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P22 BY THE NUMBERS: Data and Research Front Cover Photo of President Obama: spirit of america/



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in this issue... P38










from bricktoslick CELL EVOLUTION



he cell phone you hold in your hand today is the newest market product of a long process that began with the invention of the telegraph (1832), the laying of the first Transatlantic Cable (1858), and the remarkable production of the short wave radio (1896, with first military base to ship transmission in 1898). Popular Science Magazine’s March 1930 issue featured a story on ship-to-shore radio, which allowed passengers far out at sea to talk with land destinations. To do this, a ship-at-sea radio operator placed a shortwave radio call to a shore station, and the shore station’s marine operator connected the caller to the public switched telephone network. The cost of such a call? A few hours of delay, during which the call was being coordinated, then almost $100 a minute for whatever sound quality you could get.



1978: The first generation of cell


The first generation of cell phones (1 G), analog networked phones, hits consumer markets. Ameritech launched a network from Chicago in 1983, using the first US-based handheld, the Motorola DynaTAC.

Bell Labs installed one of the first working mobile telephones, successfully testing an automobile-installed model in 1946. It had taken ten years to develop, and after that, the communications industry raced to develop a profitable telephone that could be installed either in a vehicle or carried from place to place. Although the first US-based Mobile Telephone Service was introduced by A T & T (Atlantic Telegraph and Telephone) in 1947, serving 100 or so towns along highway corridors in the American midwest, Motorola and Bell Labs were racing to develop a hand-held phone that for the first time would make customers’ communications independent of physical place. In 1965, A T & T introduced the improved Mobile Telephone Service, limited to approximately 40,000 customers system-wide. In New York City, for example, 2,000 customers shared about a dozen channels on which their telephone system could operate; and it was not unusual for one customer’s phone conversation to ‘bleed’ into another’s call. Users had to wait up to ½ hour to place just one call, as well. It was in 1973 that the first true mobileto-mobile call was placed, by one Motorola researcher to another engineer who worked at Bell Labs. The prototype mobile phone was big and bulky--over 2 pounds and 9 inches long. After that, the cell phone race was on, in earnest.

The first nationwide coverage by a 1 G phone network was achieved in Japan, in 1984.


1990’s: Second generation phones are introduced 2 G (second generation) phones are introduced, based on digital instead of analog systems. IBM introduces Simon, a phone that functions as a phone, a fax machine, and a calculator, with limited memory for notes and phone numbers. It can be called the first smart phone. For the first time, phone to phone texting was possible (it was in Finland that person to person texting was first commercially introduced).

2001: Third generation phones are



3 G (3rd generation) phones are introduced, with highspeed data networks that facilitated faster transmission of information and for the first time, access to the Internet using one’s hand-held phone. High connection speed allow users to view video and listen to radio transmissions on their hand-held phones.

2006: Fourth generation phones are



4 G (4th generation) phones are introduced, with the key feature of mobile ultra-broadband Internet access. These phones can be used with wireless access, able to connect invisibly to the Internet and transmit bigger chunks of data at faster speeds. 4 G phones can, at any point of travel, provide an Internet data transfer rate higher than any of the earlier 3 G cellular services. First developed in South Korea in 2006, LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4 G phones have been commercially available in Scandinavia since 2009. The first strong US 4 G presence was achieved by Sprint/ Nextel, with IP (Internet Protocol) packet-switched networks allowing users remarkable access to information formerly available only with their personal computers.

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Solunar Tables for Best Fishing Days and Times,

of of rt ar o, o d ng t.

If you go by the old stand by, the Farmer’s Almanac, you’ll have an edge over other fishermen because you’ll know the days when better-than-average fishing conditions will occur. Using a timehonored formula that takes into account the phase of the moon, the proximity and position of the sun, and other natural cycles, you can have that significant little edge over your partners who won’t know which are the best days to be out on the lake.


