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ANNUAL REPORT FY 2012 A year of new beginnings.

ABOUT THE LIBRARY Library Board oard of Trustees President

Matt Funke

Vice President

Kathy Sanders


John Stanard


Jeffrey Wayne Sifford


Sherry McDonald


Joyanne Cunningham


Andrew Murphy


Cindy J. White


Susie Landrum

Library Planning and Implementation Team: • • • • • • •

Sue Crites Szostak, Director Shannon Mangrum, Mangrum Assistant Director Shon Griffin,, Collection Development Developmen Specialist Erin Rigby,, Public Services Librarian Ashley Robertson, Robertson Children’s Librarian Rusty Van Praag, Praag Emerging Technologies Admin. Steve Waite,, Building Administrator

Poplar Bluff Municipal Library District 318 North Main Street, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 Tel (573) 686 - 8639 Fax (573) 785 - 6876

By the Numbers





people visited the library

items downloaded from MOLib2Go

users logged onto library computers

new library cards made in 2012

1|Pa g e


A Community To Come Home T To . . . A Director’s Welcome Coming from another state, I wondered what my home town library had become and what it meant to the community. I found out quickly…it’s progressive, customer driven, dynamic, reputable and integral to our well-being. being. Not only is it a great library but it has evolved into a modern, vital part of the community--it community is a community. munity. Every day I am here, I never cease to wonder at the impact this staff, the services, and facility have upon the people of Poplar Bluff and our surrounding areas. Regardless of age or circumstance, people go out of the building with armloads of boo books. They bring their Nooks, iPads, Kindles, Androids, and smart phones. They use the library’s WiFi, download eBooks, and listen to eAudiobooks. udiobooks. Computer stations are constantly busy and the patrons always want more. They learn about new resources and staff st is here to assist them. Our library staff mines the endless opportunities we have for creating dynamic service. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I could come home to live. Since beginning college, I have not lived in Butler County more than ttwo wo months at a time. I have come back often to visit my family, but it has not been my community until now. I got my first library card from Poplar Bluff Public Library and participated in summer reading as so many children do today. While a library stude student nt at the University of Missouri, I completed my library internship at this library. After college, I moved to Tennessee, went to work, married, and raised my family. Now, I am back home. I am so happy to renew acquaintances and friendships. Every time I turn around, I am greeted warmly and others tell me they came back home, too. This is the place to be. Please join me as we work together to maintain and grow your library. Let’s partner and work for continuing to help our community thrive and tell peopl peoplee how fortunate we are to live here. Thank you for all of your good wishes. I look forward to serving you in this community.

Sue Crites Szostak Director Poplar Bluff Municipal Library District

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Revenue Library Fund 2012 Property Tax Receipts City of Poplar Bluff Subsidy State Aide Sales Tax Revenue (Nov./Dec. 2012) Library Fines Library Services Total Library Fund

Total FY2012 Revenue

342,500.00 82,130.00 8,500.00 81,382.36 15,126.66 19,184.60

342,500.00 82,130.00 8,500.00 18,000.00 35,000.00

$ $

548,823.62 548,823.62

$ $

486,130.00 486,130.00


153,797.87 316,388.00 470,185.87 78,637.75


162,850.00 323,280.00 486,130.00 0.00

Expenses Library Expenditures Operating Staffing Total Library Expenditures




Gift Income Library Gifts and Memorials

552.18 5,950.92 2,356.15 635.00

Memorial Gift Books Mini-Book Sale History Book Sales

Total Library Gifts and Memorials Total Gift Income

$ $

9,494.25 9,494.25

$ $

0.00 0.00

$ $ $

28,383.73 20,323.07 48,706.80

$ $ $

0.00 23,500.00 23,500.00

Gift and Capital Expenditures Gift Expenditures Total Capital Expenditures Total Gift and Capital Expenditures

More than 98% of the library’s funding comes directly from the community of Poplar Bluff.

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CHILDREN’S LIBRARY CONNECTS WITH YOUNG READERS The Children’s Library is experiencing great success with the book store/library hybrid model of shelving material. We shelve books, DVDs and audios the way children want to find them. They look for bugs, farms, animals, princesses, etc. They find it all in one location, fiction and non-fiction fiction alike. iKids was launched in 2012. Here cchildren explore new technology. It is always ‘a buzz’’ as children try their hand at educational tools that are touted to engage and assist with reading readiness skills.. In this space, children discover the AWE machine (an interactive game system teaching preschool curriculum), which averages more than 150 users every month. The Mark Twain awards are easily identified with face out shelving. The books are flying off the shelves. Come join us in a space of exciting reading and discovery.

The library provided

258,981 items

CIRCULATION 2012 HIG HIGHLIGHTS . . .more numbers. . .

to library users in 2012.

One of our more exciting new library services in 2012 is the growth of the resource sharing consortium, Missouri Evergreen.

