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O.G.A.’s brand new fall line is under way! Look out for fashion shows in March and April, and the line to hit stores this fall! For info on purchasing, merchandising, and getting O.G.A.’s hot new line in your store, just drop us a line at!








our first lesson in Fashion / Beauty—always remember that Fashion repeats itself every 10 years. So more than likely what was done in 1979 was also revised in 1989, 1999 and now we approach that 10th year 2009. With color trend forecasts, it’s safe to say colors are revisited every 4 to 5 years with a new twist, maybe a different season of that year. So with your first bit of knowledge we shall begin our journey in beauty….

Some of my Hot Pick Products and my personal can’t do withouts are:


yeshadows are going to be in the purple family. Every shade of purple will be available to you. From Royal Purple, Burgandy, Plum, Deep purples to Lilac. Lips will be in the nude family like mauves and taupes, and cheeks blushed with pinks, pale and pretty pinks.

1. Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal Lash, Plum 2. Givency Couture Makeup Palette 3. Milani Glitzy Glamour Gloss, Endulging (CVS, WALGREENS, etc) 4. LORAC Blush, Desire 5. Benefit Cosmetics Posie Tint 6. Keyin Aucoin Liquid Airbrush Foundation 7. Beauty Blender 8. Kevyn Aucoin Lip Pencils 9. Benefit Cosmetics California Kissin’ Lip Gloss 10. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara, Carbon Black (CVS, WALGREENS, etc) 11. MAC Cosmetics Studio Finish Concealer





with D’Andre Michael

For starters you want to make sure your lip liner is not too dark but about a shade or so darker than your skin tone.

How can I line my lips and make the lip liner look natural— not a prominent line?

Start by drawing the v of the bow at the top of your lips. And for a straighter line it is best to start from the outside of the lip and draw inwards towards the top of your v of the bow. Next take your lip liner and draw lines from the edges of your lips inwards. Do this all around top and bottom. Next rub your lips together until you have blended all of your lines flawlessly and lastly apply your gloss by tapping it lightly on your lips with a brush or your finger. This should give you a more natural looking lip line and beautifully shaped lips.

I am always approached by women wanting to know various secrets and tips to help them beautify themselves. I will share a few Hollywood Beauty Secrets each month. Please feel free to send in your questions that have never been answered that you may have asked yourself or wanted to ask a professional like myself. Now’s your chance. But keep in mind there are a many of you, so I’ll select a few each month and answer them the best I possibly can.

tip of the month

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Have a Happy Birthday



Skincare is essential for beautiful skin. Sometimes our skin becomes immune to the products we use regularly. I can tell you from my experience with working with some of the best skincare specialists, estheticians, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

1 2

Make an appointment with a skincare specialist in your area who can help you select the proper products to use for your skin. Sometimes we run out and buy what’s new and hip when in fact that product could be something we DON’T need. Everyone’s regiment will be different. Something you may not know is products don’t penetrate dead skin, so it’s important to exfoliate (professionally) how many times recommended by your specialist. For example; get a peel, microdermabrasion, etc. These are things that will get rid of that will give you a more fresh and youthful face and from there the specialist recommended products will help you along your way to better skin. If you can’t afford to go to a specialist just be sure to have a great regiment.


“There is an abundance of things that we can do to better our skin.”

Here is a basic regiment to follow that I refer to my celebrity clients. With a regular routine you’ll begin to see a noticeable difference in a few weeks.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Wash your face thoroughly for 60 seconds with your favorite cleanser or specialist recommended cleanser. Take an ice cube and rub it briskly all over your face and neck and pat your face dry. DO NOT RUB OR WIPE. Use a cotton ball or sprayer/spritzer to put your toner on. Personally I love and recommend Witch Hazel.

Apply your moisturizer or hydrant serum and massage this into your face for 60 seconds from the inside of your face (nose) out to your hairline, ears, and neck. (optional) It’s always nice to use a natural skin lightener for problem areas on the face. If you want an even tone from forehead to chest, I recommend using some type of lemon-based lightener. Massage this into your face for at least 5 minutes or more; again, from the inside of your face out to your hairline, ears, and neck. Lastly use SUNSCREEN ALWAYS. That goes for everyone–every race, color, skin type, etc. must wear sunscreen.

1. 2. 3.

Wash your face thoroughly for 60 seconds with your favorite cleanser or specialist recommended cleanser. Apply your favorite mask nightly for 10 minutes.


Apply your moisturizer or hydrant serum and massage this into your face for 60 seconds from the inside of your face (nose) out to your hairline, ears, and neck.


Take an ice cube and rub it briskly all over your face and neck and pat your face dry. DO NOT RUB OR WIPE.

(optional) It’s always nice to use a natural skin lightener for problem areas on the face and if you want an even tone from forehead to chest I recommend using some type of lemon based lightener. Massage this into your face for at least 5 minutes or more again from the inside of your face out to your hairline, ears, and neck.