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Good Luck

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Watching the nation




resident Barack Obama issued a challenge to Congressional Republicans just this week: let taxes rise on the wealthiest Americans. Citing both economic and political grounds, Obama’s position is that he campaigned successfully for re-election on this point, and he emphasizes that it would go a long way towards heading off the plunge off the so-called “fiscal cliff”, thus preventing the nation’s lapsing back into recession. “A modest tax increase on the wealthy is not going to break their backs,” Obama said of the nation’s top income earners. “They’ll still be wealthy,” he said at his first news conference since winning a second term. At the same time, Obama emphasized that he is open to compromise and will consider valid suggestions from Republicans, who control the House and who say they will refuse to raise tax rates. “I believe this is solvable,” said the re-elected President during the news conference. At another news conference held separately a short time later, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, agreed that a bipartisan “spirit of cooperation” has been evident since the election that could mean progress can be made in talks expected to begin as soon as Friday, Nov. 16, at the White House. However, Boehner stated, “We are not going to hurt our economy and make job creation more difficult which is exactly what [the President’s] plan would do.” Wall Street dropped 185 points for the day on Nov. 14th, in part due to looming fears of the impending talks on how to avoid the drop off the fiscal cliff. But there are other major national issues and initiatives that face the re-elected President and that will be important to Permian Basin businesses and workforce leaders: (continued next page..)

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Obama’s second term, Republican control of the House will make it hard for any big legislation from the Democratic Party about climate change to be pushed through the Congress. Add to that the existing budget deficits and the fact that once again, the U.S. is near hitting the federal debt ceiling, and it’s likely that these factors will limit any effort to spend billions more on green-energy projects.

infrastructure for commercial over-the-road transportation. (source:

IMMIGRATION REFORM. Comprehensive immigration reform and action on climate change also figured prominently in the Presidents’ first news conference.

He called for

legislation that would make the ‘pathway to legal status’ brought into being under his first administration permanent by federal law. A poll just announced by ABC News and

But the surge in U.S. oil production (projected to be 11.1

the Washington Post revealed that overall, 57 percent of

million barrels a day by 2020, primarily due to oil shale

those polled said they would support a program that would

activity), has given the White House a chance to make peace

give undocumented immigrants in the U.S. the right to live

with Republicans and energy executives, at least on some

here legally if they paid a fine and were able to “meet other

fronts. Mr. Obama has said that the growing energy industry

requirements.” Thirty-nine percent said they opposed the

in the U.S creates jobs and boosts the economy, and this is


something which Republicans across the aisle in Congress can agree.

Public opinion on a pathway to legal status is almost exactly in line from where it was in mid-2010 amid a heated debate

The Administration has already made statements indicating

over Arizona’s immigration law. National exit polling of those

that energy industry growth in ‘green’ or ‘clean energy’ is a

who voted in last week’s election showed that 64 percent

priority for Pres. Obama. “We can’t have an energy strategy

favor a policy that would allow employed undocumented

for the last century that traps us in the past. We need an

immigrants the chance to apply for legal status.

energy strategy for the future – an all-of-the-above strategy for the 21st century that develops every source of Americanmade energy.” (President Barack Obama, March 15, 2012) [Source:].

CABINET REPLACEMENTS. Perhaps one of the biggest items Obama must handle is a task like one faced by business owners every month in the Basin: he faces the loss of two key personnel who are leaving his administration after

It’s timely, then, for this Administration that news of General

serving several years. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and

Electric’s collaboration with Clean Energy Fuels to expand

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner are both expected to step

America’s natural gas highway has been announced. Clean

down from their Cabinet positions.

Energy announced this month that the company will acquire two GE-made MicroLNG plants to provide liquefied natural gas for the network of 70 natural gas fueling stations it is opening at truck stops along critical transportation corridors this year. By the end of next year, Clean Energy projects it will have 150 filling stations in place, including ones that are strategically located along major highways at intervals of 250 miles. The plug-in and pay modular MicroLNG units, which are designed to rapidly liquefy natural gas while minimizing a site’s physical footprint, will provide the infrastructure critical to make these fueling stations a practical and usable

"We can't have an energy strategy for the last century that traps us in the past. We need an energy strategy for the future... made ofAmerican-made energy.” President Barack Obama March 15, 2012


Christmas at old fort concho

Christmas at Old Fort Concho Old Fort Concho, located in central San Angelo,was originally a Cavalry post built to guard settlers, ranchers and their families during the latter half of the 19th century. As the move to settle new land in the West took place after the Civil War, the U.S. military built a series of frontier forts to secure the safety of homesteaders in the wilds of West Texas. Company H of the Fourth U. S. Cavalry arrived in 1867 at the new Fort Concho, situated at the main branch of the Concho River. Constructed nearly 150 years ago, the commissary/storehouse building is today the oldest building in San Angelo. By 1879, there were nearly 40 buildings on the grounds of the Fort, some built by skilled stonemasons from Fredricksburg. The Fort was well-designed, laid out to form an attractive as well as impressive facility, with spacious parade grounds for the four companies of mounted soldiers who were stationed there. As the years went on, the homes that were built in the growing city of San Angelo benefitted from the nearby location of the Fort. The significance of the the Fort in the history of the American West is notable. The detachment of African-American Cavalry we know as the Buffalo Soldiers were stationed at Fort Concho from 1875 to 1882. Col. Ranald Mackenzie commanded the Fort beginning in 1871. Less than three years later, he took the 4th Cavalry north to the Texas Panhandle, where he fought the decisive military action that defeated

Looking for a day trip or perhaps a weekend getaway? An upcoming festive event located in San Angelo may be just the ticket.

