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• Nightfall refers to passing of semen during sleep with or without erection. • There may be arousal about which one is hardly conscious, but one may wake up during this ejaculation or may just sleep out. • One or two episodes of nightfall during a month is normal, and there is no cause for concern, but if that number reaches two or three per week, it warrants one’s concern. • Frequent nightfall signifies weakening of male genital nerves and bad sexual habits.


• Excessive masturbation, unhealthy diet, poor lifestyle, lack of exercise, and perverse sexual thoughts are responsible for frequent nightfall, also referred as wet dreams or nocturnal emissions. • Excessive masturbation weakens penis nerves that cannot hold, and prevent, semen from flowing out. • Unnecessary sexual arousals from witnessing a sexual video, photo, picture, or reading pornography also lead to excessive episodes of wet dreams. AskHomeRemedies.Com

• Abstinence from sex due to unavailability of opportunities is also a factor in nightfall. • There are implications of nightfall as one suffering from excessive nightfall tends to experience a sense of withdrawal and guilt feeling. • His self confidence dips, and he suffers from stress and anxieties. • Frequent nightfall can very effectively be controlled and cured by lifestyle changes, healthy foods, exercises, and right attitude towards sex and sex related matters.


• Besides those, one can take the help of medicines available in plenty claiming to cure this kind of disorder. • However, those medicines are not only ineffective but also harmful as they contain artificial substances as their ingredients. • They cause side effects that harm physical as well mental health of a person. • Hence, one is advised to take NF Cure Capsule and Vital M-40 Capsule to treat successfully the menace of nightfall. AskHomeRemedies.Com

• Both these capsules are herbal products, contain natural herbs as their ingredients, and therefore, are safe with no side effects. • The herbs use to prepare them include Ashwagandha, Kesar, Safed Musli, Shilajit, Lauh Bhasm to name a few that are of immense medicinal values, and have been in use since ancient times to treat sex related disorders. AskHomeRemedies.Com

• They act on the root cause of the disorder and cure them completely. •The capsules, NF Cure and Vital M-40, increase blood circulation in the male genitals, strengthen the pelvic muscles and penis nerves, enhance immunity of the body, and reduce

stress and tensions. • They are, thus, highly effective in curing nightfall.

• One can take two capsules from each twice daily for four AskHomeRemedies.Com

months to get rid of the disorder completely.

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Best Herbal Treatment For Frequent Nightfall Problem In Men