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Official Congress Website: www.pblink.co.uk/congress2018 Congress Venue Information: The Trampery Old Street 239 Old St Hoxton London EC1V 9EY

Please Note This event will be filmed and photographed by professionals, for marketing and PR purpose. In addition, members of the local and national media may be present. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed, please make yourself known to a Polish Business Link staff member and we will comply with your wishes as best we can.


Welcome to The Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs The future belongs to entrepreneurs – not to employees. The workplace of 2030 is expected to have changed so radically that between 30% and 45% of all jobs currently on the labour market will have ceased to exist. Corporations will no longer be hiring in such numbers – wherever possible, they will be outsourcing tasks to robots and to artificial intelligence (AI). And to start-ups and independent businesses, which are far more flexible and responsive than in-house teams. Young people at school today need to start thinking in terms of a life spent running their own business rather than of a career in a corporation. Technology is driving the change. Corporations’ thirst for increased scale and efficiency is more likely to be met by tech start-ups than internally. Outsourcing carries less risk. But for the successful business owner, the rewards can be far greater, the sense of satisfaction at being one’s own boss. Sectors such as retail, financial services, healthcare, media and travel are being revolutionised by technology – and this revolution is just beginning. Even in construction – seen as a conservative sector – tech is making inroads in the form of BIM. Across industry and commerce, it is upstart 4

newcomers that are leading the revolution, and this will intensify. When the conditions are right technology blossoms. Easy access to talent, capital and clients is all-important. This is particularly true in  London –  a  great place  from which entrepreneurs can scale up and springboard their businesses into global markets. Brexit  would  not hold back the march of tech entrepreneurs. In a no-deal, hard-Brexit scenario, manufacturers as well as exporters and importers of goods  would  be hard hit.  However,  interchanges  would not  be  easily  restrained. One

thorny issue  remains,  namely  data protection. How will the cross-border movement of personal data look after March 2019? While the global outlook for tech entrepreneurs remains good, the effects of Brexit on businesses located in the UK need to be calculated in advance. It is worth having a good look at your competition to see whether it will be hit harder than you by tariffs, by reduced access to skilled employees and by logistics hold-ups. The fifth Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs in the UK will be a chance to celebrate the successes of the determined men and women who have chosen Britain as a base for their businesses, which have flourished over the

years despite the recent uncertainty caused by Brexit. It will also be an opportunity to learn from one another, from inspiring case studies, from mistakes made by others that should be avoided, from insights exchanged over a glass of wine. And networking – as with all PBLINK events – the Congress has been designed to maximise the interface between individual business owners with a focus on business development. Workshops, panels and face-to-face discussions will be balanced to ensure that the day will be extremely practical and useful to any busy entrepreneur who takes the day out of their hectic schedule to learn and to network.

Bartłomiej Kowalczyk Director Polish Business Link

Micheael Dembinski Chief Adviser British Polish Chamber of Commerce

We help to facilitate B2B connections, helping you to flourish on the UK market.

The BPCC has over 400 member companies across Poland and the UK. Working actively with the UKTI, the chamber helps British SME exporters enter the Polish market, as well as working with Polish Business Link to support Polish entrepreneurs in the UK. The BPCC has been recognised as the best British chamber in continental Europe no fewer than four times within the past decade by the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Continental Europe.

Over 120 members 20+ business events annually Supportive business community

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Welcome from HE Arkady Rzegocki, Ambassador of Poland Poland is one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide. In September ratings agency Moody’s revised upward its forecast for Polish GDP growth this year to 5 percent, and it also raised its projection for Poland’s economic growth 2019 year to 4.2 percent. The last 28 years have showed a huge potential of Polish economy. Strong macroeconomic foundations, stable domestic demand and agile fiscal policy made Poland the only European Union country to avoid recession in times of financial crisis in 2008. It is clear that Poland has been perceived as the new Europe’s growth engine and natural leader of Central Eastern Europe (CEE). This year Poland hit a milestone with its promotion to “developed market” status in indices run by FTSE Russell. Poland has joined a group of 25 of the world’s most advanced economies, including the US, the UK, Germany, France, Japan and Australia. Poland became the first country in nearly a decade to graduate from emergingmarket status and enter the ranks of the world’s developed economies. The Polish capital market became the first in Central and Eastern Europe to join the ranks of developed markets.

Now we face big challenge linked with process of brexit. On Friday, 7 December during a special conference in our Embassy we would like to discuss the consequences of brexit for bilateral cooperation between Poland and UK. Speakers from Poland will consider some aspect of this problem. We will be delighted if during the conference you would share with us your views how Poland can strengthen the cooperation with UK after Brexit and how your companies could benefit from that cooperation.