Quanah Parker in Palo Duro Canyon. The soldiers stationed at Fort Concho were also active in the pursuit of Victorio, the Apache warrior that eluded capture for nearly two decades before he was finally killed in a military action against the 4th Cav in 1880. Nowadays you can experience the sights and sounds of the old Fort in the celebration that West Texans have come to love, Christmas at Old Fort Concho. Held every year on the first weekend in December, the annual event features Christmas shopping, historical reenactments and demonstrations, family-friendly food and novelty booths, and more. This year, Christmas at the Fort will take place Dec. 7th through 9th, and on Saturday night, the 2nd Annual Frontier Christmas Dance and Concert will be held, giving everyone a chance to wear their best (historic costumes are encouraged), and dance to the music of the Sweet Song String Band and the 97th Regimental String Band as the crowd steps to the Virginia Reel, the Texas Two-Step, and good old fashioned waltzes. It’s like a trip on a time machine into the past--imagine dancing with your sweetheart in the Old Fort Stables, with music and dances that were just the same, 150 years ago!

Children also love Christmas at the Fort, since workshops just for them and demonstrations of artillery and older firearms (safely supervised, of course) are held throughout the day. So, load up your sweetie (and your family) and make the short drive to San Angelo. Fort Concho is located at 630 S. Oakes St., near the intersection of Birdwell Lane and Oakes St, just one block south of the San Angelo Art Museum. Daily admission to Christmas at Old Fort Concho is $7 for adults, $3 for 7-17 years, and free for children under 6 years of age. For the dance, you’ll pay just $10 a ticket, and enjoy yourself from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. (If you’re a senior, military, or a student, you’ll pay just $5.) Proceeds from all the activities benefit the preservation and maintenance of the Fort. For more information, call Fort Concho at 325-481-2646, or visit their website at


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calendar of events / auctions

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A Brighter Day: Learning from the Truths of

Life By Pastor Red

“The Girl with a Heart” I once was invited to talk to a group of young people way back in 1995. The convention hall happened to be on top of a hill. It took around thirty steps to get there. Since I had to prepare some talking points and handouts, all the participants went ahead of me for the first session. As I started climbing the steps, I saw two girls climbing midway ahead of me. From my angle, I realized that one of the girls had difficulty walking, having one leg visibly shorter than the other. It was so inspiring to see. I rushed to greet the girls, at least to express my pleasure of seeing them together. But as I came closer, I noticed that the other girl happened to be mentally challenged. The whole thing took a sharp twist. She might have needed help herself, but it was she who assisted the girl with polio to climb the steps. This was certainly a powerful message. All the while, I thought I would be the preacher. Instead, for me, that girl was.


Many times, we tend to get locked in our own problems, caring much less about what is beyond. Instead, if we just open our eyes, we shall discover many others who take the blows ore than we do, and still move on silently but with determination. It takes compassion and common sense to look at these people, journey with them and help them. The mentally challenged girl in the story may have acted on impulse, but she did the right thing. She helped someone who could

not walk the way she could. At that moment, she stood way ahead of those who close themselves in self-absorption or self-pity. In fact, many others might have seen the other girl limping. Only this particular girl helped her up. If only we could reach out to someone else in difficulty instead of being closed in on ourselves, we can make this world a little better. Then we shall all see a brighter day.

That was MY story. Now, let’s talk about YOURS. Share your true-to-life anecdote, and I will be happy to share my reflection on it. Maybe your life experience can touch a broken heart or a lonely soldier far away. Send your story and its title with your name and address to! Selected stories with no more than 150 words shall be published and an-notated by Pastor Red.

