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David Nevogt is the author of The Simple Golf Swing, which is in my opinion the best guide hands down for learning golf swing basics. He didn't start playing golf until he was in college and like most people who take up golf was pretty bad in the beginning. He gradually worked his way up to where he is now with a 6 handicap. David is a very analytical person, and as such he started really analyzing golf techniques thoroughly in order to understand exactly what makes the ball go far and straight. David Nevogt found that by properly focusing on and changing just a few key small movements in a golf swing, people were very quickly able to hit much cleaner, straighter, and longer golf shots. Most importantly is that those who made these small and simple changes were able to hit better shots and play better golf on a very consistent basis. The Simple Golf Swing is different than most golf books and magazines out there that provide golfing tips meant to improve your swing by giving you informational overload with dozens of tips and complex movements that leave the reader frustrated and confused at the driving range, or worse yet on the golf course. In fact this book is designed to completely eliminate any and all confusion and frustration you might be experiencing in your golf game. It accomplishes this by getting rid of the unnecessarily complicated hoopla that typically accompanies golf tips and teaches (as mentioned earlier) a few key small movements toned down so simplistically that the average person can easily understand and quickly implement what is taught. David's book effectively puts your body in the correct positions mechanically throughout the swing and with just a little bit of practice, you will easily develop a proper swing that will dramatically improve your golf game. More than 220,000 golfers over the years have learned to play better golf thanks to The Simple Golf Swing. David's purpose with the book is to teach the masses (you) simple golf swing basics and to help them not only get to a level of golf that they are happy playing at, but to get to that level quickly and easily. I am happy to say that I am one of the happy customers that David Nevogt has helped improve their golf game dramatically. I struggled for years with hitting simple and easy shots consistently. Now by far the strongest aspect of my game is consistency. I play with a lot of players who hit farther and fancier shots than me, but my consistency trumps distance and fanciness almost every time, and I owe it all to The Simple Golf Swing.

Click here for more information about David Nevogt and The Simple Golf Swing. Also, check out my story on how I was able to add consistency to my game with a couple simple golf swing basics.

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==== ==== Hey, Here are the uncencored review / truths of SIMPLE GOLF SWING BY DAVID and About DAVID NEVOGT: ==== ====

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