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was the man sleeping in the stern of the ship. “Don’t you care if we drown?” they asked. The man got up from his nap, commanded the winds to be quiet and still… and the wind and waves obeyed his voice! Then he looked at his friends and asked “Why are you afraid?” “ Do you not have any faith?” As I read this story to my daughter I realized something. Jesus, the man asleep in the story, was with his friends through the entire storm. He was available, accessible, and powerful enough to use the same voice that created the wind to calm it. And Yet… It wasn’t until his friends had exhausted their own strength and ability. It wasn’t until they lathered everyone up into a tizzy of frustration because they expected Him to wake up and do something of his own initiative. It wasn’t until they were at the end of their rope… that they went to Jesus.

Jesus’ response? Where is your faith? Why would you allow this storm to fill you with fear when I am with you? Why would you try to do it all on your own when I am available, accessible, and powerful enough to calm the stormy seas? Why didn’t you wake me sooner? Like Jesus’ friends, my first reaction to any wind or storm that may come my way in life is to try to figure it out in my own strength. I try to think it through, talk it through, invent and implement a plan to get out of the storm. I guess it is pride that keeps me from waking Jesus. Thinking I can do it, thinking I can make it happen with my own ingenuity. Too often going to Jesus in prayer is a last resort. Everyone experiences storms. Often it’s storms in our personal lives that can bring disappointment, hurt, or frustration. Even economic storms caused by recent plummeting oil prices can send waves of financial chaos and insecurity crashing down on our lives, businesses, and the people we care about. Maybe it’s time to stop trying to make it happen in our own strength? Maybe it’s time to wake Jesus. Follow Daniel on Twitter: @DanielBstephens




PBE Magazine April 2015  

PBE Magazine April 2015  

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