Salami’s and so much more.......... Trained to the highest level in Switzerland, Paul Betschart has set a high standard of flavour and quality products. From the most flavoursome bratwurst, spicy cabanossi to the moistest smoked chicken, Paul excels in his craft. Aided by the latest processing technology and flair for creating new or customised recipes’ for Restaurants and Cafes. Betscharts creates an aromic flavour sensation that must be tried to be believed. The all natural GLUTEN FREE sausages with real meat satisfaction guaranteed. Distinction comes from quality and consistency, and if that is what you seek, look no further than Betscharts - truly Manufacturing Specialist in Continental Meats. Coming Soon: Delicious traditional Boerewors and Biltong Factory Shop Open Wed, Thurs, Frid 12.00pm – 6.00pm

Betscharts Ltd Unit 9, 9-11 Rothwell Ave. Albany. Auckland, Ph: 09- 447 3309 NZFSA Approved


South African

FURNITURE LIVING – Furniture Outlet Centre “Designer Products at Wholesale Prices”


ith over 30 years in both the Cabinetry and Furniture Import/Supply business, the owners of Furniture Living have opened their own Outlet/Retail furniture store. Furniture Living is fast becoming one of New Zealand’s premier furniture and accessory outlet stores. “Situated in busy East Tamaki, the Furniture Living outlet store caters for all of your furniture and home furnishing needs. In the store’s short history, it has developed a strong South African following, with many recommendations for its strong quality furniture and style, at the best prices. We supply a fantastic range from dining, bedroom, occasional furniture, through to funky kid’s bedroom pieces and all other household favourites. We have some top exclusive pieces at hard to beat prices which include bedroom package specials that start from $999. With full service and top industry knowledge, our friendly team can assist you in choosing the perfect items for your home.”

SUNDAY SERVICES 10am & 6:30pm South African Pastors Jaco & Mari Grobler

Senior Pastors Peter & Bev 794 East Coast Road, Browns Bay 0800 CHURCH

Music Box - Arts Academy - Kindergarten - Childcare - School After School Care - Business Breakfasts - Fitness Studio - Bookstore Community Outreach - Prison Outreach - Child Sponsorship Programme


South African

HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS As we go through the current global recessionary climate it is essential to sit down and take a sensible view of our financial position. In this article, ex SA David Pretorius offers his insights into the current investment environment.


avid Pretorius recently joined the Macquarie Private Wealth team, starting in the Auckland office in January 2009. Before joining Macquarie, David held positions in the private client investment advice, private banking and hedge fund industries. David emigrated from Johannesburg to New Zealand in 2004. Here is what he has to say:The financial environment can be confusing when you first arrive in a new country. Establishing a new life here can present plenty of opportunities and challenges. Given the conditions which have prevailed in global markets for the past few years, we know how important a sound and diversified investment strategy can be. When constructing a financial plan, I guide my clients towards assets which stand out for their potential future return today. I approach a client’s portfolio with the view that any asset might look appealing at any time provided it is appropriate for their personal circumstances. I have a great passion for helping people to reach their financial goals. I like to provide explanations on various asset classes when I first meet potential clients, so that they can quickly get a better understanding about how to either preserve or grow their wealth in New Zealand. Supported by an extensive market research and advisory team, David and the Macquarie Private Wealth team take the time to understand their client’s needs in order to develop tailored investment solutions. Macquarie Private Wealth is the retail advisory division of Macquarie New Zealand, which is part of the Macquarie Group (Macquarie). Macquarie is a global provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services, bringing international investment expertise to New Zealand. Founded in 1969, Macquarie operates in more than 70 office locations in 26 countries. Macquarie employed approximately 12,700 people at 31 March 2009 and had assets under management of $A243 billion at 31 March 2009.

To find out more about effective investment solutions for your current stage of life, contact

Macquarie Private Wealth Level 17 Lumley Centre 88 Shortland Street, Auckland

FREE PHONE : 0800 742 737 DDI : 09 363 1403

Macquarie Private Wealth ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

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David Pretorius Investment Adviser

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South African

WINE CONNOISSEUR CORNER Meet Didier and his partner Terry, an international couple, who have a shared love of wine and food and who live on the North Shore. Also during this time, Didier looked for, and found his long-lost childhood sweetheart, Terry van der Merwe, through the internet. Terry, was delighted to meet up with Didier again and the two discovered that their initial teenage love connection was ready to reignite.

Bosbaan 1974


icture this… the place is Bosbaan, Amsterdam; it is a lovely sunny day and two young people meet whilst competing in the Junior European Water-ski Championships. For both Didier Debae (16) and Terry van der Merwe (13), this was the start of a young love which saw them writing letters to each other for two years and then losing contact. Didier lived in Brussels, Belgium and Terry lived in Cape Town. Terry van der Merwe was representing South Africa and Didier was part of the national team representing Belgium. At this point, you will have to read through some of Didier’s life history to see the happy ending, or new beginning for him and Terry. Read on….

Terry is a former SA National and International Waterskiing champion and record holder. From the age of 13 – 20, her career took her all over the world and she still has records in place today. Her father, Dolf was also a South African waterskiing champion and it was Dolf who gave Terry her love of this sport. He was her coach and mentor whilst she was growing up in Cape Town. Terry was the Western Province Sportsman of the year in 1980 and was also ranked No.3 in the world. During this period Terry held all 3 European records for the disciplines of Slalom, Jump and Tricks and was ranked No.1 in Europe, African and the Middle East (which included Russia). In 1980, Terry won the Marine World Jump Classic in San Francisco and was the first non-American to win this, and she also broke the course record. Sadly, the grip of the politics of apartheid stretched its borders and whilst Terry was invited to coach in the States and Europe, she was met with bureaucratic obstacles and blocked from competing against the best skiers at official competitions.

