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Senior Review JUNE 2011

• Hospice care is all-encompassing • Non-medical in-home care may be solution for you • New Senior Circle adviser a familiar face • Senior Citizens Affairs Foundation

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2 | SENIOR LIVING • JUNE 29, 2011

JUNE 29, 2011 • SENIOR LIVING | 3 There is no doubting it — Rim Country senior citizens like to have fun. These folks at the Senior Citizens Center are getting a real kick out of fixing a breakfast for the entire community to enjoy. Center members have a chance to get together for good times every day for lunch, Monday through Friday. They also have a variety of special interest groups for cards, dancing, computers and more. The same is true of the members of Payson Regional Medical Center’s Senior Circle and the Senior Citizens Affairs Foundation serving Pine and Strawberry. There are also plenty of clubs and organizations benefitting from senior members. Andy Towle photo

Welcome to Rim Country Senior Living Most of us in the Rim Country are senior citizens, at least according to oft-quoted statistics. That includes a lot of the folks here at The Rim Review. So, in planning what to include in this edition of our special Senior Living publication, we decided to include information that was of interest to us. We hope it will be of interest to you as well. The Rim Country is fortunate to have a number of organizations and businesses dedicated to making the lives of older residents healthy and happy, and when necessary, providing them with help in difficult times. The Payson Senior Center and the Senior Citizens Affairs Foundation in Pine both provide hot, nourishing meals for affordable prices Monday through Friday, and have Meals on Wheels programs to take food to the homebound. While the area’s seniors are the focus of these programs,

anyone, of any age, can take advantage of them. Read about the program serving Pine and Strawberry inside. The two organizations, along with the Payson Regional Medical Center Senior Circle, also offer venues where members can enjoy socializing, playing cards, other games, doing craft projects, exercise, dancing, learning about computers, safe driving, photography and more. They also make free and reduced-cost health screenings available to members. The Senior Circle has frequent travel programs too. Some are just day trips, others are for a night or two, and coming in November, its members have an opportunity to go to the Tuscany region of Italy for nine days. There is more about the Senior Circle inside. The area’s long-term care facilities also reach out to the

greater community with special programs, which are usually free of charge. The Rim Country Health & Retirement Community has a series of educational programs planned through the end of the year, you can find details inside. It also has an open gym program with supervised exercise. Payson Care Center also offers educational presentations from time to time. Hospice Compassus in Payson is a resource for everyone in the community. Individuals in need, or their family, friends, fellow church members and neighbors can contact Hospice with concerns about declining health. The staff can visit with you at no charge, make an assessment of the ailing individual’s needs and provide information about the resources that are available to help improve their health and quality of life. This issue has more details

about Hospice Compassus services for the community. The Caring Presence also has a number of special services to offer the community. It is a nonmedical, in-home care provider that can help keep seniors safe and independent in their own homes for longer. The staff is there to step in when family members are too far away or cannot find the extra time to do such things as meal preparation, homemaking, personal care, incidental care and companionship. Read more inside. Also inside, you will find information about the kinds of insurance you should encourage the young people in your family to have to build a strong financial foundation for the future. This article is provided by Tom Russell of Payson. Elsewhere, there are tips and information about maintaining an active, safe and healthy lifestyle; making that lifestyle more “green”; getting more from Medicare; and travel.

4 | SENIOR LIVING • JUNE 29, 2011

Hospice Compassus encompasses all with care by Teresa McQuerrey Rim Review editor

Hospice Compassus encompasses more than helping those in the last stage of life and their families, it also provides the community with a source of information about health care and services. The staff of Hospice Compassus is trained to help get everyone the right help needed. The community it serves goes beyond Payson and the surrounding area, it operates as far as Happy Jack and Forest Lakes, down in Young and east of Tonto Basin (just on the other side of the bridge). When helping determine and find the help needed for someone who is ailing and/or in failing health, a staff member will come to the individual’s home to make an assessment. The individual, a family member, a friend or neighbor, someone from the person’s church or anyone else who may suspect there might be something wrong, can make the initial contact with Hospice. The help could be anything from getting them transportation to the grocery store, getting them to the Senior Circle or Senior Center for socializing, arranging for Meals on Wheels or help around the house and yard or medical care. None of the services from Hospice cost anything, not even the hands-on care the staff gives its primary patients. “Nationwide only 40 percent of Medicare eligible patients ever receive the gift of hospice,” said Mary Jane Rogers, executive director of Hospice Compassus in Payson. “But all are eligible for it and hospice is the only service for which Medicare pays 100 percent,” she added. There is no co-pay, no deductible. Social workers can even help patients get all the added benefits available through the government that can provide financial relief from the pressures an end-of-life condition creates for the individual and their family. She said the goal of Hospice Compassus is to not let any Medicare hospice appropriate patient go without the gift of all the service can provide. “The community needs to know it. Physicians need to know it.” The care and comfort Hospice provides is most often in the patient’s home, but it can also be given to those in the area’s long-term care facilities. While the patient’s medical needs may be taken care of by the long-term care

Andy Towle photo

Paul Shield flirts with CNA Mary Hart as she checks up on him during her visits to various patient rooms at Hospice Compassus.

staff, Hospice can give them the added support of visits by a chaplain, a social worker or a bereavement counselor. The bereavement counselor also works with the patient’s family with anticipatory grief and for as long as 13 months after the death of the loved one. Hospice Compassus will also provide care for patients at Hospice House on Mud Springs Road in Payson. The care at Hospice House is given when short-term medical management needs cannot be met at home or in a care center, such as when the prescribed pain management stops working or another medical crisis needs to be brought under control. When the medical situation is under control, the patient is returned home or to their care center. Patients will also come into the Hospice House for respite care when their caregiver needs a break or has their own medical condition (injury, surgery, etc.) for which they need care and recovery time. The respite care is provided for up to five days for the Hospice patient. “When we don’t have any patients, we will close the in-patient unit, which has happened a few days during the year ” Rogers said

“However, if we get a call for the unit, it can be opened and staffed within an hour,” said Kathleen Hughes, Hospice care consultant. That staff now includes two new associate medical directors — James

Schouten and David Cluff — working with medical director Paul Gilbert. With the addition of Schouten and Cluff, there is a medical director available for patients around the clock. There is also a new grief counselor, Jeanine Affeldt. The doctors joined Hospice in October; Affeldt came on board in December. “Schouten and Cluff are well established in the community and have really brought a great perspective and breath of fresh air (to us) and we’re really excited to have them here,” Rogers said. Affeldt has started a caregivers’ support group, open to everyone at no charge. She leads grief support group meetings as well. To learn more about Hospice Compassus, call (928) 472-6340 or stop by the Hospice House, 511 S. Mud Springs Road, Payson, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. If a weekend informational meeting is needed, those can be arranged by appointment as well. Hospice is always in need of volunteers, so those interested can call volunteer coordinator Patty Kaufman at the above number to learn about opportunities to help. Those who would like to make a financial contribution to Hospice can send it to Rim Country Hospice Foundation, P.O. Box 305, Payson, AZ 85547. Kaufman is also the contact to learn more about the foundation and making donations.