After washing, the ice:

Closes your pores Helps with breakouts and helps


what’s? with the

prevent future breakouts


Helps with fine lines and wrinkles Naturally tones your skin WAKES YOU UP (lol) Tightens your skin

 Clarisonic Skin Care System 1. 2. Kiehl’s Over Night Biological Peel

3. Caudalie Beauty Elixir

4. Surf’s Up Moisture Boost

 5. AKTA Cell Rejuvenator  Gunilla of Sweden


Fav. Products

6. The Foaming Cleanser 7. Honey Snap Out-of-it Scrub Benefit Cosmetics 8. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask 9. Nature’s Gate Organics Light Switch 10. Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask 11. Bliss Sleeping Pill Serum 12. Bibo Healthy Skincare C The Glow For Lip 1. Aquaphor


2. Nettiescrub Lip Balm




Ask Angie

Keeping Your Relationship Sizzling Hot in 2009!


omance movies or sometimes even porno depict some enticing new methods to spice up the foreplay part of sex or making love. Some classic choices involve sexy food, such as whipped cream and strawberries, the use of sex toys, watching porn, or even inviting another person to join in the sexcapade. Although the movies depict these methods as resulting in hot, steamy, passionate sex, the reality may not be as elegant or passionate, but rather clumsy and unappealing. Here are some classic foreplay methods with a slight twist, more suitable for real couples.

Food Fun

Pouring whipped cream all over your naked partner and licking him/her clean before the passionate love making begins may appear to be exciting and a new way to bring in some sizzle to the relationship. However, from someone who has tried this, the result is a big mess with a lot of sticky residue left to clean up. A better approach would be to squirt a little whipped cream and/or chocolate in specific erogenous areas, such as on the nipples, fingertips, neck, and of course the head of the penis, clitoris, and anus. This way you have more control over how much you can and are willing to lick clean so that a huge mess does not disrupt the love-making session. Adding fruit that both partners enjoy can be used to feed each other, and also the fruit can act as

the instrument to place the whipped cream and/ or melted chocolate onto each other’s bodies in select spots.

Toy Story Most men are intimidated by dildos and vibrators. They often question why women use them if they have their partner to please them. Well, honestly, sex is fantastic and irreplaceable, but couples do not always have the time or the ability to drop everything and please their partner. Using a sex toy when you are really aroused and cannot wait for your partner is an incredibly fast way to achieve an orgasm with no foreplay, no awkwardness, and no need for waiting. For men who are not comfortable with their partner’s using sex toys, why not incorporate it into your sex life? Give your partner the toy and allow them to use it on you as they wish, that way they can control which orifice the toy is used for, the speed, and they get all the credit for pleasing you, not the toy. A great example of this is the butterfly vibrator used for clitoral orgasms. The female slips on the vibrator, like a panty, and places it snug against the clitoris. The partner gets the remote and is able to control the vibrator over 20 feet away from their partner. Who knew you could pleasure your partner without having any physical contact?

Sex Accessories

Going to a sex store with your partner can be very arousing on its own. Sex stores not only sell porn movies and vibrators, but tons of other fun extras to spice up your relationship. Anything from handcuffs, whips, ticklers, and eye masks, to different


varieties of lubes, lingerie, sexy costumes, and massage oils. A new product to try is KY Yours and Mine personal lubricant, which comes with foreplay instructions on the box. This product, when combined, not only creates a fantastic scent, but makes the ride much more enjoyable.

As Seen On...

Watching porn can be very arousing and a great way to get some tips; however, keep in my mind they most likely will not be a smooth transition from the movies to reality. Do not expect your partner to be as flexible or comfortable doing the positions used in porn. The positions may not have a smooth transition into another position and may increase the awkwardness and uncomfortable factor and may limit your partner’s capability of achieving orgasm.


Keep in mind at all times, the ultimate goal is for both partners to achieve orgasm, so make sure positions tried are suitable for the goal. As far as getting another person to join in can be very tantalizing, but it can also create many more problems than pleasure, so make sure both partners are in absolute agreement with absolutely no reservations. Spicing up your sex life can be easily accomplished by simply adding a few elements tailored to please both you and your partner.

Do you have a question for Pretty Boy’s resident therapist? Sexual or not, your inquiries are welcome! E-mail Angie at

PREGNANT MAN PREGNANT (again) by Andrew O’Connor The pregnant man, Thomas Beatie is pregnant, again. The Oregon man has said that he and his wife Nancy are expecting their second child. His first pregnancy caused a firestorm of media attention culminating in the now (in)famous and mandatory Oprah appearance. There he said, “I see pregnancy as a process and it doesn’t define who I am. It’s not a male or female desire to want to have a child, it’s a human desire. And I’m a person and I have the right to have my own biological child.” If you are wondering how illustration by Leah Ernst exactly the mechanics of male pregnancy work, and are picturing something along the lines of the movie Junior (where Governator Arnold and Danny Devito get knocked up and wacky hilarity ensues), I’m sorry to disappoint you. Thomas Beatie was born Tracy Lagondio and until 2000 she was a woman. In 2000 she underwent a sex change operatio n. She had a drastic breast reduction and began to undergo hormone treatments. She did however still keep her female organs. Mr. Beatie’s wife had a hysterectomy ten years ago but the couple still wanted to have their own child. He stopped taking the hormone treatments before getting pregnant, and has remained off them since giving birth to their daughter Sarah. He told Barbara Walter’s that he, “had my checkups ... And everything is right on track.” The date for the next Oprah interview is still to be determined.