Poland’s growth has been based primarily on 5 pillars: strong internal demand, productivity improvements, inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI), inflow of EU funds and dynamic exports. One of the most important partners for Polish exporters is the UK. In 2017 our export to the UK reached 13 billion euro. A very important role in increasing Polish export to the United Kingdom play the Polish entrepreneurs in the UK. Today I would like to thank you for your engagement in this cooperation.


Congress Agenda 10:00 10:30

 Official Opening & Welcoming: - Arkady Rzegocki, Polish Ambassador in the UK - Nick Howe, NatWest
 - Bartlomiej Kowalczyk, PBLINK

10:45 – 11:30 Morning Discussion Panel 
 Technology as a driver for growth for UK-based business in a post-Brexit world.
 Panel Members: - Piotr Kubalka, Capital Business Links - Tom Tyles, Elite Network - Katarzyna (Kate) Boguslawska, Carter Lemon Camerons
 - Pawel Mes, One Money Mail Ltd
 - Chris Elsheikhi, Teespring Moderator: Richard Cockett, Business Editor, The Economist 11:45 – 13:00 11:45 12:10 12:35

Morning Workshops
 Business Breakthrough – How can you work less, beat your competition and unlock greater profits in your business? Ewa Leończyk-Ozdemir, Capital Business Links How to demonstrate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation? Katarzyna (Kate) Boguslawska, Carter Lemon Camerons How to start and scale a global expansion? Chris Elsheikhi, Teespring

13:00 – 13:45


13:45 – 14:30 Afternoon Discussion Panel
 Digital Disruption in Retail & Trade – Growth Tactics & Customer Innovation Panel Members: - Ralph Lightman, DM2 Agency
 - Biswa Malla - Adrian Kempiak, Neadoo Digital - Terry Carney, Jump Digital Transformation
 - Jakub Zmuda, ModulR Moderator: Michael Dembinski, BPCC
 14:45 – 16:00 Afternoon Workshops 14:45 Human System Engineering in Business Strategy, Ralph Lightman, DM2 Agency 15:10 How to rank well – understanding how Google works the way for higher visibility of your site, Adrian Kempiak, Neadoo Digital 15:35 Amazon Pricing Strategy, Biswa Malla

Business Networking


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One Money Mail Ltd T/As Sami Swoi is the biggest Polish money transfer network in the UK. Over 13-years’ experience in the market is the best guarantee of the quality of services offered to over 300 000 satisfied customers. Sami Swoi provides complete security, a competitive GBP exchange rate, simplicity of access to services and a variety of options to send money to Poland. Bank transfer ‘STANDARD’ into Polish Zloty bank accounts is one of the most popular transfers in Sami Swoi. Funds are delivered within 2 working days. If time is important, Sami Swoi offers you a bank transfer ‘EXPRESS’ and money will be sent to an account within one working day without high transfer fees. What if you forget about someone’s birthday? Sami Swoi recommends transfer ‘LIVE’ with 10 minutes delivery time. If a recipient does not have a bank account, there is an option available to send money to the beneficiary’s hands by choosing transfer to the Polish Post Offices.   With Sami Swoi, transfers can be made through the branches in the UK, via our phone line service +44 (0) 207 099 2441, via the website www.przekazypieniezne.com or via Mobile Application – you can transfer money faster and easier than ever before.


Carter Lemon Camerons LLP is a law firm situated in the heart of City of London. We are committed to delivering the highest level of legal services. Our comprehensive expertise in range of specialist areas includes: corporate, commercial, property, employment, litigation, wealth management and tax and immigration. We are known for approachability, pragmatism and effectiveness. We dedicate ourselves to working with our clients to achieve the outcomes they are looking for. We enjoy close and long-term relations with our clients in sectors including: hospitality and leisure, healthcare, charities, banking and lending, property development and investment, transport companies, private clients.

Congress Supporters Capital Business Links LTD is an ACCA certified financial and accounting company with headquarters in London and offices in Poland. For over a dozen years, we have been supporting Polish entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive business services. The most numerous groups of our clients are enterprises which develop their activity on international markets, in particular in Great Britain. We support enterprise internationalization processes, provide specialized accounting and tax services in selected tax jurisdictions around the world, we advise on how to build optimal development strategies on international markets. We connect business partners and help build lasting relationships with foreign contractors.

Whether you are just starting out or you are looking to expand - NatWest and its team of experienced business managers can work with you to identify what support there is available - whether from the bank or via a whole host of other business support organisations - to help get you to where you want to be.

