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Achieving 20% growth year on year is the hallmark of high growth businesses GrowthAccelerator is designed to support businesses achieve stretching goals

PCA Empowers Leaders to Enhance their Businesses

About GrowthAccelerator GrowthAccelerator is a new, premium service that will help England's brightest growing businesses achieve their ambitions with rapid, sustainable growth. It’s a partnership between private enterprise and government. And it’s affordable. GrowthAccelerator's network of world-class growth experts work side by side with leaders of highgrowth potential small and medium businesses to provide them with the know-how and ability to achieve sustainable growth. The service will help discover the real issues that could be holding businesses back, define the right growth plan and open doors to world class business experts and networks. Whatever these businesses need to speed and sustain growth, GrowthAccelerator will help drive them forward.

What will my business get from GrowthAccelerator? How can I grow sales more quickly? Where do I get funding? Where are the new ideas that will galvanise my business? These are questions all good business leaders ask on their way to even greater success. Together we’ll find the answers and get you there. Our experts and coaches will help you: •

Appreciate your true potential for growth and set achievable goals

Identify and overcome the barriers holding you back

Attract investment by developing your funding proposition and introducing you to funders

Stimulate product development, commercialise your innovation and motivate your employees

Energise your plans with one-to-one leadership and management advice

Meet peers who’ve tackled the same barriers as you

Connect with business experts and networks to achieve insight and build relationships

PCA Empowering Leaders

Our growth experts Our aim at PCA is to work with 300 businesses over three years and we have built an unrivalled team of PCA Growth Coaches responsible for identifying ambitious, high growth potential businesses and working with them to unlock the potential for growth that these exciting businesses promise. Our Growth Coaches: Have been trained and assessed by PCA. Most will have qualified as coaches on the world renowned Adler International Learning coaching programmes – a school specialising in coaching and psychology. Many will have additional coaching qualifications and use psychometric assessment tools. Have proven track records in helping small and medium sized companies accelerate and sustain their growth, in every size, region and sector. Have made the same journey themselves so they know what it’s like to fight for success. Know when to talk, when to listen, and how to lead you to ideas that will transform your business.

The GrowthAccelerator Growth Managers A consortium of consulting companies oversees the management (and measure the success) of the Growth Accelerator programme. This consortium has employed regional Growth Managers who work with selected Growth Coaches like PCA to ensure that eligible companies and coaches are matched up and held accountable for progress. PCA coaches have an excellent relationship with regional Growth Managers and those specialists who cover innovation and access to finance. Your PCA coach will help you apply to be involved in the programme and introduce you to the most appropriate Growth Manager. PCA Coaches are committed to the GrowthAccelerator programme. Occasionally a Growth Manager may recommends that you work with a coach other than an approved PCA Coach. PCA will respect and not contest this recommendation although companies can request to work with the PCA Coach rather than the alternative coach recommended.

PCA Enhancing Businesses

Eligibility To be eligible, businesses need to be registered in England with fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than £40m. Is your business eligible? Visit to take our simple online test to find out.

What do I have to invest? GrowthAccelerator is a partnership between private enterprise and government which means the service can be kept affordable. Because Government is investing with you in the growth of your business, the cost to you is significantly reduced. Your investment in GrowthAccelerator will reflect the size of your business: 1 - 4 employees – £600 5 - 49 employees – £1,500 50 - 249 employees – £3,000

How do I apply? Your PCA coach will assist you in the application process. Our excellent understanding of the eligibility requirements, application process, required documentation and our personal relationships with the Growth Managers enables clients to have the very best chance of being accepted on the programme. We are able to work with you in looking at your business and identify the opportunities for growth as well as how the challenges might be overcome. This thinking is critical to a quick approval. The other important part is to review your accounts for the last few years and from this gain a good idea of your growth potential.

PCA Empowering Leaders

How does coaching benefit the business bottom line? Businesses who seek external advice and information are 14% more ambitious and 50% more successful than those who don't. (BIS 2010) Coaching is proven - 92% said it has a positive impact on the bottom line (CIPD). 80% of businesses that sought external advice expect to grow in the next two to three years compared with 67% of businesses that didn't. (BIS 2010)

Coaching is proven to help businesses to maximise their growth potential – some brief case studies Business development coaching: Greenray Manufacturing worked with a coach to reshape its business strategy and energise growth. As a result the business is forecast to grow by an average of 33% year on year over the next five years with plans to recruit an additional 14 people this financial year to meet current workload. Unlocking funding: Launched in 2007, Huddle has quickly become a leading force in web-based collaboration for business. Working with a coach specialising in access to finance the business raised £2m in early investment and as a result has grown from two people in 2007 to over 100 in 2012. They are expecting to triple the size of the team over the next 12 months. Creating new products and services: Automotive design specialists, Gordon Murray Design, launched in 2007 and needed help to commercialise their innovative idea. With the help of a coach who fully understood the IP landscape and product development process from personal experience, the business's turnover has grown from launch in 2007 to £6million today. They are also now working with the top ten automotive manufacturers and looking to expand to Brazil.

PCA Enhancing Businesses

Leadership and Management Companies accepted onto the GrowthAccelerator programme have access to significant support for training of senior management to support the growth of the business which is being supported by PCA coaching. Up to £2000 matched funding is available for every senior manager in your business.

Training from PCA to support GrowthAccelerator Clients Leadership We believe that leaders are neither born nor made. We believe that every individual has the potential to be a great leader. PCA empowers individuals to successfully step up to the challenge by addressing the key requirements of leadership      

Understanding – what leadership is Incentive – the motivation to become a leader aligned to a clear business purpose opportunity – identifying the leadership need in your business support – the development of leadership aptittude skills – a plan to develop and practice leadership and management training – structure programme encompassing, knowledge, models, tools and techniques

Management We train managers to effectively achieve a successful balance between resources, completion of tasks, team performance, adherence to processes and development of client relationships. The speed at which technology and markets are changing requires managers to be at the very top of their game in order to achieve business goals.        

Courses include Growth – sales and marketing Change management Communication People and performance Strategy Planning Team Development

Most training programmes are either just one or two days in duration although more advanced programmes may include a series of these short courses in combination over a three or six month programme Bespoke programmes can be designed for individual organisations and either individual leaders or management teams. For more information contact your local PCA consultant

PCA Empowering Leaders

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Dr John Collins email John m: 07802 208166

West: Andy Willmore email Andy m: 07891 084434 PCA and GrowthAccelerator

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PCA Enhancing Businesses

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PCA Growth Accelerator Coaches  

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