2010 and Beyond:


he year 2000 carried much hype at the turn of the century. Many blame the Y2K scare for setting up tension, some panic and then a lack luster sizzle. For a culture so engaged in technological pursuits, the year 2000 had another meaning, a meaning richly described in science fiction novels, magazines and movies. Many of us pictured 2000 as a turning point in human history, wherein technology had reached another amazing level of necessity and ingenuity. This last decade has derailed, in a sense.

illustrations by Theresa Papaurelis




any people jokingly complain that this decade didn’t yield a flying car. Not to suggest that a flying car needs to be invented, however, automobiles are long overdo for an upgrade. The hybrid car is an example of something coming out of this decade with potential to influence and change the automobile and the auto industry itself. It’s not that the hybrid wasn’t around until now, but there wasn’t enough demand for something that didn’t use petroleum as its primary and only fuel source. That has changed. It seems we’ve awoken from some kind of stupor in which we couldn’t realize that we should invest in technology that doesn’t destroy our planet. Although there was no flying car, we did get some pretty nifty cell phones. The internet grew into an even more effective communication tool, and technology seem further by the day. At the turn of this new decade, because of the global community, we are far more conscious of the world’s problems then ever before. There are other reasons for the coming technological expansion, including global shifts of power and interests, but more importantly, many of the advancements describe herein are influenced by economical forces. That, more then anything in this age, is the major catalyst for development. generate a significant amount of electricity from geothermal. Both countries enjoy 15-20% of their power from this source. The problem, as we’ll see in other technologies of this kind, is that the cost to construct these plants is more then traditional plants. However, these plants cost less to maintain and use then other traditional power plants currently in use.

ENERGY Cheaper, less exhaustible fuel sources has become a big issue for nations around the world. Thankfully, this has caused a surge in interest for other viable, replenish-able sources. Geothermal power is one particular source whose time has come. Geothermal technologies tap into hydothermal resources found in reservoirs of steam or hot water within the Earth. Current geothermal developments look to include hot dry rock and magma as sources of energy. The power source is an almost unlimited amount of heat generated by the Earth’s core, making geothermal the best renewable energy available. Another plus to Geothermal plants is that they have low emissions, and produce beneficial waste. Some plants produce sludge and solid material that is extracted and re-sold for the minerals they contain, such as zinc, silica and sulfur. The United States has set up a few plants in California, and many western states, including Alaska and Hawaii, hold reservoirs of steam and hot water, perfect for geothermal energy plants. The Philippines and Iceland are the only countries that

For years, much like geothermal power, solar energy has always been that piece of technology that just cost too much money to be truly commercially effective. However, as solar cell capacitors get smaller and smaller, more can be packed on to a larger solar cell to collect more energy. Just like silicon chips in computers get smaller and pack more punch, such is true in further developing solar power. The harnessing of the sun’s power for our benefit can date back as far as ancient China, but during the industrial revolution in the late 1800’s, solar energy techniques become relevant again. To them, solar power was something to look into as they believed coal might become scarce. Today, solar technology is developed in much the same way. When oil prices peak, solar development and interest increase. Between the 70’s and 80’s, photovoltaic installations (fields of solar panels) grew quickly, but as oil prices dropped in the 1980’s, so did the growth of this technology. 2008 saw a huge increase in oil prices, and it is believed this trend will continue. Due to this, we are currently seeing a large influx of funding and interest in solar technology, so much so that it is not hyperbole to say that by the end of this next decade, the commercial home owner may indeed be able to power his house using effective and economically priced solar power devices.



from a quick video chat on my nuker while I wait for my hot pocket?

COMMUNICATION The internet has been a driving force like no other in our modern age. It was a viable tool in the 80’s, allowing universities to share papers and information with each other far more readily. When the internet found a spot with home computer owners everywhere, things changed in a monumental way. Most of us remember a time not too long ago when the answer to any possible question wasn’t available within two seconds of a google search. The internet has grown into it’s own entity, a virtual being that is a mass of our collective thoughts and ideas. It has become this age’s greatest communication tool, and as such, there is no doubt we will see this technology further develop and evolve in ways we can’t predict. We can, however, predict faster internet. Blisteringly fast. Imagine the fastest speed you have now. In Asia, they already have faster internet. Why don’t we? The answer lies in legislation and corporate competition. The internet is a money maker, and one that governments and organizations, both private and public, are just starting to wrap their head around the logistics (and possible taxes and surcharges) of this developing technology. Development of larger optics cables that allow faster speeds are being tested and are even in use in the United States and countries abroad. In just a few years, we’ll be seeing another jump in speed regarding internet connection. The internet has formed a fond bond with another important piece of today’s technology, the cell phone. More then ever, the internet and cell phone have become inseparable. The use of internet for other major forms of communication is not too far off. Skype, a computer program that uses the internet to connects users and allows them to communicate with or without video, is gaining popularity and saw an increase in users in the past year. And why not? It’s cheap, and is equivalent to a video phone. Just like they put television monitors and radios in everything, why can’t we have internet on our microwaves, ovens, TVs, alarm clocks? We have the internet on our phones, what’s stopping us

