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MLM and Online Business Best Marketing - Training Package! How to Get Leads, build a down line, and train them to do the same

Written and created by Paytorank

Featuring Subjects Include

 MLM Marketing  SEO  On & Off page Optimization  Global vs Local  Social Media  Classifieds  Youtube Marketing  Backlink Building  Downline Training & Support  List Building

I’m Alterik Finn aka online marketing name; Paytorank. I’ve been involved in online marketing for over 7 years now off and on, and although I have a CDL Class A drivers Licenses, certified to operate heavy equipment, and business management experience I make a full time living working from home online. I manage many business websites; I perform SEO, PPC campaigns, classified ad campaigns and so much just to drive traffic and sales to their websites, and after you are done reading this you will learn the same exact thing! I will teach you how to dominate your local competition and why it’s best to target local. I will teach you how to use free tactics online to drive unique traffic to your business, mlm or website. You will learn how to spend 2-3 hours daily on your marketing that will in the future bring you unlimited unique traffic. When I say unique traffic its people actually looking to buy, signup, or hire your services, not just people sent to your site for the hell of it that’s a waste of time. The tactics I will show you will never go out of style as it has been producing results for years, and it’s not about to stop now. So just pay close attention, absorb this information in slowly and always remember this; nothing happens over night!

To cut right to the chase you’re reading this ebook because you are ready to make money! You’re ready to do things the correct way. It’s a proven fact that 70% of everyday people; 

Join a Network Marketing or Online Business

Signup to a work from home job

Take chances with MLM companies

Create websites or e commerce to sell things

Drop shipping

I mean the list goes on and on! And why do we do this of course? Too make money! That’s all it’s about. Well the major problem is most of us who jump into these projects know nothing about them. We don’t know how to generate traffic to a website or blog, we don’t know anything about drop shipping, we don’t know how to recruit to a MLM business, hell most of us don’t even know about the MLM Company we just joined. As of right now I’m a level 2 seller on I have in the past made Thousands of dollars on fiverr alone, and I’m about to tell you where most of my sells came from; “People looking to get traffic and signups to their MLM” I mean I have literally placed Hundreds of ads for the exact same MLM product! Of course the ads I place work, but I tell people all the time it’s a strategy to this business, and a couple ads online will not bring forth the success you are looking to achieve.

Recruiting a Down line for your MLM Business I’m here to tell you 2 major and very important steps when recruiting a down line. #1. Try to recruit people that have some online experience and want to put time in #2. Help your down line when they need it and do not be invisible For some strange reason people think when they buy into these businesses they automatically suppose to start making money. All they have is a website the MLM company gave them and some scripts. They don’t have a personal blog or website, no contact numbers up, any pictures up, no marketing plan to give

to the person that’s interested in joining your business or nothing! So what, this person is just supposed to give you money just because you have a nice looking landing page? Like really. Who are you? Who is the company, how can it work for me? How do I make money from it and is it even possible? That’s just a couple questions I thought of within 3 seconds! Not alone thinking about giving you my hard earned money I just did 50 hours plus a week to get. I have bills, me and the kids need food the car needs gas for the week, and right off the back I’m a pull out my credit card and give you money for a business that I know nothing about and I can’t even see a picture of the marketer. You have to be smart people; this is your business you are trying sell here. Most importantly it’s you! You are the reason they will sign up, you are the reason they will actually sleep on it before they say no. You have to sell yourself. You have to be willing to help and give them the same tools that have helped you, I mean why not right? The stronger they become the stronger your empire will become. It’s not about how many people you get to sign up; it’s how strong you help them to become successful your signups will come no matter what! Especially when others see how well you and your team are becoming. So remember some of these strategies;

 Build a free website or blog  Put a business number up  Put a professional looking picture up  Tell them ya’ll are working together  Tell them they will get free tools and a blue print  Tell them they have to put 2-3 hours in daily  Tell them it’s not a get rich quick scheme  Tell them how the business works

I promise you this. Just by doing these simple things I’ve just stated above will boost your conversion rates by a whopping 33%! Every time someone lands on your free website, classified ad, blog, linkedin page, Google plus, facebook, Twitter or any of them pages that we can create absolutely 100% free! In fact, I want you to create something on every last one of these websites talking about your business opportunity. Make sure you stretch the fact that you have the blue print, and you are giving it to them. You let them know they are not alone and that what you are doing to make money, you are giving them the same strategy free when they join your business and down line.

