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February 2013

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Presidents Dinner Recap Christmas Auction Donors Christmas Cruise Sponsors Dealer’s Traps To Be Aware Of Feature: Dick Sartor 2012 PCA OCR Holiday Harbor Cruise Ladies Christmas Soiree Once In A Century, 12-12-12 Book Review: BRM V16

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The Ladies were festive at their annual soiree

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On the Cover: Dick Sartor takes his 2000 911 out for a spin

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Breakfast Club and Board Meeting Ladies Garden Tour Woody’s BurgerBahn-HB Krispy Kreme Gathering AutoX-El Toro Porsches & Pancakes-Woody’s Lido

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Breakfast Club and Board Meeting AutoX-El Toro Woody’s BurgerBahn-HB 7pm Krispy Kreme Gathering Porsches & Pancakes-Woody’s Lido TBD Hearts and Garages Tour

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Breakfast Club and Board Meeting AutoX-El Toro Woody’s BurgerBahn-HB 7pm Krispy Kreme Gathering Porsches & Pancakes-Woody’s Lido DE at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway


Breakfast Club and Board Meeting Woody’s BurgerBahn-HB 7pm Krispy Kreme Gathering AutoX-El Toro Porsches & Pancakes-Woody’s Lido

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Breakfast Club and Board Meeting Woody’s BurgerBahn-HB 7pm Krispy Kreme Gathering Porsches & Pancakes-Woody’s Lido

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President’s Message Story by Gordon Williams

Greetings to all our members and associates! I hope everyone’s new year has gotten off to a great start. Rest assured that your Board of Directors and OCR volunteers are busy as can be planning the activities to fill out the new calendar. For those suffering from neophobia, this might be a tough year for you!

We are currently setting aside dates for our usual legacy social events, Concours, Julian, Holiday Cruise, etc., but we need your input on new destinations and activities. Please send your ideas to our Vice President Greg Lush at ocrtours@live. com with a tentative timeframe in which you would like your event to occur. Greg will take it from there. Remember that the 2013 activities will only be as good as the volunteers who lead them, so step up to the plate and take a swing! As you are reading this I am either in Kenya about to return home from my humanitarian trip, or I am brain dead at home still suffering from jet lag. Either way, I will make sure that we have some


of the photos from my experiences in next month’s magazine to satisfy those of you who have asked. Due to our printing deadlines, it will be impossible for me to provide them until our March issue. Thanks to all of you for your support and perhaps next year we can add such an excursion to our calendar. Also, the results of the board election were announced at the January breakfast club and, as expected, Monica Asbury, Ken Fredrickson and Gary Labb were elected to the board. I do want to say thank you to all of you that voted, and I’m sorry that the write in candidates did not garner enough support to make it on the board this time. So, Ferdinand Porsche, Ferdinand Magellan and Milton Berle, you have my sincere condolences. In closing, remember to say thank you to one of our volunteers this month and I’ll see you look forward to seeing you at one of our activities in February! See you on the road! Gordo

Contact Information

OCR Executive Board RennList Master Pete Lech

President - Gordon Williams

Treasurer - David Piper

Social Media Chair Gary Labb Sponsorship Director Bob Scheussler Tech Activities Director Cooper Boggs Web Coordinator Bob Scheussler

Vice President - Greg Lush

Membership Director - CL Jarusek

Member at Large - Ken Fredrickson Secretary - Monica Asbury

Concours Co-chairs TBD Goodie Store Manager Monica Asbury

Member at Large - Gary Labb

OCR Board Appointments Advertising Team Cooper & Nicole Boggs Autocross Co-Chairs Christine Newcomer Chuck Bartolon

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Rally Director Larry Moore

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The Zone 8 President’s Meeting Story by CL Jarusek

In the absence of our President Gordon Williams who is currently in Kenya on a humanitarian mission, I attended the Zone 8 President’s Meeting in Pomona on January 19th. This is an annual event that brings all of our Zone Presidents up on what is happening with PCA. The meeting is an all day event, and this year we were not even able to get all of the agenda items discussed. It was a long day, but very informative. I would like to

summarize some of the items that were discussed that may be of interest and should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will try to answer any questions and give you more information. One of the things that you will see change monthly is that Betty Jo and Leonard Turner, who have been editors of the Panorama for 43 years, are retiring and Pete Stout the current editor of Excellence magazine will be taking the reins as the new editor. You will see changes begin immediately. One of the biggest changes will be the size of the magazine. The Panorama will now become the same size as our Pandemonium. Did you know PCA is the only independent Club in the world that can legally use the Porsche Corporate Identity (i.e. crest, script name, etc.)

Please respect this and do not use their logos, name, or identifying materials without approval. I also learned that we are the exception and not the rule on how we get along with our sponsors, so please mention OCR whenever you visit them. One relevant discussion item was the increased use of social media. In this day of the internet social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. please be responsible on what you say, pictures you upload, and all of your entries. Please be careful not to do anything to embarrass the Club or the Porsche marque. A couple of fun things that are coming up are the Festival of Speed in April and the Escape that will be in Pomona in October. Both should be fantastic. I will do a more extensive report on all that I learned in next month’s Pando. Be assured, it is going to be a great year.


“An intimate knowledge of your Porsche is crucial during servicing or before a purchase.”

Late model Porsche experts Bosch authorized service center with master technician. “One of 200 in the world.” Not affiliated with Porsche NA or Porsche AG


Christmas Cruise Silent Auction Donors Intro by Peggy Huddleston Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to our many contributors listed below and on the right for the wonderful items and dollars that were donated for sponsorships and to be auctioned off during our PCA OCR Christmas Brunch Cruise. As you can see from the list consisting of Club Advertisers, Sponsors, generous businesses and club members; we had quite a variety of high quality donations displayed around the dining area. This was just the encouragement the attending Brunch cruisers needed to open their hearts and wallets to bid and up bid each auction item to its highest value. So with the help of all the donors and lucky auction item winners, our charity fund was blessed with approximately $2400 to add to our 2012 donation. Also, because of the abundance of donations, we included a bonus raffle giving away everything from bottles of wine to oil changes. All to say that PCA-OCR Charity has much to be thankful for and is proud of our members’ generosity toward our charity “SEMPER FI FUND”.