In december of 2008, retailers saw, for the first time in nearly a decade, a significant loss in revenue from overall sales. Cell phones, however, saw a 16% increase in sales. That’s right. People are hurting finically, and yet the cell phone still manages to sell even better then before. Like the internet, the cell phone has become an important communication device to the general public. More and more people are opting for a cell phone than traditional land line service. The cell phone, however, continues to develop. Today, Apple’s I-Phone is considered the pinnacle of current cell phone technology. Fifteen years ago, the cell phone was a clunky, often heavy, often ugly piece of machinery. As the computer developed, so did our cell phones, and today we carry around small little phones that double as a portable music player, personal assistant, game device, GPS navigator – the list goes on. And the list WILL be getting longer in the next decade. The United States is again behind on this technology, though we’re catching up to the rest of the world in terms of cell phone usage. Cell phone use and cell phone culture is far more furthered in European and especially Asian countries. They’re way ahead of the game, and logically, the United States, playing catch up, is going to be getting a cell phone tech surge. It’s inevitable. Notice all the pre-teens these days walking around with a new cell phone. It wasn’t as prevalent just a few years ago. As new generations grow up and embrace his technology, we can only see new ways to use the cell phone and its growing list of uses.

TRANSPORTATION The first commercially mass produced hybrid car, the Toyota Prius, was manufactured in Japan back in 1997. Since then, the company has reported selling over one million units. Governments and auto makers world over are putting more emphasis for more, go to page 55


current issues




NEW CHIEF by Madeline Goldstein

photo courtesy of


t high noon (est) on January 20, 2009, President-Elect Barack Obama will raise his right hand, take the oath of office and become the 44th President of the United States. At that time, America will not only turn the page on a new chapter of its history, but will actually open a whole new book. The transition of power from one President to another is always momentous, but none has generated the interest, excitement and hope this new President Elect brings with him. Standing on the shoulders of the generations who came before him, those who sacrificed their blood and very lives that this day might happen, President-Elect Obama brings with him the hopes and dreams of countless people from the past, present and future. President Elect Obama has generated so much excitement and enthusiasm that, as D.C. is gearing up for the 2009 presidential inauguration, they are expecting an u nprecedented amount of people. Organizers expect there will be as many as two to three times as many spectators as there were at the last biggest inauguration which was LBJ’s in 1965, and will attract potentially more than 1.5 million people.



Millions of Americans of all races, incomes, from small towns, big cities, suburban areas, young, old, conservative, progressive, independents, and (even) republicans, said, “No More.” We want a New Direction. We want the Captain of our Ship of State to steer us away from the iceberg instead of going full steam ahead into the icy waters of sure disaster. Americans have had enough of Wall Street making billions while most Americans are struggling for the bare necessities of life. Millions are without healthcare, millions of jobs have been and are still being lost, and millions of people have watched their own dreams and their children’s futures become nightmares. Americans have also had enough of endless War in the wrong place, for the wrong reasons, with the wrong leadership. This is President-Elect Obama’s greatest and most daunting challenge. He’s been handed the eight year Bush “Legacy” of a bleeding and destroyed US economy, a crumbled health care system, a global economic meltdown, skyrocketing unemployment, and most importantly, a War on Terror that has violated every international law and turned the US from a vision of hope in the world to a specter of torture, despair and jingoism. He has been handed a Constitution that has been shredded and beaten yet the majority of Americans either do not care or do not know. In the time between his election and taking office, President Bush is managing an incredible balancing act of both doing nothing and creating more mischief, while ducking from the inevitable thrown shoe. American prestige has sunk so low that at the G20 Summit held in November, not one world leader would either look at President Bush or shake his hand. In an ABC interview, VP Dick Cheney admitted he, along with other top administration officials, personally approved the CIA's waterboarding of prisoners, further destroying America’s international image and moral integrity. As America’s first African American President, or as he jokingly referred to himself, “a mutt,” he has made history and so have the American people. The American people no longer bought the politics of hate, fear and division. The American people are rejoicing and so is 75% of the world’s population. President-Elect Obama’s soaring oratory, easy self confidence, humor, determination, community organizing skills, intelligence, unflappable calm and willingness to listen, have generated excitement equal to, and potentially exceeding that of JFK who also ignited and re-ignited the country. President-Elect Obama received almost 70% of the youth vote. This is an astounding figure, but most telling. It is this country’s youth who are unwilling to “inherit the wind” and pay for past mistakes. Yet youth alone did not win the election. President-Elect Obama ran the most intelligent and wellorganized campaign in history. As a classy, calm, confident and efficient campaigner he connected with a people who are hungry for hope and change… and won a landslide victory. A virtual