How To Market Online?

Now for the fun part! Online marketing is the best thing since sliced bread of course, why? Well simply because we have the ability reach an enormous amount of people without actually being present. Here I will list the best ways to market online effectively, cheaply, and free tactics as well. Free Tactics Include; Classified ads





Press Release Articles

Free Websites

Bookmark sites


Free Blogs


List Building





Other Free video sites

Word of mouth Online Dating

Investment Traffic Include; PPC (Pay per click)


Banner ads

Traffic Exchange Email Marketing News Paper Magazine

Let’s talk about classified ads. Classified ads are by far the best advertising online next to PPC and SEO, let me explain. When people search classified sites they are searching for something specific. High pr sites like craigslist, Globalads and back page have high alexa ratings, which mean Thousands/millions of people visit them daily! Perfect place to get leads, calls, sign ups and business but there are special techniques to placing ads in these directories. You have to be different and unique; your ads have to be different than the others that are in there. So how do we do this? HTML codes, titles, and location. Every time you create an ad or blog I want you to use an HTML generator, you can go to it’s 100% free and very easy to do, but first log on to and create the first ad because you can copy and paste that ad to the other sites, you can even copy and paste pictures from Google image. Plus when you create them using HTML codes search engines quickly pick them up and sometimes rank them high in listings when people search for similar keywords. Also, html codes give you the luxury of putting pictures plus flashy and attractive font. Now when you began to create your ad its several things you have to appeal to; The searcher Search engines

It’s very important that you keep this in mind. I’m giving you the perfect example of how to create all your ads. First thing first; Location Pick a city and state you are targeting. It doesn’t matter if you can sell nationwide, getting enough targeted leads in your own city alone can set you up a residual income forever. Next thing is the; Title Pay close attention! Your title should target the same city you are about to advertise in. Also, your title should be catchy, and it should be precise. Example; let’s say you’re looking for people to join your MLM down line to make money. Let’s say you are about to post in New York. Your title should read; New York Money Making Business Online Now let me tell you the power in this. #1 you are letting the searcher know it’s a business opportunity online. You’re letting them know it’s in New York, or at least that’s what they think, and you’re also optimizing your post for search engines. People feel comfortable when they believe the business opportunity is local, and then when they login and see your professional picture, your presentation and local phone number they know this is for real. Plus when people in New York go on Google, Bing, Ask, or the other Thousands of search engines out there they will see your post, online! Why you say? Simple, The directory you posted in have a high alexa rating, which means search engines will index a lot of their post online for people to see. So not only will you receive directory traffic, you got traffic coming from the search engines, how cool is that? So now we have the targeted city or state, we have our title matching. The next step is the ad which is another very important step. As soon as you began to write I want you to consider this; you need a description for the search engines and the searcher. So the very first thing you write you want to add your title there; New York Money Making Business Online This will help the ad to rank online and show a description. See example below;

New York Home Based Business Opportunities Directory l Work ... New York online expo of work at home, home-based business opportunities, ... Find ways for making money online in our mlm directory and search for best

Your title will be the bigger blue letters of course, and the description will show right under it. If you look closely you will notice the words in Big Black Font! That’s the search engines giving you what they believe is the most relevant content for you. Being is though those words are in the description; it actually helped the post to rank in the top 20 listings. So you figure, you have roughly 17-23 words you can get in so people will see it online. What does this do?