Semper Fi Charity Auction


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9 10 11 12 13 14

Item Description:

Donated By:


Tobin James Combo: 1 Night Stay in TJ’s B&B Signature Gold Plate, Bottle of Chardonnay Guacamole Party Basket Hand Crafted “Ikebana” Flower Bowl 356 SL Classic Chronograph Watch Pasolivo Olive Oils “Inspiration” Wine Pasolivo Oil Skincare Tote 4 Lanza Hair Products 2 Bottles “Inspiration” Wine Coffee Cup Planter w/ Teas & Coffees $30 Armstrongs Nursery Gift Card 1 night stay La Quinta Inn 2 Bottles Eberle Wine Porsche Gift Basket Invisashield Clear Bra

Tobin James Cellars


Cape Auto Oil Change & Bottle “Inspiration” Wine Garden Flag-a Month in Potted Tree Montana Silversmith Women’s Watch, Red Porsche Wallet & Key Ring

Item Description

Donated By:


15 16

Porsche Design Sunglasses “101 Projects for Porsche 911” Bottle Inspiration Wine

$175 $47


Pelican Parts Pelican Parts Pear Valley Winery Pelican Parts Pear Valley Winery

Cooper Classy Car Care $30 Mary Hong $35


“101 Projects for Porsche Boxster” Bottle of Inspiration Wine Christophorus Magazine Collection Steve Patterson

Circle Porsche



PANORAMA Magazine Collection Steve Patterson

Pasolivo Farms Pear Valley Winery Pasolivo Farms Grand Ave. Salon Pear Valley Winery Ron & Judy Lyons



La Quinta Inn Eberle Winery Walters Porsche European Collision Center Cape Auto Repair Pear Valley Winery Flags W/ A Flair & Peggy Huddleston Dick Sartor



$44 $90




$250 $650




$200 Certificate for Auto Service Bottle of Inspiration Wine “Pando” Featured Member Cover Bottle of Inspiration Wine Mission San Juan Cap. Family Membership Cape Auto Oil Change & Inspection Signed Framed Photo of USC’s Matt Barkley $100 Gift Cert. @ Racing Lifestyles Bottle of Inspiration Wine Headlamp & Foglamp Protective Film Package


$47 priceless priceless $220

Pear Valley Winery Pando Staff Pear Valley Winery


Mission San Juan Capistrano Cape Auto Repair


Joe Nedza Law Offices


Racing Lifestyles


Pear Valley Winery Sean Healand @ Ultimate Shield

$225 $175

The Auction items drew lots of attention and bidding wars. They were framed by the a beautiful backdrop of the shoreline of Newport Harbor


PCA OCR Holiday Cruise Sponsors Club Sponsors: Walter’s Porsche & Circle Porsche Platinum Event Sponsor European Collision Center Silver Event Sponsors

Autowerkes Cape Auto Repair Pamela Horton, Real Estate Broker TC’s Garage


Dealer’s Traps To Be Aware Of And How To Avoid Them Story by Dave Humphreys Freelance Journalist and OCR PCA member since 1999 As much as I (a.k.a. Robert E. Dodd) have enjoyed writing this series of articles on automobile leasing for you, it is time for me to relinquish the space so someone else might share their thoughts with you as well - so, this will be the last in the series. Please note that whether you decide to lease or buy, it is always prudent to proceed cautiously. Either way, you’re still signing a contract that will be binding upon you for some years to come: so “diligence” should be the watchword of the day. In an effort to assist you further, here are five (5) of the most dangerous traps in auto leasing to keep in mind. Price Doesn’t Really Matter Don’t you believe that for one second!! Your monthly lease payment will, in part, be based upon the final negotiated price of your Porsche - just as if you were buying the automobile. Don’t be afraid to shop around. As an example: A Porsche selling for final negotiated price of $85,000 (or, when leasing, a “capitalized cost” of $85,000) should have a residual value of approximately $51,000 at the end of three (3) years. Your monthly payments should be around $1,457 to cover this “depreciation” in the value of the automobile. But, if you can successfully negotiate the price down to $82,000 and maintain a residual value of $51,000 - then the monthly payments should drop to about $1.357. In this example, each month, you will save about $100 - or, $3,600 over the term of the lease. Certainly something worth considering. Oh, a word to the wise, never, ever begin negotiations if the dealer’s starting price (or, capitalized cost) is more than the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price). If the dealer quotes you a

beginning price greater than the MSRP, immediately (and politely) excuse yourself and find another dealer to do business with.

could, conceivably, avoid making any monthly payments at all. Hum...

The Interest Rate “Two-Step” There is no such thing as an annual percentage rate on an automobile lease. It doesn’t matter what you see in an ad or what the dealer tells you. If an APR (annual percentage rate) is listed, it is either illegal, inaccurate or is not an APR at all, but rather, a “money factor”. The “Two-Step” comes in when the salesman or dealer tries to confuse you about the APR; when in fact, he/she Beware the double talking salesman, it will cost you big will probably be quoting you time in the end the “money factor” or finance The Double-Cross charge. Leasing ads will frequently boast about Now, we have to be honest here. low monthly payments while neglecting The money factor is similar to (though to point out the front-end costs shown in not the same) as an interest rate; and the fine print. Remember, your real lease determines what you’ll be paying in costs aren’t just the amount you write on finance charges over the life of a lease. your check each month. You also need The higher the money factor, the more to factor in the up-front costs - including you’ll pay in finance charges. This is any down payment that may be required normally expressed as a decimal such to keep the monthly payments low. This as .00260 (not to be confused with 2.6% is a typical tactic. interest). As an example: If you were to put Having said that, let’s see how this $4,000 down on a 36-month lease, your actually works. For example: Let’s say real cost per month will be effectively that an unethical salesman boasts about $111 more than the monthly payment an APR of 2.6 percent. Then, when he quoted ($4,000 divided by 36 months). applies the “money factor” of .00260 to The dealer, then, could set the monthly his calculations, you notice that you’re payment on your Porsche incredibly low actually paying the equivalent of 6.24 just by jacking up the down payment: percent interest or APR. All you had to which, by the way, is often not required do was the math to discover that a money to close the deal. However, if a down factor of .00260 multiplied by 2400 (a payment (in any amount) is tendered, it constant) equals 6.24 percent - nowhere should reduce the advertised monthly near the 2.6 percent he/she quoted earlier. payment. Now, if you were to make a Time to seek out another dealer. large enough down payment (close to the Now, let’s say you want to work one that would normally be required if things in reversed. Our hypothetical you were purchasing the vehicle), you (Continued on Page 17)

Feature Article:

