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February 21, 2011

Staffing Realities: Mandated Overtime It would be an understatement to say that staffing a hospital is a complex task. At any given hour, on any given day, fluctuating patient volume and acuity play a significant role in determining the most effective plan to staff individual nursing units to best meet patients’ needs. We are working hard to translate EMMC’s complex staffing information into a form that is understandable for all employees. Most recently, we posted graphs on EMMC’s Internet and Intranet showing actual daily staffing levels on all adult med/surg units and Grant 7 for the past five months. These sites have received more than 1500 views since February 9. We’re continuing to add to the information on both the Intranet and Internet. We’ve now added graphs showing average hours worked and mandated overtime for full and part-time nurses. The graphs on page 2 show a breakdown of nursing hours worked at EMMC. Graph one shows the average weekly hours worked for EMMC’s full time nurses. Of course, many nurses may work extra hours from time to time, to help cover call-ins or vacations. Yet, most nurses who are averaging more than 40 hours per week, do so because they are regularly requesting to work overtime. Still, more than 99 percent of the time, these extra hours do not average more than a 40 hour work week.


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A Virtual Connection

Remaining connected with loved ones, even virtually, can dramatically help the healing process during a hospital stay. Paul Bussiere, Help Desk specialist, and Ray Manson, PC Systems Specialist used their special talents, caring attitude, and extra computer hardware to bring one patient’s friends and family closer during her time at EMMC. Paul became aware of a teenage patient on the pediatric floor whose school laptop had malfunctioned. The 17-year-old girl had an extended stay in Pediatrics and without a virtual link to her friends and family the young patient was very upset. Paul contacted Ray and continued on back page

Ray Manson and Paul Bussiere pictured here with Greg Howat, vice president, Human Resources and Education following the presentation of their Splash award.

Staffing Realities, continued from front

We understand that many nurses count on, and ask for, overtime to supplement their income. Therefore, the second graph does not include voluntary overtime. It shows the percentage of nurses who were mandated to work overtime in 2010. “We are committed to limited overtime for any and all employees. We do, however, need to acknowledge that due to unforeseen circumstances, such as sick calls, the Family Medical Leave Act, and other staff absences, nurses do work overtime sometimes. Overall, the overtime rate at EMMC is less than two percent of total worked hours,� says Lorraine Rodgerson, RN, vice president of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer. These actual numbers support our conviction that nurses are working acceptable numbers of hours per week, and that most EMMC nurses have an average work week that is at or below their expected number of hours. It’s further evidence, we believe, that the staffing claims made by the union are made to support a national agenda, and are not a true reflection of the staffing reality at EMMC. Nurses who average less than 36 hours per week, with actual staffing that is at or above nationally accepted levels most of the time, are not being unduly burdened. We will continue to post staffing information to the Intranet and the Internet for employee and community review. EMMC is dedicated to patients, the community, and employees and will continue to be an exceptional hospital and fair employer.

2010 Full-Time Nurses Annual Average Weekly Hours Worked

As shown in the graph to the left, less than one percent of all full-time nurses averaged more than 40 hours per week in 2010.


More Than 40 Hours 36 to 40 Hours

10.17% 0.76%

Less Than 36 Hours

2010 Percentage of All Nurses Who Worked Mandated Overtime 98.20%

Non-Mandated Nurses 1.80%

Mandated Nurses

As shown in the graph to the left, more than 98 percent of all EMMC nurses were not mandated to work overtime in 2010.

Celebrating Transforming Care at the Bedside On Wednesday, February 9, staff celebrated EMMC’s participation in the Transforming Care at the Bedside initiative. Transforming Care at the Bedside is a staff nurse driven collaborative effort sponsored by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. As one of only 16 hospitals across the United States selected to participate, EMMC leadership and the participating staff nurses are committed to: • Improving the quality and safety of patient care on medical and surgical units • Engaging and improving the patient and family members’ experience of care • Improving the effectiveness of the entire care team • Increasing the vitality and retention of nurses • Increasing nursing time spent at the bedside to 60 percent by October, 2011; and 70 percent by October, 2012 Based on the successes seen by staff on Grant 6, participating staff nurses will help roll out three initiatives hospital wide, including: • Nurse Servers: Placing frequently used supplies in easily accessible locations to decrease wasted time spent looking for supplies. • Four Eyed Assessment: Increasing diligence in assessing patients at high risk for developing pressure ulcers. All facility and critical care transfers along with patients with risk factors will be assessed by two RNs on admission. • Rising Stars: Colored stars will be placed outside rooms indicating patients' ambulation status. It is a quick reference for staff who are available to help transfer a patient.

