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JU LY 2012

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Bible Museum at Manila Bulletin

Philippine Bible Society‟s very own Bible Museum was featured last July 1 in the Manila Bulletin through the dedicated efforts of the media icon and columnist Atty. Nelly Pavis Villafuerte. With the article entitled „First Bible Museum in Town‟, Atty. Villafuerte detailed features of the Bible Museum including the various copies of the Bible in different languages, the costume playing area where you can dress your favorite Bible character, the replica of Qumran cave and of course, the most favorite part inside the museum - the life size figure of the indefatigable St. Paul. Delighted with her visit last June 28, Atty. Villafuerte also commended the Philippine Bible Society and its General Secretary, Dr. Nora G. Lucero for this unique and enlightening area of learning about the Bible. This led new doors to open as inquiries and bookings from individuals to groups and churches to schools came pouring in. Another milestone for the Bible Museum was the visit of Ms. Domini Torrevillas of Philippine Star last July 12. Indeed, our Praises are given to God who opens doors for the Bible to be known around the country. If you haven‟t visited this museum yet, you are very much invited to come! Call us now and book a tour. Experience a continuing journey in God‟s Word and witness the story of His faithfulness in preserving this precious book to bring Good News to our generation today and to those who will follow.

Packages that you may choose from... Entrance Fee — Php 30.00 Basic Package — Php 50.00 (Entrance fee and Scripture material) Kinder Package — Php 80.00 (Entrance fee, storytelling or filmshowing and Free Cosplay Junior Package — Php 80.00 (Entrance fee and Scripture material worth Php 50.00) Primer Package Php 120.00 (Entrance fee and Bible Primer w/ selection) Hebrew Package Php 120.00 (Entrance fee and Hebrew Writing Workshop) You may visit our website for more details or call our Bible Museum Coordinator, Mr, JM Dalida at 526 7777 loc 620 or 524 5337. Start booking your tours now!

NBW on its way for 2013 Over half a year past and a new year is nearly coming, which marks the upcoming reverential celebration of the Bible every year — the National Bible Week— an event every last week of January, declaring the importance of the Bible in the transformation of our nation. Together with representatives from different churches and organizations, an advisory committee known as the Inter Church Consultative and Advisory Group (ICCAG) was formed to head the preparation of this event every year. This unity among different churches and affiliations marks our aim to be one and united in declaring God‟s Word throughout the country. Last July 27, ICCAG members convened at PBS Ministry Hall for the initial planning, and preparation for NBW 2013. This meeting signals the start of major preparations for the remaining months of year 2012. One NBW event that every person surely awaits is the “Bible Run” on January 17, 2013. This historical, ecumenical and only run for the Bible in the country pitched in for the first time last March 3, 2012 with almost 7,000 registrants and runners. If you want to be part of the National Bible Week 2013 planning, do come on our 3rd ICCAG Meeting on September 24, 2012 (Monday) at 2 PM. Venue at 3rd floor Ministry Hall, PBS Building, UN Avenue, Manila. Be a Bible Ambassador and join us in making the Bible known throughout our nation.

Bible for Every Blind Digital Bible Update Over 1,400 blind Filipinos own a Digital Bible, as of June 2012, since its project development last year according to Mr. Randy Weisser, Director of Resources for the Blind. Due to this favorable statistics, Mr. Weisser commended Philippine Bible Society and the Bible Society of Northern Ireland for their partnership with the Resources for the Blind in this project. He added that he witnessed how some blind Pastors use it to „read‟ for their congregation. He shared that they were placing the microphone over the Digital Bibles while the passage is playing on the device. How delighting it is to witness our Blind brethren able to hear the Word of God and share it among their co-laborers in Christ in spite of their special condition. Indeed, this „good news‟ comes as another victory for the Word. Mr. Weisser included some user‟s testimonies to share this wonderful breakthrough on the project for the Digital Bible: Mariel Serna, Student: “Digital Bible is very handy and easy to use. I always use it during my devotions and it helps me to grow spiritually with the Lord.” Aldrin Reyes, Student: (same font as follows) “Using the digital bible is very easy, with just a few clicks I can find the verse I‟m looking for. I can also bring it anywhere and use it anytime.” Jenny Palacio, Bible Study leader: For me, the start of digital bible helped the visually impaired because it is portable and easy to carry. It also has solar power. You can bring it anywhere and also it helps you in your personal devotion. I thank God for all those persons whom He uses to come up with the digital bible." Tiffany Delloma, Rehabilitation Worker: I am very happy upon receiving my digital bible. It‟s nice to think that I can now bring it anywhere I go. I consider it as one of the wonderful blessings I received. Whenever I‟m feeling sad, nervous, pressured, confused or even happy, I just switch it on and quickly listen to God‟s word especially to my life verse to give me encouragement and to remind me that the Lord is always in control. And He will never leave me nor forsake me. I will surely take care of it and will always consider it as one of the things I treasure the most. Joyce Lopez, Radio Show host: Making this digital Bibles available here in the Philippines is really a blessing. Just in this one unit, I can now access the Word of God anywhere I go, and every time I want. Not only for my personal use, but now that I am conducting a