My First Loves Story by Richard Sartor

Old Blue

Porsche, Rodeo, Law Enforcement My love affair with Porsche started with the first 356 I ever saw when it passed my mother’s car in the 1960s. A few years later I learned it was lean, mean passing machine when it passed me in my triumph on a Four Banger road course hill-climbing event and that did it. Someday I would have me one. Years and three Triumphs later, I saw a toy car, which I believe was the first Targa introduced in the USA. Then, a year later I saw a real one, a Targa just like the toy that I still have, as it drove past me in Phoenix. It was a mustered color with a plastic folding rear window and it was so cool that I had to see it when it parked. Like anyone infatuated with something, I gave chase and followed it to a law office in downtown Phoenix. The owner was pleased to show off his new car and boasted a great deal about it. This was around 1968 or so. The next one I saw was in a James Bond movie. It was a little square car that I later found out was something called a Porsche 914. Now in the movie it looked so cool and was so fast, or so it seemed, and it had a top just like that Targa. Okay, I still wanted a Targa but this one was cool too. Now I didn’t give these two much thought as the years rolled on and I had seen the price of anything Porsche until the mid 80s. I was a police officer in a small Arizona Town and moonlighting as a voice for a radio station and live stage shows. I discovered a friend in the Lions Club in Buckeye who had

A 1971 914 with a 1.7 engine in it

had a car covered up next to his house for years. One day I asked what he had under there. He said he had a 914 that he had fixed up for his son a few years before but his son hated it so he simply covered it up. That is where I found “Old Blue”, my first Porsche, a 1971 914 with a 1.7 engine in it. The car was in poor shape. The paint was blue, I think, and looked to have been painted by the $99.95 guys. It could not sustain 55 mph on a freeway and it starved for fuel. It took me three years but when I sold it, it had twin Delardo 650s, new carpet and the seats done with Porsche wheels painted to match the metallic red paint job it now sported. It is still a wonderful little car, which is now owned by a friend. While working on the 914, Don Jackson of Don Jackson’s Enterprises of Phoenix called and asked if I was still interested in a Targa? I told him I was and drove into Phoenix to find what turned out to be my next car and the one I will always kick myself for selling. Don told me he has been servicing this car for many years Otto Bohn for an older man

from Sun City. Well folks, in Arizona it was normally a joke that a car had been driven by little old ladies from Sun City. I called the man and after some time talking it over, probably about two hours in all, I said I wanted the car, sight unseen. If Don said it was good, I knew it had to be great. Two days later I was dropped off at the owner’s house. We talked for a long time, say 10 minutes or so, and then I handed him a check. When he asked if I wanted to test drive it, I just said that if Don Jackson said it was good just give me the keys and I am gone. Heck, I had sent my ride off long before so I had best drive it home. Off I went; the proud owner of a 911SC Targa. I also forgot to

(Continued on Page 20)


RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE BROKER PORSCHE CLUB MEMBER SINCE 1984 Buying or Selling? Contact Pamela & Amanda We Can Help With All Of Your Real Estate Needs


Auto-X Corner:

The Autocross Secret

Story by Don Chapman

Brian Stuart 2008 Boxter S

All lined up for another day at the track

6:30am, December 9th, 2012, the last Auto- X for the year, started as a cold Southern California morning but quickly warmed as more and more Porsches checked into Tech Inspection. To start the day, Doughnuts and hot coffee awaited everyone as they said good morning and got their first glimpse of the day’s challenge. As I get older I find myself asking more and more, “ Where has the year gone? Is this really the last Autocross of the year?” This year the 2012 Walter’s Porsche Auto-X Championship Series consisted of 10 Autocross events and 2 track days. At every event I am surrounded by Porsche owners who enjoy sharing their passion and their Porsche experiences. This year we continued to see our Autocross group grow, as more and more Family’s enjoy the day together.

The day’s Tack Map showed the course would proved as challenging as ever This particular Sunday was as good as it gets. Dave Palmquist and Atilla Szagyi, our top course designers, put together one of the best play grounds for us. (see the course map)This unique course gave everyone one of the toughest and most fun driving challenges. To achieve a top time required patience, skill and lots of practice. Steve Abbott certainly had his hands full on his early morning course walk, giving everyone the driving tips needed to drive this course. Like all of the courses we drive at the El Toro Marine base, we

Vinh Nguyen readies his 2013 Boxter S

had lots of safe open space to carefully exercise our cars while improving our driving skills under the watchful eye of our Safety Steward Don Chapman. For newer participants, our Chief Driving Instructors, Rick and Dennis Neff, pair them up with seasoned drivers to help them navigate their way and ensure that their day is fun filled. Thank You to our Autocross event sponsor, Autowerks of Huntington Beach. Bruce Powers and everyone at Autowerks do a fabulous job supporting our Autocross events. This event he provided “Patio” style seating and a wonderful lunch of catered Hot Dogs with all the trimmings. All the better to watch as Christian Van Fleet, took top BRI of the day in his 1972 911T, just beating Anthony Napoli i n (Continued on Page 28)



2012 PCA OCR Holiday Harbor Cruise The first Christmas Brunch Harbor Cruise was a rousing success. The Yacht was resplendent in Christmas decorations and the food was equally excellent. Guests were treated to Boxster eye candy while waiting to board, provided by Club Sponsor Walter’s Porsche greeted with a champagne cocktail upon boarding and most headed immediately to the upper deck to choose their table and start bidding on the fabulous array of auction items. The silent auction drew intense bidding wars for many of the fabulous items (listed on page 6 ) and closed soon after Brunch was completed. Due to the beautiful, sunny sky (before the after cruise downpour), several of our gentlemen members made use of the front smoking deck for a cigar and treated interested marine guests to one as well. Through the generosity of our sponsors and our board, We were able to invite the marines who had assisted at our Toys 4 Tots event, the wounded warriors and Sempi Fi recipients. The downstairs lounge proved perfect for relaxing and getting to spread Christmas cheer with old and new members while viewing the beautiful harbor sights. There were some very excited winners among those who won the raffle, and rumor has it that our illustrious pres brought an important client who also won a raffle prize, (extra brownie points anyone)

Afterwards, President Gordon Williams welcomed and introduced our guests, thanked our sponsors & donors, and thanked everyone for coming and supporting both our club an or charity.

We wish to thank again our event sponsors, Walter’s Porsche, Circle Porsche represented by our favorite sales associate, Michele Larsson, Platinum Event Sponsor, European Collision Center and Silver Event Sponsors; Autowerkes, Cape Auto Repair, Pamela Horton, Real Estate Broker, TC’s Garage. All too soon, it was time to depart and say good-by to friends and family We thank all who attended and look forward to a bigger and better time next year.