Terry – waterski champion

In 1981 after a very successful career at world-class level, Terry retired from the sport due to the frustration of being banned from international competitions and also a niggling back injury.

Sometimes in life, you invest many years and energy into your career, In April 2009, Terry arrived in New Zealand to start a new life with Didier. travel the world and discover that what you have learned along the way, will Didier focuses on buying wines from all regions of the world and stocks guide you into a new career destination. This is how Didier Debae found a large variety. Exclusive wines do not have to be expensive, it’s all about himself in New Zealand after being involved in motor racing for 30 years. selection and of course, whilst there are some exclusive vintage wines, there are many very affordable options. Daily life in this fast-paced world of motor racing also meant that entertaining guests and sponsors was just as important as the cars. In this Find them at FWC, Unit D, 3 Henry Rose Place in Albany. 09- 447 1446 very competitive field, the different car-teams used to compete as to who could out-entertain the next. Entire 40ft trailers were permanent kitchens and used to be an important part of the entourage. The guests and sponsors were only given the finest food and wine and the professional chefs and cooks were regular staff. The dining areas were luxury marquees which had air conditioning and double-glazing. Usually these marquees took a week to build and could comfortably seat 350 people. The staff had to cater for 3 gourmet meals a day in these marquees which were situated in the teams ‘paddocks’ behind the pits. 30 years in the world of motor racing, and daily exposure to the gastronomic delights of many different countries, has qualified Didier to be a connoisseur of wine and food, but also to understand and appreciate the subtleties of the cuisines of these different countries. His move to New Zealand to start a new life also saw the start of a whole new career for him. Using his extensive knowledge of wine and fine food, Didier bought an existing business called Vinotica in Albany in July 2008, and renamed it FWC. He has created a haven of carefully chosen wines, cheese and luxury food. His selections of products in his shop are handpicked through personal taste and are all favourites of his.

Didier and Terry




by Ted Woodberg

“ Enter stage left, to the pounding pulse of African drums two figures, each carrying the traditional Zulu “war stick” (Zulu: Ubhoko) They engage in a wild gesticulating dance; brandishing their sticks at each other; kicking their feet up over their heads and spinning around to loud exclamations of warlike confrontation. The audience is spellbound. As one they jump to their feet, clapping and cheering; some crowding the aisles and imitating the antics of the figures on stage.”


his was the frenetic scene at the recent Johnny Clegg concert held at the Auckland Town Hall on June 1st this year. Needless to say, everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they watched Clegg and his band cavort around the stage while they rendered those old favourites “Kilimanjaro ,“In my African Dream,” “Scatterlings of Africa,” “Great Heart,” “Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World” and some new material that was indelibly stamped with Clegg’s incredible interpretation of Zulu tribal music.

national teams, he had discovered in remote parts of northern Zululand the young black children living there had swapped their footballs for cricket bats! Some budding Makhaya Ntini hopefuls! Clegg’s line-up was strangely non-Black, which is a deviation from his old days with Jaluka and Savuka, where he was the only white man on stage. The bass player, Solly Letwaba from Durban and his female harmonist, Mandisa Dlanga, from Lusikisiki, Transkei were the only Africans in the band. Mandisa is the longest surviving member, having been with Clegg for 26 years. She entertained the crowd with her huge, rolling body as she danced with Clegg, unashamed of her large shape that dominated at least a quarter of the stage! The other members are all “white boys,” lead guitarist, Andrew Innes, member of 16 years, keyboard and sax player Keith Hutchinson and drummer Kevin Gibson from Cape Town.

The Town Hall, with its beautiful internal heritage architecture, shook and vibrated as Johnny’s band played with maximum volume to the capacity crowd Johnny Clegg live at Auckland Town Hall of adoring fans; almost every one an ex-Saffer with a heart burning with nostalgia for their home country. Johnny was apologetic about the promised tour People came clad in Springbok rugby jerseys to add to that was supposed to take place in September last the festive atmosphere. year. It was cancelled due to lack of sponsorship. Fortunately the current tour, And festive it was! Clegg warmed to his audience with his unmistakable which took the group to Wellington and Auckland, was successfully funded Wits University accent as he told the stories of his youth growing up in and supported by Nando’s, much to the relief of local fans! suburban Johannesburg and his collaboration with his Zulu migrant mineworker friends in order to study their music and their colorful language. Besides the frivolity and the constant Zulu dancing and gesturing, Johnny He was quick with a joke and in between each song he kept the crowd in fits gave us a few moments of poignancy. One that comes to mind is his story of laughter with his zany repartee. about the Battle of Isandhlwana, which was one of the greatest Zulu victories He kept away from the subject of politics, but he did mention that with over another army ever in history. Johnny used some picturesque Afrikaans the new approach by the SA sporting masters to bring “colour” into the slang to describe the way in which the Zulu Impi totally overcame the British

Commercial-Domestic-Heat Pumps-Industrial •Owner operator •Established in 2001

• High Wall Heat Pumps • Domestic Electrical • Commercial Electrical • Data Installations • Alarm Installations • Industrial Electrical • 24/7 Call Outs •Contact : Alex Lyon •Ph: 09 473 1644 •Mob: 0275 707 968