We supply a range of frozen fruit & vegetables to the retail, manufacturing & foodservice sectors throughout Europe from our award winning BRC accredited IQF production facilities in Poland. Our technical specialists continually monitor and advise our contracted farmers in order to make sure that we supply only the best quality products to our manufacturing sites in Poland, or to one of our global manufacturing partners strictly in accordance with all UK & European Food Safety Standards, resulting in increasing our customer’s reliability to their customers. Our expertise in sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and logistic management, have allowed us to further tailormake our products according to our customer’s specific requirements whether that be for retail, manufacture or foodservice.


Congress Supporters BC Printing is printing and signmaking company based in Glasgow but trading nationwide. With many in-house facilities BC Printing is able to print quick-turnaround jobs stationery, flyers, business cards, posters, banners, stickers, booklets, car signage, shop signage etc.

At Neadoo, we specialize in SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) services. We make sure that your website reaches the highest possible position in Google search results and is easy for your customers to find. Neadoo is a certified Google Partner, which means that we’ve officially been recognized as a company that always delivers the highest possible standards when creating and managing effective PPC campaigns. We also offer CRO audits, link building, marketing consultancy, and various other services that will help boost your online presence. No website? No problem – we can create a website for your company from scratch, thanks to our experienced team of graphic and web developers. Thanks to the internet, your business has the potential to reach everyone, but at the same time, it might become lost in the sea of possibilities if you don’t know how to navigate it. Neadoo is a company built on solid foundations – the fundamentals of knowledge, enthusiasm, and integrity are the core values that guide us throughout all of our work. Each member of our team brings in something unique – it’s by capitalizing on that diversity that we can keep providing our clients with the best results. Contact us today and find out how we can help your company: www.neadoo.london pozycjonujemy.co.uk NEADOO IN NUMBERS! - people-friendly offices in London (HQ) & Poznań - one of the top 25 SEO Companies in the UK - 10+ strategic partners around the world - 300+ clients served - 25+ specialists


Morning Discussion Panel Technology as a driver for growth for UK-based business in a post-Brexit world MODERATOR: Richard Cockett Business Editor The Economist

Piotr Kubalka Capital Business Links

Tom Tyles Elite Network

Pawel Mes One Money Mail Ltd

Chris Elsheikhi Teespring

Katarzyna (Kate) Boguslawska Carter Lemon Camerons


Remember the Human Story in the Tech-Powered World Marketing has the power to transform organisations and outcomes, and indeed plays a pivotal role in some of the biggest transition of business success. We need to stop talking about modern marketing changes and actually get on and do it. The ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution carries serious challenges for companies. They have to adapt to new rules, implement bold solutions and meet the expectations of customers. Whoever adjusts, wins. Those who do not, will be eliminated without hesitation. Industry 4.0 is already here! The first Industrial Revolution: steam mechanisation; the second: electrification; the third: computer technology. Industry 4.0 is about bringing data, automation and AI into business. Thanks to such wireless technologies, the devices gain the ability to communicate. Using real-time information, they can react in a smart way to different situations. They cease to be pre-programmed task contractors. They become flexible cocreators. Hence it impacts on consumers behaviour and… marketing strategy.

DM2 and Stock Exchange Revolution

But the 4th Revolution is not only manufacturing plants or production halls. DM2 Agency’s advertising is equally bold. First, it proved its value with the so-called computer revolution. Then, in cooperation with AmerBrokers (part of American Bank), it introduced the first order system for the online exchange. In 2000, New Warsaw Stock Exchange Trading System (WARSET) was introduced and it allowed the use of computers where it was previously impossible. As a result, AmerBrokers could offer its customers an absolute novelty that is nowhere else available. It helped to strengthen the image of the brand, open to innovation and setting gutter trends. The revolutionary zeal in DM2 has not weakened.

Alzheimer recovery via VR by DM2

During Industry 4.0, the Agency again took up the challenge. In cooperation with the selected British local authorities, 14

representatives of DM2 initiated a project to help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. This is due to the innovative use of virtual reality technologies. Patients at an early stage will be able to walk into their past with a help of carefully designed goggles, used to activate the brain and prevent symptoms of the disease. This is a particularly responsible task - it concerns not only helping those already at risk, but also joining in activities that eliminate the harmful effects of an aging European society. In this context, it is safe to say that the DM2 mission are beyond the classic framework of the Fourth Industrial technology. Opposition to negative social phenomena, motivating to implement innovations, is something more valuable than just trying to find methods to improve production processes. And the members of DM2 Agency speak with particular pride about this aspect of their mission.