Left - Ron & Toni from Platinum Sponsor, European Auto Collision Top - Ed and his daughter from Walter’s Porsche Right - Michelle Larsson of Circle Porsche

Ladies Christmas Soiree

Top: Monica, Angie and Dianne like the Party food Top: Super food made for super fun Right: Cindy picks her ornament Below: Pat and Angie share the laughter

Below: To steal or not to steal?

Party Pretties and the most stolen ornament

Rice’s Ramblings:

Evergreen 911 - CTR Ruf 991T- 918 Story by Lee Rice

I have been asked many times, why I favor the turbo Porsche so much and had little to write on regular 911s? Well, my last article started out with ignition timing for the 911SC –so there! And in actuality I like all 911s –well most of them anyway. I have almost no experience on the front engine and water-cooled Porsches. I have not owned one of them and don’t work on them like I do on the 911. I am one of the fanatics who never got enough of the basic 911, from its concept to its thirty-four year of production and evolution. I have seen how the genius of so many contributed to the 911 becoming an “evergreen” car so successful beyond anyone’s wildest imagination! So many times the 911 era was declared over, old, tired, unreasonable and too un-something to continue in production. However, the men and women from the Haus of Porsche held off so many times at the final order to cease production, mostly due to the screams of buyers and owners who wanted further refinements of the 911, not a new car! Especially not a whole new car like all the other fashionable, body-styled ‘same old - same old’ car companies out there. Most of the worlds ‘same old same olds’ spend fortunes to advertise how new and wonderful their new cars are and spend millions doing it. Like all those annoying car commercials we had

to endure during the Christmas Holidays. CTR - Yellowbird I find it hilarious they spend so much money and time trying to convince us to buy their car by driving off at full blast in snow and ice! Or, rolling a giant snowball down hill upon unsuspecting other cars. Or driving off a mountain road and ‘flying off into the air!’ “Funny,” as my 14 year old grandson said pointing to the TV screen. The tiny writing on the screen says, “Seriously- cars can not fly.” If he gets it, wouldn’t you think everyone else would too? I wonder what kind of cars and driving them people are motivated by from those commercials? But, back to the concept of the ‘evergreen 911’. Porsche is following suit as it did in 1965. That is Porsche sells what they engineer, drive and race. That is what Porsche does. Porsche spends their advertising on building and engineering a better car for all purposes, and I mean road driving and RACING! This is what brought Porsche to the attention of so many who paid dearly for a well engineered machine. Not flash ads for a redressed “same old – same old” things like everybody else! Yea, I know Porsche does golf and tennis tournaments too. (I admit I’ve got no answer for that one.) The evergreen 911 was saved more than once and one particular time I saw up close how a non-Porsche, I believe, saved the 911. Back in 1986, Alois Ruf was concerned that Porsche just might cease production of the 911 and end his supply of 911 chassis that he used for his own rebuilding and up grades in his tuner business back in his hometown in Germany. Alois asked Porsche, if they stopped production, could he order bare chassis and store them for his future customers? Now that is confidence


in a product! Porsche said they would think about it. And then Ruf and his engineers built a plain 911 Carrera with a narrow body, reinforced suspension, larger brakes, his own 17” wheels (RufSpeedline) and his own idea of a future engine. That was a 3.4 liter, single plug, twin turbo engine with digital engine management. The e.c.u. was admittedly a crude racing unit from a 956 racing engine, but it worked by using two fuel nozzles per cylinder. The twin turbo had two waste gates and a twin oil scavenge pump, an intake similar to the 3.2 Carrera high tube intake and two intercoolers - one in each fender. And Ruf designed and built a special aluminum oil tank mounted in front of the right rear wheel - like a 1972 911 did. This gave room for the right side intercooler. Ruf had already manufactured a kit to convert the Porsche turbo 4-speed tans axle into a strong Ruf 930/5-speed with a top speed of 225+ mph. Ruf’s new 911 version was called a “CTR”: C standing for “Gruppe C” (the racing class allowing twin turbochargers), T: turbo, R: Ruf. The CTR was invited to participate in Road & Track Magazine’s high speed “shoot out” to be run at the Volkswagen ultra high-speed test track. As most of you probably know, the press named the CTR Yellowbird for its spectacularly bright yellow paint. Yellowbird out ran every other car, including Ferrari’s newest and Porsches incredible, high technology 959. Porsche had to take notice of this ‘upstart’ taking one of their ‘old’ 911s and making it run faster, more stable and reliable than the best of theirs, or anybody else’s racing (Continued on Page 30)


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Dealer’s Traps To Be Aware Of : (Continued from Page 8) salesperson tells you he/she can equal the rate you’ve been offered by your financial institution. To confirm this, simply take the rate your lending institution offered you and divide it by 2400. Let’s say you were offered a rate of 6 percent. Divide this by 2400 and you’ll arrive at a money factor of .0025. Then ask the dealer for the money factor, because he/she will not normally volunteer this information. If the number is higher than .0025, you know he/she cannot equal the rate your bank quoted you. If a dealer refuses to disclose this important information to you (for whatever reason), find another dealer to work with. Mileage Migraines Most leases are written so as to include a certain number of miles that can be driven before any surcharge becomes applicable - usually 12-15,000 miles per year. However, dealers sometimes offer low-cost leases by setting the mileage limit quite low as well -- say, 7-10,000 miles annually. Typically, the surcharge for each mile over this limit is between 10 cents and 25 cents per mile. Rest assured, this can mount up in a hurry depending on your driving habits. As an example: Say you drive your Porsche 13,000 miles in lieu of the 10,000 allowed each year. At 20 cents for each additional mile you drove, you’ll owe $1,800 at the end of your three (3) year lease (9,000 excess miles times 20 cents per mile). That’s an extra $50 a month. As a solution to this scenario, a higher mileage limit could have been negotiated before signing the lease. Yes, it would have resulted in a slightly higher monthly payment, but, probably nowhere near the $50 per month extra that would otherwise have been assessed. So, be sure you know how many miles you will probably drive each year; and plan accordingly. Early Termination Albatross A dealer may lure a customer into a new lease by convincing them that they can get out of the lease before its term is up. And most assuredly, they could, but boy, will they pay dearly for it. It is not uncommon for a customer to have to pay

