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S(CILNEWS Edition 1 Februory 2OI2



Welcome to the Southwork myfellowmembers Centrefor Independent Livingotherwiseknown os the SCIL. ft's o greathonourto be working onyourbeholfin this newsletter.f'd liketo showyouhowreodingthe newslettercon benefityouoverthe next editions.Howit con hoveo positiveimpoctonyou!

Whot con you expectfrom your newsletter? fnformotionon: . Whot'shoppening in the community . Whot'shoppeningat the Southwork Resourc e Centre(SRC) . Creativewritingsincluding Poems . Foctuolinformation . fnterviews . Resultsf rom AccessAudits . Specialoff ers from retailersoimed of peoplewhohoveo disobility . Recipes . Competitions This is q f lovourof whotconbe expectedhoweveryouconsendin your

ideosandtestimoniols to meot the following Freepostoddress: Freepost

sfiL clo sDA FreepostLon1088 London

sev zBR Or youconemoilmeot

To me?gewith Southwork Associotion Disoblement (SDA)or not? Thot is the guestion! The CoreSteeringGroupare currentlyconsidering optionsos to whichlegolform the SCfLwifl toke. The moinoptionsareo,chorityor o communityinterestcompony. This is oneof the mostsingularly importontdecisionsthe groupwill hoveto moke.fn the spirit of our dreomwe wouldliketo includeyou in this decision.We our members wouldlikeyouto do this by f illingin the bollotform thot is beingsent to youondby returningit to us usingthe f reepostoddressor emoil on page1 by Wednesdoy07 March 2OL2.Tf we hovenot receivedyour bollotpoperby then wewill collyou to discuss.We will be meetingon Mondoy19thMorch2Ot2to the resultsof the bqllot onnounce onddiscussthe next stepsto be settingup token. Whenconsidering o newchority it is expectedby the thot we will charitycommission hovelookedof locolchorities alreadyin existence,whohaveo similarethosondvoluesond considermergingwith them rother than creatingonotherChority.

We needyour viewsso speok nowor f oreverholdyour peoce!!!

Volunteersfor the runningof SCIL NEWS For SCfLNewsto workondbe hefpful to disobledpeoplewe needto hovevolunteersthot wifl hovesn interest in creating,developing ondproducing The rolesthat the publicotion. needto be f illed arei Artists, Photogrophers, fntervi ewe?s, columnists, writers including distr ibutionodministrotors omongothers. We olsoneed peopleto submitorticlesto be incfudedin the newslette?, this couldbe onythingfrom o recipeto o poem.ff youore interestedor wontto discuss further pleasecontoctSeanot the Freepostoddressor emoil thot canbe foundon pagel. .,

TO DATE WHAT WE HAVE ACHTEVED TA5TER5E55ION WEEKDECEAABER 2011 Centre for IndependentLiving (CILI workshop Herewe lookedof whot is o Centrefor fnd ependentLivingond whot peoplewontedfrom their Centrefor fnd ependentLiving. Lots of ideasondopinions wereshored. DonceTheotre Workshop Eochporticipontshoredon everydoy movementthot in their lives. hoppened Thesemovements were exaggerotedondturned into o donceroutine-it wosgreot fun ondo goodworkout! BEA,IAART 6ROUP The BEAM Art groupis on estobfishedgroupwhichis olso port of the SCfL. They hove olreodyproducedand exhibitedmonypiecesof ort. Theyhoveo drop in session eve?yThursday1.30-3.30p.m. for SCfLMembe?s.

WHAT WE HAVE ACHTEVED TO DATE TA5TERSE55ION WEEKDECEAABER 2011 CONTINUED Personol Development Workshop This lookedof whot personol development meontto eoch individuof . Howto enhoncetheir life throughtroining,educqtion, socialinclusion, mokingfriends ondbuildingconfidence. Poetry 6roup As with the BEAMArt 6roupour Poetsare alreodyestablishedin their field ondhovepublished their poetryos wellas performed to our members ondthe wider pubfic. They meef every Thursdoy1.30p.m.-3.30p.m. Fontosy Flowers Thisgroupworkedon producing f lowersmodefrom bolloons stretched overwire. The group wosvery populorondstill is. One of our stor focilitotors emerged from this group-moreon her loter in the newsletter!!! 4

OTHERTHIN65 WE HAVE DONE Thingshavetakenoff Sincereceivingsomefundingin November zOLl,Thonkyou to SouthworkCouncil!.We usedthis moneyto poy f or 6 monthsto workwith us to trcin, cooch for o project monoger anddevelopus in order thot we coulddevelopthe SCfL (not hovethe ProjectMonogerdo this for us). ft will olsopoyfor someeguipment andtroiningin order to get the SCILuPondrunning. In Novemberz0tt we (the CoreSteeringGroup)storting meeting on o weeklybosisolongwith the ProjectManogerto orgoniseevents of the SCfL. ondto octivelydrive the development with the Deportmentof Heolth We were involvedin o consultotion (DOH)colled"CoringFor Our Future".Thislookedof six priorities: the workforce:2.Tncreosed 1.Improvingguolityonddeveloping services o?ebetter ondchoice:3. Ensuring personolisotion integrotedoroundpeople'sneeds;4. Supportinggreater prevention ondeorly intervention:5.Creotingo morediversesnd responsive co?emorket;6. The roleof the f inonciolservicessector in supportingusers,ca?ersondtheir fomilies.We porticipotedin a viewson the obove,this workshopthot gatheredour ?ep?esentotives by SouthworkCouncilwhenwriting f eedbackwosthen considered e to the DOH. their respons o "Toster SessionWeek"to ottroct new In Decemberwe organised membersof the SCfLondto discoverwhot peoplewontedfrom the someof whichhosbeendetoiledon the previouspoges. SCTL, our ondXmosPorty(including the Xmosdecorotions We orgonised own entertainmentfrom our ownstors whichwoso hugesuccessseebelowondon the next Pagefor Photos).