Un Día Más Brillante: Aprender de las Verdades de la Vida

Por Pastor Red

“La Niňa con un Corazón”

Una vez me invitaron para hablar con un grupo de jóvenes

antes en 1995. El pasillo de convención resultó ser encima de ur algunos temas de conversación y folletos, todos los participantes fueron delante de mí para la primera sesión. Cuando comencé a subir los pasos, vi a dos niňas subiendo a medio camino por delante de mí. Desde mi perspectiva, me di cuenta de que una de las niňas tenía dificultad andando teniendo un pie visiblemente más cona colina. Se tomaron aproximadamente treinta pasos para llegar allí. Por que tuve que prepararto que el otro. Era tan inspirador para ver. Apresuré a saludar a las niňas. Pero ya que vine más cerca, noté que la otra niňa pareció ser mentalmente desafiada. Toda la cosa tomó un girar repentinamente Ella misma podría necesitar ayuda, pero fue ella quien ayudó a la niňa con la poliomielitis subir los pasos. Esto fue un mensaje poderoso. Todo tiempo yo pensé ser el predicador. En vez de mi, esa niňa era.


Muchas veces, tamos encerrados en nuestros propios problemas, cuidando mucho menos por lo que est más allá. En cambio, si sólo abrimos los ojos, descubriremos muchos otros que toman los golpes más que nosotros y todavía circulamos silenciosamente, pero con la determinación. Se toma compasion y sentido comúnpara mirar a esta gente, viaje con ellos y ayudarles. La niňa mentalmente desafiada en la historia puede haber actuado por impulso, pero lo que ella hizo era correcto, ella ayudó a alguien que no podía

andar el la manera que ella podía. En aquel momento, ella estava mos alta de los que se cierran en absorción de uno mismo y la lastima. De hecho, muchos otros puede haber visto a la otra niña cojera. Sólo esta particular de las niñas le ayudó. Si sólo pudiéramos llegar a alguien más en crisis en lugar de ser cerrado en nosotros mismos, podemos hacer de este mundo un poco mejor. Entonces vamos todos a ver un día más brillante.

Esa fue MIi historia. Ahora, vamos a hablar sobre el TUYO. Comparta su anécdota realista, y seré contento de compartir mi reflexión sobre ella. Tal vez su experiencia de vida puede tocar un corazón quebrado o un soldado solo lejos. ¡Envíe su historia y su título con su nombre y dirección a redmarmol@yahoo. com! Historias seleccionadas con no más de 150 palabras se publicará y anotado por el Pastor Red.



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When a new year rolls around, taxpayers naturally think about optimizing their tax return and planning to keep more of what they earn. So, if you have maxed your employer-sponsored plan contribution, consider an Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) because an IRA can help with both issues. You can still possibly impact your 2012 income tax by opening a traditional IRA before taxes are due in April 2013. You can also plan to reduce income tax in the future by opening a Roth IRA. IRA contributions or deductions can be subject to certain income limitations, so be sure you look before you take the IRA leap.

Stephen Johns

Financial Advisor

My experience and knowledge make me a valuable resource. I have been associated with the VALIC companies since 1997. I have also been in the financial services industry for 14 years. I hold the following licenses and professional designations; Investment Company Products/ Variable Contracts Limited Representative -Life, Health And Variable Annuity Insurance Agent Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination (Series 63)Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam (Series 65) Investment Advisor Representative. Since returning to Midland in 2007, I have enjoyed getting to know my existing clients and working with new clients. I value developing a long term relationship with my clients built on trust, honesty and commitment. My goal is to help my clients identify, pursue and reach their financial goals. As a VALIC financial advisor, I have a wide array of tools available to assist my clients in reaching their goals.

A traditional IRA can reduce your current taxes A traditional IRA allows eligible investors to tuck away more pretax money for retirement – up to $5,000 ($6,000 if you’re age 50 or older) in 2012. You might be able to deduct your IRA contribution from your taxable income – and your interest and earnings grow tax deferred. To be eligible to start a traditional IRA, you must be under age 70½ and have earned income. Your income must fall within a certain range for your contributions to be tax-deductible. Your VALIC financial advisor can help you determine your eligibility. Of course, income tax is due at withdrawal and withdrawals prior to age 59½ might incur a 10% federal tax penalty. It’s possible to have tax-free income with a Roth IRA A Roth IRA differs from a traditional IRA in important ways. Roth IRA contributions are not tax-deductible but they grow tax deferred, and withdrawals can be tax-free if certain conditions are met. (Bear in mind that any taxable distributions might incur a 10% federal tax penalty.) Roth IRAs are not subject to lifetime required minimum distributions for the owner after age 70½. Also, you can continue contributing to a Roth IRA after attaining age 70½, so long as you have earned income. Please note that your modified adjusted gross income must fall below a set limit to contribute to a Roth IRA. Your VALIC financial advisor can help you determine your eligibility.

