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Why Do I Ejaculate Semen During Sleep At Night?


Ejaculation Of Semen During Sleep • Ejaculation during sleep at night is referred as nightfall, wet dreams, and nocturnal emission. • It may happen in sleep even during day. • It is a kind of instantaneous orgasm which may or may not involve erection. • However, ejaculation does happen in case of men, and

lubrication of vagina in women.

Ejaculation Of Semen During Sleep • It is a common phenomenon during adolescent and after puberty in both men and women.

• One may wake up during passing of semen, or may go on sleeping.

• Ejaculation of semen during sleep is not a problem if its frequency is restricted to two or three in a month, but three

or more episodes a week is too much, and needs treatment.

Ejaculation Of Semen During Sleep • Excessive masturbating and erotic thoughts are the main causes of nightfall.

• Over masturbation leads to weakening of the penis nerves, consequently, semen tends to flow every now and then.

• Watching erotic videos, pictures, and images; reading sex related literature, and such other bad sexual behaviors

arouse a person.

Ejaculation Of Semen During Sleep • One may have thoughts of some kinds of sexual thought, or dream before night fall. • It is the attitude towards sex which is largely responsible for nightfall. • However, majority of men experience nightfall in some measure, and at best it could be controlled and minimized.

Ejaculation Of Semen During Sleep • This disorder can be treated naturally by taking nutritious diet, exercising regularly, leading a healthy life style, and by

desisting from erotic thoughts as far as possible. • There are several medicines which claim to treat night fall

successfully, but those medicines besides being ineffective or hardly effective are also harmful.

Ejaculation Of Semen During Sleep

• They contain artificial substances as its ingredients which

cause serious side effects detrimental to bodily health. • Hence, one is advised to use NF Cure Capsule and Vital

M-40 Capsule to get rid of this disorder.

Ejaculation Of Semen During Sleep • Both these capsules are herbal preparations containing natural herbs as their constituents or ingredients that act upon the root cause of the problem. • The herbs such as Ashwagandha, Kesar, Shilajit to name just a few have immense medicinal properties,

and can cure the disorder for good.

Ejaculation Of Semen During Sleep • That is why; these capsules increase blood circulation in the entire body including the male genital, strengthen body muscles and penis nerves, enhance general immunity of the body, and augment virility and vigor. • They also reduce tension and stress.

Ejaculation Of Semen During Sleep • These physical as well as psychological conditions are conducive to curing ejaculation of semen during sleep completely. • One taking two capsules of both NF Cure and Vital M40 can have wonderful results in about four months.

Ejaculation Of Semen During Sleep

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Why Do I Ejaculate Semen During Sleep At Night?