Spacious, self-contained, secure and quiet, two bed roomed bungalow. Short or medium-term accommodation. Conveniently situated in Albany, close to all amenities. Free broadband internet connection. 20 mins drive from central Auckland. Fully equipped with everything, just bring your suitcases. Secure storage facilities. Owner is helpful and knowledgeable Contact: Phone. 09-447 1454

For more info visit our website:


South African forces at this remote garrison. The slang used produced roars of laughter from the crowd! At the end of the story he suddenly became serious and posed the question: What would the Zulu army be thinking at the end of this glorious victory? Then the band broke suddenly into the song “Impi” which galvanized the crowd into more cheering, clapping and dancing. The second half of the show nearly brought the house down because Clegg did all of his favourites. His last song, “I Pray For You” was received with tumultuous applause as he pointed to the galleries and aisles and seats with the appropriate:”I Pray for You,” throwing his personal blessings to his loyal fans as they rushed to the front to get up close and personal to this enigmatic man. If you are a collector of “The South African” magazine, you will have noted that we did a short biography of Johnny Clegg in our September 2008 Issue no 5. We felt that his recent tour merited more coverage, hence this article. Johnny’s son, Jesse Clegg, who is now in his early twenties, has just released his first solo album, “When I Wake Up.” His music is far removed from his father’s and reflects a thoughtful Jesse, who is commenting on lifestyles in his work. It can be described as “soft rock” for the sake of classification, but it is definitely worth a listen.

Lead guitarist Andrew Innes

For more info on Johnny and his band, Google: Johnny Clegg, Savuka or Jaluka.

Ex-SA Composer wins international music award South Africans have got talent! You better believe it! Here is the story of Dennis Klopper who emigrated to NZ in 1998 with his wife and kids.


ennis has the renowned reputation of being the FIRST mobile disco operator in Durban during the serious 70’s! His outfit was known as Gundlefingers and it became a trailblazer for other operators who moved from venue to venue, doing weddings, bar mitzvahs, 21st parties, office functions etc. He then went on to organize the “South Country Music Festival” which featured many top artists including “Hawk” (Remember Dave Ornellas?) His passion for music saw him entering song competitions held by the S.A.B.C where he befriended Paul Hone (well known Johannesburg based

Dennis Klopper

singer/songwriter). Around this time Dennis wrote what would become a hit song for Paul on his debut LP. The song and album was called “Not Long Ago” and featured on an S.A.B.C TV music program filmed in the Cango Caves. His most recent success is with an instrumental composition “Arctic Dreams” which was arranged and produced by fellow ex-pat Mike McCarthy of Manuka Sounds Studio in Orewa. The song was entered into the USA Based competition “Song of the Year” and won the April round in the Instrumental/ World/Jazz category. Some of Dennis’s music can be heard on his website - dkmusicnz

Freedom to focus on the things that count…

General Accounting, Compliance and Taxation Services for all entities. Your first consultation is free, so call today and also ask about my “Agreed Fee” option. Mary Garcia CA

14 years in New Zealand

T 473 7920 M 021 1165811


“Honest to Goodness” is how things are done at Argyle Station. This farm is located in Waikaia Valley in North Southland and is a mix of fertile flats, rolling hills and steep mountain terrain. Clean, green and picture perfect – it’s the ideal environment to raise our sheep, Angus cattle and deer.

Farming is more than just a business to us. It’s our passion and we get great satisfaction in working with our animals and producing good, healthy stock. Taking care of our animals is good for them and good for business, that’s why animal welfare is an important part of the Farm Co. mantra. We want to supply consumers with exceptional products and bring back that link the customer used to have with the farmer. Food that’s consistently good, safe to eat and humanely produced. We promise you the finest free range, pasturefed beef and lamb available. There’s nothing but goodness in our free-range beef cuts, no growth hormones or promotants of any kind. In addition to our own animal welfare practices, we also meet or exceed the standards for animal welfare, outlined in New Zealand legislation and guidelines. Our New Zealand pork is sourced from ethical farms that share our own standards of excellent animal welfare. We only stock pork from happy pigs raised in nurturing, outdoor environments where growth hormones are not used and there isn’t a sow-crate in sight! Arg We also have free-range chicken on offer – all yle S tation NZ raised and from chickens which have muscles farm.. N orthern S that have actually been used! Plump chicken perfect for any cooking method. Animals humanely reared ensure good quality products, traceable from the farm source, and direct to you the consumer. Remember the good old days when your local butcher was someone you could trust? Well, we’re not trying to turn back the clock, but we want to take that good old-fashioned service and an appreciation of the history and craft of fine butchery and combine it with the best of today’s world.

Retail outlets :



FarmCo. ph: 09-489 9989 Shop DM1. Milford Shopping Centre 24 Milford Rd. Milford. Auckland

Spooners Butchery 4/18 Clarence St. Devonport Auckland Ph.09-445 9101

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are always ready to help you choose the right products for every occasion and give you advice on how to prepare and cook it to perfection. Visit our stores and see our selection of fresh meats, continental cured meats and sausages. These include salamis, chorizo, smoked sausages, biltong, dry wors, frankfurters, bratwurst, and a lot of other wonderful products from recipes that are generations old. Sausages that taste like sausages should and steak that has been aged properly to give you a delightful eating experience every time. We make them all ourselves at our little shop in Browns Bay so we can be sure that what you are eating is something we take delight in eating ourselves!

