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A FEW GOOD MEN AND WOMEN What can you expect from a good land manager? Landmanagers are often the public relations face for the oil company, mineral owners and royalty owners. Although you may not see the rest of the team, when negotiating, we remain confident in the following areas:

Through this active professional association, we receive peer support, and support a number of charities and scholarships. In 2014, we gave $71,000.00 to local charities and scholarships. Mineral owners probably know that leases can be assigned and that the landman you are working with may not be the land manager through the life of a lease. Therefore, your lease negotiations are important. Within a three year lease, life happens, people change jobs, and companies change.

1) We are working with the actual mineral, royalty and surface owners 2) We trust the company or team we are representing 3) When we make you a lease offer, the company will pay the lease bonus 4) We trust the geologist who has worked hard to identify potential zones or acreage 5) The division order analyst will help credit your royalty payments fairly 6) Negotiated surface damages will be paid 7) The company will be a prudent operator and make efforts to clean up roads, surfaces, etc.

Throughout April, we are continuing to provide on-going education to mineral, royalty owners with #agentsofchangeinoil featuring smart women and amazing men who are leaders throughout the state of Texas. Truly yours,

Prudent landmanagers follow the ethics of the American Association of Petroleum Landmen. The Permian Basin Landman’s Association has an active group of 1,400 current (active and associate) members. Some meet monthly for continuing education and networking.

Kimberly Smith, CEO Development Resources, Inc. can also help retrieve and inventory your mineral estate. @permianlandgirl on twitter or

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Let your minerals be a joy in your life‌

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PBE Magazine April 2015  
PBE Magazine April 2015