Beware of promises like getting out of your lease early at no extra cost

the difference between what the car is then worth, and what the customer has already paid on it. In other words, the customer is going to take it in the shorts. As an example: Say you’re leasing a $70,000 Porsche. After two years, you’ve made payments amounting to $28,000. However, the car has depreciated to $47,000 in market value during this time. To terminate the lease, you’ll probably have to pay the difference between what you’ve already paid ($28,000) and the amount that the car has depreciated to($47,000) or $19,000 plus some miscellaneous incidental costs to get out of the lease. What’s more, and you might want to hold on to your hat for this one, some leases require that any remaining payments be paid in full. If more than just a few months are left on the lease, these payments will quickly add up to a substantial sum. While the lessor may suggest “wrapping” or including these fees within a new lease, that’s by no means the smartest way to go. You’ll end up paying much, much more, and be

straddled with payments over a longer time period. Avoid this scenario at all costs! A far better solution would be to find someone who is both willing, and qualified, to take over the remainder of your lease payments - and there are companies who specialize in this type of service. Please note that you will have had to keep your Porsche in pristine condition (but then, you do that anyway - don’t you?) to qualify for this solution. Finally, if you have found these articles informative and would like to know more (and, believe me, there is much, much more to it), then you might want to visit www.automobileleasing101. com. Regardless of your decision, I would like to thank you for availing yourself of this series. Both myself, Robert E, Dodd and The Integration Marketing Group hope you have found them beneficial both now and in the future. As always, if you would care to, you may submit any comment(s) and/ or suggestion(s) you feel appropriate to

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Feature: My First Loves

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Dick takes his newest Porsche out for a spin in the gorgeous California sunshine

Beach. Dick is an old Tucson boy and knows Porsches inside out. Between he and his right hand office lady, Gloria, I feel well taken care of when I am out here. I have been in rodeos and also loved to watch rodeos for most of my life. Being an old cowboy trapped in the big city, as This little Targa will always be my favorite of the three Porsches they say, by the time you read this I will have gone to see some say it really was in Sun City and he was of the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas. an older retired naval officer. No, I did not drive the “Eggplant!” It is A few years later I inherited a little hard enough to get out of, at about 6-4 money and was able to purchase my and 250 pounds, as some of you have current car, a 2000 996 Cab. While I love witnessed already. Oh well, I did that my car, I will always love and miss my once and as much as I love my car I do Targa. His name was Otto Bohn. I miss not think I will do it again. my 914, which was always known as Since I come out here for a good Old Blue even though he was repainted portion of my time, I joined this club bright red, but there is no way it could rather than the one I had been with in come close to Otto. Arizona. I have felt welcomed here as if I My current 2000 996 Cab is a am a real member. I hope to remain such wonderful car and goes by Otto 11. As for years to come. I am still a member most know, I call the color Egg Plant of the Lions Club, past president, Elks as it is an unusual Porsche color named Lodge and past-exulted ruler and of Porsche Vesuvio Metallic. It is a little bit the American Legion as well as a Post of a driver but it is also very protected and advisor to a police explorer post for 19 garaged so I am still somewhat obsessed years. During my career, the things that I over it. Marcia, my lady, says I am enjoyed the most were being part of the “some other words” about it but I know Explorers, being a motor officer, and the you all know what I am saying. With this most fun was being a DARE instructor car I also discovered Rick or Dick Thorp for 18 years in the DARE (Drug Abuse of Pristine Motorsports in Huntington


resistance Education) program. Oh yes, I must say meeting and being with Marcia Salans here, whom I met at the National Finals Rodeo in 2005, is at the top of it all. I have also become a Civil War reenactor serving with the 2nd. Kentucky dismounted Calvary, Co. B right here in SoCal. One of the other things I love, aside from shooting targets, is my little collection. I have collected N gage trains now for 30 years or so and have some super little toys in this mass that I have collected. I also have a collection of toy Porsches and now have about a hundred or so. Starting with that first wind up Targa, which started this whole thing, to a little Porsche less than one inch long and less than a half in high, I have some goodies. My largest is a 996 R/C I got at a Radio Shack some years ago and the strangest one is about a one pound glass 911, through which you can see the seats and everything. My love for Porsches has never once faltered and while I will never have my old Targa back I have the warmest memories and I do get to see so many other Targas at our meetings and gatherings. The people of this club are warm and friendly and I enjoy you all, and my little car, oh yes, and Marcia Salans, who puts up with my obsession. I will see you soon at a meeting or event so until then, please be safe!



Rice’s Performance Porsches Specializing in 911 & 930

Repairs, Overahauls, Service & Upgrades Porsche Engine Specialist OEM Porsche Parts, ARP, Bosch, KKK Turbos, RUF



Once In A Century, 12-12-12 Intro By Maryann Marks A once in a lifetime event made a perfect opportunity for Auto-x event sponsors The flying L Ranch to throw a fabulous party at 12:12 for their friends and car loving cronies! I mean, really, how often does 12-12-12 come around, The cloudy skies and ever-present threat of rain did not deter Lisa Taylor & Tom Riding’s guests from enjoying their hospitality, lunch and the super-lucious Martinis served by Santa’s helpers pouring the concoction through an ice sculpture of a Martini glass. And then their were the cars! The parking lot was full of colorful porsches (all with designated drivers - poor souls) and the display of Lisa &Tom’s porsches, along with the Martini racing fleet kept the crowd oogling and awing for the better part of the afternoon.

OCR Membership Anniversaries [6 years or more]

41 Years Michael & John Nelson

Adam & Ilana Meislik Jim & Patricia Harris

31 Years Frank & Kimberly Luer

7 Years Mark & Anna-Lisa Lonier Chuck & Alexandra Bartolon Todd Groth Attila Szilagyi & David Strand

26 Years Lyle Dawn & Cynthia McGranahan 19 Years Robert & Eileen Young 17 Years Ronald & Kay Cook 16 Years Cooper & Nicole Forrest Boggs James Koch Michael & Stacy Schlinger 15 Years Edward & Elisa Tyrrill Mike & Kris Burns 14 Years Noble & Peggy Frye Darrell & Tami Erwin Jim Freeman 13 Years Jeffrey & Hariet Zone Craig & Jessica Doty Michael Shaw Mark & Virginia Williams Gerald Barnes & Tom Coffey Richard & Christiane De Rose Anthony Mork 12 Years Glen & Mindy Christensen David & Maureen Vadman Doug Dodge 11 Years Rod & Patricia Taylor 10 Years Walt & Dolorie Thurner Warren & Priscilla Faubel Farhad & Darrin Ansari James & Ellen Chiboucas 9 Years Michael & Gloria Sullivan Foti & Andrea Defterios George Weigand 8 Years Bob & Susan Stockwell Craig & Janice Moreland Gerry & Katy Crews Mark & Cynthia Mitchell Kevin & Ginny Landry