photo courtesy of

unknown other than as Junior Senator Obama from Illinois, an anti-war candidate in a time of war, with no name recognition or backing, he managed to defeat Hillary Clinton and the Clinton “machine” with his unprecedented use of the internet. He brought the “Howard Dean” vision of a 50 state strategy to fruition and raised a record half a billion dollars online in his 21-month campaign, with many donations under $100. As a committed, seasoned and effective community organizer in Chicago, President Elect Obama had the necessary skills to harness the internet and connect with and mobilize masses of people who were dedicated to getting him elected. President Elect Obama’s community organizing expertise enabled him to have clear goals, think strategically and act tactically across multiple issues in a disciplined, clear manner. He had the ability to empower others, create leaders and make every one feel they were part of a team with a “cause.” McCain didn’t stand a chance! Born in Hawaii in 1961, fathered by a Kenyan man he hardly knew and a White mother from Kansas, Obama makes clear that his life and history are what the American Dream is about…it is his life. Through the many sacrifices of his family, PresidentElect Obama graduated from Columbia University, became a community organizer on the tough South Side of Chicago, served in the Illinois State Senate and then was elected Illinois State Senator establishing a fairly liberal voting record. Obama married Michelle Robinson, the love of his life and, with their two young children, appear to have a strong, loving, respectful family life. This aspect of President-Elect Obama’s life cannot be underestimated. A happily married President sets a very important example of REAL family values. President-Elect Obama has been called a“celebrity” by those who have sought to bring him down, but that has served only to heighten his popular– ity and draw record

"Obama makes clear that his life and history are what the American Dream is about…"



"While expectations of President-Elect Obama are very high, he has also called on Americans to once again be a people of service to each other." crowds wherever he speaks. President-Elect Obama is, in fact, a “star” who shines brightly and challenges us all to shine brightly with him. In this time of an ever worsening economic crisis and world turmoil, President-Elect Obama challenges Americans and the world to serve and care for each other, and break down all barriers of hate and fear. He challenges us to be the Best we can be. He promised his campaign would take the “high road,” and it did. He appeals to the best in all of us and brings us to the highest common denominator… not the lowest. President-Elect Obama has promised to engage in diplomacy and his election has already had people around the world rejoicing that there will no longer be a bully in the White House or a “Maverick” whose first decision as a Presidential candidate was the choice of Sarah Palin as VP, indicating beyond a shadow of a doubt a lack of integrity and insight. While many compare our current economic standpoint with the Great Depression of 1929, there is no comparison to the reality that our planet itself is in serious peril. Global warming, pollution of the air, land, and water, a worldwide food and water crisis, an energy crisis, a US deficit over somewhere around

7 TRILLION dollars, returning vets who are broken in body, mind and heart… this is the Bush “Legacy” that President-Elect Obama is being handed and must reverse and overcome. It must be remembered, however, that it is not only PresidentElect Obama that has been left this legacy, it is also the legacy the American people have been handed. While expectations of President Elect Obama are very high, he has also called on Americans to once again be a people of service to each other. President Elect Obama is making clear that he will hit the ground running from day one assembling a “get the job done” transition team, putting together an aggressive economic stimulus package and announcing Cabinet appointments. It is also up to the American people to do our part to turn the Ship of State in the right direction. This is what Democracy is about. We the People… doing our part, shouldering each other’s burdens, participating, caring, making sure the Beacon of Light that America has represented for 400 years once again shines brightly. It is President-Elect Obama’s Moment and ours also. Not to mention, he’s also pretty hot to look at.

photo courtesy of




photos by Dan Thompson


Pretty Boy Enterprises, Inc. hosts its first of many upcoming Pretty Boy Club Nights in the Chicagoland Area last November. We want to thank everyone who came out and made it a success! For all of you didn’t make it, keep an eye out for our next Pretty Boy Club Night!