Andy Towle photo

CNA Twila Burchan (left) and Judy Intrieri, LPN, look over the latest work schedule.

JUNE 29, 2011 • SENIOR LIVING | 5

6 | SENIOR LIVING • JUNE 29, 2011

The need for non-medical in-home care Americans, including over 1.5 million Arizonans, born between 1946 and 1964 who are fast approaching retirement. The number of individuals who elect to remain in their homes rather than move to a retirement center continues to grow. Many individuals and their families choose in-home care out of a desire for a higher quality of life and independence. These individuals hire in-home care to provide a range of assistance for their loved ones such as bathing, dressing, grooming or feeding. The in-home care worker can also assist with daily chores such as shopping, meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping and companionship. The Caring Presence provides nonmedical in-home care for its clients in many areas of Arizona. Services offered include meal preparation, homemaking, personal care, incidental transportation and companionship. Using an in-home care provider allows the client to continue living as much of L

Imagine for a moment the following situation: Your 75-year-old mother has fallen and broken her hip. After leaving the hospital, who is going to be there to help her through recovery? She lives alone and needs help around the clock until she gets back on her feet, but you live out of town. This is just one of the many scenarios in which the need for non-medical in-home care comes into the picture. Non-medical in-home care services can benefit seniors, children, persons with disabilities, those with chronic health conditions, and anyone whose quality of life can be improved by having a caregiver help in their home. The overall goal is to provide effective, appropriate and cost-effective assistance to individuals enabling them to maintain their independence, comfort and security. In recent years, the level of care required by home care users has increased and is likely to continue to do so in the foreseeable future. The main cause of the increase is due to aging baby boomers — those 76 million

See Caring, page 7

Andy Towle photo

Tedi Flake (right) works with a client to determine what non-medical services The Caring Presence can provide in the home to help maintain independence and quality of life.

JUNE 29, 2011 • SENIOR LIVING | 7

Caring Presence From page 6

by Tom Russell

policies and lose all or most of what they paid in. This high lapse rate on “permanent” policies When grandchildren begin their financial generates high profits for life insurance compalife, good advice about their nies. personal insurance selections In one’s late forties, fifties or sixties, a case can save them a fortune and can be made for owning some permanent life perhaps spare them a ton of insurance. The policy can serve a variety of heartache. The foundation of needs, including the financial protection of a a young family’s personal surviving spouse or paying for final expenses. insurance plan consists of life Disability insurance insurance, disability insurWhen your grandchild lets someone talk ance and medical/health Tom Russell them into buying a permanent life insurance insurance. policy, it often consumes so much of the famiLife insurance ly insurance budget that money cannot be When starting a family, the key question is, found for owning disability insurance. A person “How much life insurance do I need?” With is eight (8) times more likely to suffer a disabiltoday’s high cost of raising a family, the face ity lasting longer than 90 days than he or she is amount of a life insurance policy probably likely to die. Disability insurance keeps money needs to be at least $500,000 to $750,000. flowing into the household if one is injured or Term life insurance, guaranteeing coverage ill and cannot work for an extended period of for 20 or 30 years, has a less expensive premi- time. um than “permanent” coverage. Whole life Disability causes more than 50 percent of insurance and its cousins of Universal life and home foreclosures in the United States. Variable life have lapse rates as high as 90 perThe fine print language matters most in discent after 10 years. Young families, faced with See Right, page 8 so many financial pressures, often drop these Special to the Rim Review


a normal life as they can, while putting their families at ease. With 23 years of experience, The Caring Presence takes the worry out of arranging for home care. Caregivers employed by the agency are bonded, insured, certified in CPR and First Aid, TB tested, have obtained Fingerprint Clearance cards and have cleared a background check. The agency does the bookwork, provides the supervision and discipline, carries the insurance and ensures that all shifts are covered. The family always has been and still is the major provider of long-term care. This heavy burden should not be faced alone, and many caregivers need guidance, support and skills to manage the sometimes complex care. The quality of care your loved one receives is a joint effort between you and the care agency. Whether your mother suffers from a broken hip or you or another family member needs assistance, it’s comforting to know you can turn to a qualified non-medical in-home care provider. As the population continues to age, the need for non-medical in-home care will continue to grow. Choosing the right care will give your loved ones the quality of life they deserve. The Caring Presence values the confidence that our clients and their families have entrusted to us. Please call Tedi Flake at (928) 468-0600 to learn how our services will go “beyond expectations”. Article contributed by The Caring Presence

Insurance advice for grandchildren with young families of their own

8 | SENIOR LIVING • JUNE 29, 2011

PRMC Senior Circle welcomes new advisor by Teresa McQuerrey Rim Review editor

Andy Towle photo

The events at the PRMC Senior Circle sometimes involve volunteers from the corps of Pink Ladies from the hospital, such as Pat Graser (right) helping a diner with condiments at the Father’s Day Barbecue.

AARP safe driving class; • Hear about important medical issues through the Lunch & Learn feature, presented from 11 a.m. to noon, one or two times a month; and • Enjoy discounts with a number of the area’s merchants and service providers, including membership at the Tonto Apache Gym, which is available to them at half the cost of the regular

registration fee. The Senior Circle always as a full calendar and the summer months, July through September, are packed. The following are just a few of the planned events. The upcoming Lunch & Learn events feature: Mo Elzein, director of laboratory services for PRMC, July 13; John Hancock, diabetes education group

leader at the Senior Circle, July 27; Jeanine Affeldt, grief counselor with Hospice Compassus, Aug. 10; Cynthia Booth, obstetrician and gynecologist, Aug. 24; Don Engler, chief of the Payson Police Department, Sept. 14; and Elizabeth Harris, from the Arizona Department of Aging and Adult L

Welcoming the arrival of summer, the 2,000-plus members of Payson Regional Medical Center’s Senior Circle also welcomed a new advisor. Jan Parsons joined the Senior Circle as its advisor on May 23, 2011. While she is new to the job, she is a familiar face in the community and has long been part of the PRMC family. She served on the hospital board and was its chairman when it became part of the CHS family and helped start the annual Women’s Health and Wellness Forum. A resident of Payson for 25 years, she recently retired from APS where she was the manager of energy delivery for northeast Arizona. Parsons admits she is still getting acclimated to her new job, but she is already singing the praises of the Senior Circle volunteers and its programs. The volunteers are a great group of people who are “energized, dedicated and like to have fun,” she said. The programs are far-reaching. The Senior Circle programs include educational opportunities, cards, exercise, dance, special interest groups and travel — there is a July trip set for Durango, Colo., which will include a trip on the Durango/Silverton Railway; visits to San Diego and Monument Valley in the early fall; and the big one — a 9-day trip to the Tuscany region of Italy in November. Parsons said through the Senior Circle, members get to: • Socialize at activities and through special interest groups; • Learn new skills in classes, such as the one on computers and the regular

See Senior, page 9

Right insurance package a key to financial security From page 7

ability insurance. A policy needs to protect one’s own occupation, not the ability to work just anywhere. Known as “own occupation” policies, they pay if one cannot perform the basic duties of his or her occupation. By comparing top companies, an independent health insurance broker can assist in finding the disability insurance policy that fits best given one’s occupation and needs. Health/Medical insurance