6 Years Thomas Liguori Dennis & Karrie Ferguson Jeff & Cheryl Osborn Edwin Erbe Jeremy Bernath & Eric Calistra Keith Greer Peter & David Kline Ken Wells Stu & Ruth Ann Stark Christopher & Samantha Barrington

New Members and Transfers Ryan Anselmo Foothill Ranch/1985 944 Betim Berisha & Joey Seely Huntington Beach/Unknown Randall & Alexander Dennis Yorba Linda/2007 Carrera S David Everitt Brea/1983 911 SC Steve & Sandy Klein Corona/2004 996

Mary & Curt Luby La Habra/1992 911 James & Marleen Quandt Coto De Caza/2013 911 Jeff & Joanne Stoecker Laguna Woods/2003 911 Joe & Jennifer Titterud Tustin/1985 911 Peter Warren Dana Point/1986 928 Jon & Debbie Wiegel Anaheim/2012 Carrera GTS Transfers into OCR Kambiz Mehdipanah Fullerton/1977 911 Transfer from Riverside(RIV) Bill & Leigh Sentenac Seal Beach/1998 993 Targa Transfer from Arizona(AZ) Jeff & Terri Zwart Irvine/1970 914-6 Transfer from Redwood(RED)

Breakfast Club/New Members Photos by Pamela Horton

Each month the Club meets at Original Mike’s Restaurant in Santa Ana for breakfast and to view each other’s cars. The new members attending the November 2012 breakfast are pictured below with their Porsches along with member’s cars at some other events. Location details for the Breakfast Club appear on the back cover of this magazine. We thank Original Mike’s for their support.

Blake Bailey & Patricia Corrales - Green 1974 914

Ed & Gloria McNamee - Black 2002 GT2

Betim Berisha - Red 1985 911 A festive group of porschephiles gathered at Woody’s Diner for food, fun & car talk.

Breakfast Club Meeting on 11/03/12 parking lot


Book Review:

BRM V16 In Camera by Anthony Pritchard, published 1 November 2012, by Haynes Publishing, UK. Review by Bruce Herrington This is a truly remarkable book. It not only explores all the nuances of the controversial British Racing Motors program, but presents a glimpse of the ‘glory’ days of Formula 1 Racing as a sport, not a business. The BRMs, sometimes called (erroneously) “the Flagship of the British Motor Industry”, were built for the 1947-51 racing regulations (which had been announced before the war). Yet, the car was not publicly displayed until 13 May 1950, and not ‘raced’ until 26 August, where it failed to complete a lap. This book presents the story of how indifferent (in several senses) management doomed the project from the start. The BRM V-16 was promoted (or perhaps ‘allowed to be promoted’) as a National car, with all the best brains and all the biggest firms in British motoring-engineering getting together to produce their idea of what the perfect racing car should be. But in fact it was the product of second (or third, or...) rank designers and only a hand full of private firms provided meager financial support. But then maybe the problem was not the design nor the financing,

(Continued on Page 34)


h 10t

ers niv



To commemorate our 10th anniversary we have combined all our favorites into two exciting Autobahn Adventures Our all-inclusive tours feature the new 911 Carrera and include gas, insurance and preprogrammed navigation Experience some of the most Luxurious hotels in Europe. Enjoy banquet dinners with gourmet food and fine wines Go behind the scenes at the Porsche factory and museum in Stuttgart. Drive the Autobahn - No Speed Limit Come join the party and help us celebrate on one of our incredible Luxury European Driving Tours

For the complete itineraries visit our website at or call us at 714.9640280


Law Offices of Joseph C. Nedza Retired O.C. Deputy District Attorney Former DMV Special Investigator

Telephone: (949) 355-2943 Facsimile: (949) 640-7434 email:

Criminal Defense Free initial consultation Free referrals to all other fields PCA/OCR member

Access Insurance Bonds, Inc. Bob Nimtz Insurance Center “Professional Insurance Services Since 1976�

Call: 866.643.3808 Email: Robert R Nimtz, Broker CA DOI #0527177




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his 911 Turbo by .019 seconds! And Greg Lush took Top Time Of the Day in his Red 1993 964 RS America. Great Driving by both gentlemen to finish out the year. I am sure at this year’s Award Party Christian and Greg, along with many other drivers, will be receiving their First Place Trophies and Jackets for their Top Finishes throughout the year. As it has throughout this year, the day runs smoothly; drivers compare driving notes with each other and quickly figure out the “fast” way around our track. To get an idea on how well everyone drives in our club, the Top 10 drivers of the day, in Order, were Greg Lush, 1993 RS America, Christian Van Fleet, 1972 911T, Steve Abbott, 1999 Corvette (Steve is our 1 Porsche exception because he does so much for our club!) George Pappagelis, 2004 996, Christine Newcomer, 2007 Caymen S, Rod Taylor, 1969 911T, Eric Budai, 1976 911, Hi Ly, 2007 GT3, Carl Vanderschuit, 1998 Boxter and Dave Waddell, 1975 911S. All were within 1.4 seconds of each other with cars spanning almost 40 years! Enough cannot be said for everyone on the Autocross team. Christine Newcomer and I would like to thank them for the time and effort everyone has put into this year to make it so successful and fun. The Emeriti; Greg Lush, Steve Eguina, James Buck and Bob Scheussler, Safety Don Chapman, CDI’s Rick and Dennisf, Equipment Eric Budai, Registration Armand Gastelo, Track Design Attila Szilagyi

Christian Van Fleet burns in the turns


Greg Lush proved his skills as fastest driver of the day

Hi Ly took his 2007 GT3 into the top ten finishers and Dave Palmquist, Tech Inspection, Christian and Kevin Van Fleet, Timing, Chris Barrington, Chis Scheussler, Lori trotter, and John Ortiz and “Fast Freddie” Ken Fredrickson. Without these people and everyone who steps up throughout the day to lend a hand, no Autocross could happen.

Let the games begin!

The 2013 Walter’s Porsche Auto X Championship Series , yes, Walter’s will once again be our Series Sponsor, Thank You Walter’s!, will be even better as we bring on new Sponsors, New Autocross Team Members, and continue to have El Toro as our Play Ground. So Please, as you plan your new year of 2013, come out and spend a great day with people who love sharing their passion for their Porsches.