Our deli stocks an array of local and imported cheeses, antipasto, salads, pesto, hummus and dips. Tasty, honest to goodness, quality produce, excellent service and fair prices is the name of the game. Janssen’s was bought by NZ Farms Ltd in May 2008. The founders of the company Mark Gunton, Andy Perry and Sam Eckhoff felt that Janssens, an established retail outlet with a great reputation for quality, was a perfect fit for the processing and retailing of the meat they bring up from the South Island. d They all hail from farms in the South Island n a eal Z and are thrilled at being part of continuing the ew N . d Janssen’s proud legacy of serving the discerning n th I s l a u o S . d n a l South public of Auckland. Sam would like to thank all the loyal customers who have offered their advice and has taken all the suggestions to heart. None of the original recipes used by the previous owners, have changed. The boerewors recipe is still the same as its always been, and the store still has original staff from the previous owners. Sam’s promise to his customers is “no sawdust in the sausages!”

Janssens’ Butchery ph: 09-476 0042 48A Anzac Rd. Browns Bay. Auckland



South African



estgate Medical Centre (WMC) is situated at the end of the North Western Motorway in the Westgate Shopping Centre. We are open extended hours from 8am to 8pm weekdays and 9am to 6pm on weekends. The practice is open 364 days of the year. Our practice serves as a General Practice as well as an A&M Clinic. We have ACC and Cornerstone (General Practice) accreditation. We have a pharmacy adjacent to the practice as well as Mercy Radiology who perform x-rays, ultrasound and mammography. There is also a laboratory on the premises. Numerous specialists visit on a weekly basis including orthopaedic surgeons, trauma specialist, ophthalmologist, skin cancer specialist, general surgeon, gastroenterologist, podiatrists, audiologist and The Skin Institute have rooms on site. They specialise in Appearance Medicine (botulinum toxin, fillers, IPL, peels and microdermabrasion) and dermatology. One of our doctors, Dr Ellen Selkon, performs sessions there. A gynaecologist will be joining the team in the near future. The practice was established by Drs’ Richard and Ellen Selkon in May

1999 and has continued to grow. We now have 8 doctors working in the practice, four of which are South African graduates. 1 Iraqi, 1 British and 2 New Zealand trained Doctors make up the team. Our South African graduates are Richard Selkon who qualified at UCT, Ellen Selkon at Stellenbosch, Dottie Prinsloo at Pretoria and Jim McVeagh at Wits. Our nursing staff are all highly trained and run specialist clinics in Diabetes, Asthma, Before School Checks, and Women’s Health. They are available to registered patients for advice at certain times. The practice is extremely well equipped with the latest technology and equipment. We are able to manage most trauma in house and those that need referral to hospital, we are able to stabilise them and refer on in an efficient manner. We have full resuscitation facilities and all our clinical staff are trained to a high level in cardiac resuscitation. We have a separate plaster bay and can deal with most fractures as well as suturing and removal of foreign objects. We also have a separate accredited theatre for removal of lesions where we can perform surgery in a sterile environment with up to date technology. This includes a “surgitron” machine, which is able to remove benign moles, and skin tags with minimal to no scarring.

• IMMIGRATION MEDICALS • GP Care – Acute & Chronic • Accident & Medical • X- Ray facilities on site ENGLISH & AFRIKAANS SPOKEN Dr Dottie Prinsloo (Bloemfontein graduate)

We are part of the Health West PHO (Primary Health Organisation) and participate in numerous PHO funded schemes e.g. Get Checked – annual Diabetes review, Sexual Health consults for under 22 year olds, Primary Options – being able to manage patients in the treatment bays over extended periods and give iv treatment, arrange x-rays or other urgent investigations as required. Our friendly reception staff are available to answer any of your concerns or queries. Our aim at Westgate is to provide friendly, efficient and excellent medical care to all who seek our service. New patients are most welcome. Westgate Medical Centre. Westgate Shopping Centre. Fernhill Drive. Massey. Ph. 09- 833 3134

Dr Ellen Selkon (Stellenbosch Graduate) Dr Richard Selkon (UCT Graduate) Westgate Shopping Centre Fernhill Dr, Massey

Tel: 09-833 3134 Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm, W/E & PH: 9am-6pm 14

Dr Dottie Prinsloo, Dr Jim McVeagh, Dr Ellen Selkon, Dr Richard Selkon and Lizette Brady (receptionist)


South African



his headline summaris e s Greg Frittelli’s philosophy of Greg Frittelli becoming a fully integrated member of New Zealand society. Whilst Greg remembers his immigration process, and his South African background, he has reached a stage in his journey where he has transitioned into just ‘doing life’ in New Zealand.

ILG has an established culture of helping people. Greg and his team would like to extend an invitation to all readers of this magazine. Simply contact Greg, or anyone else at ILG to discuss your existing and future insurance needs, and we promise not to sell you anything! We promise to allow you to decide whether we can make a difference. We also promise to be there when you need us most. For more info on the business Phone: 09.448 2096 or go to

Greg and his family came to New Zealand 12 years ago, Greg teaching Physical Education, and Karen teaching in Kindergartens . As is common during those first few years of immigration, life was typically limiting, both in terms of social opportunities and financial income. Despite the hard start, Greg now views those first 3 years as being a gift! His opportunity to “Learn New Zealand”.......... just like doing an apprenticeship, which brings its rewards later. He now views those early years as the best start he could have had. He was in an educational environment, with the time and opportunity to acclimatise to New Zealand’s very subtle, but different ways of living, communicating and interacting. Greg’s phrase is that “life in New Zealand is ‘dangerously similar’ to life in South Africa”. This is a unique perspective of the subtleties which many South African immigrants might miss. Had we immigrated to an “Eastern European Country” for example, the first thing most of us would do, is to learn the local lingo, observe the customs, and copy or imitate their behavior. However, so many of us arrive over here, and instead of listening, looking and learning – just comment on how different this place is, and how differently Kiwi’s do things. As a new immigrant, Greg soon realized just how important networks had been in his previous life. Coming from a large family, a tightly knit community and having played national representative sport (Hockey and Cricket), his netwotk had accumulated effortlessly. Suddenly, in a New Land, confronted with the situation of knowing just 3 people was the hugest wake up call.