Consumer-centric strategy

We need to remember that modern technology cannot obscure the human perspective, that technology is supposed to be on the services of the company’s growth, not the other way around. As Dorota Iwankiewicz from DM2, states that “Consumers are human beings endowed with a freedom and creativity. Subjectivity plays a major role in forming their opinions and reactions.” Iwankiewicz continues that the company can reshape its business strategy to design and adapt its products or services to be “more focused on value, emotion, sincerity and authenticity.” A recent study by MediaChain supports this statement and shows that younger

consumers while they have learned to be frugal, are also willing to pay more for products that are true to their values. 70% would stop buying a product if it wasn’t ethical in an area they cared about. Therefore, what the customer really wants is brand with a human face, with values. Also, the study states that 51% make a purchase with a view to posting about it online. At one end of the spectrum it’s about being savvy and getting things cheap with discounts – with little loyalty to brands – or, on the other, it’s about generating real brand loyalty through standing for something. “And it is how we understand marketing strategy in DM2” Dorota Iwankiewicz concludes.


What is more important the product itself is not enough, we must focus certainly on the experience even more in recent

times. Essentially, experience, with helping technology, has become the product that marketers are selling. This is a base to build Trust. PwC’s report ‘Industry 4.0: Building Your Digital Enterprise’ emphasizes that with so much change in business, there’s one area that companies can’t afford to ignore: trust. Digital ecosystems can only function efficiently if all parties involved can trust in the security of their data and communication. Ralph Lightman from DM2Agency added “The sense of Security is the absolute foundation for making customer decisions. And during the sales process, business has to cover this fundamental human need.” Author: by DM2Agency team


Afternoon Discussion Panel Digital Disruption in Retail & Trade – Growth Tactics & Customer Innovation MODERATOR: Michael Dembinski BPCC

Ralph Lightman DM2 Agency

Biswa Malla

Terry Carney Jump Digital Transformation

Jakub Zmuda ModulR

Adrian Kempiak Neadoo Digital


Morning Workshops

Business Breakthrough – How can you work less, beat your competition and unlock greater profits in your business? Ewa Leończyk-Ozdemir Capital Business Links During this workshop, I will present how to accelerate your firm towards greater productivity, growth and profitability by using specific support tools and tips. You’ll find out how to use technology for better financial control and decision making.

Other topics mentioned during the workshop: How by using simple growth mindset confidently move your firm into the future?

How to improve your business by helping you to identify opportunities for reducing costs and streamline processes?

Example of suitable software and applications which will help you free more hours each week—hours that you can reinvest in your firm.

Making Tax Digital – a blessing in disguise?

Increased profits, growth and more success for your firm are all at your fingertips... Start planning your transformation today.


How to demonstrate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation? Katarzyna (Kate) Boguslawska Carter Lemon Camerons Six months since the change in the data privacy laws swept through Europe. Some companies have suffered the effects of noncompliance as the ICO has issued its first penalties under the new regime. How safe is our business? How familiar are we with the new legislation? This  practical workshop is a great opportunity to consolidate your knowledge, share experiences and learn some simple rules about GDPR.

How to start and scale a global expansion? Chris Elsheikhi Teespring Workshop on how to establish and scale a Tech start up in a new territory. Insights and experience taken from entering and winning UK markets with a MAAS unicorn and diversifying to win the market for European division of Y combinator backed E-commerce company.

Key points to discuss are: - How do you identify growth levers? - How do you get meaningful ROI? - Where to focus and how to manage resource? 19

Afternoon Workshops

Human System Engineering in Business Strategy Ralph Lightman DM2 Agency Vast discussed Industry 4.0 is much more than reducing cost and digitised products and service. Businesses have to implement the client-centred strategy and build the bridge between off-line and on-line realities if they want to win on the market. Case studies, tools and tips for participants of this workshop are based on successful implementations from Industry 1-3 and more than 21 years of DM2 Agency’s experience

How to rank well – understanding how Google works the way for higher visibility of your site Adrian Kempiak Neadoo Digital During the workshop, I will discuss the basics of SEO on a level that any one of you can put into action in your daily work. Tiny things that can overlay increase your ranking in Google and bring you more customers. I will teach you about the top 3 groups of the main Google ranking factor and present you with some easy-to-use tools that will help you understand how Google sees your site, as well as tips on how you can improve your visibility.


Amazon Pricing Strategy Biswa Malla

After over 10 years working in the IT industry, I wanted to try out something on my own and give my inner entrepreneur a chance to shine. I started my first online business 3 years ago. We started by selling one product and quickly grew to over 50 SKUs. We started selling on Amazon as it was the largest e-commerce platform at the moment. We hit about £500K in sales in our first year of trade. I have been selling on Amazon for more than 2 years now and am well versed with requirements to start selling and be successful on Amazon. We frequently get the Amazon’s Choice badge on a lot of our products. We get invited to a lot of promotional deals by Amazon.


