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November 11, 2013 Volume 2, Issue 1

The PC Connection A newsletter created to promote and share the activities and experiences our students gain from opportunities provided to them by the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (HWCOM) and the Panther Communities (PC).

Student Highlights

Student Highlights: Peer Mentoring Primary Care Week Fit & Well Program Mammography Art Initiative Panther Jeopardy 'HDQVÂś&XS Alumni News NEW

Our Panther Communities: ‡ Anderson Community: Northwest Miami ‡ Hippocrates Community: Miami Gardens ‡ Pasteur Community: Opa Locka ‡ Semmelweis Community: Northeast Miami

Editor: Jessica Lewis Panther Community Coordinator

New Peer Mentoring Network Makes Class of 2017 Feel at Home After finishing their first year at HWCOM, M2s Alexandra Kovar, Cynthia Lopez, Matthew Gates, and Punya Narain saw a need to further integrate the various classes at HWCOM. They created and established the Peer Mentoring Network to form a cohesive student-tostudent support system within the Panther Communities. ³Since FIU HWCOM is a new medical VFKRROWKHUHKDVQœWEHHQHQRXJKWLPH for traditions, integration, and a distinct culture to be cultivated. We hope that the Peer Mentoring Network (PMN) will help aid in the goal to create a more unified, close-knit, FIU HWCOM FRPPXQLW\´VD\V$OH[DQGUD.RYDU0 PMN student leader. The PMN aims to SDLULQFRPLQJ0œVZLWK0PHGLFDO VWXGHQWVLQD³%LJ%URWKHU/LWWOH%URWKHU´ VHWWLQJ7KLVSDLULQJDOORZVWKH0œVWR have a role model, confidante, and friend to help the transition into medical school and life in Miami. It also allows the M2 to take on a leadership role and give tips and recommendations he or she has gained as a second year PHGLFDOVWXGHQW³7KHXOWLPDWHJRDOLV that over time a lineage will be established so that there will be an M4, 00DQG0LQHDFK³IDPLO\´7KLV will help integrate the classes and keep the M3 and M4 medical students more involved in FIU HWCOM outside their individual classes. The long term goals of the PMN include better acclimation into medical school during orientation

The first Peer Mentoring Network social and networking event during orientation week held at Tarpon Bend in Coral Gables. Over 100 M1 and M2 students attended to meet each other and make mentor/mentee connections.

and the first year of medical school, creating a close-knit FIU HWCOM community, and building a tradition that will be a distinct part of FIU +:&20œVKLVWRU\´ The PMN is centered on the Panther &RPPXQLWLHVVRWKDW0œVDUHRQO\ PDWFKHGZLWK0œVZLWKLQWKHLU Panther Community. This relationship will also help promote the importance of the PCs with their academic, social, and community service components. The PMN is in its inaugural year and is currently PDWFKLQJ0œVZLWK0œVWKDWKDYH volunteered to participate in the program; over 140 students are currently being matched between the two classes.

The PC Connection At a glance: @FIUMedicine Instagram Primary Care Week at HWCOM! October 7 ¹ 11, Primary Care Week, originally Primary Care Day in 1994, was established during the first primary care crisis in the HDUO\œVZKHQWKHULVHRI managed care caused concern that not enough students were going into primary care. The American Medical Student Association, $PHULFDQ0HGLFDO:RPHQœV Association, OB-GYN, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatric ³ILXILUVW\HDUPHGLFDOVWXGHQWVDVVHVVLQJ interest groups combined efforts to help improve the their peers for the possiELOLW\RIVWURNH´ visibility of primary care and community-oriented primary

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care within the academic health professions. ³3ULPDU\&DUH Week gave multiple HWCOM interest groups an opportunity to work together to explore and showcase a wide range of issues in a field of medicine that is becoming increasingly important to the healthcare V\VWHP´VD\V$06$&RPresident, Hauchie Pang (M2). Primary Care Panel Hosted by Dr. Greer The goal of supporting Primary 1DWLRQ´SUHVHQWDWLRQRQ3XEOLF Care Week is to reinforce Health Basics, a primary care +:&20œVmission, and the commitment of students already panel hosted by Dr. Greer, ³<RXWK6XSSRUWDQGSuicide interested in primary 3UHYHQWLRQ´E\WKH<(6,QVWLWXWH care. Events during Primary and hands-on skills session on Care Week included; a pelvic and cancer screenings. VFUHHQLQJRI³:HLJKWRIWKH

Medical Student Fit & Well Program Receives Grant

³:HKDGDVWURQJPHGLDOVtudent presence DWWKLV\HDUœV$PHULFDQ&ROOHJHRI Surgeons Clinical Congress in Washington DC Including a poster submission by M3 'XVWLQ/DQJ´

The HWCOM Fit & Well program started off the year with a generous gift of $500 from the Parents and Family Association. The donation will help support their programs and bring in trained professionals to teach the medical students about health and wellness and SURYLGHSURJUDPPLQJÂłWith all the stresses of medical VFKRROLWÂśVHVVHQWLal to have programs that focus on student physical and mental well-being. Taking care of your body through exercise and good nutrition is frequently addressed.