A Health Savings Account (HSA) qualified medical policy provides lower

premiums and powerful tax benefits. An insurance company provides the high deductible health plan; while one’s financial institution of choice provides the HSA account. Wells Fargo, for example, shines as a leading provider of HSA accounts. Unlike “Flexible Spending Accounts” in an employerbased medical plan, money not spent each year from the HSA account rolls over to the next year. You do not lose what you do not use. One receives a tax deduction the moment a deposit is made to the account, and one can use it for medical and dental expenses

incurred until satisfying the deductible. When compared to standard co-pay type health plans, premiums on HSA qualified high deductible plans tend to be significantly less. Over time, the savings and tax benefits snowball. One can own both an HSA and an IRA. Summary

As seniors, our health insurance selections involving Medicare and prescription plans, medigap and long-term care insurance have entirely different considerations. However, this triangle of protection for our grandchildren,

consisting of term life insurance, own occupation disability insurance, and an HSA qualified medical plan, can help launch them on a course of wise financial management, while at a tender age. Please feel welcome to make copies of this article, and share it with your grandchildren. About the author

Tom Russell is a health and life insurance specialist, serving Arizona and the Rim Country since 1993. He can be reached at 474-1233 or online at

JUNE 29, 2011 • SENIOR LIVING | 9

Senior Circle services reach out to all in area From page 8

Services, Sept. 28. The future member lunches, held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., include: Meet the Adviser and the Director of Marketing, Wednesday, July 20; Ice Cream Social, Wednesday, Aug. 17; Picnic in the Park, Wednesday, Sept. 21. The Senior Circle provides members with such things as free blood pressure checks and free hearing tests and other free and discounted tests and screenings for health issues. It is also home to the American Cancer Society’s Look Good, Feel Better Closet, which has wigs, scarves and turbans for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. It also has a medical loan closet for the public. Membership with the Senior Circle is only $15 per year, with a discount for couples. Membership can be purchased at any time. For more information, call the Senior Circle at (928) 472-9290. The Circle is at 215 N. Beeline Highway, Payson.


Andy Towle photo

Lunches at the Payson Regional Medical Center’s Senior Circle always are fun, as well as almost always educational. The Father’s Day Barbecue on June 15 was all for fun though, and new adviser Jan Parsons (center) was in on it.

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928.468.8001 101 East Highway 260 If you like to travel, we have 1600 locations nationwide.

Located next to Urgent Care

10 | SENIOR LIVING • JUNE 29, 2011

Seniors caring for family, friends in Pine/Strawberry by Teresa McQuerrey Rim Review editor

The Senior Citizens Affairs Foundation (S.C.A.F.) was set up to run the Pine Community Center more than 20 years ago. The S.C.A.F. also, semi-officially, stands for seniors caring about family & friends. That semi-official name more aptly reflects what the staff and volunteers of the organization do for the communities of Pine and Strawberry and neighboring areas. The Pine Community Center includes a thrift shop and dining hall, which benefit all residents of the area. It is also site of the Pine Cultural Hall, where many special events and educational programs are presented, and the Pine Strawberry Museum. The grounds of the community center are also the scene for the popular arts and crafts festivals presented by the PineStrawberry Arts & Crafts Guild over long holiday weekends through the summer. The next will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, July 2 and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday, July 3. The main summer fund-raiser for the S.C.A.F. is selling Navajo tacos during the major holiday weekends in conjunction with the festivals. The thrift shop, which generates important operating revenue for the S.C.A.F., is regularly open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. during special events. The S.C.A.F. is a member of the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Pine/Strawberry Business Community. As a member of the P/S BC, the thrift shop also participates in the Second Saturday Shop Hop in Pine, so is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. that day. The Pine/Strawberry Thrift Shop is known for quality items at great low prices. The dollar can truly go far at the store. The store manager said it has shoppers come from all over to find bargains. The S.C.A.F. is dedicated to the enjoyment and well being of the citizens of the Pine/Strawberry community, with a special focus on those 50 and older, but it continues to strive to serve all ages. Its mission statement further outlines what it does for the community: encourage and provide social activities; provide economical and nutritious meals; provide educational serv-

Dennis Fendler photo

The Pine Cultural Hall at the Pine Community Center was hopping with all manner of wonderful things to see and buy over the Memorial Day weekend. The Community Center is overseen by the Senior Citizens Affairs Foundation, which also has a thrift shop and dining room at the center, for use by all in the communities of Pine and Strawberry and the surrounding area. The S.C.A.F. offers very popular Navajo Tacos at all the summer holiday weekend events at the Community Center — Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

ices and activities; consider and help, where possible, the citizens of Pine/Strawberry; operate a thrift store for the good of these citizens and to support the dining room and Meals on Wheels program. Anyone, 50 and older, can be a member of the S.C.A.F. Dues are just $5 per year and memberships can be purchased throughout the year. General membership meetings are at 5 p.m. the last Friday of January, April, July and October. Members may also attend the meetings of the S.C.A.F. board of directors held at 9 a.m., the first and third Monday of each month. Members are encouraged to volunteer when and where they can, and to make suggestions for regular and special activities, as well as educational programs. Through the S.C.A.F., anyone in

Pine can get a hot, nutritious meal at the Community Center Dining Room at 11:30 a.m., Monday through Friday. Members pay $4 for a full meal and $2.50 for the salad bar; non-members pay $5 for the meal and $3 for the salad bar. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance at (928) 4762151. The month’s menu is posted in the dining room, with copies to take home, and in the thrift store. The Pine/Strawberry Meals on Wheels program is also provided through the S.C.A.F. The program is offered Monday through Friday for $4.50 per meal for members and $5.50 for non-members. Arrangements for delivery must be made a day in advance of the service. It is also possible to arrange for both weekly and monthly service. For details, call (928)

476-2151. The Pine Library uses the Meals on Wheels program to send books to the homes of residents in need of the service. To find out about the “Books on Wheels” program, call the library at (928) 476-3678. A variety of regular activities are made possible by the S.C.A.F. Among these: poker, canasta, bridge, Farkel pinochle, hearts, spades, board games and bingo. Movies and potluck dinners are also hosted. Anyone interested in getting other activities started is encouraged to contact the S.C.A.F. and it will spread the word and help get a group together. To contact the S.C.A.F., call either the thrift shop at (928) 476-4633 or the dining room at (928) 476-2151, or write to S.C.A.F., P.O. Box 1281, Pine AZ 85544.