Rice’s Ramblings:

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2012 Porsche 911

and engineering department. That had to sting! Porsche saw something and refined their 911 into the 1990 Carrera 2/4 and with turbos of 3.3 and then 3.6 liters. Then they designed the 1995- 993, then the 993tt (twin turbo). The 993/993ts, I think, are the best 911s ever made. Now today, Porsche has re-invented the 911 all over again. The new 991 has proven to be not just a body job but an entirely new car based on the rear engine boxer-six concept with proven mechanics. The 991, like the 996 &

997, is an entirely new car from the 911s of 1965-1989. All great cars and proven on the street, road and race track (only the Turbo versions were a no-show from Porsche on the race track?) The 991 has come along again looking better than ever with bigger everything. Maybe it’s a matter of viewing, but I think it is the best looking 911 since the 993, though it is noticeably bigger. And do we see a 991 turbo coming our way soon? Then a GT3? And twin turbo GT-2? Thinking back to the RUF CTR, I have to think Porsche is more respectful of the concept pioneered by Ferdinand Porsche that no one seems to ever walk away from. That concept works as well today as it ever did. And my Ruf Automobile

My Ruf Automobile Christmas card 2012

Sat. Feb 2 El Toro, Irvine


Christmas card 2012 proudly shows their new RUF 991 TURBO! The ‘911 world’ seems to have a long, long future, or is it just dejavu –all over again? The future is also coming with Porsche’s 918 concept/ special road/ racing car. Using technology that is being proven and refined by the day and will be on our roads within the year. And I predict, soon, every Porsche and every same old – same old car will be using some of this new technology, but as we know not as well as Porsche does!



the Cars of 12-12-12:


(Continued from Page 23)



Book Review:

(Continued from Page 26)

but the testing program. For whatever reason, the cars failed but the BRM remained the darling of the media, and somehow the realities never slipped out until it was too late. Anthony Pritchard has been writing about motor racing for over 50 years and has had over 60 books published. His series of “In Camera” books, which couple in-period motor racing photographs with a very readable text, captures the atmosphere of motor racing in the long lost era of ‘gentlemanly’ competition. Included are a great number of pictures from that era when the press could get up close and personal with the cars and the crews. These photographs clearly indicate the difference between racing conditions then and now, showing the very rudimentary helmets, polo shirts, very open cockpits with sides cut down specifically so that the elbows could


‘hang out’ when the very large diameter steering wheels had to be wrestled with, and the rain! In the BRM V16 era, almost a majority of the Formula 1 races took place in the very wet and dreary British Isles. Another example of how the motor racing world has changed, the pictures in this book show wining drivers sipping champagne from the trophy cup and then handing it back to the race ‘patron’ for his sip. Few history books are page turners but the twists and turns of the BRM saga make this very hard to put down. Particularly interesting are the bios interspersed in the text, a virtual who’swho of the well-known but rarely profiled engineers, designers and managers of various motorsports ventures. There is Porsche content – several references are made to, and several photographs show, the “Porsche derived front suspension”.

Biographies and pictures of the drivers (including Fangio, Moss, etc.) involved in the V16 program are collected into a single appendix where they are arranged in alphabetical order for easy reference. Four technical appendixes cover BRM racing history in detail, as well as technical specifications and engineering studies/reports on the engine and the supper-charging process. This book is 9 x 11 inches in size, contains 338 pages, over 400 photographs and should now be available from your favorite bookseller; ask for it, for $96.00, or from

Classified Ads FOR SALE: 930- 911 TURBO

The 2nd Oldest “E” in Existence! VIN #1192000008; ENG #6290034. 5-spd 901 gearbox. Original paint, Certificate of Authenticity, numbers matching. $33,490. . Paul 714/335-4911; OCR (1).

‘79 930 Turbo Coupe, Silver/Black lthr, 27K original miles! 2 owners, no accidents, full documentation and receipts back to 1979. Excellent condition. $59,999. Alex 310/742-5540; LAR (2) 2006 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, Blue, 13K mi. Pristine condition. $68,500. Marc 603/6824904; NHR (2). 2007 911 Turbo Coupe, Black/Tan lthr, 19K mi. 6spd, sport chrono, navigation, recently serviced. $79,500. Robert 310/575-7070; . LAR (2).

FOR SALE: LATE MODEL 911993-986-996-997 ’94 911 Carrera 3.8 RSR Coupe, Guards Red/Castrol Livery. ’95 IMSA GTS-2 Champion. 1of 51 Factory built Carrera 3.8 RSR race cars. Racing ABS, Motronic eng mgmt, Premier fuel cell, air jacks, cockpit adj rollbars frt/rear. All engine work by ANDIAL & Alwin Springer. $349,000. Dave Mohlman, 305/582-9723. GGR (1)

FOR SALE: 911--1970s ‘70 911 E Coupe, Signal Orange (1414)/ Black with rare Original Factory Signal Orange plaid sport seats, 108K mi. VIN #9110200180, ENG# blank case (Factory warranty exchange in 1970). Less than 15,000 miles on engine rebuild. 5-spd 901 gearbox. Most receipts since new. $64,990. Paul 714/335-4911;

‘70 911 E Coupe, Albert Blue (1818)/ Black with Houndstooth Inserts, 77.1K mi. VIN #9110220637; ENG#6201080. Less than 100 miles on complete engine rebuild. Less than 5,000 miles on full cosmetic restoration. 5-speed 901 gearbox, numbers matching, Certificate of Authenticity. All receipts since new. $73,990. Paul 714/3354911; OCR (1)

FOR SALE: EARLY 911--1960s ‘67 911 S Coupe, Blood Orange/Tangerine (R2002/Black leatherette w/Houndstooth, 81K mi. VIN #308224S, ENG #962018, TRAN# 105004 (901/02). Numbers matching. 5-spd manual (901 Close Ratio). Original EMPI prepared Porsche driven by Bob Bondurant at Riverside Raceway. 3-owner SoCal car. Fresh restoration, no accidents/no rust. $139,990 . Paul 714/3354911; OCR (2).

‘69 911 E Coupe Barnfind, Tangerine (6809)/Black leatherette, 67.2K mi.

‘72 911 RS Touring Conversion, Lilac (Royal Purple) (6969)/Black Leatherette, 2.3K miles since rebuild. 3.0L short stroke/ twin plug engine, 5 spd manual 915 gearbox. $54,990. Paul 714/335-4911; paul@ OCR (2).

