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• Improve your eyesight to its best situation by using exact proven natural

remedies is a habit that is suggested by several researchers to formulate your eyes works in perfect situation.

• You can improve your eyesight by performing physical exercise, making special situations or by frequently consume foods and vitamins that help for

healthier eye vision. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com

• It is general that as we become old, our vision will gradually weaken but it does

not mean that you cannot improve your eyesight. • If your eye is in proper shape and healthy the longer you will be capable to

continue improved vision. • There are various eye tips and exercises that you can use to improve your

eyesight naturally. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com

• The one of the best tip is to use natural and herbal remedies. • Listed below are some of the best natural and herbal remedies by which you can improve your eyesight: • Amla: Taking of amla with honey is useful in protecting or improving your eyesight. • It will also be helpful to the difficulty of glaucoma and conjunctivitis. Drink ½ cup of amla juice daily by mixing honey in it.


• Cabbage: Consuming cabbage is extremely the best natural remedy use for improving your eyesight. • To improve your vision, you are suggested to drink the juice of cabbage. • Triphala: Triphala is another natural remedy used to improve your eyesight. • Washing the eyes with triphala water helps to improve your vision and eyesight. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com

• Carrots: Carrot is an effective natural remedy that is filled with the properties of minerals and vitamins like calcium, manganese, beta carotene and iron. • You should always try to drink 1 glass of carrot juice every day. • The carrots are loaded with vitamin A that is essential for the good working of the eyes. • Spinach: Spinach is one more eyesight remedy which is fully loaded with iron and amino acids.


• Human body needs an enormous quantity of amino acids to perform well. • Amino acids are usually required for the creation of hormones and proteins in the body. • There are lots of proteins that are essential to endorse the vision. • These proteins have a significant role to prevent the failing of the eye muscles. • Chicory: Chicory is a potent eyesight remedy which is loaded with vitamin A. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com

• This natural remedy has the unique properties to hold the curative properties of the eyes. • Chicory also helps to treat the nerve damages around the eyes and leads to the proper eye vision. • You can mix the root of this natural remedy with honey and take it two times in a day to get quick result. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com

• Fennel seed tea: This natural remedy helps to improve your eyesight naturally. • Take 1 teaspoon of fennel seed powder with honey regularly to get best result. • Along with these natural and herbal remedies, there are also some remedies that improve your eyesight. • Some of the other natural eyesight remedies are gingko biloba, passion flower, bilberry, blueberry, aspalathus and honey. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com

• These are the best natural remedies to improve your eyesight. • Along with these natural remedies, you are also suggested to use I-Lite capsule to improve your eyesight and vision. • This natural remedy helps you to improve your eye health without causing any side effect. • Take one or two capsules of I-Lite twice in a day with plain water or milk regularly for 3 to 4 months to get better result.



Improve Your Eyesight By Using Natural Remedies  
Improve Your Eyesight By Using Natural Remedies  

Carrot is an effective natural remedy that is filled with the properties of minerals and vitamins like calcium, manganese, beta carotene and...