Planning the budget for your SEO campaign As it turns out, this line of thinking is not just wrong - it can be detrimental to your company’s performance. Many business owners fail to put enough effort into their SEO plans, and that often causes many problems that could have easily been avoided with a proper budget and plan of action. And while it may seem like a trivial matter, failure to truly invest in the potential that SEO comes with many results in substantial losses for your company. Make the best of the opportunities SEO gives. Follow these steps and make sure that you can reap all the benefits that SEO can provide you with simply by being prepared.

Plan for the long-term We’d all like our SEO to be instantaneous, but many of us don’t even realize that this isn’t really a possibility. The most fundamental thing you need to know about SEO is that you won’t see results right away. In fact, you should be suspicious of any SEO-related operations that claim to work immediately, as SEO, by its very nature, is simply a long-term process. So how much do you have to wait? On average, it takes 3 to 6 months to see the first results, and even then, they’re usually pretty minimal. 6 to 12 months is the period where you may actually start seeing more substantial results that make an actual, meaningful difference in your website’s ranking. The reason why you won’t see any results within the first two months is quite simple: • the first month is spent on research, auditing, and planning - these are the early concept stages, so no meaningful work can be done as there is still no established plan of action, • the second month is when the established strategies start to get implemented, but it takes a while for the search engines to register the changes happening. So, in the end, it’s a process that takes time and patience. And, as we all know, time is money, which leads us to our next point.

Be prepared to spend money Work won’t pay for itself, and SEO is a lot of work. While it might seem like a small thing, SEO actually involves a string of complex processes and intense micro-managing, so you can be sure that any company that promises to help you out for peanuts is most likely worth exactly the amount they charge. If you want to invest in really valuable SEO, you should be prepared to pay between £1500 and £3000 per month if you want to have a broad range, though it depends on your field. And that is just the bare minimum required, as larger companies that need the SEO proportional to their size spend money in the tens of thousands per month in order to maintain their position. However, it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility to receive a good SEO service for as low as £500 per month. It all depends on the expectations and goals that you set for your campaign, as well as the time needed to reach them. Now that you have a plan and are committed to spending the necessary funds in order to start and maintain your SEO campaign, it’s time for the next step. 22

Decide on a metric Budgeting SEO means you also have expectations regarding your performance. It is hard to gauge performance without a proper measuring criterion, however - that’s where metrics come in. Though you might be tempted to use rankings as your metric, that’s actually one of the worst factors you can choose to accurately gauge the performance of your SEO. Instead, consider looking at traffic, as focusing on leads and other types of conversions in this type of metric can give you a much better idea of what’s going on.

Set your goals There’s no point of a strategy if there is no goal behind it. You need to know exactly where you want to be by the end of the process if you want that process to yield any sort of measurable results. Think carefully about what you want to change about your company through an SEO campaign and try to set a reasonable goal for yourself. Whether it’s an increase in sales, subscriptions, or anything else, how you measure your success is up to you - and it’s up to you to decide what your ultimate goal will look like. As with most things that matter, you need to know how much you are willing to give in return for your success. If you want to achieve that increase in sales that you’re counting on, you have to know how much you’re ready to pay for that.

Give your SEO company enough space Once you’ve handled those issues, you’re pretty much set to hire an SEO firm to take matters

into their own hands. You need to be ready to let your SEO firm handle all of the issues of your company’s website. They will need to receive full access to your website’s structure in order to really speed up the process. Alternatively, your IT team can be tasked with implementing the changes the SEO team proposes. While this is your own, personal plan and strategy from start to finish, and your SEO firm is just someone you hire to perform a task, so to speak, you need to give them the freedom to operate on their own terms. Remember - they are the specialists here and you hired them because you want to benefit from their expertise. By micromanaging your SEO firm, you may end up inhibiting their work, causing not just delays in their work, but actual losses for you. Keep in mind that you are still the biggest expert when it comes to your company’s field, so make sure that your SEO firm receives the input it needs from you, in order to effectively do their job. The bottom line here is that you need to take the time to carefully plan your SEO strategy. We all want quick results, but SEO is meant to give you ongoing benefits over time, with incredibly satisfying results in the long run. In the end, just the fact that you understand the process better and realize how much time has to pass for the results that matter will give you a leg up compared to most of your competitors. This article was brought to you by Adrian Kempiak, our SEO expert at Neadoo Digital.