The staff of Insurance and Lending Group

  

His involvement in community life has been extensive, with three areas worth noting. Greg is Chairperson of Carmel College Board of Trustees, and has been on the board since 2001. He has also been coaching representative hockey since 2000, and this year has been appointed to Coach the North Harbour Men’s hockey team, and thirdly the success he has had with the creation of his business. After operating as a sole practitioner for 3 years, Greg started Insurance & Lending Group (ILG)in Sept 2003. Since then ILG has had phenomenal growth, with 11 staff that look after in excess of 3000 clients. Of these staff members, 7 are “South African by birth, Kiwi by Choice”, and a vast number of our clients have a Southern African birthplace (and accent) “ILG understands the immigration process, and the immigration cycle. We also understand how to care for, and to look after people, irrespective of where they fit into the immigration cycle” We help brand new and recent arrivals with important things like a will – free of charge, or opening a bank account, or insuring that first car, and we help the more established with things like getting RA’s out of South Africa, (we have an alliance with Brokers in South Africa) or with Life Insurance, a Mortgage or Income Protection.


     

 

 15


South African



ance, Susan and their son, Shaun Hiscoe from Durban, had contemplated the move to New Zealand for many years, primarily due to the consistent increase of violent crimes committed in SA on a daily basis. Life was becoming a form of survival, and they feared that the criminal activity was unbearable and too real. Lance has gained invaluable work experience through international opportunites with NOSA, a company that specializes in occupational health,

NOSA presents the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (Auckland) Dates scheduled: (Week 1) 2 – 6 November 2009 (Week 2) 16 – 20 November 2009 Exam: 23 November 2009 For more information on NOSA’s occupational health, safety & environmental management services, contact NOSA on tel: 09 478 5225 or e-mail:


safety and environmental risk management and delivering services by way of auditing, training and consulting within all industry sectors. He has worked in countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa. The company, not wanting to loose Lance’s expertise through immigration, offered him the opportunity to establish and register a NOSA New Zealand branch office. Lance manages all of NOSA’s Asia Pacific operations from New Zealand and is establishing the new business from their offices in the North Shore of Auckland. The NOSA New Zealand office is registered as a member of The Auckland Chamber of Commerce and staff are registered with the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM) as well the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH-UK), the largest chartered professional body in the world for health and safety practitioners. NOSA Training Services’ accreditations/ registrations include: *ISO 9001 registered; *ETDP qualified; *Assessor & Moderation registration as well as NEBOSH accreditation. This family love living in New Zealand and enjoy all the wonderful outdoor activities and facilities that New Zealand has to offer. for All Your Occupational Risk Management Needs Phone: 09 478 5225 or e-mail:

Carlene's Copywriting & Communications For all your marketing & advertising requirements l l l

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Tristan de Chalain MB ChB FCS(SA) FRCSC FRACS

Offers a complete range of cosmetic plastic surgical procedures CONSULTING AT

Auckland ,Tauranga & Pukekohe To schedule a consultation or for more information contact 09 522 0652 16

l l

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Pamphlets Corporate ID Radio Spots Promotions Articles

See Google, New Zealand pages, Carlene du Toit for my articles. Contact me for examples of my adverts.

m: 0275 479 630 t: 09 410 4526 e: Advert 65 x 90.indd


7/3/2009, 4:20 PM


South African




he search is finally over for everyone who has been looking for that special restaurant that gives them the flavours of Africa with good service and value for money food within a relaxed and friendly family environment. Mark Coppin, his wife Charleen and his sister Tracey Dobson are the entrepreneurs behind an exciting new restaurant that will be opening in early September on the beachfront in beautiful Murrays Bay. The name Serengeti was inspired by the Masaai word “Siringitu” which means the land that is constantly moving and aptly reflected the immigrant nature of Africans in New Zealand. The new restaurant will serve a combination of South African, West African and East African cuisine with lots of truly warm South African hospitality.

Serengeti Restaurant owners: Tracey Dobson, Mark and Charleen Coppin

With over 50 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry and a passion for good, honest food, these 3 have created a destination that will satisfy that longing for the taste of Africa without having to pay for the plane ticket.

Meet the Team Mark who is qualified in Hotel and Restaurant Management has worked for over 20 years in many top hotels and restaurants around South Africa as well as 7 years spent in East Africa (Zanzibar) and even time in London. He has gained extensive knowledge of the restaurant industry and this combined with his high standards of quality will surely be able to produce a product that will meet our expectations. Charleen, Mark’s wife, who shares his passion for quality service, has spent many years working in restaurants around the world and will be the force behind the excellent service staff. Tracey brings years of Sales and Marketing experience to Serengeti and has always had a passion for food. She also has catering experience gained during her time as a film caterer on location in Namibia and around South Africa and co-owned a Tapas restaurant and bar in Hout Bay. The key position of Chef has already been filled by Daryl Engelbrecht who brings more than 20 years of culinary experience in top hotels and restaurants around South Africa and some time in West Africa and will be responsible for delivering the unique flavours of Africa to your plates. Serengeti is a fully licensed a la carte restaurant that has a lovely bar area, a children’s play room and is set in a warm African theme. For reservations please contact Serengeti on 09- 475 5988 and don’t forget to book for an unforgettable Father’s Day dining experience on 6 September!