A NIGHT OF DREAMS by Josh Stern For years my best friend Alek and I have loved listening to the wonderful and talented Mary J. Blige. As you know, Mary J. Blige is an American R&B singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actress who has sold more than forty eight million albums worldwide. One of her other outstanding achievements was being awarded the World Music Legends Award for combining hip-hop and soul music. She is widely known as the “Queen of Hiphop Soul.” With eight #1 albums, it’s easy to see why she is the Queen. With the best on stage comes the best talent behind the scenes. One of Mary’s close personal friends is make-up artist D’andre Micheals. An A-list Make-up Artist to the stars, some of his clients include Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Angela Basset, Macy Gray & Natalie Cole to name a few. His work has been featured in such publications as Pretty Boy Magazine, Maxim,Vogue, Blender, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, and KING. He has also worked on endless hip-hop videos, TV advertisements, and album covers. Through my own personal connection to D’andre, meeting him this year really made dreams come true. On October 14th, 2008, I received a phone call from D’andre and to my surprise he had reserved 2 tickets for myself and a friend to attend Mary J. Blige’s “THE LOVE SOUL TOUR” featuring Robin Thicke at the McCormick Place Theatre in Chicago. For me, getting to attend a concert of a woman who had gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life through her music, was amazing. However for Alek, it was triple whammy. He is a huge fan of both Mary J. and Robin (owning all the albums from both) and it was also his first concert ever! At around 7 p.m we arrived at the theatre and picked up our tickets. When I received them, I almost fainted – we were being ushered to the orchestra pit in the second row! These tickets were not even available to the general public. With 15 minutes to go, both Alek and I were extremely excited. Just then, an usher came over to us and said that we had been requested to go back stage. We were taken back stage and placed in a hallway where everyone was walking back and forth obviously doing their jobs to prepare for the concert. As we were standing there with a few other people that had been requested backstage, Robin Thicke walked by on his way to open for Mary J. Blige. He stopped and said hello to everyone and shook our hands. We wished him well as he proceeded to the stage to get ready. Just then, Alek saw a woman peak around the corner of the hallway for a brief moment. He turned to me and said, “Was that MARY?” with a huge smile on his for more, go to page 55 Photos courtesy of Josh Stern




Girls With Slingshots Interview with

Danielleinterview Corsetto by Jesus Gomez intro by Melisa Des Rosiers

Web comics have been online for years. With so many out there, and only so much time in the day (or the middle of the night), it’s really hard to choose what’s worth reading. Girls With Slingshots has been first on my bookmarks for the past two years and for good reason. With a talking IrishMexican cactus, two girls dealing with the ins and outs of relationships (both figuratively and literally), and a sarcastic, insightful, feminine wit, Girls With Slingshots is definitely a must-read for comic lovers. Hell, even if you don’t read comics; it’s got boobs.



Is being a cartoonist what you’ve always wanted to do?

Yes! Ever since I drew my first comic strip when I was eight, I wanted to be able to call myself a“cartoonist.” When I announced this to my parents, they did a pretty good job of convincing me that cartoonists draw pictures for free. They were terrified I’d become a “starving artist.” Now that they know I can pay my bills and still maintain my dream job, they’re pretty psyched for me. And I’m pretty psyched that I can write “cartoonist” in the “occupation” slot.

What else was on the “When I grow up” list for you?

Since I believed that artists only worked for free, I kept a pretty normal kid’s list of possible occupations. But then I found out that vets poke animals with needles, nurses poke people with needles, and someone told me that astronauts had to pee using a catheter. After awhile I decided that I would simply have to find a way to make money as an artist. I’d be the first one ever!

How did you start your career as a cartoonist?

Early, with the most obvious and natural progression: publishing my comic strips in school newsletters in middle school, school newspapers in high school, student papers in college, and in the local rag. At that point a comics-savvy friend of mine suggested I take my work to the web, and my strips “Ramblers” and “Hazelnuts” (a prequel to GWS) were published on two popular comics websites. Soon I ended both strips and developed “Girls With Slingshots” the summer after I graduated college, debuting the first three strips on my own website in the fall of 2004 and becoming a self-employed freelance artist the following spring. I made money through donations on the website, sale of original art, and freelance jobs that I got from people who saw the strip online. In 2007, GWS became my main source of income. I blame my wonderful readers.

how hard I work, and that’s a rare thing these days! And because the strip is on the internet, I get direct feedback from my readers the day a strip comes out, which definitely affects the way I write. But writing about a bunch of spirited, independent badass chicks every day is by far the best part! My characters have inspired real girls to embrace their curves, to take control of their sexuality, and to ponder the trickiest of women’s issues. And come on, I make a living off dildo jokes, told by a bunch of cute drunk girls. I can write and draw in my underwear if I want to. My job is like a fancy cocktail covered in bar fruit: RIDICULOUS, and everybody else wants one.

What is the most rewarding thing about doing what you do?

What’s the worst/annoying/bothersome thing?

The most rewarding aspect of the webcomics medium is that it’s so direct and immediate. I can dictate how much money I make according to

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The direct and immediate nature of working on the web is a double-edged sword if ever there was one. When I’m sick, uninspired, or hey, WHEN THERE’S A GODDAMN RECESSION, money is harder to make. I do long for a steady paycheck sometimes. But it still beats wearing khakis and a nametag!

“Depending on who you are, I’ll either tell you ‘Two girls, a bar, and a talking cactus,’ or ‘Stupid sex and booze jokes.’”


ever since.


There’s a lot of yourself in GWS. Which characters would you say really represent you and why?

Okay, people look at me and pretty much go, “Look, it’s a brown-haired short version of Hazel.” It’s true. At my worst, I’m snarky and sarcastic, and a drunk. But loveable! That’s Hazel. At my best, I’m dorky and fun, and a drunk. But loveable! That’s Jamie. While I try very hard to give each character their own voice, there’s a streak of feminism in just about every female character, and even in many of the male characters (because they rule). But it’s not that I’m forcing my words into their mouths; I just happen to have a cast of characters that I would want to hang out with if they were real.