JUNE 29, 2011 • SENIOR LIVING | 11

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12 | SENIOR LIVING • JUNE 29, 2011

Rim Country Health & Retirement Community Serving Payson & The Rim Country

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JUNE 29, 2011 • SENIOR LIVING | 13

Care facilities reach out with education, more by Teresa McQuerrey Rim Review editor

Naturally, the focus of the community’s long-term care facilities is primarily the medical services provided patients, however, there is also an effort to serve the area’s greater population. This year, Rim Country Health and Retirement Community began an outreach program with classes and an open gym. Presented Thursdays, at no charge, classes are offered from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. the first Thursday of the month and from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. the third Thursday; open gym is held from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. the second Thursday and from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. the fourth Thursday. Open gym requires a written statement from the participant’s physician clearing them for exercise. The service is a supervised exercise program led by Lisa Thompson, physical therapy assistant, rehab director for Rim Country Health and personal trainer, along with Shaye Gurrera, certified occupational therapist assistant. Thompson leads most of the classes remaining for 2011. The upcoming

classes include: July – Body Mechanics, Safe Lifting Techniques, and Balance Training – Throughout the day, everyone lifts items of various sizes and weights without concern of causing possible back injury. It is usually post back attack or spine injury when someone becomes aware of the importance of proper posture and body mechanics while lifting. This class teaches prevention of future back injury during lifting. August – Caregiver Education – Caring for another person is often the most challenging and stressful thing in which one can participate. The welfare of a dependent is directly linked to the well being of the caregiver. This class will focus on multiple areas of care giving and assist the caregiver in also caring for themselves. Gurrera will assist Thompson in leading this class. September – Joint Replacement Surgery; What to Expect from an Extended Rehab Stay – Joint replacement rehabilitation is necessary to ensure the best possible outcomes and optimal return to normal activities of daily living. Research documents that

patients have improved outcomes and recover quicker when they know what to expect and are involved in their recovery care. October – Living with Alzheimer’s disease – Caregiving for an individual with Alzheimer’s is unique in every case as the disease affects everyone somewhat differently. A caregiver’s responsibilities vary from making financial decisions to helping a loved one get dressed. Handling these duties is rewarding and challenging. The learning of caregiving skills can ensure that the loved one feels supported and is as fulfilled as possible. In this class, the caregiver will also find avenues to preserve their own well being. November – Wheelchair Positioning and Postural Strengthening, lead by Duwayne Spitzke – Since an estimated 25 million people have mobility impairments, there is a great need for wheeled mobility devices and education on their usage. The independence level and overall function of an individual is greatly influenced by having the proper wheelchair. Seating and positioning promotes good posture,

improves digestion, breathing and aids in prevention of pressure sores. It is also crucial for health, comfort and optimal activities of daily living. The class will provide information on postural correction and exercise, risk analysis, wheelchair accessories and instruction on seating and positioning. December – Emotional Well Being and Activity – It is a lifelong process to improve one’s circumstances which allows improvement in life quality. This class will assist in identifying “emotional gaps” and implementing solutions that promote overall emotional health while staying active in mind, body and soul. While many of the topics are of special interest to older residents of the Rim Country, they are open to everyone, regardless of age. Rim Country Health & Retirement Community implemented the two-part program with the hope of coinciding with the increased focus on improving everyone’s physical fitness awareness and safety. For more information, call (928) 4741120.

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14 | SENIOR LIVING • JUNE 29, 2011

Boomer basics: Easy and affordable tips to maintain an active, safe and healthy lifestyle Today’s baby boomers are growing older gracefully. And although more than 10,000 boomers each day will turn 65, most are not letting their age stop them from maintaining active and healthy lifestyles. Here are a few ways to ensure that you (or the ones you love) stay healthy, active and safe: • Maintain regular health screenings and immunizations. While it is important to have regular check-ups with your family doctor, it’s equally important to monitor vitals more frequently. Luckily, most local pharmacies offer free blood pressure and cholesterol checks, as well as seasonal flu shots. • Fight against falls. Falls are the most common cause of hospital visits for those older than 65, according to the Home Safety Council. To help prevent falls in the bathroom — while maintaining stylish decor in your home — add new Grab Bars with Integrated Accessories from Moen Home Care or similar manufacturers. These unique products combine functional acces-

sories, such as a shelf, towel bar and toilet paper holder, with the safety of a grab bar. • Travel safety. Once you’ve updated your own bathroom with safety features, be sure that you are surrounded with these safety devices when you’re visiting others or on vacation. Products such as the Suction Balance Assist Bar from Moen Home Care, or similar manufacturers offer a suction design that easily attaches directly to smooth, flat surfaces for a firm, secure grip in danger zones and easily unlocks from the wall for convenient transport when traveling away from home, staying with family or in a hotel or motel. • Ensure help is a call away. Cell phones are not just for social uses, they are a valuable emergency response tool — and they don’t have to come with a pricey monthly bill. In fact, plans are available for as low as $10 per month without a contract to AARP members . • Cease bad habits. Smokers will die 14 years sooner than non-smokers,

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reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. No matter if you’ve been smoking for years or decades, your body will be better off if you stop. • Instill healthy habits. Being healthy doesn’t have to involve major lifestyle changes. For example, swap high-fat or high-calorie versions of your favorite foods with lower-fat, lowercalorie versions. Or, stock your fridge with healthy fruits and vegetables for snacks. These small diet changes can make big differences in your health. • Boost your activity levels. This does not mean running a marathon — but it does mean getting your body moving. Walking, playing golf or any other enjoyable activity that boosts your heart rate is a step in the right direction. • Keep your mind moving. Cognitive performance levels drop earlier in countries that have younger retirement age, according to a study published by the RAND Center for the Study of Aging and the University of Michigan, but if you are no longer in the

workforce, don’t worry. Just be sure to keep your brain busy with activities that combine social, physical and intellectual stimulation: for instance, card and board games, group hikes or water aerobics, book discussion groups or even attending community meetings of the area’s town councils and school boards. The Rim Country has a great array of clubs and organizations open to just about everyone and providing tremendous opportunities for social, physical and intellectual interaction. Check the listings on the Almanac and Organizations pages in every issue of the Payson Roundup for upcoming events and groups that meet regularly and invite interested residents to learn more about them. By following these simple tips, you can ensure the golden years will be happy, healthy and safe. For more information on Moen Home Care safety products, visit www.moen .com/homecare. From ARA Content

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JUNE 29, 2011 2011 • SENIOR LIVING | 15

‘Green’ a way of living for seniors for a while ‘The senior demographic is quite possibly the best generation to emulate when trying to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle. That’s because so many of the guidelines for being green are concepts that have been a part of seniors’ lives for decades. A portion of today’s seniors grew up during the Depression, when recycling and conservation weren’t the trends du jour, but survival strategies. In a time when money was scarce, many people made due with the resources they were dealt, stretching dollars just to stay afloat. Many of the concepts associated with today’s environmental movement are strikingly similar to the ones employed during the Depression. The behaviors of an elderly parent or grandparent that may have seemed eccentric or odd at one time are now turning out to be what many people are embracing in order to live green. Concepts like relying on reusable handkerchiefs instead of disposable tissues; reusing lightly-soiled napkins; collecting discarded items from the curb and repairing them for renewed use; saving

cans or food jars and using them to store other items; buying local products from smaller vendors; and similar things are methods of living ingrained in the persona of many older people. Frugality and awareness of what things cost and what constitutes waste are other concepts seniors know well. Many have never adapted to the notion that products are disposable, preferring instead to hold onto appliances, electronics, clothing and other items because they still have utility, not because the current season dictates they should be upgraded. In 2008, Harris Interactive polled Baby Boomers ages 45 to 62 about their interest in the environment. Ninety-four percent of respondents said they took steps in the past 6 months to do something green. More than 80 percent were concerned about the environmental legacy that would be left for their grandchildren. While many seniors are going green today for altruistic reasons, it also makes good financial sense. Recycling items, conserving utilities and fuel and

making smart choices can stretch a fixed income even further. Choosing to walk or ride a bike instead of getting behind the wheel may be not only environmentally friendly, but it’s financially savvy as well. Here are some ways of living straight out of the Great Depression that can be put to use today. • Use the milkman. Although it may seem like the milkman is extinct, milk and other dairy products can still be delivered straight to a person’s home from a local dairy or farm. Adding reusable milk bottles reduces the reliance on disposable containers, while buying local cuts down on the fuel costs necessary to transport products. • Pass down clothing. Clothing that is gently worn can be passed down to children or even donated. • Walk. During the Depression, cars were a luxury many people could not afford. Walking or taking a bus or train were some popular modes of transportation, and such options are still available today.