+RZHYHULWœVQLFHWRKDYH events like yoga, tai chi, and other stress relieving exercises that address lowering stress levels and reestablishing mental and emotional wellness. The Fit & Wellness Program does a great job of providing these types of wellness events for medical students,´says M2 student, Sean Hernandez. These exclusive programs are geared toward medical students in an effort to provide them with education and opportunities to explore proactive ways to keep their

mind, body and soul healthy during their medical career.

M1 and M2 students enjoy an afternoon of Yoga with Fit & Wellness. M2 Students also receive extra credit for attending through their Geriatrics course.

Panther Communities ²2013/14 Fit & Wellness Schedule

³$QM3 student suturing up on her last day of surgery rotations #FIU #fiumedicine #rotations #HWCOM #class ³of´






November 8, 2013

Strength Conditioning

Cesar Martinez


GC 243

December 5, 2013


Scott Rogers


AHC II 655

December 13, 2013

Tai Chi

Dasi Chu Kocica, AP


GC 243

January 17, 2014

Strength Conditioning

Cesar Martinez


GC 243

January 21, 2014

Field Day




February 12, 2014


Rita Rolland "Rocki"


GC 243

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The PC Connection

Mammography Art Initiative Saturday, October 5th marked the second annual Mammography Art Initiative art show. The art show is an event organized by medial students to raise money that goes toward providing affordable breast health services and information for underserved women in Miami-Dade County:LWKWKLV\HDUœVWKHPHEHLQJ ³+HDOLQJ´WKHVWXGHQWVLQYLWHGEUHDVW cancer survivor, Cathee Connor, as the keynote speaker who also performed an interpretive dance. Conner was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35, and changed the course of her life forever. Always a dancer, she used dance to express her pain and sorrow, as well as joy, excitement, spirituality and comfort. She has received numerous awards and recognition, including the $PHULFDQ&DQFHU6RFLHW\œV9ROXQWHHU Courage, Spirit of Hope and the Terese Lasser (Reach to Recovery) Memorial Award. ³:HFRXOGQœWKDYHGRQHWKLVZLWKRXW our faculty mentors, who helped to make this a successful event, ³VD\V M2 Anna Kuan-celarier, student leader for the Mammography Art ,QLWLDWLYH³7KDQN\RXWR'U0DULQ Gillis who was very supportive in helping us plan the Art Show and Dr. Sheldon Cherry and Dr. Frederick Anderson who were assisting us with the clinicDOFRPSRQHQW´

The Mammography Art Initiative effectively raised more than $25,000 and had 100 mammograms donated in-kind by clinical partners in the area to underserved women in the local NeighborhoodHELP communities. The event hosted over 160 attendees, and was held at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood Art District with participation from professional and amateur artists and breast cancer survivors.

Top Left: Dean Rock Top Right: Student leaders Anna Kuan-Celarier(M2) Cathee Conner, and Matthew Shapiro(M2). Bottom Left: Cathee Connor performing an interpretive dance. Bottom Right: Matthew Shapiro

Left: The Mammography Art Initiative 2013 Art Show and Clinical team

Panther Jeopardy! Answer: A fun way for M1 and M2 medical students at HWCOM to network and compete for a prize trophy and bragging rights as +:&20ÂśVVKDUSHVWPHGLFDO students. Question: What is Panther Jeopardy??? The Medical Student Council Academic sub-committee revamped this yearÂśV3&DFDGHPLFprogram and created Panther Jeopardy. Two separate competition events are held each period; one for M1 students and one for M2 students. A question bank is created to test WKHNQRZOHGJHRIWKHVWXGHQWÂśV

related to what they are learning in FODVV³,WœV the perfect opportunity to show HWCOM faculty and students that all of their countless hours of studying have paid off!´ says academic sub-committee coordinating advisor, Emily *LQVEHUJ³'U Dollinger has graciously volunteered to be our KRVW+HœVDJUHDW$OH[7UHEHN´ Hippocrates M2 students dominated the other Panther Communities in a last minute surge to win their first challenge; Pasteur M1 students clinched the top spot for their challenge. Stay tuned for our next round of Panther Jeopardy and come show your PC pride!