Helps the post to rank engines Lets the searcher see more of what they’re looking for Encourage & entices them to click your ad Interesting right? So now you know the special tactics of placing a free classified ad to get you leads, and have it to possibly ranking over people websites and blogs. Also, not all classifieds accept html but you still want to copy & past the same ad description. Remember to include your website or landing page url in the beginning and end of the ad, include your phone # in as well because when it does rank people will see this even before they click the ad. Now for the ad body itself. It should be;  Enticing  Get to the point  Short but not too short  Created in the form of a squeeze page What’s a squeeze page? It’s basically something you read and at the end you might see a button that says; Join now, or Click here, or Sign up Here or Learn more here Leave them know room for anything else. You are actually forcing them to do what you want them to do. All of your ads should be this way! I don’t care if you’re selling limo services, create it this way. You want as many visits/clicks possible to touch your landing page! So even if you over exaggerate a little in your ad it’s perfectly fine. Would you like to know what this does? It raises your CONVERSION RATE! You have a well put together ad and you have your MLM or business landing page. 2 out of 10 customers will contact you off the ad alone. They figure the ad, your professional profile picture and honesty was enough to win them over. They want to see or hear what you have to offer. Now if you are not good with coming up with a sale pitch go online and get it free. Some MLM companies provide solid scripts, but I encourage all to go online and gather something good. You might see a good post online similar to what you are doing. It’s ok to take some of the key points and use it in your ad, I mean why not? Some people are talent writers by nature. I’m not telling you to duplicate everything they have of course, I’m telling you to do what works, do what successful people have been doing for years. I’m telling you to make money by any means! It’s competitive online, and 9 times out of 10 we can’t write content like those professional writers out there, so we use what they have or we go to free articles and use that content.

SEO (Optimization) Now we covered the classified ad part of this package let’s talk a little about SEO. What’s SEO?

Search Engine Optimization It’s basically when you program a website, blog, listing, or post to show high in search engines. SEO is all about keywords, Backlinks, social media signals and driving traffic to the site or post at subject. Remember this. Every time you create something online think SEO. Even your pictures should be optimized! How? Let’s say you’re creating your free blog on ,if you download a picture to add up there I want you to name your picture in the file. Don’t just let the file name say; image001 or logo, name it. If your blog or post is about work from home jobs, every last one of your pictures should say; “Work from home jobs” and remember, we are targeting all local cities/states so it should be “work from home jobs in Maryland” or whatever you’re shooting for. First let’s talk about local vs global. It isn’t impossible of course to rank global but it does take a very long time for those keywords above. Let me do add that it is next to impossible to rank global. Why? Think about it, most of them sites and post that’s global for big keyword terms you will not knock them off and if you do, it will take years and a lot of work. I have gotten request from people trying to rank their website next to walmart, or Best Buy. Like come on it’s not going to happen. We are talking about a Billion dollar company, Million dollar website that been up for years and will be around after we’re gone. How are you going to knock them from that position? That’s like me creating an e commerce and naming it Walmart #2, so can I rank with walmart and get some of the millions in traffic they’re getting? Put it like this, if it were that easy people would be doing it. People that actually have hundreds of thousands to invest in a website would do it wouldn’t you? BUT, if you was to take your e commerce and dominate the local cities and states, that would be very possible. Let’s say you sell Flat screen TVs, you are stationed in New Jersey. It’s very possible to brand your e commerce and rank for people that live in that location. You see the search engines kind of reacts off our IP addresses, so if I live in NJ and I go online searching for cheap Flat Screens it’s a better than great possibility I will see your website online. Especially A well optimized e commerce with good social media and feedback, Google and the others will have you ranking well in those locations. Now do you think you can live of that traffic? I most definitely think so, and in the mid future you can always change up your targeting location then update google webmaster tools it’s a piece of cake and very simple. Now let’s discuss simple on page seo a little further. You have 3 steps; Good Website or blog Content Optimized pictures Meta Title Tags Meta Tag Descriptions These are the 4 essentials of on page SEO. Some people will try to “over rate it” and although a webmaster with years of experience of course would be better suited, you will be doing the exact same thing in the matter of weeks! Be sure your website content matches and you have a great deal of it on each page in the site or blog. Make sure it’s interesting; make sure it keeps the traffic on your site to boost your website duration. If that page focus on let’s say, “Flat screens” The word flat screens should

be written at lease 10-15 times on that page alone. But don’t spam it! Just make it interesting and make it fun and worth reading for your traffic. Remember we covered most of the on page SEO tactics above when we were discussing the classified ads, it’s the same thing except on most websites & blogs they have specific sections to enter these things. But I guarantee you as long as you follow those simple steps, you’ll have a great stream of daily traffic and it will be very profitable.

