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FINAL MAJOR PROJECT STATEMENT OF INTENT Name: Paul Brandreth Blog Address: I want to explore the use of typography for editorial design with a focus on experimental 2d formats. Rationale My statement of intent is dedicated to the use of typography and layout and exploring folds and interaction with the user, but also a small percentage of work to be produced for screen based medias to use in my portfolio to show a range of different medias which I'm capable for designing for. I am interested in bold digital typography but as I have been using bold typography and layout for the last two years I would like to explore different formats and folds for the contents to be printed on. As also trying to push the delivery of my work into interaction and explore the use of layouts I also want to explore typography design with the use of more image and textured typography to break up the flat colour text I have been previously been using. This will need to be researched and developed well with a visual use of control when used. Subjects / Themes The subjects and themes that I am interested in are pretty open depending on the brief. The main subjects I would like to work with are information graphics such as business facts and figures, as well as informing and instructing audiences.

Design Disciplines / Creative Development For my FMP, I will be looking to push the use of typography within my design outcomes. I want to use more hand made organic typography using textures or other ways to break typography up so it gives the outcome more depth rather than using one colour, flat, bold typography – where possible, or appropriate to the brief. I also want to produce work including the use of interaction, because I find design more

exciting and more memorable to remember. The use of stocks, colour and formats will guide me to making interaction for the audience of the brief. Practical Skills / Workshops – what, why and when? The main area I will need to become an expert on quickly is producing complex formats for print, and gain a greater understanding of how to send these jobs to the printers. I can learn so much from the technicians at college but I also think it will be important to ask at studio visits for professional advice. Also by keeping my contexts blog up to date with design using interaction by the use of folds and formats will guide me with design decisions I make as well as finding appropriate studios/ printers/ freelancers to visit within reading week.

Brief 1: Year Book Collaboration


Rationale: This is a great opportunity to put my S.O.I in use with designing the layout and composition of the brand for the end of yearbooks. This brief starts really early within the FMP and the collaboration part will be important within my practice to learn from others within the design team around the use of editorial design for print. Brief 2: Design Contexts Publication


Rationale: This would be a great chance for the exploration of using a more handcrafted textured typeface because it is about my practice and who I’m influenced by. I shall bare in mind that the publication has to be handed in for assessment to I shall have to show control within my design decisions.

Brief 3: D&AD- The Typographic Circle


Rationale: As well as suiting my S.O.I (type and layout) it would also be good to read about the designers who I am designing four supplements for as I can also relate this into my design contexts and learn from them to help with my own practice.

Brief 4: YCN – Swarovski


Rationale: I have chosen this brief because of I am interested in different geometric shapes and colours to use. The background of the breif and young urban target audience is something that I can relate to and the brief has a lot of freedom to explore ideas of how to commuincate for them. Brief 5: D&AD- Peace One Day


Rationale: This would be a great brief for my rationale, to explore different formats of puclications but to also support a range of product too. The subject matter is something that I’m driven by and the ethics and politcal stands of the campaign.

Contextual references / Designers / Studios / Companies (specific) Studio Output Raw Manchester Studio 8 Base Design Pentagram Magpie Studios Will van Sambeek Spin Secondary Modern Made Thought



Details Try to visit studio output, to talk about typorgraphy and how to apply the use in live briefs. Hand a sample of work to maybe get a weeks intern.



Details Visit Pentagram to find out more into processing and sending documents to print with special folds, processes.

RESEARCH ACTIVITY Deadline Details Read into 2d formats and make notes for folds and layouts which are original ideas to get the user to interact with the work. (chapter – experimental 2d formats)





BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS / TEXTS - (Harvard Refernced) Fawcett-Tang.R (2005) Print and Production Finishes for Brochures and Catalogs. RotoVison Book. Switzerland. Fawcett-Tang.R (2008)Experimental Foramts.2: RotoVison Book. Switzerland.

MAGAZINES / JOURNALS / ARTICLES – (include publication date and details) Computer Arts Creative Review Baseline Magazine Guardian newspaper Telegraph

ON LINE REFERENCES / WEBSITES / ARTICLES (include specific urls) Online news- bbs – guardian

OTHER REFERENCE MATERIAL (Films, events, exhibitions, conferences)

ACTION PLAN – use this section to identify specific tasks that you need to complete in order to resolve the brief. Brief What do you need to do? Find out what content and chapters I want to include within my design 1 contexts publication

Make an email/ mailshot to send out to visiting design studios 2


Make a questionairenin preparation to studio visits for half term – reading week.

Organise and catergorize contents 4








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pdf, soi, pb

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