’73 911 Carrera RS Lightweight, Grand Prix White/Black lther/Red Carerra graphics and whls. 52.7K mi. 2.7L, M471 option car. LSD. One of 200 Factory Lightweights built. This is the real deal. Vin# 9113601517 late production cars. Stored in a museum for


34 years. Very original and unrestored. $545,000. . Dave Mohlman, 305/5829723. GGR (2)

‘75 911 Carrera Coupe, Silver Metallic (Z2)/Blue/Black (16) Leatherette, 41.9K mi. 5 spd. Sunroof, Factory Sport Seats/ rear tail delete. VIN # 9115400013; ENG# 6450044; Transmission# 150071. All numbers matching, Certificate of Authenticity. $47,490. . Paul 714/3354911;

FOR SALE: 911--1980s ‘89 911 Carrera Coupe, Stone Grey Metallic (U8U8)/Black lthr, 164.5K mi.(looks more like 65,000 miles). California car from new. G50 5-spd manual, no accidents, numbers matching. $23,990. Paul 714/335-4911; paul@ OCR (1).

‘89 911 Speedster, Guards Red/Black lthr, 43.9K mi. 1 of 823 Built for North America. 5-spd G50 manual trans, XD4 crested rim caps, 018 sport steering wheel, elevated hub, 160 radio Charleston. 2owner CA car. No accidents, PCA member owned. $87,490. Paul 714/335-4911; OCR (2).

FOR SALE: 924-928-944-968 ‘93 968 Coupe M030 Sports Chassis, Amazon Green Metallic (N7N7)/ Magenta lthr (VE), 80.6K mi. 6spd manual trans, 3Owner CA car. No accidents, Certificate (Continued on Page 36)


Classified Ad Rates PCA Members - No charge for 2 times in the Pandemonium (2 consecutive months, photos free) Non-PCA Members - $10 for 2 times in the Pando (2 consecutive months; $5 extra for a photo) Make checks payable to: PCA/OCR Please contact Bob Weber at 714-960-4981 at 714-960-4981 or

Classifieds Contd: of Authenticity. $16,990. Paul 714/3354911; OCR (1).

Index of Advertisers Access Insurance Bonds------------------------------ 27 Al Reed Specialty Polishing-------------------------- 22 American Collectors Insurance---------------------- 34 Anaheim Hills Auto Collision----------------------- 31 Autobahn Adventures -------------------------------- 26 AutoKennel------------------------------------------- IBC Autowerkes--------------------------------------------- 32 Bill Brewster------------------------------------------- 10 Cape Auto Repair-------------------------------------- 16 Circle Porsche-----------------------------------------IFC Cooper’s Classy Car Care---------------------------- 21 David Piper, CPA - ------------------------------------ 22 Doorshield--------------------------------------------- 10 Einmalig------------------------------------------------ 33 European Collision Center---------------------------- 7 Fabricante Auto Body------------------------------- IBC

Fairview Mortgage Capital----------------------------- 3 Ful Sail Graphics & Marketing---------------------- 22 Hergesheimer------------------------------------------- 33 Integrity Motorcars-------------------------------------- 5 Law Offices of Joe Nedza---------------------------- 27 Pamela Horton, Surterre Properties----------------- 10 Pelican Parts-------------------------------------------- 16 Racing Lifestyles-------------------------------------- 29 Rice’s Performance Porsche-------------------------- 22 State Farm Insurance/Bill Petersen----------------- BC Sundial Window Tinting------------------------------ 22 TC’s Garage-------------------------------------------- 10 The Helmet Man--------------------------------------- 22 Ultimate Shield---------------------------------------- 31 Walter’s Porsche----------------------------------- 18-19 Wells Fargo--------------------------------------------- 16

Would You Like to Advertise in Pandemonium? For Rates and Availability Call Cooper Boggs at (714) 505-3662 or email Nicole Forest-Boggs at

FOR SALE: CAYENNE & Boxster 2003 Boxster S, Midnight Blue Metallic w/Metropol Blue Top/Natural Brown lthr, 14.9K mi. Tiptronic, 1-owner SoCal car. Original paint/no accidents, Certificate of Authenticity. $24,990. Paul 714/335-4911; OCR (1).

2005 Cayenne S, Crystal Silver Metallic/ Steel Gray lthr, 133.7K mi. 6-spd Tiptronic S trans, SoCal car. $14,990. Paul 714/3354911; OCR (2).


FOR SALE: 912 ‘69 912 Coupe, Light Ivory/Black leatherette, 147.9K mi. 4 sp, SoCal car. VIN # 129023254 ENG# 4096435. Numbers matching, 2 owners for 40 yrs. $17,990. Paul 714/335-4911; paul@autokennel. com. OCR (2).

‘76 912E Coupe, VIN# 9126000645, Midnight Blue/ Tan interior, 105.4K mi. Runs great, Engine 2.0L in excellent condition, just replaced all hoses, Must see to appreciate. $25,000, Noble Frye 949/ 496-3366; OCR

MISCELLANEOUS RACING CLUB MEMBERSHIP FOR SALE: Club Spring Mountain Charter membership for sale. Equity based, full access to facilities in Pahrump, NV. $35,000 asking price, monthly dues $104.50, 20 guests per month and organized racing and track access. Steve Werner 949/457-1683 home; 714/342-8853 cell; stevenwerner@ OCR (2

Porsches Around Town:

A UT O K E N N EL “Your Consignment Specialists!� There is hassle and time involved in selling your own car these days. Why not have the professionals at AutoKennel help you get more money for your vehicle? We will take the hassle out of it by dealing with tire kickers, fraud, and the DMV for you! We are a liscensed/bonded California dealer that specializes in most European models. We also offer customized Vehicle Locating Services. Paul Kramer, Ed Kramer 714-335-4911 By Appointment Only 1974 Charle Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

I-Car Platinum Certified Technicians

26341 Dimension Drive Lake Forest, Ca 92630

FABRICANTE Serving all of Southern California!


Phone: (949) 859-8639

Mercedes Benz Certified Collision Shop

Proud Sponsor of

Proud Partner of

Porsche Club of America Orange Coast Region P.O. Box 6726 Huntington Beach, ca 92615-6726

Dated Material: Please deliver by 2/10/2013


Current Resident

Three good reasons to insure your cars with State Farm. Call for a quote on your Porsche, business or personal insurance and receive a full-size Rand McNally Road Atlas‌.Free! Good service. Good price. Good neighbor agent. Office: (949) 855-8325 Bill Petersen, Club Member Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.

Serving Porsche Club members since 1981

State Farm Insurance Companies 23101 Moulton Parkway, Ste. 103 Laguna Hills, California 92653

PCA-OCR Pandemonium - February 2013  

February 2013 issue of the Porsche Club of America - Orange Coast Region's Pandemonium magazine

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