If you want to partner with us then contact him at ak@neadoo.eu 23

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor UK Report – latest edition reveals some important trends New research from Aston University in Birmingham, which uses data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), sponsored by NatWest, shows that people from ethnic minority and immigrant backgrounds are twice as likely as their white British counterparts to be early-stage entrepreneurs. Other highlights emerged from the study also show that women, people from ethnic minority communities and migrants are more likely to be motivated by creating ‘meaning’ – rather than just making money – when starting a business than white British men. The GEM report was launched earlier this Autumn at the NatWest London Entrepreneur Accelerator and with a speech from NatWest’s CEO of Commercial & Private Banking Alison Rose. The GEM report’s key measure of Total early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) tracks the proportion of people who are ‘nascent entrepreneurs’ at the early stages of setting up a business, as well as new business owners who have been running their firm for between three months and three-and-a-half years. Since the financial crisis, the proportion of people from ethnic minorities and migrants starting their own firms has risen sharply, at the same time as more modest increases among white people and life-long residents. In 2017, the TEA rate among non-white Britons was 14.5%, compared to 7.9% for white Britons. A similar increase can be observed among immigrants to the UK, both white and non-white. In 2017, 12.9% were early-stage entrepreneurs, compared to 8.2% among the UK-born population as a whole [all ethnicities]. For both ethnic minority groups and migrants, this difference with the white and UK-born populations has widened substantially since 2008. Looking across the population as a whole (including UK-born and immigrant populations), the UK’s TEA rate was 8.7% in 2017. This compares favourably to France (3.9%) and Germany (5.3%) but is lower than that of the US (13.6%). This year’s GEM report also introduced a new measure around people’s motivations for starting their business, revealing big differences between ages, genders, ethnicities and socio-economic groups.

Two-thirds (66%) of women said they started a business to contribute to society, while just twofifths of men (39%) had the same motivation. There was also a 20 percentage-point gap in the share of men and women who were motivated to start a business to help others in need (38% compared to 58%). Commenting on the research findings, Mark Hart, Professor of Small Business and Entrepreneurship at Aston Business School, said: “We’ve seen a big rise in people deciding to start their own business since the financial crisis. This is particularly pronounced among UK-born people from ethnic minorities and immigrants to the UK – both of these groups are now nearly twice as likely to be earlystage entrepreneurs as white British people. “So, what this tells us is that minorities and immigrants are making a big contribution to the prosperity of the UK, growing new firms and creating jobs in our communities. Often, they’re setting up their businesses with the express aim of having a social impact beyond simply making money. “These findings are particularly relevant as the UK heads towards Brexit. We need to ensure we remain an attractive place for enterprising immigrants, who make a big contribution to our economic dynamism as a nation.” Alison Rose, NatWest’s CEO of Commercial & Private Banking, added: “This year’s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor highlights the different motivations that entrepreneurs have for starting their own business. While making money and working for yourself will always be important, making a difference to society and ‘creating meaning’ are as important, if not more, among a number of demographics, particularly women, ethnic minorities and younger people. “Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the UK economy and it’s incumbent upon all of us to create an environment in which entrepreneurs can flourish. By understanding the motivations of the individual, we can tailor the support we provide, ensuring it meets the specific needs of the entrepreneur and their business.” Nick Howe, Enterprise Manager NatWest Business Nick.Howe@natwest.com


Facing hard realities He we are – towards the end of 2018, for the fifth congress of Polish entrepreneurs in the UK – and the third under the shadow of Brexit. B-word-related uncertainties still dominate any business discussion, all the more so for entrepreneurs who have moved to the UK from Poland and set up their businesses here. It is clear that whatever the outcome (still very much up in the air at the time of going to press), how Brexit will affect your business depends in which sector you operate. And of course, what the outcome will be. It is impossible to imagine any of the three scenarios actually coming to pass – the UK leaving without a deal, with all the chaos that this would create, the UK continuing to pay into the EU and accepting its rules without any say or reneging on the referendum result. All appear politically impossible.

This state of affairs hasn’t changed since 23 June 2016, and as a result many business decisions have been put on hold or else – in the absence of any hard fact – firms are carrying on as usual, not making any plans because nothing is certain. Yet it’s worth setting aside a few hours to do some strategic planning, to consider how the eventuality of a hard Brexit might affect the competitiveness of your business. This should be based on analysis of your market position, your dependence on cross-Channel supply chains, on Polish (or other EU-national) labour, and on your competitors. If you are trading goods, do you know the HS/SITC code of the products you deal


with? Do you know what tariffs they would face should the UK drop out of the single European market on the basis of WTO rules? How much extra paperwork would you have to deal with – country-of-origin certificates, VAT, new regulations? How you’ll deal with logistics in a new situation that’s far from frictionless? If your competitors are currently importing products from outside the EU, they are dealing with all the extra hassle that will suddenly face you after a hard Brexit. If, on the other hand, your competitors are importing from Germany, Holland or France, they will face exactly the same challenges and extra costs as you. Adjusting to new conditions will not be easy – time will be spent with new requirements, diverging regulations and form-filling that’s better spent developing new business. Whatever the final outcome, new business opportunities will emerge for those quick and flexible enough to spot them. Again, if you hadn’t considered what these might be, it’s time to do so! Those of us who were at our first congress, back in 2014, will remember the DueDil/ Centre for Entrepreneurs report into foreign-born entrepreneurs in the UK, which showed for the first time the number and the influence of businesses started by Poles on the British economy. It is clear that anyone who has the energy, courage and determination to leave their home country for a new one – plus of course capacity for hard work – is going to be an asset to their host economy. Newcomers to the UK are twice as likely to set up a business as native-born Brits. Yet Britain’s retreat from Europe suggests that the openness that characterised its economy for centuries