Devotion to my fellow visually impaired, it is really a big help. More blind people were reached by God‟s Word through these digital Bibles. In behalf of those visually impaired like me, thank you so much for making these Bibles available for us. May our Lord continuously bless you all! Pia Resurreccion, Receptionist: Digital Bible is very useful and helpful for me. I can now hear the Word of God anytime. No need to look for someone to read the Bible for me. It serves a lot of help in my spiritual growth. Thank God for providing the channel for us to hear His message. Jossie Nato, Therapist It helped a lot. I've known how many chapters through the Digital Bible. It helps me a lot. Every time I'm available, instead of listening to the radio programs, I am now listening to my Digital bible. I was able to listen to the book of Ruth for three times. Arnel Canaria, Student Digital Bible helps me a lot for new changes in my life. I became much stronger in my faith. Baby Padasa, Public Relations I thank the Lord so much for making His word available in this audio form. It makes my Bible listening more easy as I can immediately access the books and chapters as if I am flipping through a printed Bible. Advancing in the knowledge of God‟s word is crucial especially in the recent days where false teachings are rampant in so-called Christian churches. And listening to my Digital Bible equips me more so I won‟t be deceived by cults.

Latest Updates...

Read Anywhere, Read Everywhere! Good News! Over 15,450 downloads of Magandang Balita Biblia 2005 have been recorded by YouVersion since its availability last 30th of September 2011. This version is still up and running and it‟s now just a click and download away for you to read your very own digital Bibles in our national language anywhere and everywhere. The Digital Bible Library (DBL) license agreement for the MBB 2005 version has been signed 2nd of June 2011 and shared with End User Ministry Partners (EUMPs) such as YouVersion and BibleSearch. YouVersion statistics showed that MBB 2005 was downloaded 3, 687 times from 30th of September to 31st of December, 2011. This year the project went up to a surprising increase of 11,763 downloads for the first three months (January 1 to April 30, 2012). Many thanks to our EUMP and DBL partners from UBS for their unwavering assistance on this project. Moreover, let‟s keep on praying for the engagement of more people into Scripture reading. If you do not have your copies of the MBB 2005 on your phone, you can check this site for downloads: rtpv05-tl or easily pull this up on the web for those who would like to read straight from their internet:

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PBS Membership Card in 15 minutes!

Scripture Marketing Officer in (must be resident of the said region) North Luzon Central Luzon South Luzon Visayas Cagayan De Oro Davao Requirements: √ Graduate of Marketing or Management or its equivalent √ With at least 3 yrs. experience in Sales Material Controller For Lawang Bato, Valenzuela Office Requirements: √ Graduate of Industrial Engineering, Accountancy or any related course √ With at least with 2 years experience in purchasing and materials control √ Knows how to drive. Volunteers (Kindly check this link for more information on how to be a volunteer: APPLICANTS MUST HAVE THESE QUALITIES: √ √ √

A heart for the ministry He/she loves the Word of God Can work well with people on all levels and of different religious faith.

Interested applicants are invited to: E-mail MUST indicate in the Subject Field: <Position desired> Application


As a member of the Philippine Bible Society, you... Become an advocate of the Bible Ministry Have a stake in all Scriptures we print Invest in lives changed by the Word of God Help in transforming our country Enjoy the full benefits of membership Apply now and get your ID within 15 minutes! Applications are processed daily, (Mon-Fri.) 8am-4pm at the ComRes Department (6thF). Please look for ?. For inquiries, call (02) 524-5337 / 526-7777

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