Right: PC Hippocrates M2 Winners

Left: Dr. Dollinger as PC Jeopardy host

Highlights: Student Interest Groups Aug. 1-3, Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) attended AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine in Kansas City, MO Aug. 13, Medical Humanities Club (MHC) and Mammography Art Initiative (MAI) presented ³Art Therapy´ August 22, Infectious Disease Interest Group (IDIG) presented: X-Files Case Reviews Sept. 4, American Medical Association (AMA) held ³Succeeding in Medical School´ workshop Sept. 6, Fit and Well presented: Been There, Done That ¹Tips for Survival, Adaptation, Stress Management and Thriving in Medicine with Dr. Minor Sept. 9, Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) presented: Get the Inside Perspective of an Internist Sept. 9, OB-GYN Interest Group (OGIG) Presented: ³From the Pill to Plan B´ Sept. 13, Medical History Journal Club (MHJC) KRVWHG³7KH Menopause Industry´ Sept. 18, Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) presented: Managing Shock in the ER with Dr. Darren Kaufman Sept. 26, Business and Medicine (BMIG) hosted speaker Penny Shaffer from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Fla. Oct. 11-12, EMIG members attended the EMRA Conference in Seattle, WA Oct.12, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) hosted a lunch and learn with Dr. Narendra Kini, President/CEO of Miami &KLOGUHQœVœ Hospital Oct. 16, AMA and Surgery Interest Group (SIG) Hosted ³Behind the White Coat´ with Dr. J. Patrick OœLeary Oct. 13, Patient Education and Primary Care Volunteer Clinic at UHI hosted by NPGHIG Oct. 17, BMIG Hosted Future Trends of Healthcare panel Oct. 21, Neuroscience Interest Group (NSIG) Presented: ³Debunking the Narcolepsy Myth: The Story of Julie Flygare Oct. 29, Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) Held Medical Spanish Workshop

The PC Connection

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2013 Deans¡ Cup ²College of Medicine Goes 3 for 3 For the third year in a row, the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine students have defeated their rivals, the FIU College of Law, to keep the coveted Deansœ&XS trophy in its rightful home at the College of Medicine.

on the medical students, but bring family and friends together for a day of fun and JDPHV´VD\V M2 Allie Kovar, chair of the athletic subcommittee. Representatives from the class of 2014 were also in attendance with food, games, and bake sales to raise The Deansœ Cup is an intense money for their class gift.  annual rivalry among university medical schools and law schools from all over the country that dates back to the early 1980s. In its third \HDUWKH),8'HDQœV&XS competition took place on Oct. 19, and consisted of five athletic events; dodge ball, basketball, flag football, 7KLV\HDUœV'HDQVœ&XSVKLUW ultimate frisbee and softball. ³ZKR\RXUHDOO\FDOOZKHQ\RX The medical school extended VOLSDQGIDOO´GHVLJQHGE\0 its overall record to three Joseph Violaris wins by beating the Law students in basketball, ultimate frisbee and flag football. In addition to the games the event also hosted a family GD\³7KLVZDVD great opportunity to not only cheer

Alumni News Hi from your alumni, panther communities! We are now coast to coast, hopefully giving FIU a good name around the country as new physicians. Since youÂśve last seen us, some of us have gotten engaged, married, and even procreated! It would be great to say our biggest problem so far is responding to people calling us doctor, but there are always bumps along the road in internship. It is safe to say everyone has had a rotation so far that was rough, be it losing a patient during an ICU rotation to realizing you were alone to manage a decompensating patient. It has all been worth it, though, and we want to tell you that everything you are doing right now will pay off in a few years when you enter residency yourself. Âą Class of 2013 Alumni Representative, Dr. Christine Matthews

Q&A from 2013 HWCOM Alum: after giving her a bolus of fluids Dillon Arango, Orthopedic Surgery, (which took me 10 minutes to Albert Einstein Healthcare Network, figure out how to order). Had the Philadelphia, PA

)LUVW³20* ,œPD'RFWRU´ moment: Walking into a patient's room the first day and introducing myself as Dillon as opposed to Dr. Arango. I still do it all the WLPH

patient not improved,ÂśPQRWVXUH I would have known what to do next!

Most Surprising Fact About Being an Intern: Waking up at 4am every day is hard. All people going into surgery know this in Scariest Moment While On Call: the back of their heads but it's My first rotation was different once you are actually neurosurgery. The "team" was doing it. only composed of a 4th year ER resident and me. On my first New Habits as an Intern: Most week, the ER resident decided to days I buy a pack of Sour Patch take the day off and leave me Kids with my lunch :) flying solo. Of course one of our more delicate patients, who had Most Memorable Moment some large rare sinus tumor Connecting with a Patient: I removed, became hypotensive GRQÂśWWKLQN,ÂśYHKDGRQH\HW and the nurse started panicking Working in a bad part of town with which then made me nervous patients who get shot by the (though I did my best to play it police after a shoot-out makes it off). Luckily the patient improved tough to connect....

