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Gorgeous confections, including macarons from Patrick Lézé and individual coconut cakes (opposite page), accompanied tea. Gruss gifted each lady with the Hope hand and body creme.

promoting the issue closest to her heart: the story of her beloved mother’s battle against mental illness. “I think all of us here in Palm Beach, as well as in New York, are extremely proud of Audrey and what she’s doing,” says guest Mary Ourisman, former ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. “Depression is a very hard thing to deal with and not a subject everybody wants to talk about. But she has watched what it’s done to other people.” Gruss is smiling this balmy afternoon as her friends sip tea and delight in coconut cake served on a table adorned with the four white flowers found in Hope, The Uplifting Fragrance. She shares with her guests the journey of creating the scent and how it will raise money for ongoing research. Because of her efforts to remove the stigma of depression and bring awareness to the disease, perhaps many others—those suffering like her mother once did—will experience happiness, too. «

People can be afraid to talk about difficult things like depression, but [Audrey is] putting a bright light on it.” —Susan Meyer

Susan Meyer, a former cosmetics executive and wife of investment firm founder and polo enthusiast Joe Meyer. “It’s incredibly difficult for a private individual to create a fragrance and get it out there, from grassroots to retail, especially when the motive is about giving back, not about business. “But Audrey has done it so elegantly. People can be afraid to talk about difficult things like depression, but she’s putting a bright light on it. A gorgeous white light, like sometimes people talk about in a spiritual sense. White light, white flowers, white tea: It all ties together beautifully. And if I’m going to buy [a] fragrance anyway, and I like several options, why wouldn’t I choose the one that’s helping other people?” With her corporate executive skills and understanding of marketing, Gruss has steered countless donations to education, science, and the cultural arts through her role as president of the Audrey and Martin Gruss Foundation. Over the last 20 years, the couple has given, and raised, hundreds of millions of dollars for numerous causes. But it is today that the graceful Palm Beach hostess, luminous in a crisp Giambattista Valli dress with a white flower brooch from Van Cleef & Arpels, is 50 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED

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Palm Beach Illustrated - May 2018  

Palm Beach Illustrated - May 2018  

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