Save more with an IRA for a nonworking spouse Did you know that the Internal Revenue Service allows a nonworking spouse to benefit from an IRA? A “spousal” IRA can be either a traditional or Roth IRA, and total contributions are limited to $5,000 ($6,000 for those over age 50) in 2012. The employed spouse may contribute to a spousal IRA for the nonworking (or lowerwage-earning) spouse in addition to, or without having to fund, his or her own IRA. Whether you choose a traditional or Roth IRA as your spousal IRA, the provisions and restrictions (like income limitations) of that IRA apply. Which type of IRA should I choose? There are many factors to consider in choosing an IRA. If you think you’ll be in a lower tax bracket after retirement, or if you want your IRA contributions to help lower current income taxes, consider a traditional IRA. If you think your tax bracket will be higher during your retirement, you might consider a Roth IRA. Other factors favoring a Roth IRA include: if you are maxing out your tax-deferred contributions; or if you want to leave the funds in your IRA to a beneficiary (no lifetime minimum distributions required). Either way, an IRA can help you supplement the funds in your employer-sponsored retirement plan. Talk it over with your professional tax advisor.

Want to learn more? Call your local VALIC financial advisor, Stephen Johns at 432-699-0769 or 432-230-1069. Securities and investment advisory services are offered by VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc., member FINRA and an SEC-registered investment advisor. VALIC represents The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries, VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc. and VALIC Retirement Services Company. VC22976 January 2012

Stephen Johns - Financial Advisor VALIC Financial Advisors Phone 432-699-0769 Cell 432-230-1069


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Permian Basin Energy Magazine joins Midland and all Permian Basin residents in sending out prayers for all of those taken so tragically in the accident of Nov. 14, 2012. Our thoughts and warm wishes go out to the honorees of the parade for the “Hunt for Heroes” event. We encourage our Permian Basin family to consider making a monetary donation to help the survivors and their families. Please mail your donation to: •

KOSA TV 4101 E. 42nd Street, Odessa, Texas 79762, to the “Hunt for Heroes Fund”

You can also make a monetary donation to a special account set up for the accident victims and their families at any of the branch locations of Western National Bank

Blood donations are currently being accepted at the United Blood Services locations in Midland and Odessa. Due to heavy volume of donors, please call to schedule your appointment and ask that your donation be credited to the Hunt for Heroes accident victims. •

Odessa UBS Donor Room: 432-550-6553

Midland UBS Donor Room: 432-520-4592


P E R M I A N B A S I N E N E R G Y M A G A Z I N E | w w w. p b e m a g . c o m | | N O V 2 0 1 2

In M emory of...

This combination of undated family photos provided by the Show of Support, Hunt for Heroes committee show, from left: Sgt. Maj. Gary Stouffer, 37; Sgt. Maj. Lawrence Boivin, 47; Army Sgt. Joshua Michael, 34, and Sgt. Maj. William Lubbers, 43, four veterans killed when a parade float they were riding on was struck by a freight train at a crossing Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012, in Midland, Texas. Photo: Courtesy Show Of Support / AP



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By the Numbers...

The most comprehensive guide available for monthly industry data giving you the perfect tool to identify new opportunities and potential customers and to establish awareness of the drilling activity occurring in your area.

The RRC issued 1,640 original drilling permits in Sept. 2012. This is down 344 from totals reported in Sept. 2011. The 2012 total included 1,441 permits to drill new wells (oil and gas), 44 to re-enter existing bores, and 155 for completions. -Permits issued in Sept. 2012 included: 507, oil; 120, gas; 953, oil & gas; 52, injections; 2, service; & 6 others. Completions in September 2012 included 657 oil wells, 178 gas well, 34 injection

and 2 othercompletions. This is sharply up compared to September 2011, when reports showed 323 oil completions along with 260 gas wells, 19 injection wells, along with 1 other well completion. Operators plugged 687 holes while they reported 0 dry holes in September 2012. One year ago (Sept. 2011), operators plugged 668 holes while reporting 0 dry holes for the month. Texas operators produced 49,882,336 Mcf of

natural gas based on preliminary figures for August 2012, compared to 543,112,563 Mcf for the same period one year ago (a 1.3% increase). RRC reports showed 864 rigs for the fourweek average in September 2012, compared to 912 rigs for the same time period in September 2011, a 5.3% decrease from the previous year.