South African

HOW TO STEP OUT... SAFELY! Whether they go up or down, steps are always dangerous and need to be reliable in accordance with the safety codes of NZ.


hen Greg Thompson, an ex –SA from Johannesburg arrived in New Zealand, he thought this wet weather ought to create some kind of opportunity!

down and then they become very slippery when wet. Another rather nasty issue is the lack of vision when trying to negotiate steps in a poorly lit or dark area. Greg did some research on this, and found a product that not only provides a secure non- slip surface, but also glows in the dark.

He saw the dangers of outdoor stairways in a wet climate, and study showed that there are many injuries suffered due to slips and trips on all different types of stairs. Not only do these injuries occur in large numbers, but they also range from minor, to very serious injuries.

GlowTread, is a step-tread and is constructed from a fibreglass reinforced plastic, is light but has strong impact strength. Its easily installed on different surfaces and absorbs light in the day and glows at night. Its non slip surface will maintain these properties in all weather conditions and happens to be very affordable. The product has complied with the ISO-9001 standard and is fully fire resistant.

Mould will grow on steps during late summer when the weather cools

Contact : Greg Thompson at Tread Safe to find out more. Mob: 021 217 9299 E-mail : Glow Tread is a product you place on the outer edge of outdoor staircases to minimize the risk of slipping during wet weather conditions. Glow Tread is also luminous which makes stairs easy to see, even in the dark. Affordable and helps to prevent serious accidents which often occur with steps and staircases. No running costs after fitting and easy to maintain.

Glow Tread product distributed and fitted by TreadSafe Solutions Ltd.

Call : Greg Thompson. Director of TreadSafe Solutions Ltd Phone: 09 479 7396 Mob: 021 217 9299 E-mail:

External staircase with Glowtread luminous nosing fitted to it.

Greg Thompson and his family

For all your eyecare needs


Specialists in BMW, MERCEDES, AUDI, VW (other makes welcome)

Alan P. Saks

MCOptom(UK), Dip. Optom(SA) FCLS(NZ), FAAO(US) Alan, a third-generation optometrist has served as president of the Contact Lens Society of South Africa. He joined Barry & Beale in 1996.

Rob W. Allen

MCOptom(UK), Dip. Optom(SA)

Rob was a partner in a Howick practice prior to joining Barry and Beale Optometrist in April 2004. He arrived in New Zealand in 1995 and is formerly of Port Elizabeth and East London.

Approved by all major Mechanical Insurance Companies

More than 30 years franchise training •

Warrant of Fitness

Air Conditioning

Pre-purchase checks of cars

Trained staff, well equipped and large workshop.

Winners of BMW Top Technician awards (5 times) Ph: 303 3042, Level 1, 280 Queen Street Auckland. Email: Website: 100 years of Q u a l i t y E y e C a re a n d S e r v i c e .


Contact : Burger Oosthuizen 09-444 3965 95c Wairau Rd. Glenfield. Auckland


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or 25 years the South African Travel Club has been looking after people with family and friends in South Africa or those wishing to visit. Lion World Travel and Skytrain Travel are two long established travel businesses that have joined forces and combined their businesses and are now Skytrain / Lion World Travel. The two key people in the organisation are travel professionals that have amassed a huge awareness and contacts through personal travel experience and knowledge. Roger Glynan has been associated with South Africa and Lion World travel since its inception, and has been a leading cruise specialist for many years. Noeline Walsh at Skytrain operated as an outbound and inbound agency for worldwide connections. This special travel organisation understands the South African market and operates the South African Travel Club and the Friends of the Lion U.K. These two clubs were set up to give benefits to members that include the very best fares the moment they are released. Free home pick-up and one way transport within a 40kms radius of the point of departure for international flights, and a unique plan that provides up to $3500 worth of accident protection to the member and a nominated

loved one overseas. This means that in the event of a serious accident to either party Skytrain/ Lion World will fly either you or them on a FREE compassionate ticket on the first available flight. If you have friends and family in South Africa we as are sure that the privileges you enjoy as a member will give you peace of mind knowing that you are totally protected from the time your membership becomes effective. We offer a range of services unmatched by anyone else and our airfare deals are second to none. We guarantee the lowest fares and special deals on tours, safaris, rental cars, hotel accommodation and trains. You can’t go past the South African Travel Club, we really do take good care of you. The South African voice that greets you on the phone is Celeste Hawkes who has been a part of the Skytrain Lion World Travel team since August 2008. Originally from Johannesburg in South Africa I immigrated to Auckland 12 years ago with my family. My absolute passion is Africa. My fondest childhood memories are of hiking in the Drakensburg, camping in the Kruger National Park, trout fishing in Dulstroom or swimming in the warm Indian Ocean around Richards Bay. After receiving my travel and tourism diploma I started my career as a travel consultant. I have worked in many facets of the travel industry including both the leisure and corporate market and worked in wholesale for three years selling Canada, Alaska and Eastern Europe. If you would like to contact me with regard to your travel arrangements, please either give me a call on 09- 921 5316 or send me an email celeste. Free phone : 0800-277 477

GIFTS WORLDWIDE Keeping friends & families in contact for over fifty years…


Hampers and baskets available with various products including, wines, champagnes, de-luxe fruit, cheese & wine, luxury grocery, confectionery, chocolates, biscuits, tea, coffee, tinned goods, puddings, pickles, preserves, pates, fruit cakes and flowers.