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The PC Connection

Panther Community Highlights

ANDERSON ² MIAMI NORTHWEST Panther Community Anderson started out their year with the annual neighborhood bus tour of Unincorporated Miami North West. M1 students explored the historical, geographical, and economic forces that drive the disparity of health care in their Miami neighborhood. The goal of the Panther Community bus WRXUVLVWRJHWWKHFRXQWU\œV future doctors interested in public health early on, in the hope that they will want to practice community-based medicine.

an active 2014 in their community with many health fairs in the pipeline, including participation with Mammography Art Initiative funded community educational events. Right: Anderson group photo at their first monthly meeting. Bottom: M1s, Kamaldeep Singh, Alice Kim, Elena DiMiceli, Yatyng Chang, and Kelly Smith at Centro Mater Child Care Center during their bus tour.

Known as one of the more social Panther Communities, Anderson also hosted a social event at 'DYHDQG%XVWHUV³$QGHUVRQ Goes to the ArcaGH´which was also well attended by all Panther Communities. New and current students had the chance to network and meet each other while engaging in a little friendly PC to PC competition. PC Anderson is looking forward to

Right: Yatyng Chang at Centro Mater Child Care Center

HIPPOCRATES ² MIAMI GARDENS Hippocrates started this year off strong with two community events in September. Miami Gardens community partner, New Way Fellowship Praise & Worship Center, held their annual Health EXPO on th September 14 where Hippocrates students, along with MedSWISH, performed BMI and BPI tests on local participants. The HWCOM Mobile Health Clinic was also on site to recruit participants who were interested in the NeighborhoodHelp program.

Left: M2 Mariel Cataldi, M1 Misty Coello, and M1 Alyssa James with a health fair participant

each month. During this event, medical students concentrated on engineering by helping participants build towers with building blocks, and then build catapults to knock them down. They will return on November th 16 to teach the students about chemistry.

Right: M2 Aws AlAbdullah practices on M2 Himanshu Suri


On September 21 , Hippocrates students returned to Miami Gardens to participate in our longest running program, Project Pipeline, at the Fountain of New Life Church. This monthly community project is designed to encourage students from elementary to high school to pursue  educational opportunities, especially in math and science fields. Projects involve teaching the kids a new topic

Left: M1 Andrew Bohn Performing BPIs at the Sept. 14th Health EXPO

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The PC Connection

PASTEUR ² OPA-­LOCKA The students in Panther Community Pasteur not only welcomed their new M1s this year, but a new PC faculty director! Dr. John Delzell joined HWCOM this October, and is an Associate Professor in the Division of Family Medicine in the Department of Humanities, Health & Society. He is the Director of Family Medicine Medical Student Education as well as the new faculty director for the Family Medicine Interest Group. In addition to their new faculty director, Pasteur also welcomed a new Panther Community Administrative Assistant, Katherine Alonso. Katherine came to HWCOM from FIU Controllers Office and brings a new positive energy to the Pasteur community.

tobacco use. This annual event is called Tar Wars; a tobacco-free education program designed to teach kids about the short-term, image-based consequences of tobacco use, the cost associated with using tobacco products, and the advertising techniques. Healthcare professionals and educators present the Tar Wars program to over 500,000 fourth and fifth graders around the country each year. By supporting this program, our students help discourage children in our community from smoking at a young age. Pasteur looks forward to engaging with these students again this year, and hopes to pass down the project to future students of HWCOM.

On Oct. 29th, Pasteur students joined forces with Opa-Locka community partner, Nathan B. Young Elementary School, to teach the fourth and fifth graders about the consequences of

SEMMELWEIS ² MIAMI NORTHEAST On Saturday Nov. 9th, Panther Community Semmelweis hosted their first health fair of the year at the First Interdenominational Haitian Church ± one of their community partners. In conjunction with the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), and the Mammography art initiative, they educated participants in breast health and provided information on how to obtain free mammograms. Student participating in MedSWISH were also on hand to conduct free health screenings. Semmelweis members plan to go back to their community for the 7th Annual Emilio Lopez rd Health Fair on November 23 at %RULQTXHQ¶V0DLQ Site Medical Center. Working with MedSWISH and AAPI, students will be assisting in providing free medical services to the community. Panther Community Semmelweis also welcomed a new Faculty director this

Above: Dr. John Delzell, new Faculty Director for Panther Community Pasteur

Above: Katherine Alonso, new Panther Community Administrative Assistant in PC Pasteur

August, Dr. Sanaz Kashan. Dr. .DVKDQ¶VFDUHHUIRFXVLVHQKDQFLQJ quality of health care through medical education and interprofessional teamwork to improve health outcomes, and her passion is Palliative Medicine and End of Life Care.  

Left: M1, Luis Barreto, with health fair participant

Left: M1 student, Andrew Boutros giving BPI test

Above: M1, Mohammed El-Menshawi

PC Connection, Vol 2 Issue 1  

News from the Panther Communities, fall 2013

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