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When it comes to ice cream and

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• Use cloth diapers and linens. Reusable items, like cloth diapers, handkerchiefs and linens, are more environmentally responsible. • Get outdoors. Instead of relying on television, which had yet to be invented during the Depression, children and adults went outdoors to socialize and have fun. • Open the windows. Instead of relying heavily on air conditioning, try opening the windows on nice days and let some fresh air in. • Use clothes lines. Clothes dryers use about 10 to 15 percent of domestic energy in the U.S. A clothesline can help reduce electric bills and energy consumption. • Get into gardening. If you can grow what you eat, that reduces the dependence on commercially produced and harvested crops. Many elements of the Go Green movement are similar to those employed during the Depression, when survival mandated people reuse and recycle items. From ARA Content



As an independent insurance agency, we partner with dozens of strong companies who provide us with quality products and services. This allows us to offer our clients choices that best suit their needs.


Crabdree Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. 431 S. Beeline Hwy. 928-474-2265

16 | SENIOR LIVING • JUNE 29, 2011

More with Medicare get free preventive care The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released a new report showing that more than five million Americans with traditional Medicare — or nearly one in six people with Medicare — took advantage of one or more of the recommended preventive benefits now available for free, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Medicare has launched a nationwide public outreach campaign, including a letter to doctors and a new Public Service Announcement that will raise awareness about all of the important preventive benefits now covered at no charge to patients, including the new Annual Wellness Visit benefit created by the Affordable Care Act. “The Obama Administration is committed to helping increase the number of Americans who are healthy at every stage of life, said CMS administrator Donald Berwick, M.D. “Even in your 70s, 80s or beyond, you can reduce your risk of disability and chronic illness if you take care of yourself. With the new free Annual Wellness Visits and free preventive care, people with Medicare have the

tools to take common-sense steps to take control of their health. “Further, it’s important to get the tests which can spot a serious illness early when it can be best treated,” said Dr. Berwick. “These preventive screenings are critical, and we want physicians to take this opportunity to help their older patients understand how necessary they are.” “The Administration on Aging network of service providers are the ‘boots on the ground’ in reaching people on Medicare,” said Assistant Secretary for Aging Kathy Greenlee. “These providers see Medicare beneficiaries every single day at a variety of settings across the country, and serve a diverse group population. I am committed to ensuring that the Medicare beneficiaries we serve are aware of and take advantage of their Medicare preventive benefits.” According to the report, over 5.5 million beneficiaries in traditional Medicare used one or more of the preventive benefits now covered without cost-sharing including, most prominently, mammograms, bone density

What’s Different About Tom Russell & Associates? It’s frustrating. Health insurance and Medicare Supplement premiums always go up. However, we stay close to our clients, helping them compare companies as time goes by, an save money when possible. But only with proven, top rated insurance companies!

We’ve lived in Payson for 18 years. People often say they like the personal touch and informative way we do business. With Ruth and Colleen to assist you, we’re easy to reach when you need assistance with claims and administration. Call us today to schedule a relaxed meeting at our office behind Fargo’s Steakhouse. Leave your checkbook at home for now. If we can help improve your health insurance situation, that’s great. Perhaps not, but it never hurts to compare.

Tom Russell 474-1233 620 E. Hwy 260, Ste B1 Payson • Call for appointment

screenings, and screenings for prostate cancer. In 2011, Medicare began covering an Annual Wellness Visit at no cost to Medicare beneficiaries. As part of that visit, beneficiaries and their physicians can review the patient’s health and develop a personalized wellness plan. More than 780,000 beneficiaries received an Annual Wellness Visit between Jan. 1 and June 10. Additionally, more seniors have used the Welcome to Medicare Exam this year — 66,302 beneficiaries had taken advantage of the benefit by the end of May 2011, compared to 52,654 beneficiaries at the same point in 2010 — a 26-percent increase. A renewed push toward prevention is the latest step toward CMS’s fulfillment of its “Three-Part Aim”: Better care and better health at lower cost through improvement in health care. Roughly 70 percent of Medicare beneficiaries had at least one chronic condition in 2008, while as many as 38 percent had between two and four chronic conditions, and 7 percent had five or more. They see an average of 14 dif-

ferent doctors and fill an average of 50 prescriptions or prescription refills a year. Preventing chronic disease among the Medicare population would not only improve their health and quality of life, it could help save an estimated two-thirds of the $2 trillion the U.S. spends treating preventable long-term illness today. The new Annual Wellness Visit can help spark the beginning of an ongoing conversation between patients and their doctors on how to prevent disease and disability. At this visit, beneficiaries can review their histories and make sure their primary care doctor knows about their other providers and prescriptions. They can also talk about the pros and cons of getting an influenza, pneumococcal or hepatitis B vaccination, or find out whether a diabetes test, a bone mass measurement, or any of several cancer screenings would be right for them. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Medicare now covers many of these services without cost to patients. Learn more at or at


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JUNE 29, 2011 • SENIOR LIVING | 17

Hassle-free vacation tips Aaaaaaaaah! Breathe Statistics are proving that age 70 really is the new 50. According to the U.S. Travel Association, mature travelers ages 65 or older represented 21 percent of all leisure travelers in 2010. From taking a trip with their grandchildren across country, to living out dreams in far, exotic destinations, today’s seniors are choosing to enjoy their golden years traveling. Staying safe and being prepared when traveling is more important than ever for this age group. Here are some special considerations for senior travelers looking for a hassle-free travel experience.