Royston Compere ond Adele oneof our Poets


A g?eat time wos hod by oll !!! A big thonks to eve?Yonewho hode it such o In Jonusry-we increosed our membership success!!! to rise. f rom 20 to over120ondit continues We storted new,memberfocilitotedgroups-FontosyFlowers, NewsletterondAccessAudit. We submittedtwo condidotes for the BBC'sPresenfAbleproject whichwoslookingfor disabled presenters. In Februory-We submitted2 opplicqtions for fundingfor o donce f eacher(weare owoitingthe results). We were involvedin the recruitmentprocessfor the heodof QuolityondTronsformotion for all SouthworkCouncil.We arecurrentlyin the processof welcoming pockondholdingo bollot with a membership our newmembers regardingthe legalstructure the SCIL shouldtoke. This involveso ore currently hugemailout whicholl of our committeemembers octivelyinvolvedin. Workinghord ond enjoying eve?yminute of it!!!!

Volentine'sDov of the SCIL Hereyoucan seethestoll we hadselling FontasyFlowers,handmodeJewellery, cardsondbofloons.In totof â‚Ź110wosroisedon the doyfor the SfiL f romthe soleof the Flowers, commission onda roffle. Existino Closses/Groups Mondoy- Core SteeringGroup t1.45o.m.-3.00 p.m. Tuesdoy- AccessAudit 6roup 11.30o.m.-12.00p.m. - NewsletterGroup11.00o.m.-12.00p.m. Wednesday - Music6roup 11.00o.m.- ?.OOp.m. Wednesdoy Thursdoy- FontosyFfowers 1.00p.m.- 2.OOp.m. Thursdoy- BEAMArt Group 1.30p.m.-3.30 p.m. Thursdoy- PoetryGroup1.30p.m.-3.30p.m. Pleosecontoct us before comingin to these clossesto check that these times ore still current Future Closses Belowore o list of future clossesthot will be held ot the SCIL pleosecontoct us (detoils on Poge1l: PersonolBudgets Stroke educotion MoneyMotters HelpingHonds Cord Aioking DonceTheotre Pyrogrophy(woodBurning) Dressmoking Jewellery(see below) AND IAANy ^AORE!!!!!!

Monico's first eve? fontosy Flower

INTERVIEW A,IONICA6RO55ETT FANTASYFLOWERFACIIJTATOR When did you stort comingto the centre? I storted to cometo the centrein November?Otl How did you leorn how to mokefontosy flowers? er ?Otl (at I met Tricio (SffL ProjectMonoger)on the 15 Decemb ondTricio introducedmeto fontosyf lowers. the Toster Sessions) How did you feel whenyou modeyour first fontosy flower? Verygood,my f irst fontosyf lowerwoso successondI reolly oppreciotedthat I hadmodeit, I f elt excitedthe f irst time f mode a fontasyf lower(see obovepicture) ondf wontedto continue.I couldlookso nice. neverknewthot bolloons How did you feel obout focilitoting o closs teoching other people how to moke fontosy flowers? I oppreciotewhot f omdoingof the momentwith others thqt need hefp, ondf oppreciatethe opportunityI wosgivenqndto sharemy skiff with others. T believef omot the right spot andI wontto keep on going.CONTINUEDON NEXT PAOE

?-.W,, ,,,;,,* ,,.*

Volentine Day Roses lrlode by iAonico Februory 20t2

(coNrrNuED) Whot wos the next step for your group in rnakingfontosy f lowers? Triciothen introduced meto the Roseshopeto makeondsellfor Vofentines Doy,sheshowedmehowto shopethepetolsond confirmedthot f wosdoingit right; the pictureoboveshowsthe resuftswhichI omveryproudof. We ochieved something on doy- we raisedoverâ‚Ź110for the SCfL,875 of which Vofentine's comefrom FontasyFlowersondwe qre continuing to rqisefundsselling FantosyFlowersin the future. Whot hove you goinedfrom beingthe focilitotor? meto becomeinvolvedond Joiningthe SCfL it hosencouroged this focilitatingthe group,it makesmehoppywhenT f eel apprecioted, likethis ondin the future we con givesmethe driveto do something go onto better things. T f eel thot I wosneededof the time thot f comeolongso f will do my best. It seemslike you ore on the movewhot ore your plonsfor the future? To showsomeone what they condo too ond achievesomething.f am moreondproducediff erent hopingin the future thot f csnadvance designs Interviewe?: Seon Smith s

Vofunteersneedto hel run the SCIL We needo voriety of peopleto octivelybecomeinvolvedin the Governance ondmonogement of the SCIL in order for it to work. Befowis o list of the typesof roles,skillsor oreosof expertise thot thot uteu?gentlyneed: Finqnce MinuteTokers Personn el/ Admin istrot ion Time Keepersf or meetings Orgonisers Plonners Development of Policies & Procedures Business development ip Administrotion Membersh Fundroisers Bid Writers Monageriol Skills Distribution- moilouts Focilitotors Arlicle Writers Photographers This list is not exhoustive ondif youhoveodditionolskillsthot you conoff er we would6e delightedto hearaboutthem andexplore howwe conusetheseskillswithinthe SCIL. ff you do not currentlyhavetheseskiflsbut ore interestedin feorningnewskillsondore hoppyto commityour time. We will workwith youin the oboveo?eosto useyourexistingskillsond helpyouto developnewskills,we thonkyou in advonce.

SCIL News Edition 1  
SCIL News Edition 1  

First edition of the Southwark Centre for Independent Living newsletter - the "SCIL news" produced by Sean Smith and Patricia Reilly