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Peterborough Against Poverty “First Aid For New Parents” The Concept To offer a free first Aid for babies and children course to the following people: •

All new parents aged 18 and under. Not means tested.

All new parents (regardless of age) of babies born with specific physical disabilites and/or serious health issues. This may need to be meanstested and discounted courses offered to those not eligible for free courses.

How We Can Do This? By either employing a p/t First Aid Trainer qualified to teach or by negotiating terms with an existing National Provider, such as St John Ambulance or Red Cross.

How Do We Make This Available? By liasing with health professionals, such as GP's & Midwives, Children/family centres, schools, social workers etc to promote awareness of the scheme.

Funding To be looked into

Further scope If trainer is employed, then benefits to PCC could be maximised by utilising trainer to offer other agencies/businesses training for a fee. Skills or local communities & businesses will be greatly improved and socially the City will benefit from this.

New parent first aid