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Since Tandy Robinson, Lisa Mulhall, and Cindy Krebsbach founded Impact 100 Palm Beach County in 2011, the organization has awarded more than $3.8 million in grants to 68 local nonprofits—at least $1 million of which has funded organizations focused on women and girls. The second-largest chapter in the world, Impact 100 PBC is led by 32 women board members with diverse backgrounds, from law to education to real estate development. To mark their tenth anniversary as a major local grant funder, the all-female organization plans to continue to collectively fund its signature $100,000 Tandy Robinson, Lisa Mul- grants to local nonprofits and hopes to expand its efforts by hall, Cindy hitting a 600-member milestone. ( Krebsbach



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Boca Raton native Andrea Virgin is living proof that pursuing a career in the arts can lead to a world of possibilities—and no pivot is impossible. The professional ballerina turned land-development engineer is president of the Boca Raton Arts District Exploratory Corp. In that role, she’s helping to trailblaze the Boca Raton Center for Arts & Innovation, a proposed state-of-the-art hub for arts, culture, and entertainment aiming to “fill the cultural gap in Boca Raton” via six adaptive performance and event spaces, both indoors and out. “I credit my second career choice—and, thankfully, relatively smooth transition—to my parents,” Virgin shares. “They insisted I continue securing a degree at night amid my 60-plus-hour training, rehearsal, and performing schedule. I had planned to dance into my 30s, but when the arts took a major hit during the 2008 recession, I was abruptly forced to switch careers, and I had just completed my degree in civil engineering.” After joining the board of the Boca Ballet Theatre, Virgin had the opportunity to marry both sectors. Unlike traditional performing arts centers, the proposed Boca Raton Center for Arts & Innovation will feature highly flex-

Andrea Virgin is spearheading the creation of the Boca Raton Center for Arts & Innovation, which will include an amphitheater (above) and convertible theater (left).

ible venues, including a multiform main theater of around 1,100 seats—the floor, ceiling, and walls of which can be adjusted into various configurations, from proscenium stage to concert hall to runway to flat-floor trade show— and a renovated Amphitheater Plaza with protection from the elements. “This project is rooted in nearly three decades of work, discussion, and perseverance, which began with, and has been carried by, the area’s artists and arts and culture organizations,” Virgin explains. “The progress of the project to date is a credit to their tenacity and vision. With this, we hope to provide Boca Raton with infrastructure on par with their talent. For too long, these institutions have performed on the margins of this otherwise vibrant and well-capitalized city.” The Boca Raton City Council recently voted 4-0 in favor of developing a draft ground lease agreement; after that comes capital fundraising, design development, and—eventually—a grand opening slated for mid to late 2025, tying into the City of Boca Raton’s centennial.


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