Besides your main characters, where did the rest of the cast come from?

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Some of our readers may not know Girls With Slingshots. How would you describe GWS to the uninformed?

Depending on who you are, I’ll either tell you “Two girls, a bar, and a talking cactus,” or “Stupid sex and booze jokes.” It’s a Sex And The City dramedy about real post-college twenty-somethings, ranging from the would-be-librarian porn store clerk, to the voluptuous sex-kitten virgin, to the sensitive vegetarian and a pirate named Chris. And of course, there’s McPedro the mustachioed talking Irish cactus, and Hazel’s mentally challenged cat. There, that should scare everyone off.

When did you start work on what we know today as Girls With Slingshots?

I’d been going to comic book conventions for a few years in college, drawing sketches for attendees at an “I can barely afford lunch” fee. But I couldn’t draw guns (*yawn*), so if anyone requested, say, Tomb Raider, I’d draw Lara Croft holding a slingshot. Because I can draw a stick. After awhile people started asking when I’d start drawing those “Slingshot Girls” into a comic. At the Pittsburgh Comic Con in 2004, I picked a random date, slacked off the whole summer, panicked, and knocked out the first three strips a day before the debut date. And I’ve procrastinated on the strip

Somehow the right characters just happen to develop at the right times. Clarice created herself; I thought the idea of an aspiring librarian working at a porn store would be funny, but I could have never guessed what she became over time. Jameson was thrown in because I needed a male character, and the rest of the guys were often introduced by way of falling in love with the main cast of girls. (Wow, I just realized how sexist that is! “Hey, we need another male; should he fall madly in love with Jamie or Hazel this time?”)

Can you tell us a bit on your work process with GWS? How do you start a typical comic, where does the idea begin, how long does it take, what programs, equipment do you use, etc...

I used to do every single strip the night before it was due, updating it at around 3 am. Can you believe it? Now I never do that. Except sometimes. Maybe half of them. Most of them. Lately I’ve been scripting the strips a week at a time at my favorite tea café in town. After switching to a weekdaily schedule, it’s been helpful to script five at a time to keep the story continuous and fresh, and getting out of the house is a huge help. I always re-read the last week’s worth of strips, and at the end I’ll write down the first thing that comes to mind so that they’ll flow smoothly as one storyline. So I’ll spend a good three or four hours at the café, come home and start drawing them up. I letter each panel first, then pencil the art, ink the whole thing with Pentel fountain pens and Microns, scan it in, add grayscales with Photoshop, for more, go to page 56



continued from page 6 face. A moment later, an usher came and took us to the end of the hall and around the corner... where sure enough there she was, the legend herself, Mary J. Blige. For both Alek and I it was a moment that we will never forget, trying to hold back tears of happiness and joy. We took a picture with her, said thank you to her and wished her well at the concert. We were then ushered back to our seats, though by now it was all too surreal. Robin Thicke, whom is a great performer in his own right, has great stage presence and a voice that could melt. And as for Mary there was no doubt she was going to kill on stage and she did. Both Alek and I were on our feet the whole concert, most of the time trying to hold back tears when she was within a few feet of us singing songs that we both deeply relate to. To D’andre we can only express our immense thanks a million times over for making that happen and to Mary J. Blige for her talent and ability to relate positively to a diverse crowd of men and women, children and teenagers alike through her music. At the concert that evening, before Mary came onstage they played a short video of Mary talking to the audience, where I learned of a charity that Mary is not only involved in, but is the founder. FFAWN. On May 9, 2008, the Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, Inc. (FFAWN) was announced at Roosevelt High School in Yonkers, New York. According to the foundation’s website, “FFAWN is an organization founded by Mary J. Blige to inspire women from all walks of life to reach their individual potential. Through scholarships, grants, and programs that foster strong self-esteem, career development, and personal growth, FFAWN is intended to help women gain the confidence and skills they need to achieve success. FFAWN will initially focus its efforts in Yonkers and surrounding communities in Westchester and then expand its scope to include the Greater New York area and, eventually, the entire country.” Please visit WWW.FFAWN.ORG to donate or for more information. continued from page 46 into developing alternative fuel sources for the automobile. American auto makers General Motors and Ford are currently working on a plug-in electric hybrid car. This decade will see a boom in alternate fuel and hybrid technology. Ethanol, made from corn, is already gaining popularity and use, especially in countries like Brazil. There’s also Biodiesel, a diesel fuel made from vegetable oils which gets use rural areas in the US. Farmers who make Biodiesel use it to power their tractors and other gas needing machines. There’s also solar

power, compressed natural gas, hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, and even propane as alternative fuel sources. Developments in the auto itself aside, roads and other such infrastructure are also long overdo for updates. Failure to invest in our surface transportation infrastructure will result in significant consequences to the efficiency of our own economic well being. Current estimates say that to maintain our current system, from 2000 to 2025, about $4.4 trillion is needed. But there are better, more efficient ways to increase speed and quality in and travel, at least in the United States. The coming decade will see an increase in urban transportation and cross-country travel from improved train systems.