P E R M I A N B A S I N E N E R G Y M A G A Z I N E | w w w. p b e m a g . c o m | | N O V 2 0 1 2




P E R M I A N B A S I N E N E R G Y M A G A Z I N E | w w w. p b e m a g . c o m | | N O V 2 0 1 2


Golf tips with tito urias

CHAPTER NAME |227 7 Golf tips|with tito urias

P E R M I A N B A S I N E N E R G Y M A G A Z I N E | w w w. p b e m a g . c o m | | N O V 2 0 1 2


Early Shoppers Gift Guide

e d i u G ft Gi ) ’ s r e p p o h S y l r (Ea

For Him

Gifts for Beer Lover

If he loves beer, then a Brewkit, a set of glasses for all types of beer , or a Keg-o-Rater for the man cave.

Edged Blade

Artisan made , or the good old stand-by Swiss Army edged blade. (Make

him give you a penny or else it’s bad luck!)

Note Book

Does he need a new laptop? There are several brand new devices he’d probably love to have.


Whether he’s a hunter or just a curious onlooker, buy him an infrared monocular so he can see exactly what’s rustling in the bushes a thousand yards away.

Dogfights USA

Buy your hero an hour of simulated combat in a retired military jet! Dogfights USA (located in the Metroplex) will rock his world.

|CHAPTER 9 Early Shoppers GiftNAME Guide |229

P E R M I A N B A S I N E N E R G Y M A G A Z I N E | w w w. p b e m a g . c o m | | N O V 2 0 1 2


For Her

r guys and fo es ic o ch ift g at re G e sublime ... th to le p m si e th m gals, fro

Something Personal


You can’t go wrong with jewelry! Uncertain what to get her? Make friends with a local jeweler and take advantage of the good advice they offer.

Something personal and meaningful--a love letter or personal memento--wrapped in a cashmere shawl or luxurious fur-trimmed sweater.

Gift Certificate Gift certificate for spa services for herself and a friend always a hit.

A gorgeous coat

A gorgeous coat, whether cashmere, down-filled, or fur, is a nice gift. The newest trend fur is knitted fur--it is unbelievably luxurious and very distinctive.


Travel--tickets to a great destination for you both. Vegas, anyone? With a show thrown in, to boot--or maybe a trip to a great ski or beach destination.

Custom-made Cowboy Boots Custom-made boots would be great, or boots with real flair.





t’s a longer drive from El Paso to Texarkana than it is from El Paso to Los Angeles.


argest of the National Parks in the lower 48, but also the least-visited (Big Bend National Park).


exas entered the U.S. as an independent nation, and was not annexed because of that fact. How did Texas enter the U.S. as a state? (By treaty)

Cross - Groom, Texas


eatured on the Cooking Channel’s “Good Eats” with Guy Fierri, this restaurant’s steak is the biggest on any menu in America--if you finish it in under an hour it’s free!! (Big Texan Steak Ranch, Amarillo)

Giraffe - Dallas, Texas

Killer Bee - Hidalgo, Texas

Texas Flag - Austin, Texas

Jack Rabbit - Odessa, Texas





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iggest Texas A & M University ring in the world (outside TAMU’s Former Students Building).


iggest forest in the United States (shinnery oak forest in West Texas, can be seen in the sand dunes near Monahans. Bigger than some states!).


orst natural disaster ever recorded in U.S. history in terms of deaths (Galveston Hurricane of 1900, over 8,000 killed).


ore acreage of land is farmed in Texas than any other state.

Cowboy Hat - Paris, Texas

Boots - San Antonio , Texas

Microphone - Colorado City, Texas

Rocking Chair - Lipan, Texas

Strawberry - Poteet, Texas



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Corporate Corner

Personnel Policy, the Foundation of Good Employer-Employee Relations

By Edwardo Rodriguez, Senior Special Advisor with Legal Intelligence Agency direction that flows from leaders at the top all the way to the entrylevel employees. At the foundation of every successful business is a governing document generally known as “Personnel Policies and Procedures”.

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The backbone of any business is its workforce. From the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to the newest employee, having the right person in the right position doesn’t guarantee that everything will work seamlessly inside the company. In order for everybody to march to the same drummer, the organization must have guidance and

ment, salaries, hours of operations, payroll practices, benefits, conduct and discipline, communications, training and development, safety and health and, finally, separation.