should not be taken for granted. Britain’s economy is growing at a far slower pace than it would have, had it not chosen such a course; when planning your business’s future, consider all options; this takes time but pays dividends.

Brexit, many businesses may not survive the fall out, but the relationship between our two countries will abide.

At the opposite end of the EU, the Polish economy continues to boom, with growth of around 5% expected this year. New opportunities are opening up that were not there just a few years ago; with record low unemployment (only Czechia can boast lower unemployment among EU member states), Poland is becoming more attractive for Poles considering a return to their homeland. When Poland joined the EU, unemployment was at a record high. The past decade and a half have seen phenomenal growth across the country – not just in the big cities. This means more opportunities to sell to Poles, now much wealthier as consumers than they have ever been before. The BPCC’s Get Connected with Poland programme has been set up to encourage and support British firms to enter the Polish market. [see http://bpcc.org.pl/en/getconnected-with-poland] Our membership network of over 300 firms across Poland includes many B2B service providers with deep knowledge and many contacts that may prove beneficial to your firm if you are thinking of extending your supply chain or outsourcing back to Poland. The ties between Poland and the UK are too deep and valuable to both economies to cut; whatever the outcome of Brexit, there will always be Poles living in the UK, owning businesses and property in the UK, and goods and services will always be traded between the two countries. There may be a steep contraction should we face a hard

Michael Dembinski, chief advisor, British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC)


How can technology help to drive business growth in a post-Brexit world? The UK is increasingly leading the way in terms of innovation and the country’s tech sector is thriving, as British start-ups continue to enjoy unprecedented success and established industry players eye-up offices in the UK as prime spots for European headquarters. While well-established businesses operating in sectors ranging from manufacturing to financial services are perhaps dreading the potential implications of Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU) on their dayto-day activities, tech start-ups and forwardthinking firms are anticipating that Brexit will enable Britain to push new boundaries on the global stage as the UK looks towards new, broader opportunities for trade and forward-thinking relationships with new nations. A recent report published by Tech Nation entitled Connection and collaboration: powering UK tech and driving the UK economy reveals that the UK’s digital sector is currently enjoying unbridled growth all across the country – and not just in London. ‘Silicon suburbs’ are emerging all over the country. While London is cited in the report as the third most competitive ‘global tech startup ecosystem’ outside of Silicon Valley and New York, recent months have seen regional industry hubs grow in prominence in the tech space, thanks to both the success of startups and rising demand for prime office space among several international tech leaders. Despite not making it onto Tech Nation’s ‘Silicon Suburbs’ list, Edinburgh is today the up-and-coming home of such big names as Skyscanner, Rockstar North and Ice Robotics and is increasingly establishing a name for itself as one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the UK. According to a report from Stack Overflow, the city’s population of web, software and associated developers is growing rapidly quarter-on-quarter, as an increasing number of skilled tech workers continue to flock to the city to take 28

advantage of the boom. Meanwhile, Manchester is fast establishing a name for itself as the largest UK technology hub outside of London, home to a number of key players in the Internet of Things (IoT) sub-sector. In fact, the city today ranks as the UK’s best in terms of IoT tech companies. Over the last 20 years, it has experienced something of a ‘rebirth’ thanks to a number of significant redevelopment projects – many of which have given birth to small tech clusters all across the city. Sir Howard Bernstein, Chief Executive of Manchester Council, who is often credited as a key figure behind the city’s recent reinvention of itself, has described the emerging tech epicentre as “a global leader in the digital economy,” which is merely on the very brink of using its new “resources to reach its full potential.”

Elsewhere, Oxford and Cambridge are breaking new ground in the arena of techfuelled medical research. These two iconic cities, which are best known for their worldleading universities, have seen a boom in academic and medical research projects thanks to collaborative projects involving a combination of academic resources and forward-thinking business practices. Oxford is also witnessing a rise in computing and ‘health tech’ companies, such as Oxehealth and Sophos, which has in part been spurred on by Oxford University Innovation’s efforts to raise £52.6 million in seed stage funding to fuel as many as 24 innovative tech firms. Meanwhile, Cambridge – which employed more than 30,000 people in tech jobs in 2017 – is taking advantage of its unrivalled talent pool to drive innovation in terms of both medical research and innovative start-up ideas. Furthermore, Bristol and Bath in South West England are leading the way in sectors ranging from aerospace to microchip design, with key names such as XMOS and Cray growing by the day. As many as 225 startups have been born in these two relatively small cities in the past year alone, with more than 35,000 new digital jobs advertised in that same period, recent figures from Tech Nation reveal.

