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“This is a great and inspiring project! I hope my fellow citizens in Hyde Park will emulate! Grateful, Godsil�

Hyde Park Allotments Leeds LS6

“So far I’ve been enjoying guerrilla gardening, has anyone ever covered the Royal Park Road area?” Daniel Barlow

23 Woodhouse Road Leeds LS6

Flat 5 11 Moorland Road Leeds LS6

“Flower Power, this side rocks!!” Elvira Kaspar

“I have just returned from a very successful restive dig in leeds last night (23rd June) A group of 7 new troops braved the cold northern wind, rain, dubious police and the draw of the pub opposite, to totally revamp a planter at Hyde Park Corner, Leeds!� Troop 1080

“ People can use some flowers in there life and city!” Rixte Kuipers 46 Cardigon Road Leeds LS6

24 Royal Park Road Leeds LS6

“Inspired by Richard’s talk last Friday, we have taken our first small patch of public space right in front of our house. Feels good to change things around here.” Maurice Specht

“This is the coolest thing ever! the town i live in has a lot of old folks and I’ve been scoping out the lonely ones so that i can ninja style sneak attack in the dead of the night and beautify their dead and long forgotten flower beds, or porches for that matter! help the earth and give a smile!” Kristin Fubaresque Eckert

Woodhouse Lane Leeds LS6

“Let’s Green our Cities” Claudia Goelz

11 Grove Lane Leeds LS6

“Love Love Love Guerrilla Happy Tagging the land!” 66 Chapel Road Leeds LS6

Tawni Maughan

Hyde Park Leeds LS6

Hyde Park Corner Leeds\ LS6

10 Shay Street Leeds LS6

127 Victoria Road Leeds LS6

Ridge Road Leeds LS6

St Mark’s Road Leeds LS6

1 Holborn Street Leeds LS6

Hall Grove Leeds LS6

9 Regent Terrace Leeds LS6


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