Get protection

Whether traveling 50 miles or 5,000, prepare for the unexpected by purchasing a membership from a travel and medical assistance company like On Call International before you leave. Senior travelers ages 77 to 85 can purchase a special Mature Membership, which includes services like emergency medical transportation to the hospital of their choice, transPack carefully portation home, worldwide physician referrals, When packing for a trip, it’s important to be a 24-hour nurse helpline and emergency travel prepared. Some packing essentials include a assistance. The membership also includes precomfortable pair of travel destination and health information, lostshoes, a hat and sunluggage assistance, worldwide legal assistance glasses to protect the Whether traveling and even covers the cost of transporting grandface, clothing that you 50 miles or 5,000, children or a traveling companion home if you can wear in layers and prepare for the need to stay in the hospital. any necessary person- unexpected by pural items. Multi-pur- chasing a member- Plan carefully When planning your trip, stay organized and pose items, such as a ship from a travel compile any contact information and travel scarf, which can also and medical assisreservations to keep in a folder to ensure you be used as a makeshift tance company. don’t have any problems. You might also beach blanket, are include emergency numbers and family contact always smart to pack and limit the weight of your suitcase. If you are information in this folder as well. Whether drivtaking an extended vacation, inquire about ing or flying, it’s smart to gather maps ahead of laundry options close to where you’ll be stay- time so you don’t get lost. If you are traveling ing. out of the country, make sure your passport is Visit your doctor up to date several months ahead of time as getAs a senior, your health is very important and ting a new passport takes time to process. With a little planning, seniors can travel withno one ever wants to get sick or injured on vacation. Schedule a checkup with your doctor out worry and enjoy the best of their golden before any major trip to discuss the activities years exploring the world. For more information about safe travel and you plan to do, and get written prescriptions for any medications you may need. Keep your pre- medical assistance memberships, visit scriptions in their original containers so that

o ot l eg A lley Alley BLASTT OFF yourr weekendd at BBootleg Antiques & Art 520 W. MAIN ST.

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they can be identified properly. If you plan to travel out of the country, contact the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for required immunizations.

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Humane Society


imists Soropt olates


See’s C

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Starring Tom Hanks • Julia Roberts After losing his job, a middle-aged man reinvents himself by going back to college

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MONTE CARLO STARTS Three young women vacationing in Paris find themselves whisked away to Monte Carlo after one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress

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A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.

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The life of a businessman begins to change after he inherits six penguins, and as he transforms his apartment into a winter wonderland, his professional side starts to unravel.

After witnessing a mysterious train crash, a group of friends in the summer of 1979 begin noticing strange happenings going around in their small town, and begin to investigate into the strange phenomenon.

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on Historic Main Street - JULY 1st

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18 | SENIOR LIVING • JUNE 29, 2011

Jaber Abawi, M.D., M.R.C.P. Internal Medicine & Arthritis

Board Certified Internal Medicine 1106 N. Beeline Highway Payson, AZ 85541


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FreeWomen’s Health Seminar on Wednesday July 20 Presentation by Cynthia Booth, M.D. & John Dacanay, M.D. Sponsored by Preferred Women’s Care and AMS Do you leak urine with coughing, sneezing, laughing?

Open Monday-Friday 9:30-5:00, Saturday 9:30-2:00

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Are you worried about embarrassing urinary leakage accidents with physical activity?

Do you miss out, or even avoid physical activities you enjoy to prevent a urinary accident? You, and millions of other women, may suffer from urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse. Additional symptoms may include pelvic pressure and painful sexual intercourse. New and effective outpatient procedures have revolutionized the treatment of these conditions in recent years. Even if you had surgical prolapse repair in the past, you too can benefit from these new innovative treatment options. Dr. Booth will be discussing these latest advances, and how they can improve your quality of life. You are invited to attend a free women’s health seminar to learn more. we encourage you to bring a friend or two, and help us spread the word.

TIME 6:00 PM WHERE Payson Regional Medical Center, 807 S. Ponderosa Street in the Main Conference Room

To make a reservation, call: 800-466-5595

Massage Therapy Clinic 1001 S. BEELINE HWY, SUITE H Mona Lisa Lujan, LMT

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D. DeWayne Andrew, Ph.D. Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist AT CHURCH OF CHRIST 401 E. TYLER PARKWAY PAYSON, AZ Call for appointments

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JUNE 29, 2011 • SENIOR LIVING | 19

ROAD TRIP! A mature dude’s guide to roaming Work, kids, working out, taking care of the house, and a hairline that’s heading for the back of your collar — it’s enough to make a guy understand why some men feel the urge to buy an outrageously impractical sports car at this stage of life. But you don’t need a mid-life crisis. What you need is a road trip. Road trips are a rite of passage for young men everywhere, but college dudes shouldn’t be the only ones who get to enjoy this uniquely American kind of adventure. If skinny neckties and big hair were in style the last time you took a road trip with your buds, it may be time to toss a duffel in the truck bed, round up your amigos and hit the highway. A few practical measures can help ensure your more mature road trip is still fun and works for everyone: Packing it in

Your days of cramming six guys and all their gear into a barely drivable, high-mileage sub-compact are probably over. A reliable yet fun-to-drive pickup is perfect for your grown-up road trip with the guys. And since your stuff is probably going to be worth more than what you toted around during your college days, be sure to protect it. A lockable roll-up cover, like the tonneau cover line by Access Cover, will keep your belongings protected from the elements — including criminal elements — while you’re on the road. Plus, a truck bed cover can help improve your vehicle’s gas mileage. As for what to pack, be sure to include an emergency roadside kit, first aid kit and any medications that you regularly need. Bring along a GPS device and your trusty mobile L

See Planning, page 23

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JUNE 29, 2011 • SENIOR LIVING | 21

classified advertising MERCHANDISE ANIMALS HAPPY PETS: Pet Sitter or House Sitting, References Available, Please call Paula at 928-478-6355 Lhasa Apso: Adorable, AKC Pups,Potty/pad trained, Shots, $375 to $425: Call 928-243-2378 or 928-536-7912 Seeking home and care giver for 3 retired 30+ yr old Arabian Horses. Please call 928-474-3684 ext. 133

ANTIQUES Antique Butterfly Table: Works Great, A Must See, $300. obo; 928-468-8887 or 928-978-1884

FURNITURE Beautiful Early 1900’s 6 Piece Bedroom Set, Good Condition, Full Bed, $500. 928-468-8887 or 928-978-1884 Couch & Love Seat $250. Two End & 1 Coffee Table $50. One Elect. Singer Sewing Machine $50. 928-474-4123 Slightly Used Futon w/2 Matresses, Asking $60. obo; Beige Rocking Swival Chair w/Stool, Best Offer; 2 Drawer End Table, $20. obo: 928-476-1432

GUNS/KNIVES A Firearm’s Instructor Basic Pistol Training, Constitutional Carry & Legal Training CCW Permits, Call Hank (928) 472-4444

CCW CLASS: $75.00 Basic Firearms-Course, $45.00; Firearms & Ammunition , Call Brian Havey (CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR)

928-970-0062 Serious Collector wishes to, Buy U.S. and German Military Guns, Colts Winchester and any Other High Quality Antique Guns. Single Pieces or Collections, Give Us A Call at 928-468-0306

MISCELLANEOUS 20 ft. and 40 ft.: Shipping Containters, 928-537-3257 40 Gal Gas Tank for PU. Reese 5th Wheel Hitch, Tool Box for Full-Size PU, 928-474-5496 Cemetery Lot located in Green Acres in Scottsdale, Asking $4,500. Can be used for multiple cremations or double stacked: 928-476-9900 FOR SALE, EQUIPMENT I USED To Run My Office COFFEE SERVICE BUSINESS, Including (7) Bunn Brewers. Under $1,000. 928-474-4000 FREE WOODEN PALLETS: The Payson Roundup Newspaper is offering Free Wooden Pallets, Please pick up at your convenience in back at the first alley off of Forest Rd. New Misc. Dual Pane Windows, Doors, Building Supplies and Tools, 928-476-3975 OPENING SHOP IN PINE Renting Space for Collectibles & Misc. Call Gail, 928-978-0468