Today’s policies have to do more than ever, because a properlyPolicies do more than give general written Personnel Policy and guidance to a business. Policies Procedures can also document that outline the rights and expectaa business intends to be in complitions that all personnel associated ance with state and federal laws, with a company can expect: the such as Occupational Safety and freedom, restrictions and direcHealth Administration (OSHA) tions that all must follow. With and the Environmental Protection proper implementation, appropri- Agency (EPA). Personnel policy ately-written policies can provide and procedures documents can an atmosphere of confidence and also provide helpful controls to safety for the company’s workforce. manage human resource transacBy setting rules and regulations in tions. Having effective personnel place, expectations of both superpolicies and procedures in place visory personnel and their employ- protects you and your business, as ees are clear, regarding employwell as your employees. Besides es-

tablishing the principles by which the company is run, a good personnel policy adds the structure gives your personnel the ability to make knowledge-based decisions. With the advent of the Internet, small and mid-size businesses are now able to compete with corporate America in domestic and foreign markets. However, in order to limit liability and build long term relationships with customers, a business must be able to coordinate its entire staff and move toward shared goals. A proper personnel policy does that and more. When your employees feel that the company is supportive, and keeps the worker’s best interest in mind, employees reciprocate by embracing a work ethic based on loyalty, and grounded on sound policy.

Política de Personal; La Fundación de Relaciones de Empleador-Empleado Buenas - Edwardo Rodriguez La columna vertebral de cualquier negocio es su fuerza de trabajo del Jefe ejecutivo principal (CEO) a los más nuevo empleador. Sin embargo, tienando la personas correctas en las posiciones correctas, no garantiza que todos tendrán bein. Para que todos marzon al mismo baterista, la organización debe tener direccion de arriba a abajo. En la base o fundamento es un documento conocido como “las políticas y procedimientos de personal”. Las políticas dan más guia a un negocio, las políticas dictan libertad, restricciones y dirección. Con una adecuada aplicación políticas ofrecen una atmósfera de confianza y seguridad al toda la fuerza de trabajo. Esto se hace por establecer normas y reglamentos en materia de empleo, los salarios, horas de operaciones, la nómina prácticas, beneficios, conducta y disciplina, comunicaciones, capacitación y desarrollo, la seguridad y la salud y por último separación. Hoy las políticas hacer más por garantizar un negocio está en el cumplimiento de las leyes estatales y federales, como la Administración(Dirección) de Salud y Seguridad Ocupacional (OSHA) y la Agencia de protección ambiental (EPA), por nombrar sólo dos, y proporcionar controles adecuados para manejar transacciones de recurso. Tener una política en el lugar protege su negocio, empleados y usted. Además de establecer el tono para la compañía, una buena política de personal aporta estructura y le permite a su personal la libertad de hacer las decisiones basadas en el conocimiento. Con la introducción de internet, pequeño y medio negocios son capaces ahora de competir con América corporativa en mercados externos y domésticos. Sin embargo, para limitar su responsabilidad y construir relaciones a largo plazo con los clientes un negocio tiene que tener su personal entero que se mueve hacia los mismos objetivos. Una política de personal apropiada hace esto y más. Cuando sus empleados sienten que la compañía es soportante y tiene sus intereses en cuenta, los empleados corresponden abrazando una ética de trabajo basada en la lealtad, y basado en la política sana.

Edwardo Rodriguez

14 Senior Special Advisor Legal Intelligence Agency (432) 242-1577


A fluid situation


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THE PERMIAN BASIN The frantic run-up to the Presidential election has

to undocumented alien residents. Majority Floor Leader

eclipsed some of the state-level races. Overall, the situ-

Michael Sanchez survived intact despite being similarly tar-

ation in both Texas and New Mexico’s state legislatures

geted by Governor Martinez. In addition, Senator Mary Jane

will be relatively unaffected by the Presidential election.

Garcia (also the Majority Whip) was defeated by Lee Cotter

For the Permian Basin and Texas, the outlook is good.

in Dona Ana County.

The balance of the Texas Legislature will be almost the

Republicans gained four Senate seats in this election.

same after Nov. 6th as it was before the election. The

Democrats now hold 24 Senate seats, and Republicans, 18

Senate, the House and most of the elected officials state-

Senate seats.

wide will still be supporters of the energy industry in general. In the Texas Senate, 19 Republicans and 12 Democrats

Some New Mexico races were too close to call at the close of the polls. In the NM House, three races were too close to call and probably on final counts will end with two

keep their seats but there will be a special election called due to the death of Sen. Mario Gallegos. Sen. Gallegos served a district that is solidly Democratic so the results of the called special election will likely be election of another Democratic Senator. Incumbent Senator Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) won a narrow victory over challenger Mark Shelton (R-Fort Worth), in one of the most hotlycontested races. In the Texas House, the Republicans held a significant and dominant majority with 101 seats to the 49 held by Democrats. After Nov. 6, the House is still majority Republican with 95 seats, to the 55 seats successfully secured by Democrats. Most expect Joe Strauss to be reelected as Speaker.