Doctors’ Day It’s now a tradition! Last year, EMMC employees, patients, and visitors celebrated Doctors’ Day by sending more 2011 ... ’ Dayou appreciate s r o t than 1,000 Doc t a doctor y messages of Tell us abou appreciation to doctors on the EMMC medical staff. The messages are hung on the walls at EMMC each year for the week preceding Doctors’ Day, and are then sent to the homes of the doctors to whom they were written. Each year we receive positive feedback from doctors, their family members, and our staff, but the tradition can’t thrive without you!

__ ____ ____ ____ _ ____ ____ ____ ____ _ _ _ __ ____ ____ ___ ____ d: __ ____ ____ _ te _ : _ ia e c _ ____ am ppre ____ ____ r’s N e is a ____ ____ Docto ____ or sh ____ ____ ____ n he ____ ____ _ _ _ so _ _ _ a _ _ _ _ re __ __ __ The ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ __ ___ ____ ____ ____ , 2011 ____ ____ ____ _ _ ch 25 _ _ _ _ ar _ _ _ _ _ M _ __ __ , by ____ ____ BO C ____ MC, ____ ____ N, EM ____ ers, R e: __ amb Nam e Ch in la Your to E ___ ____

e Pleas


Thank you cards are available in EMMC departments and in various locations at EMMC’s three main campuses, and physician practices. Cards can be returned via interoffice mail to Elaine Chambers, RN, at the Breast and Osteoporosis Center at EMMC. Please send them in by March 25, 2011, so we can post them.

We’re Online!

Transforming Care at the Bedside nurses from Grant 6 share their successes with employees attending a celebration of their work.

Employees can access the Currents archive online by logging on to the EMMC Intranet site, clicking the Staff Resources and News button on the left hand side, and then clicking the Currents Online link.

Splash, continued from front

the two immediately hatched a plan to refurbish an older, unused laptop to lend to the young patient during her stay. Ray did the rebuild and Paul made the delivery to the patient. The young woman was ecstatic to again be able to communicate online with her friends and family who live in Bar Harbor. Ray and Paul proved that compassion and consideration of individual needs make a huge difference in our patients’ lives. Sometimes what patients need to heal and feel comfortable may go beyond medicine and clinical care. For living EMMC’s Caring Behaviors, and Delivering Excellent Service, Paul and Ray have been awarded a Splash by their co-workers, EMMC’s highest honor.

Nominate a Co-Worker for a Splash Award Have you seen a co-worker do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty by providing exceptional service to a patient or EMMC employee? Any employee may nominate any other employee, supervisor, or coworker, for a Ripple or Splash award. All employees working with EMMC patients may be nominated, even if he or she technically works for another EMHS organization. We want to recognize all employees who exceed expectations for EMMC patients, families, peers, staff, and co-workers. Nominations must describe what the employee did in one specific instance. There is no limit to the number of awards made each month or to the number of awards one employee may receive, as long as the nominations are for different acts of service. Many employees have received more than one award since the program began. Nomination forms are evaluated once a month by the Reward and Recognition Team and are scored according to the following criteria: • • • • •

Did the employee exceed expectations? Was the employee responding to a unique or non-routine situation? Was the response creative or innovative? How much time and effort was invested? Was the action job-related or outside the employee’s job description?

IF YOU HAVE A STORY OR PHOTO: Please send it by Monday a week prior to publication: Tricia Denham, Community Relations 973.7741

Ripple and Splash nomination forms are located on the intranet under the Leadership/Administrative tab. You can submit nominations online or forward them to team member Cathy Wright-Ramsay, PO3, for consideration. The Reward and Recognition Team is composed of EMMC employees working in both clinical and non-clinical departments, all with varying degrees of service time and shifts. The opinions of all team members are taken into consideration when making awards. If you would like to know more about the Reward and Recognition Team, or perhaps become a team member, please contact Elaine Chambers, RN, director, Breast and Osteoporosis Center and team leader, at x7598.

EMMC "Currents" Feb. 25, 2011  

In this PDF version of the EMMC "Currents" Newsletter, myself and Ray Manson are awarded the Splash! Award, EMMC's highest honor. This is m...

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