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• Causative factors need for thorough analysis to make sure a health related issues are at nip in the bud. • The factors may be many with remedies too many, few may be harmless among it. • The treating the causes need to be interrogative to make sure correct diagnosis as well cure is sure. • Therefore, what causes low seminal fluid is the issue in


• The treatment of conditions like low seminal fluid is for the cure from herbs. • The Spermac Capsules and Musli Kaunch Capsules are the twin bonanza from the science of Ayurveda to cure the causative factors, which lead to low seminal fluid in men. • Around 22 herbs support Spermac Capsules in its curative powers, among which Cinnamonium Zeylancia (Dalchini)is one

that has in it multifaceted properties.

• The experiments with cinnamon bark oil (CBO) dosage has with the results in improvement in the morphology of sperms producing testicles, concentration of sperms, sperm quality as well as on

testicular oxidant-antioxidant balance. • Cinnamomum tamala or commonly known as Tejpataa add to the

value of Spermac Capsules for its pro oxidant activity and maintenance of oxidant-antioxidant balance augur well for a good

sperm production there by the answer for what causes low seminal

fluid is easily with us.

• Musli Kaunch Capsules require not much amplification on its medicinal values within it as the name says it all.

• The musli and kaunch in Musli Kaunch capsules makes sure that the seminal fluid level is at its needful level.

• Musli herbs have in it many variants.

• Asparagus Adscendens or Safed musli is in Musli Kaunch Capsules has in it medicinal properties to manage stress, as

exposure to stress is now a day's common among men due to competition as they continue to hunt for greener pastures in life.

• The cost on such a life is also costly as longevity is at stake as well as what causes lower seminal fluids question becomes a

million dollar one.

• Kaunch has the seeds to sport its medicinal values with velvet coat surge the seminal fluid level in men.

• The next in the arsenal of musli species is the Curculigo Orchiodes( Kali Musli or Musli Shyah, and it is being in Musli

Kaunch Capsules enhance its aphrodisiac properties, so that low seminal fluid issues that are in association with impotency

problems get away in no time.

• The adding of dietary and supplement, all with a punch of zinc, folate and antioxidants (vitamins C, E, and bcarotene) goes long way in improvement of seminal quality among men. • Regular exercise couples with good diet keep men fit and the low seminal fluid possibility a rare instance. • The availability of Spermac Capsules and Musli

Kaunch Capsules need a special mention.

• The online availability with International quality check,

all with 100 percent privacy in discreet packs at the doorstep has made the Spermac Capsules and Musli

Kaunch Capsules, a runaway success in the market.

• The question on what causes low seminal fluid gets a clear answer from reasons like obesity, stress and the ways to counter are also there with herbal remedies such as Spermac Capsules and Musli Kaunch Capsules and proper diet

along with daily workout regime.

What Causes Low Seminal Fluid And How To Treat This Cause?