Please order as early as possible. Its helps us, and our associates overseas to have time to source freshest and best products for hamper delivery. Christmas orders must be received before 11 December to be delivered by Christmas Day. No dispatches can be made after 20th Dec for next day delivery until 6th January. Year-round deliveries: Many gifts can be delivered throughout the year. Please advise your requirements and we will respond with details of appropriate Gifts which are available. JOIN THE SOUTH AFRICAN TRAVEL CLUB FOR SERIOUS EMERGENCY ACCIDENT TRAVEL BENEFIT.

Send for Gifts International info brochure & prices list Name:……………..................................................................................... Address: …………................................................................................... E-mail : ……............................................................................................. Contact: Ph: 09-9215100 In association with

Level 5, 43 High Street. Auckland. PO Box 12.


Ph: 0800 277 477

Level 5, 43 High Street Auckland, PO Box 12.



South African

enkamp and family Jean-Thereze, Juan Ste

SANZ social We have a ex-SA fun, family-social evening that takes place at the Browns Bay Bowling Club on the first Friday of each month. Here are some pics taken from the function held on the 5th June. This evening was kindly sponsored by Spargs Auto Tune, based in Albany. Thank you to Natalie and Chris Sparg for all their hard work to make the evening a huge success. The Social hosted on the 3rd July was kindly sponsored by Rosedale Pharmacy in Albany and Janssens Butchery in Browns Bay. Thank you to all our sponsors and to the prize-donations for making these evenings such a success.

Amba & Chris Whiting, Norman Bridger & Earl Clerke

Sharon & Anthony Vogts

Toni Clerke & Carlaine Brid ger

, Christine Gary & Mini McAlpine, Lochmar Silva da MacKay (and son), Ricardo

Martin van den Bos, Avril Kern, Sam Eckhoff & Tania Clauberg


Dave Voster and Richard Pearce (Braaiing

in the cold)

Why Risk being refused Entry to New Zealand? Do You Want To Stay In New Zealand? For a new migrant the prospect of finding the right job that qualifies for a Work Permit and ultimately Permanent Residence and dealing with all the paperwork can be a daunting task. With the current economic crisis it is more important than ever to get it right the first time. Immigration New Zealand will limit the time you have here to achieve your dream of being permitted to stay here permanently, The applications require very detailed, precise and accurate documentation, which can be very challenging to the uninitiated. From the 4th May 2009 only Licensed Immigration Advisers are by law permitted to give Immigration advice. Make sure you talk to the right people and Simona Woodberg IAA Adviser No 200800958 get the right advice by consulting North Shore Immigration Services. Our skilled Licensed Advisers have the knowledge and experience to work through any issue with you and give you the right advice from the start. They will take you step by step through the process and take away all the guesswork. Take the risk out of the process and safeguard against any unnecessary move back to South Africa by letting us assess your circumstances and advise you of your chances of being accepted by New Zealand Immigration. Member of

Call now on 09 415 3392 North Shore Immigration Services


South African Dr Bernie Brenner


Gynaecologist and Uro Gynaecologist

Specialising in: • Female Urinary Incontinence and Urodynamic Assessments • Minimally Invasive Surgery for Bladder Leaking • Menopause - Hormone replacement therapy • Colposcopy (the treatment of abnormal cervical cytology) including Laser • Office Hysteroscopy for diagnosis of menstrual problems • Gynaecological Ultrasound • Laporoscopic Surgery - for removal of Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts and Endometriosis Consulting rooms at 131 Shakespeare Road, Milford

For appointments Phone 486 0182 • Email: Webpage:

Dr Mairi Wallace Specialist Gynaecologist:

MBChB (Stellenbosch), MMed O&G (Stel), FCOG (SA), FRANZCOG

Special interests;

• • • •

Incontinence Vaginal prolapse Menopause symptoms Abnormal smear/colposcopy

9 St Marks Rd, Remuera Tel: (09) 523 5959



Jennifer Stern - Counselling Psychologist. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Experienced working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Abuse issues, Grief, Difficulties associated with immigration and relocation.

B.A. (N.Z), M.A. (U.K), MSc Counselling Psychology (USA) Certificate of Trauma Counselling (USA) Assoc member American Psychological Assoc. For counselling contact: 021 116 7601 email: j.stern@, Albany practice.

IMMIGRATION MEDICALS 0800 4 MEDICAL 0800 463 342 Call Christel for all your Immigration Medicals. Excellent rates. During and after hour service. Free follow up consultation. Family discount rates. Best X-ray price and service.

Emergency Immigration and Insurance Medical Services


Specializing in : • • • • • • • • •

Consulting Rooms Artemis Womens Health, 1st floor, 212 Wairau Road Glenfield. For appointment please phone Wendy At 09 441 7441. Minimal waiting times guaranteed. FOR ALL YOUR GYNAE NEEDS.

Heavy menstrual bleeding and period problems Fibroids Abnormal smears and colposcopy Vaginal repairs Post delivery vaginal repairs Miscarriage and all early pregnancy issues General gynaecology including smears General gynaecological surgery Infertility FOR ALL YOUR GYNAE NEEDS.