Europe and Asia are ahead of the curve when it comes to fast and efficient trains. The French Train a Grande Vitesse or TGV, is the fastest train in the world, reaching speeds up to 357.18 mph. Not to be outdone, Japan’s JR-Maglev can travel 361 mph using magnetic suspension technology. Magnetic levitation technology has been around and patented as early as 1902, and has come a long way through the decades. The problem with these train lines have always been cost. Maglev trains cost more to build, though they cost less to operate and maintain. However, as more are built

Can you explain to me again why we had to invent this before the wheel?


and deployed, cost decline as the technology develops further. The United States’ Federal Transit Administration has begun funding for the design of urban Maglev demonstration projects and has assessed the Department of Transportation in Maryland and Colorado for use of the technology. General Atomics, a nuclear physics and defense contractor based in San Diego, is currently demonstrating new Maglev designs. More funding to use this particular technology in the United States will lead to less traffic, in urban areas and cross-county travel. This means less oil consumption, less pollution, and quicker, safer travel.


continued from page 54 update the website HTML by hand (because I’m an old-school idiot), and announce the update on Twitter. Ta-da! Comic finished. Each strip takes about two hours to complete, assuming it’s been scripted and researched first. What’s your favorite thing about GWS? Oh, do I get to flatter myself here? Okay, okay, I will. Oh geez, what’s my favorite—everything? I love the way the strip looks when it’s finished. I like that my idea two hours ago is a complete comic strip now. I love the way it’s developed over time; I love the characters. But I feel like the characters have created themselves, that they run the whole show, so I don’t feel terribly arrogant admitting all this. I’m very happy with the way the strip has come together, and while I’m proud of the few zingers I get in there, I’m especially happy that I get to be involved with such a fun cast. What does the future have in store for GWS? What are you planning on doing next with it? I’d love to start a stand-alone graphic novel. Something you don’t have to read the strip to “get”already, something ridiculous and fun. I think breaking past that fourth panel and not having to end each page on a punchline would give the girls some room to breathe, let them really speak their mind and have fun.

a graphic novel I’ve wanted to write for years. For now I’m volunteering at a hospital, which is where the story takes place, to get a feel for the setting. I’m giving myself four years to complete the book so that I won’t rush it. I feel like a real grown-up writer doing all this research… and it’s volunteer work, which satisfies the Mom Corsetto in me (we’re a helpful people!). Finally, one last, extremely important question. This is Pretty Boy, after all, so please: What’s the most attractive aspect in a guy? Physically, mentally, or both. Oh boy! For me the “physically” leads to the “mentally.” I’m not talking about muscles or good hair. I’m talking about, if a guy is smiling, laughing, holding himself in a manner that screams “I am confident and I do not need a girlfriend,” I’m there. I am so over codependent boys. I want a guy who can have fun, both with me and on his own. That said, my boyfriend first won me over by using the words “nipple” and “areola” in the same sentence. Take notes, boys.

Are you currently working on other projects right now? I’m considering starting a new webcomic altogether, although it would be a small one compared to GWS; probably twice or three times a week, with simpler and more accessible art. It would sort of be my “fine art” release. I have an autobio comic in mind, and the characters have already been developed into a new style, with several strips already scripted. We’ll see if I get around to it. In the meantime, I’m finally starting research for




RANDY, “RANN” Pretty Boy Magazine proudly presents our first ever Pretty Boy Connections Boy of the Month! Every month on our online community, Pretty Boy Connections, we select a user profile that we feel has the Pretty Boy look and feature them in this very section! At the end of the year, our readers will have the chance to vote on who was the hottest Connections Boy of the Year, and the winner will get their own full spread as a Pretty Boy in next year’s issue! This month’s Connections Boy of the Month is talented artist and budding entertainer Randy, AKA “Rann”. Randy has the honor of being the first ever Connections Boy of the Month, but who will be next? If you think you have what it takes, log on and start a profile at Pretty Boy Connections! Do you put a lot of effort into being a Pretty Boy? Or it is all natural? It’s a little bit of both actually. You gotta take good care of yourself, and I make sure to exercise 4-5 times a week and maintain a healthy diet, so I guess that shows through in my overall presence and appearance. That should make anybody look good! Also, my parents are pretty decent looking people, so I guess I got my good genes from them. What do you like to do for fun? I’ve always been a gamer since a kid, but right now just about all I do is work on my art projects for my portfolio and deviant art page (at rann8. I like the feedback I get from others on the page and it helps me to become an even better artist, so in turn, that makes drawing fun for me. Also, training in dance is a blast too and it’s pretty much my other favorite thing to do. I try to keep the mind stimulated. Final words to any other Pretty Boy hopefuls? Just stay true to yourself and be your best person. Only you can do you cause that’s all you can be. But just always remember this, I’ll ALWAYS be #1 ;).

Thanks to Rann for supplying us with pictures!



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Pretty Boy Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 1  
Pretty Boy Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 1  

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