It’s not just start-ups and innovative research projects that are increasingly establishing the UK as a global tech leader, either. In fact, even major giants such as Facebook are beginning to recognise the benefits of doing business in the UK, with the social media powerhouse setting up shop in Central London earlier this year. According to a recent report from property group CBRE, office take-up in the city soared to 9.8 million square-ft in the year to September – the highest level on record in more than two years. The group claims that the trend was set after Facebook snapped up more than 600,000 square-ft of City office space for its new UK headquarters earlier in the year. Since the tech giant’s arrival, five major London deals have been agreed which exceeded 100,000 square-ft, while emerging tech hubs such as Manchester and Cheshire have opened their doors to online retailers, artificial intelligence (AI) firms and more, including the likes of ao.com and Boohoo. At a time when many industries are worried about the impact of political uncertainty on the UK economy, tech seems largely unfazed and resilient. If things continue as they are, the tech industry could very well become the key driver behind business growth in a postBrexit Britain.

Major tech players are setting up shop in the UK

If you would like assistance with commercial matters, please call us on +44 (0) 20 7406 1018 or email kateboguslawska@cartercamerons.com. 29

Re-thinking cross-cultural communication in the digital age In the globalised world, in which we are now living, the interaction between business people is becoming increasingly easy as well as increasingly frequent. The internet offers any number of possibilities to this end. This means that meeting people in person is not the only solution. There are alternatives offered by technology to name the main ones: google hangout, zoom, GoToMeetings and many others. If you trade on an international scale, you have probably taken advantage of some of them to facilitate the communication process. However, you are no doubt aware that building up worthwhile relationships depends largely on face to face contacts, shaking hands to seal the deal, having a discussion over lunch and thereby strengthening relations with our customers and associates. Yet we are living at a time of digitalisation and technological advances. It would be very unwise to underestimate those growing opportunities. Such direct contacts may be impeded by language barriers. They would have to be overcome in order to bridge the communication gap. Even though English is increasingly the lingua franca of business, some delicate negotiations or very specialised conferences might require relying on translation by a professional interpreter. It is not always expedient, and it might be financially unrewarding to organise an ad hoc face to face encounter in another location with a skilled interpreter on the spot. The alternative consists in utilising cutting-edge platform for meetings with simultaneous (in real-time) interpreting conducted by professional people working from their own location at a distance. So, it is not interpreting by machines but by trained 30

professionals using appropriate technology to serve your needs while minimising your investments. To illustrate that with an example - let’s say you’re on a business trip in Brazil and you have an important business meeting that was not planned far in advance. The problem is you don’t speak Portuguese and your counterpart doesn’t speak your language sufficiently to negotiate with confidence. Organising for an interpreter to come onsite needs careful planning, administration and comes at considerable expense. With a platform such as Interprefy, a meeting can be arranged in any language combination at short notice and all that is required is for each person at the meeting to connect through the dedicated app on a smart device or on their laptop.

This remote interpreting platform is suitable for: Small meetings such as negotiating a deal or a presentation of a new product. Participants need not all be in the same location. All they need is a laptop or an application on a smartphone. On the other hand, interpreters can work from a distance when they are also connected to the same platform.

Seminars/workshops if you intend for instance to train your employees working away from the head office in different time zones. The same solution as for small meetings applies.

The above approach may save expenses on travel, accommodation, hiring of equipment and above all time which as we know is money. This is extremely helpful when you suddenly need to organise an international meeting especially if travel is difficult (for instance when visas are required). In addition to these points, it is argued that the quality is the same as if the professional interpreter had to be on the spot. However yet again, the personal touch cannot be replaced therefore this is an additional instrument at your disposal not a substitute for the traditional methods. Needless to say, the professional interpreter, who is at the forefront of technology, would be the best adviser on the appropriate platform for your needs. To summarise, as technological advances continue to make business interaction more accessible, enlightened businessmen

Conferences without any need for booths or interpreters on-site. The delegates listen to the remote interpreting with smart devices or can use traditional headphones.

should harness this invention without losing sight of customary strategies for efficient communication.

Ewa Jasinska-Davidson www.ewajasinska.com



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Networking is not about business, it is about you. There are hundreds of businesses like yours, but what is unique is you. You might change your business, but your values and personality will remain. Use networking events to build your personal brand, not your business.

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