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Peterborough Against Poverty “Job Search & Job Fair� The Concept To use a website, social media, leaflets, newspaper advertising and local drop in shop/facility to advertise local jobs from in and around the City. To provide an I'm looking for work page on the website and in local drop in shop where job-seekers can place a wanted ad so they can be contacted by employers. To encourage living wage employers by offering incentives and promotion of them as an ethical employer. To offer a walkabout Job Fair every 2-3 months where employers sign up to offer 15 minute interviews to jobseekers.

How We Can Do This? 1. Work with Job Centre Plus, colleges and local employers to set up and promote the scheme. 2. Set up a website so employers and jobseekers can post wanted ads. 3. Organise a regular walkabout job fair and sign up as many businesses as possible. 4. Promote job fair by supplying leaflets to Job Centre Plus to give out to every jobseeker. 5. Use local hub to promote living wage employers and prioritise their vacancies. 6. Ensure any interested jobseeker is aware of Train & Gain and Personal Improvement Packages.

Funding Job Centre Plus European Funding

Job search and job fair  
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