Off Page SEO Off page SEO is a little different as it requires a little time, patients, and dedication. Now let’s cover some of the basics to off page seo.

High PR backlink building Article marketing Blogs/commenting Video marketing Social Media Press release Traffic running Traffic exchange sites You basically want to create content everywhere possible online but in relevant sections. Once the content is created, you create a link that points back to your website. If you are able to create an anchor I advise that. All anchor text should match the targeting keywords and your title tags! Example, if your chosen keywords are; “Cheap Gucci Bags” then the anchor should resemble; (Cheap Gucci Bags) and if

clicked on it will take you right to your website. Building high quality backlinks like these can play a major role in the optimization process. Some webmasters do this for everything, from blog commenting to article writing, create anchor backlinks! Now when searching online for classified sites, directories, free press release, article sites to post & advertise in be sure to pick the best ones available. Go online and search “top Free Classified sites or free press release sites” they will be there and newer ones are created on the regular. The ones that wok best be sure to Bookmark Them! In fact, bookmark every single site you will be using on the regular that way it’s easy to find when you need them. Remember you’re going to have a lot of sites you advertise in daily!

Off Line marketing Although a little off topic internet marketers often overlook offline advertising because they are trying to promote an online opportunity. However, members of the online community are often bombarded by advertisement after advertisement of an assortment of offers. This usually becomes overwhelming and the online member often disregards many advertisements that are sent their way. On the other hand, your advertising is much more likely to stand out if you choose to advertise offline sometimes. Advertising could be as simple as distributing flyers or business cards to as many people as possible. Purchasing advertisements through your local newspaper can also provide a source of traffic (Expensive Though). The effectiveness of your advertisements will most likely increase over time as potential customers begin to see your ad repeatedly and remember what you have to offer

Social Media Of course nowadays social media and reviews are 45% of a successful site ranking engines, but as with everything else it has to be done properly. I advise all who have Facebook fan pages and other social media to include keywords in the title as well. Don’t worry too much about entering the website or business name in the title field, your site will still be branding and ranking with your name simply when you enter the ( or others. Anyhow what this does is help the fan page rank engines as well for your keyword niche, in facebook search engine and the others. Good activity including; Likes, pins on pinterest, followers on twitter, or even circle followers on google plus helps with the SEO process, and plays a crucial role now. It’s best your social media presents look professional and busy online, to the engines and viewers even if you have to purchase likes, followers, ect.

List Building

What is an Email List? If your business doesn’t have one yet or you’re still not quite sure what an email list actually is, then all you have to do is check your inbox. Why? You’re probably on at least a couple of them already. That’s right. All of those emails you don’t want, and even some of the ones you do want, are coming from companies that have placed you on their email lists. You most likely purchased something online or provided your contact information somewhere and either checked a box that said something like “Subscribe to our email newsletter” or you forgot to uncheck a box that said something similar. Don’t feel tricked if you never checked anything as it’s pretty common for companies to opt people in when they purchase something or provide their contact information, you can always be removed. However there is a reason companies do this; Email marketing is still one cost effective way to stay in touch with customers and reach new prospects.

Making Your List Irresistible Before you can start building your email list you need to build up and maintain the demand for it. If you overlook these important steps, then you are going to have a rather frustrating experience trying to get people to sign up. So, how do you make your email list so irresistible that everyone will want to sign up? There are many different ways to build demand, but here are some of the more effective methods we have seen that you should try…

Ways to Build Demand for Your Email List 1. Pinpoint and communicate one main advantage that subscribers will receive for signing up

(e.g. inside information, exclusive promos, free advanced tips) 2. Provide a preview of what your email communications might look like so subscribers can more easily see the value 3. Showcase real testimonials from subscribers on signup landing pages 4. List out exactly what subscribers will receive and how often they will be receiving emails from you 5. Offer an exclusive, ongoing discount for subscribers only or secret updates Are you seeing a theme from these 5 tips? If not, here you go: Be specific about what someone is going to get when they subscribe. And when those signups start coming in…..make sure you DELIVER as promised.

