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Social Service Insurance Coverage And What You Should Know For those who are in need of it, your non-profit organization or agency is committed to providing considerate, reliable and professional treatment. You will need to manage changing laws, regulations and compliance issues in order to keep your operation running appropriately all the time. So when it comes to getting insurance you will want to find the right social service insurance agency who can be your partner in making sure you have the liability coverage you require. Reviewing the more prevalent types of insurance coverage may in fact save you from considerable losses in the foreseeable future. No matter what type of service you offer, you may be able to get a policy. Among the most common industries that can obtain coverage are adoption agencies, group homes, alcohol and drug rehab facilities and even meals on wheels. You might want to get your own insurance plan if you provide tutoring or nanny services. Regardless of what type of service you provide you may want to start with general liability coverage and for good reason. One of the most common claims in this grouping that you are likely to experience is when someone who is not a staff member slips or falls on your property. Considerable medical expenses for the injured party could result, especially in serious cases where a long recovery process is needed. Numerous non-accident situations are covered with most of these insurance policies which includes, libel, slander and advertising injury. The activities of your workers is another focus of these types of insurance plans which are important. The reality is, accident can and will take place. Having the protection from a workers compensation policy handles any mishaps involving an injury to an employee. It is one type of social service insurance that could be well worth the investment. Most worker comp policies will provide for any medical expenditures in addition to any lost pay should they not be able to perform their jobs because of the injury. Just about every state requires this kind of coverage. Another policy that protects you from incidents is non-owned vehicle liability. Many times you send your workers to where they are needed using their own transportation. If they have an accident while behind the wheel and it's their fault, you could be held financially liable. If your employee's action causes someone to be harmed, this type of insurance coverage will cover any medical charges. In addition, it gives coverage for property damage. Nonetheless, it will not provide money to fix your employee's automobile. Getting professional liability insurance should also be considered. It will protect you against claims that one of your staff members didn't provide the proper care for a patient. An array of incidents can be covered with this kind of insurance plan, from not being able to prevent a patient from getting bedsores to one of your workers being unable to stop a client from falling. Another useful type of policy consists of extending your standard coverage with what is generally known as an umbrella liability. This type of coverage is generally more affordable than some other types. Usually, the coverage begins when you have reached the maximum amount of liability in a given event. By way of example, you might have a non-owned vehicle claim against your agency for $2 million. Should your coverage only covers up to $1 million, the umbrella liability coverage would cover the remaining amount. Typically this type of added insurance is available for general, social service, professional and non-owned vehicle/hired vehicle liability insurance plans. If you have any questions about the types of social service insurance you and your agency need you The Solutions Group

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Social Service Insurance Coverage And What You Should Know should discuss the options with an insurance company representative. Protection for you and your workers is quite possible at a more affordable cost with the right type of insurance protection. When you need a price quote pertaining to social service insurance, The Solutions Group will give you a reply that's both swift and dependable. For additional info on The Solutions Group, check out their website at

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Social Service Insurance Coverage And What You Should Know  

When you need a price quote pertaining to social service insurance, The Solutions Group will give you a reply that's both swift and dependab...

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