MISCELLANEOUS RIM GOLF CLUB MEMBERSHIP Will pay new member $5,000 to take-over my-membership. Must be approved by membership committee. 858-759-7407 858-775-7330





Dental Business Coordinator


Dental Business Coordinator

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2006 ARCTIC CAT ATV 400 2500 LB Warn-Winch, Locking Diff, Windshield, Front & Rear Racks, 1570/Miles, Great Shape, $3,500/OBO, Mike(928)978-0084

Sahara 4/Door, Hard top, Navigation, Silver, All options, Always Garaged, 30,000/miles, Like new!!! $26,900. No-SalesTax,Private-Sale, 928-535-6344


2007 JAYCO, JAYFLIGHT Trailer, Model 25 RKS, $12,500. 928-951-0104

TRACKER, PRO ANGLER 16’ Boat, 50/HP Mercury, Trolling Motor, Trailer, 2004, Very Good Condition!! $7,500. 928-468-6000


10. 316 E. PINNACLE CIRCLE Friday & Saturday, July 1st/2nd, 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM., Household Items, Lots of Everything!! Misc.

2000 Jem, 4 Seat Electric Car, Street Licensed, 775 Miles, New Batteries, $7,000. 928-978-0719

2. 105 N. Spring Rd. Fri. & Sat. July 1 & 2, from 7am to ?. Ebay Cosmetics Store Liquidation, Tons of Cosmetics, Moving Sale, Lots of Misc.

2005 Suburu Forester, AWD, Moon Roof, Heated Leather Seats, CD Changer, 80,000 Easy Miles, $11,500. obo: 602-319-1757

3. 806 S. Greenfaire Circle: Fri. & Sat. July 1 & 2, from 7am to 4pm; Huge Garage Sale, Bedroom Set, Lamps, Dishes, Children’s Clothing, Antiques and Misc.

2006 Mazda 6, Runs Good, Take Over Payments, No Up Front Fee Please Call for More Info: 575-562-9893

5. 201 N. Forest Park Dr. Fri. & Sat. July 1 & 2 From 7am to 2pm Lots of Baby and Misc. Items

DAVE’S AUTOMOTIVE RECYCLING: Will Pick Up Old Cars or Trucks for Free Cash for Clunkers Parts, Sales, M-F, 9-5, Sat 9-1, CALL DAVE: 928-474-4440

6. 1107 W. DRIFWOOD (Payson West) Multi-Family Yard Sale! Fri/sat/ Sun/Mon. July 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 4th 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Misc Household-Items, Model Railroad-items Buildings, Figures, Scenery, Track, Some rolling stock, Crafts, Jewelry& Much More! 7. 6256 W. Marcy Way (Pine), Fri. & Sat. July 1 & 2, from 8am to ? Table Saw, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Like New Tool Chest, N-Gauge Railroad Layout and Track; Fasteners, Screws, Hardware 8. 909 S. CORONADO WAY Friday & Saturday, July 1st/2nd, 7:00 AM -12:00 PM Curio Cabinets, Rockers, Tools, Golf Clubs, Misc Items, Lots of Everything!!!! 9. 1104 N. CAMELOT LANE Saturday Only! July 2nd., 7 AM - 2 PM. Multi-Family Sale! Collectibles, Household Items, Antiques, Rugs & Lamps, Misc!!!!

Sandblasting, Rust Repair, Metal/Fiberglass Fabrication, Welding, Painting, Pete’s Auto Body in Payson Since 1978: 928-978-1989, Low Rates - High Quality

105th ANNIVERSARY EDITION 08 ROADKING 6K Miles, Like New Bike, Check It Out! Asking 15.5K, Call Jerry, 928-472-8625

1981 Honda CR250 Elsinor, Runs Great, Left Hand Kick Start, $1,000. 928-978-6058

COMPLETELY REMODELED: Park Models: 8x35 w/tipouts, $1900. Call Don: 928-978-3423


VANS 1977 Dodge Hi-Top Camper Van, Runs Good!! (In Payson), $1,500/OBO, 480-688-2617: Call for More Info.


CLERICAL/OFFICE 2004 Lincoln Aviator: Heated leather seats, Leather wrap steering wheel, 3rd row seating, Rear DVD, THX sound system, Navigation, Sirius sat radio, 2 front tires brand new 6-3-11, Run good,143k miles: 480-440-6802

TRACTORS New Holland, TC33D, 4WD, Diesel, Bucket, Gannon, Auger, Street Sweeper, $15,000. 928-978-0719


Bookkeeper wanted, Fluent in QuickBooks & Excell, Exp. Req. Fax or E-mail resume: 928-474-3819 or 600 N. Beeline Hwy

EDUCATION Math & Science Teachers

IMMEDIATE OPENINGS Math & Science Teachers PT & FT - Certified/HQ Salary DOE Payson Education Center Globe Education Center Custodian - PT Payson Education Center $11-$14/hour, DOE Gila County Regional SD Dr. Richard Vierling (928) 402-8784 Application info at:

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apply at Order: 10053128 Keywords: Help Wanted Servers art#: 20090680 Class: Restaurants Size: 2.00 X 4.00

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w/ Awning, Electric-Crank, DVD-Player, 2-Slide outs w/Canvas/Awning, Queen Bed, Electric F/P., 2-Swivel Rockers, 2-Bar-Stools, Less-than-$17,900. 928-474-5188

1988 GMC Sierra 3/4 Ton 4x4. Nice Condition w/Lots of new parts. A/C Runs Great! $3,500

2002 Harley Davidson Sportster Less than 5,000 miles! Custom seat, sissy bar & saddlebags, $4,400.00 OBO, Call Joe 928-970-1339

LIMITTED PRODUCTION, 1979 Dodge, Little Red Express, Excellent Condition, Complete Rebuild, Recent Appraisal $28K, Asking $18,000. 928-951-6856

Seeking Entry Level Office Assistant/Reception, Experience a Plus, Email or Fax Resume to:,600 N. Beeline,Fax 928-474-3819


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96 SOUTHWIND STORM RV About 49K/Miles, TV, 454 Chev HP, Leveling System, 4/KW Generator, Interior Looks-New! Must/See, $15.500/OBO, 928-474-4710 928-474-2620




Email resume to:


4. 411 W. Frontier Street: Fri. & Sat. July 1 & 2, from 7am to ? Tools, Big Boy Toys, Fishing Stuff, Book Cases, Books, Camping Equipment and Much More

1. THE PORTALS: Sat. July 2 from 8am to 3pm; 1st Annual Community Yard Sale, Lots of Wonderful Treasures. Something for Everyone. Pine Creek Canyon Road in Pine. Watch for signs from Payson to sale. SALE WILL BE HELD IN THE TENNIS COURTS.