Users can now peruse the catalog of any library in the consortium (or all of them at once!) They place requests for books, movies, music, and more to be sent to the Poplar Bluff Municipal Library for pick up and check out. This gives our patrons more control over their eir library experience as they easily access and discover more resources about a subject; place the request; and track the status of their request with their account in the consortium catalog. The Poplarr Bluff Municipal Library was th the first Evergreen library in July of 2011. Starting in August 2012, seven libraries were added and resource sharing began. There are several more libraries signed up and awaiting migration mig to Missouri Evergreen. This service can only continue to grow pro providing viding more resources to our library users. AUG Missouri Evergreen RS


OCLC Interlibrary Loan


4| P a g e





Total Total for Year











253 2018

Equates to more than

$45,000 in savings


GENEALOGY . . .our numbers. . . The genealogy workstations, while accounting for only 4% of total logins, are providing among the greatest database statistics. is accessible only in the library and amassed an impressive 24,904 searches performed by patrons in 2012. HeritageQuest,, is available both in in-house and outside of the library with a library card and racked up the second highest database usage with 7,812 searches. Overall, the combination of these accounted for 36% of the database statistics. The Butler County Genealogicall Society has continued to support the growth of the genealogy collection by donating memorials in memory of deceased members and their family members. Taking off in 2012 was the "Genealogy @ the Library" blog. The blog was viewed just under 4,400 times over the course of the year. Posts included items of local history, new items added to the Genealogy Reference collection, tips and tricks to assist genealogists looking for new resources available online, and reminders of important events. Hopefully, these ese tidbits help them place their ancestor's life in historical context and add a new dimension to their family history.

A SNAPSHOT . . .in numbers. . .

475 microfilm covering from 1877 to present day

3,821 audiobooks checked out in 2012

5| P a g e

475 reels of microfilm hold 135 years of history stored in the local newspaper

FACILITIES & GROUNDS Strong emphasis is on project work. Considerable time was spent clearing areas throughout the building and utilizing offsite storage to facilitate area changes (theater storage was moved into the children’s ’s library closet), and many hours were spent segregating good and salvage equipment, centrally locating surplus, preparing old storage room for Business Services office, etc. Shelving was installed in the adult stacks. Installations of communications network cabling and devices were required for these moves moves. Installed devices included: Sonos speaker systems in Theater heater and Conference Room, Apple pple wireless radio devices in the Children’s Library and installation of new wave public computer table. Cables to new office areas, cable for Theater for new wireless radio, relocating Conference Room phone to conference table were installed. Simultaneously, work is underway on site safety procedures, security needs and contract service reviews (fire alarm system checks and drills, exit signage and emergency lights, procedures for missing child, tornado warnings, earthquake response and others are in process awaiting review, approvals and/orr training.) Effort is ongoing for door codes and keys related to building security. Repair of Conference Room HVAC is complete. Needed expenditures in immediate future consist of security locks, lighting, shelving, spring HVAC service, grounds maintenance and support to complete other improvements in progress. Every day, these are improvements making Looking forward to 2013, the library Poplar Bluff Municipal Library a better place to be. needs painting inside and out as well as grounds work (front retainer wall, clear seal new walkway, re-lamp lamp outside fixtures, review grounding requirements for roof top temp control units, units paint original 1936 36 entry, paint window seals.

LIBRARY TECHNOLOGY R ROADMAP Keeping abreast of technological change consumed the year for the library. Most of the 60+ staff and public workstations boast the latest OS and software tools. The remaining are slated to be upgraded in the second ond quarter of FY 2013. Full time staff are equipped with mobile devices to assist in the discharge of their duties. Providing these tools became increasingly important this year as the world of eBooks and tablet computing exploded and consumers turned to the library for information on how to make these tools effective components of their everyday lives. In light of the passage of Prop 1, a keen eye was turned to infrastructure and scalability in 2012. The opportunity to move library services outside of library walls being a reality for the first time in many years meant that time and attention be given to the mechan mechanics ics of such an operation. This led to the purchase and upgrade of such systems as VoIP phone, MERAKI WiFi system, SONOS sound and the formation forma of a new position, Emerging Technologies Administrator. MERAKI WiFi enables the library to offer free unlimited WiFi to all in 2013. 6|Pa g e

PROP 1: YEAR IN REVIEW EVIEW To Our Community A resounding and heartfelt heart

“Thank you”” “T hank you is in due order: • • • • • • •

Thank you to our ur library patrons. Thank you to the community of Poplar Bluff. Thank you to the Library Board of Trustees. Thank you to the Friends of the Library. Thank you to the City of Poplar Bluff. Thank you to the Library Staff. Thank you to our State Congressional Leaders.

Without each and every one of these longstanding and avid library supporters, the Proposition 1 initiative would not have passed.

Prop 1 Commitments delivered

. . .in numbers. . .

Eliminate the city's library property tax.

•Delivered: Delivered: On August 6, 2012, the Libary Board of Trustees voted unanimously to set the city's library property tax rate to "0" (zero) for FY13.

Double the library's book budget.

•Delivered: Delivered: FY13 Library Materials Budget totals $69,900 compared to $37,900 allotted in FY12.

Give users access to more computers

•Delivered: Delivered: In January 2013, the library added 6 HP Ultrabook Laptops for public Internet access.

Continue offering computer classes &Tech Talks

•Delivered: Delivered: Monthly computer classes and weekly Tech Talks will continue in FY13. A whopping 63 opportunities to learn a new skill in total!

Eliminate non-resident library card fees.

•Delivered Delivered September 1, 2012. The non non-resident fee was eliminated providing free cards to Butler County residents.

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2012 Annual Report  

Poplar Bluff Municipal Library District

2012 Annual Report  

Poplar Bluff Municipal Library District