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There’s the sense that we’re living in a garden, surrounded by green; like we’re living outdoors.”—David Daniel

The new front sunroom (above) takes advantage of the ample natural light. Outside, the Daniels removed the swimming pool and expanded the home’s floor plan. They also connected a former garage-turned-cabana to the main residence and transformed it into the master bedroom (opposite page).

by connecting the former pool cabana to the house. They kept the old window configurations in front, given their unique shape, but incorporated the screened-in porch as part of the inside living area. By clever design, the charming exterior maintains its unassuming, early twentieth–century appearance, while the interior opens up into an airy yet comfortable area, with white walls and pale wood floors offset by splashes of primary-colored furnishings and art. Entering the living room of the lightfilled, contemporary bungalow, it’s difficult to imagine the home’s pre-renovation dark interior and somewhat choppy layout. Inside, they took down interior walls to redesign and open up the layout. On the cramped second floor, they created soaring space by raising the ceilings up to the roof line. They added a bathroom for each of the bedrooms, bringing the total from one and a half to four and a half. “I had a PowerPoint presentation of the home, room by room,” says Jeanne. “Because there aren’t a lot of rooms, we had to think about how to use space.” She adds that limited storage is a blessing in their new island life. The home is easy to keep clean and clutter-free. “We had to think about how we wanted to live.” When it came to furnishings, Jeanne knew she didn’t want the same traditional style of her New Canaan home. “It wouldn’t feel right here,” she says. She brought only a few items from her northern home, but among the most meaningful to the couple is a three-paneled canvas screen turned master bedroom headboard that once belonged to “Aunt Polly” Jessup. 62

Crowning the bedroom, a delicate crystal chandelier drops from a ceiling crafted from dark wood planks. Jeanne found the material after she installed the pale wood floors throughout the home and loved it so much she was inspired to install it on the bedroom’s cathedral ceilings, beautifully highlighting the elevated angles. The living room is furnished in a peaceful white and soft gray, accented with yellow and turquoise in the area rug, throw pillows, and art. Jeanne added neon yellow Milo Baughman chairs she found at The Silver Fund on Worth Avenue. Many of the furnishings are locally sourced. The result is a stunning example of how to marry historical allure and modern conveniences. The home feels spacious yet welcoming. Its former pokiness is replaced with an easy flow. Light pours in through uncovered windows that frame the dense foliage in the yard. “There’s the sense that we’re living in a garden, surrounded by green; like we’re living outdoors,” says David. “That’s how I feel about the entire island. It’s like a big, beautiful garden.” The couple is at peace in their new bungalow, so much so that they sold their home in Connecticut and have made Palm Beach their fulltime residence, with a summer escape on Cape Cod. “It’s very serene here,” says Jeanne. “The house has a really good vibe, and the sense of lightness makes you feel happy.” «


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