Republicans and one Democrat being seated. Congressional races in NM brought no surprises. Michelle

The relatively small degree of change is not likely to

Lujan Grisham (D) defeated Republican Janice Arnold Jones

exert a major effect on oil and gas, since the majority/

for the open Congressional District 1 seat, while incumbents

minority makeup of the House is unchanged. It’s harder

Ben Ray Lujan (D) and Steve Pearce (R ) kept their seats.

to predict what the 40 newest members of the House will

The race for the open Senate seat was won handily by Martin

do and how they will vote. Some political analysts see a

Heinrich, Democrat, against Republican Heather Wilson.

very conservative stance in the freshmen representatives,

Wilson did well in eastern and southeastern New Mexico but

with strong Tea Party ties.

Heinrich’s strong performance in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and

As we look at New Mexico, we first recognize that President Obama carried the state very strongly. Representative Andy Nunez (Independent) lost in his hotly-contested three-way race to the Democratic candidate. President Pro-Tem Tim Jennings was defeated, after serving in the New Mexico Senate for nearly four decades. Lately, onlookers felt Jennings was under fire from Governor Martinez, in part because of Jennings’ position that favored granting driving license privileges

Las Cruces was sufficient to win the race.



Ways To Help Victims of Train Tragedy ODESSA, TX – Many local groups are coming together to help raise funds from the families of victims in the train crash. On Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 2 pm, the Odessa Jackalopes will hold a press conference at the center ice club at Ector County Coliseum. At that gathering, Jackalopes team President and part owner Dan Lavergne and Director of Broadcasting, Media & Public Relations Tony Brown will detail the Jacks’ plan to raise funds and donate to the families of the victims of the Midland train tragedy at the Jackalopes’ upcoming Homestand on Friday and Saturday, the 23rd and 24th of November. The Texas Roadhouse locations in Midland and Odessa will host a fundraiser night to benefit Hunt for Heroes in support of the families of the victims. On Monday, November 19th from 4pm-10pm, and 10% of our total food sales will be donated to the Complex Community Federal Credit Union Hunt for Heroes Fund.

Also, ICA is continuing to raise funds. The ICA show of support for our veterans raised a total of $129,607. ICA owner John Bushman gave a check for $100,000 and chaallanged area resindents to match his gift. If you would like to donate to the cause you can go to any Western National Bank branch and they’ll be able to help you.



RSP Permian has been working to secure permits from the Midland City Council to drill five directional wells on a 50 acre tract in northwest Midland for the past several months. Since the proposed wells are located inside the Midland city limits, the project requires specific permits from the Midland City Council, and RSP had requested five separate permits for the five wells. In a series of votes that surprised RSP representatives and Midlanders alike, only two of the five permits were approved, with split votes that reflected a deeply divided City Council. Industry onlookers say this will require RSP to reevaluate the project as a whole. Since April, several Midland residents had spoken out strongly against the proposed wells, saying the proposed wells would devalue their existing residential property and pose a safety and health hazard to the residents of the established neighborhood. RSP Drilling representatives countered with arguments that they were meeting the strict requirements for drill site development within the City of Midland, and had expectations of their legal rights to access the minerals under their ownership. (source: MRT, 11/14)



Waste Control Specialists, the company that secured TCEQ permits to operate a low-level radioactive waste dump in Andrews, has made the first of what it hopes will be many monthly payments to the County of Andrews for the location and operation of its disposal site at that location. Waste Control Specialists has paid the county $630,000 and the state $3.4 million as part of an agreement that allows the company to perform disposal operations at the Andrews County site. The payment to Andrews County is about 3 percent of the county’s $21 million 2011-12 budget, and represents one month’s worth of work for WCS. The company will continue making payments to the county and Texas each quarter from now on. Judge Richard Dolgener, head of the Andrews County Commissioners Court, said the county hasn’t decided how it will utilize the money, which will go into the county’s general fund. Dolgener said Andrews County has budgeted for $1.5 million from WCS over the next year but that the number was just an estimate. “We may not get that,” he said, “or we may get more.” (Source:


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Permian Basin Energy Magazine November Issue  

Permian Basin Energy Magazine November Issue

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