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Gaia, Museum of Modern Art, New York / 4875, first polypropylene chair ever produced Breeze: „ID“, „Red Dot“, „If“, „IIDA“ Awards, „Masters of Italian Design“ mail stamps Tube: „If“ Award, „Young Italian Design“ mail stamps

Aki, Riva 1920 Still, Bonaldo

Torii, Kristalia Sahara, Fiam

Life (prototype) Calice, Antonangeli

Octa, Bonaldo

Cocoon, Kristalia Pleiadi (prototype)

Su, Enrico Pellizzoni Den, Jesse

NewBloom, Segis

Manhattan, Jesse Meet-me, Segis

May, Arflex Balance, International Office Concept

Mille, Bonaldo Stars, Laurameroni

Himalayan Undyed - Annapurna / Wangden, Nodus

Rosarosae Rosarosae, / Zen Cieli, Nodus Zen Cieli, Nodus

Rock, Multipla Nori, Kristalia

915, Kristalia Sol, Bonaldo

Sushi workstation / Sushi outdoor, Kristalia

Mercury, Asis Jazz, International Office Concept

Milano / Windscreen, Sagsa

Joko / Lilium, Kristalia

Kyoto, Lualdi RayPlus, Fiam

Why, Jesse Velvet, Bonaldo

Sicla / By, Bonaldo

Bikappa / All, Kristalia

Highway, Segis

Flores, Segis

River, / Teddy Girl, Segis

Tee, Segis

Tulip, Kron Kanji, Rossi di Albizzate

Iron, Segis Uno , Segis - XXI Compasso d'Oro ADI

Poppystar / Breeze, Segis

Ellipse, Delight Lips, Segis

Ellipse, Delight

Formae, Colombo Design

Slide / Ice , Colombo Design

Luna / Viva / Mixa / Secura / Tacta / Aria, Colombo Design

Paysage / Genius, Move

Altopiano / BD22, Laurameroni

Stars / B911 / B909, Laurameroni

Texture designs and material finishes, Laurameroni

Decor, Laurameroni

Raja, Laurameroni

Bartoli Design is a team comprised of Carlo, Paolo and Anna Bartoli, who today continue the project that was begun by Carlo Bartoli in 1960 and has been made concrete through numerous collaborations with leading companies in the field of furnishing - including Arflex, Arketipo, Bonaldo, Confalonieri, Colombo Design, Fiam, International Office Concept, Jesse, Kartell, Kristalia, Laurameroni Design Collection, Lualdi Porte, Matteograssi, Move, Nodus, Rossi di Albizzate, Segis, Steelcase, Tisettanta and Ycami. The studio’s research is dedicated to poetics based upon essentiality and balance: both in the initial concepts for product and communication strategies as well as their development, Bartoli’s work embraces the complete spectrum of design services. Bartoli Design also develops projects in architecture, urban design, furniture and interior design. In 2008 they received the XXI Compasso d’Oro ADI award for the R606Uno chair designed for Segis along with Fauciglietti Engineering. The Tube Sofa for Rossi di Albizzate won the IF Award for Good Industrial Design and was selected to appear on a series of Italian postage stamps entitled “Italian Design for a New Domestic Landscape”. Carlo Bartoli has exhibited his work in Italy and abroad: at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, at the Stadt Museum in Cologne as well as in New York, Prague, Hong Kong, Athens, and Buenos Aires. The Gaia armchair he designed for Arflex is included in the permanent design collections at the MOMA in New York and the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. The 4875 chair designed for Kartell is on display as part of the design collection at the Pompidou Centre, the National Museum of Modern Art, in Paris. The stacking armchair Breeze, designed for Segis - was the winner of the I.D. Design Distinction Award, Apex Product Design Award, Red Dot and IF Award for Good Industrial Design - and appears on an Italian postage stamp in the “Masters of Italian design” collection. The Sol table, designed by Bartoli Design for Bonaldo, received the “2010 GOOD DESIGN Award”. The jury of the Young & Design competition awarded to the recognition Carlo Bartoli as Apostle of Design 2012. Bartoli Design’s Still table, designed for Bonaldo, was awarded as Red Dot 2013 winner.

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Unauthorized reproduction of this document is forbidden. The designs, information and data obtained herein are the propriety of Bartoli Design and are submitted in confidence, shall not be disclosed or duplicated in all or in part, for any purpose, without prior permission of Bartoli Design. Products displayed are protected by copyright.

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Bartoli Design, portfolio design products

Portfolio design products  

Bartoli Design, portfolio design products