ORTHODONTIST Suite 3 • North Shore Medical Centre 326 Sunset Road • Mairangi Bay Auckland 10 • New Zealand Telephone: Surgery 09 479-7963 • Home 09 410-8768 Fax: 09 479-7941

Dr Andrew Grobler

General Practitioner MBChB (Pretoria) MACSCM. MASCM l l

& Associates




758 EAST COAST RD- BROWNS BAY Ph: 09 478-1300 / 021 192 9592 22

MB.Bch (Wits), FRCOG,FRANZCOG. Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (formerly of Durban)


General practice Botox®, Dermal fillers Mole / skin cancer checks Immigration medicals Chemical peels

Now practising at: 82 Symonds Street, Medical Centre Ground level Auckland CBD, Tel: 09 309 9577 Parking available



avin is the New Vehicle Manager at Albany Toyota in Albany and is a South African from East London. Gavin and his family arrived in New Zealand in 1999, and settled in the North Shore of Auckland. Gavin is passionate about the Toyota brand of vehicles and worked for the Malcomess Toyota dealership in East London for many years before leaving SA. His relationship with Toyota has continued and he has been with Toyota NZ for 10 years. Gavin Willmers

Gavin, like most South Africans, recognize and know that the Toyota brand of vehicle is synonymous with quality, reliability, consistency and is a vehicle that can be trusted. Albany Toyota offers new and used cars as well as excellent service centres in Albany, Browns Bay and Whangaparoa. They offer a whole range of cars from your entry level right up to the top of the range models. They even have a car-yard which offers cars for under $10 000. Perfect for new immigrants looking for a quality car at an affordable price and with an organisation which can offer sales, leasing, insurance, finance and servicing. Albany Toyota is centrally situated in Main Road, (cnr Gills Road) in Albany Village. Please contact Gavin and his team on 09-415 7890 for all your motoring needs. Visit their website :

Toyota Corolla 1.8GX Hatch

Toyota Rav 4 2.4 5 Door Petrol SUV From $41490

From RRP $34490 Leasing

Full Maintenance Operating Lease Drive a new vehicle for a fixed cost, for a fixed period of time. Vantage Lease Lease your vehicle(s) with the option to offer to purchase for a fixed amount at the end of the lease.


Driveway A flexible source of finance for all your vehicle purchasing needs. Classic Finance Drive the vehicle you want now and pay it off as you go. Choices Finance Drive now, pay as you go, and choose what happens to your vehicle at the end of your plan. Albany: Cnr Gills & Main Rd, Albany Village (09) 415 7890 or 0800 657 755 Email: Service centres at Albany, Browns Bay (09) 479 2802 and 14 Karepiro Dr, Whangaparaoa (09) 424 4808

Toyota Vehicle Insurance Available VEHICLE INSURANCE


AAA debt credit rating from both Standard and Poors & Moodys (One of only six corporations in the world with this rating) * Lease prices based on fully maintained operating lease, 36 months/50,000 term, excluding GST, subject to Toyota Financial Services approval.

MILFORD OFFICE tel 410 2792

Shoreside Real Estate MREINZ

Chatswood 7 Harper Street From $898 000 MIL20413

Sunlight-drenched with dazzling sea-views. This magnificent architectural showpiece offers spectacular views of Waitemata harbour and Auckland city. 4/5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 living areas. Sparkling pool set in a dream courtyard to a backdrop of terraced gardens.

Glorious Sea Views. You have worked hard so go on and indulge yourself. Built on three levels, this quality three level residence valued at $1.175 million offers sweeping sea views from living areas and main en suite. Five spacious bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 3 living areas.

Murrays Bay 93 Penguin Drive $980 000

Sunny brick and tile centrally located and zoned for prestigious schools. With 2 bedrooms upstairs, 2 downstairs and 2 living areas, this home will suit the larger family. Plenty of off-street parking.

Torbay 4 Acacia Road Low $600 000

Live upstairs, run your business downstairs. This 270 sq m property comprises a 186 sq m warehouse & offices PLUS an 84 sq m living area with 2 double bedrooms (1 ensuite). Zoned general industry, access to motorway, plenty of passing traffic, 6 car parks.

Albany Unit F/1 Henry Rose Place $638 000


Mairangi Bay 79A Hastings Road $950 000 MIL20435

The Higher you go the Better the View. Capitalise on the location. This ultramodern multi-level 5 bedroom home with 3 living rooms offers fabulous views including a sea panorama from the master bedroom on the third level.


Glenfield 3/1 Simon Ellice Drive $249 000 MIL20291

Great little investment or first home. Rented out for $280 a week, this 2 bedroom unit offers an attractive return on investment and will never stand vacant as it is a few minutes walk from Bayview Primary and perfect for the solo parent family.

Property Update – August 2009 Another Advantage of living in Auckland Those of us who come from crime-ridden South Africa need no reminding of the benefits of living in New Zealand. And if we happen to be JAFA’s, it appears – we have even more to be grateful for. (JAFA is a pejorative term used by Kiwis who do not live in Auckland in reference to those who do.) According to an article in the NZ Herald dated 6th July 2009, there is a distinct possibility of another mini property boom in Auckland, specifically, as opposed to the rest of the country due to the fact that it is the main beneficiary of accelerated migration and excess demand for housing.

So when you next find yourself grumbling about Auckland’s urban congestion thank your lucky stars instead because in the rest of the country there is no such thing as a housing shortage. According to ANZ, excess demand in Auckland has persisted for the past few years and is, in fact, intensifying. “If housing supply does not respond soon this will lead to upward pressure on rents and house prices in the region”. On the 10th of July, the Herald carried an article under the headline “Banks start loosening mortgage restrictions”. All this bodes well for the future of property in the City of Sails.

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