Youtube Marketing This also goes for marketing on youtube! The more like, subscribers, views and video activity you can get, the higher your video will rank over others. You also do your videos the same way you do the classified ads or meta title tags, target the keyword or location in the titles, enter them in the section below with a good description and take care of keyword tags. Be sure the video is worth watching, don’t just upload any trash people won’t view and click out make sure it gets to the point. WARNING: If you buy youtube views or likes I recommend waiting at least 2-3 weeks after video creation. If done to early your video will be flagged and removed! There are also free video sites online for you to upload your video, I advise to do this first then proceed to buying views later.

Conclusion For most marketers or newbie’s my advice for you is to start your campaign locally. If you reside in ATL GA, target local and then gradually move to other cities or states. Shooting straight for global keyword terms 90% of the time will be a waste. Keep in mind that although you’re targeting the local market, your ads and post will still be seen by quite a few global users. However you will not rank over the gurus and veterans just yet. You think you can just climb aboard and knock down a top spot, someone who worked 7 years to establish that ranking? Yea I don’t think so. You’ll have a higher success rate online when locals search for making extra money online, or online marketing in ATL. Your links, post, ads, articles and whatever else you have online will be the first for them to see majority of the time. Search engines will pick up on their ip addresses, and give them the closes and most relevant content which will be yours, so go with the odds. From there you can begin to create your downline, or start marketing new client businesses in ATL. ATL will basically belong to you. If a person wants to make some extra cash in ATL why not contact you? You will be doing everything they’re looking to do and you will possess the information, skill and no how to train them to do the same. Do not be like 70% of MLM users. They are selfish and lack future potential! They joined a program knowing nothing about marketing. Now they are trying to get people under them when they don’t know the first thing about training or making money online themselves. You must be prepared to train and help your downline. This will have people looking to join any online venture you’re affiliated with, because they’ll know you have a blue print and a plan. Everything we just discussed is about a blue print, without it your dreams and plans of making money online will crumble before your eyes. It doesn’t matter what venture you’re dabbling with it will fail.

Even if you’re hiring someone to accomplish these goals it’s best to still understand what’s going on, I mean in the end it’s your business venture not theirs. When you put your energy into one powerful income producer, your spin-off potential can be tremendous. The biggest problem for most of us is focus ... the ability to do one thing amazingly well. I recommend you point all your talents, knowledge, studying & training into creating a superb spider web business. On the back of THAT, you can spin-off in many directions (pun intended). For instance ... I was mentored by some of the best in their field! I learned mentoring skills and how to helped others first. Through experience & study, I sharpened & improved my skills. Today I am apart of several successful businesses and still develop time to help others. Trust me I know it's tough to pick a niche - you have so many choices but only focus gets you there. I highly recommend you start with a good, successful mentor of your own as well. As far as SEO and online marketing goes you basically have the blue print. Of course there are other secrets and special tactics people probably use but we can’t worry about that now. When it comes to MLM keep focus on the important things such as;


Learn the game first before trying to make a quick buck getting people to sign on that know nothing about the business, or how to get traffic and signups. You will be hurting yourself in the end when your downline is stuck! MLM and online marketing is about selling yourself. So if you think you’re investing in a website that will make money off the back while you just kick your feet up and hide from every one, you’ll be in for a rude awaking. The same packages you’re reading train them with it, email it to them. When they get stuck email tips and strategies. The strategies in this simple package are guaranteed! I use them every day and know plenty who run entire businesses off them. There is nothing complicated to this process and it requires just 2-3 hours daily. You and your downline get into a system of posting ads, submitting articles, writing press release and optimizing blogs, I promise

you’ll see how gurus make Hundreds of Thousands just by turning on their laptops! Train each other and work together, if this is something you think you cannot do then save your money, I’m telling you right now you’re already set to fail. Also, on your free time learn about different things, new marketing techniques; take out 30 minutes every 2 days to find something new maybe some free ebooks. And then once a week you share them. Remember this is your business! Just because you’re not opening a store or punching the clock don’t mean you can lack off, treat this as if you were on the clock and the results will be rewarding. Any questions can be forward to;

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