2007 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD, Loaded, 26K Miles, 5.7 Liter, Gas, 8ft Bed, Big Ram Ed. Grey, $22,000. Firm: 928-978-3621

1983 Layton, 28’ Travel Trailer, $900. Camper Shell, for Small Pickup, $50. 928-476-3975



2004 Ford F250 XL, 3/4 Ton, V8, 4x4, Ladder Rack, Truck Box, Very Good Condition, 62K Miles, $11,700. 928-951-3606

FT Postition M-F Looking for a self-motivated, customer service oriented person to assist in patient accounts and billing. Previous dental experience preferred. Background in billing/collection/bookkeeping a plus. Salary DOE. Benefits available.

1983 Cab-over Camper. Very Nice,Gas & Electric, Refrigerator, $1000. Buy both Truck & Camper $4,000: 928-479-3279 or 602-402-4650

McDonald’s invites you to join our professional, friendly and dedicated team. McDonald’s is committed to outstanding customer service, people development and professional growth. The McDonald’s Team offers Part-Time and Full Time employment with wages starting at $7.50 per hour. Flexible hours, training, advancement opportunities, management development, employee retirement benefits, insurance, performance reviews and raises, and many other benefits. McDonald’s rewards outstanding performance.

PAYSON Please pick-up an application and learn of the opportunities available at your McDonald’s today.

To apply online visit

22 | SENIOR LIVING • JUNE 29, 2011



Teacher wanted


New Visions Academy is seeking a team of two teachers who are both highly qualified in two of the core subject areas of math, science, English, and history for grades 9-12. This a great opportunity for the right team. Please submit resume, transcripts, and copy of fingerprint clearance card via fax

928-634-7494 or email via Call 928-634-7320 for more information.

GENERAL Need 1-2 helpers to assist garage sale, loading, hauling contents of home to storage etc. Ref. Req. 928-474-3684 ext. 133 Get local news delivered to your home twice a week with a subscription to the Payson Roundup. The Rim Country’s newspaper. Call 474-5251, ext. 108.

Volunteer Coordinator

Payson Community Kids, a local 501 C-3 non-profit is looking for a part-time

Volunteer Coordinator 10 to 20 hours per week. Must be organized, self starter, outgoing & personable.



True Garage Doors 1x1 CD

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(928) 970-1398 (928) 474-2114


No phone calls please — email resume to

SERVICES HOME SERVICES Call,The Cheaper Sweeper You’ve tried the rest, now try the best! Windows to Walls, Baseboards to ceiling fans. WE CLEAN IT ALL! Gift Certificates Available, Call the CHEAPER SWEEPER for a free estimate: (928) 472-9897

CHILD CARE IN MY HOME Great Rates! Call Little Buckaroos, CPR & First Aid Certified. Call Michelle, 928-951-8129 SUGAR BEAR NURSERY Quality child care in my home Weekdays/Evenings/Weekends CPR/First Aid Certified Call Mandy 928-970-1649

HANDYMAN A Affordable 1 Handyman, Serving the Rim Country Area Whatever Needs to be Done! Steve 928-978-4861 Not a licensed contractor

LANDSCAPING IRIS GARDEN SVCE: Complete Firewise Yard CleanUp! Weed-eat, Remove Debri, Repair Dripline System, 38yrs Payson, 928-474-5932, Cell 928-951-3734 not.lic.contr.

Order: 10052894 Keywords: Help Wanted art#: 20090250 Class: Sales/Marketing Size: 2.00 X 4.00

Authorized Wireless Retailer

Payson Wireless is seeking a tech savvy sales rep for part-time work. Applicant needs good communication skills, experience preferred, but fast learners accepted. Must be reliable, have clean appearance and be ready for fast-paced days. $8.00/hr to start, Bonuses possible, Commission possible

Apply Monday-Saturday 10-2 at 716 N. Beeline Highway in the Swiss Village Order: 10050579 Keywords: Help Wanted Payson art#: 20086143 Class: Restaurants Size: 2.00 X 4.00



SERVER Part-Time Work

A Dependable Handyman Service

Excavation Work, Carpentry, Painting, Masonry, Electric, Yard Work, Hauling Payson License #P08226, Not Licensed Contractor: Barney Branstetter: 928-595-0236 or 928-595-0435 AFFORDABLE RATES: Electrical, Plumbing, DryerVent Cleaning, Ceiling Fans, Faucetts, Toilets, Coolers, Sun Screens, Water Heaters; JIMMY’S ALLTRADES: 928-474-6482 Not Licensed

DHW Home Services Call 928-595-1555: For All Your Home Repair and Remodel Needs Specialty: Drywall Patching and Texture Matching

Dry wall repairs, Painting, Carpentry, GENERAL REPAIRS Silversmith, 25 YEARS OF GOOD EXPERIENCE, With an Artist touch! Call Tim: 928-474-1298, 928-978-0730

REAL ESTATE COMMERCIAL FOR SALE A REAL STEAL-BANK OWNED MAIN-STREET-GRILLE Land, Building,Furn/Fix/Equip., 6,000+ Sq/Ft. on 1/Acre + Many-Uses!! $485,000 Submit-Offer to Sue Allen Four-Season-Realty 928-978-1704 Muffler Shop for Sale, to be Moved, Includes all Equipment and inventory necessary to operate, $25K Cash, Call Jim: 928-474-5105

HOMES FOR SALE OWNER WILL FINANCE, Beautiful Cabin in Pine, Sits on Creek, .78 Acres, Horse Property, 1991,1Br/1Ba, 1200sq.ft, Sales Price $105,000. (Valued At $141,800.), $5,000. Down, $849.p/m Call, 928-587-8150 or 928-242-9543


House For Sale Forest Park

House For Sale - Forest Park 2100 sq. ft. Tri Level, Corner lot 100 S. Forest Park Dr. tenants rights - by appt $249,000 Negotiable.

Call Ray: 602-818-6707 OWNER FINANCING, LEASE w/Option, STAR VALLEY, Next to Forest, 2B/2B & 3B/1B, $79,000/Each, Fenced, Trees, Move-In Ready, Great Location!!! 928-978-2192 Trailwood:Quality 3Br/2Ba, 2CG. Immaculate. Awesome Upgrades. Job Change. Sacrifice, $199.9K 928-472-3230 or 480-922-3593

MANUFACTURED HOMES FOR SALE 1988 Skyline Tahoe: Completely Remodeled, New Appliances, Carpet, etc, $6,400. Call Don 928-978-3423 SELL OR TRADE, 12X34 Skyline 1/Bedroom 1Bath, Furnished! Can be Moved, $6,500/OBO Call 928-987-1163

MOBILES FOR SALE $12,900, 2BD/2BA FURNISHED, All Electric, A/C, 47”/26”TV’s, W/D, $29,000 Improvements, Sherwood Forest Park, 705 E. Miller Rd. #21, 800-834-2788:

River Community Home, Guest House, Artist Studio, Barn, Workshop, Greenhouse, 2 Stall Barn Corrals. .61 Acre, $399,000. D.W. @ 928-474-5475, F.S.B.O

COMMERCIAL FOR RENT 2,800 or 5,000sq.ft, 3/Faced/ Wiring, Commercial Building for Lease or Sale, Gated,M-2 Zoning, 401 N.Tyler Park Way, Raquel or Rick,928-978-2870 or 928-978-4523 850 + Sq.-ft. Office/Retail Space for Rent. Located at: 434 S. Beeline Hwy. $299/mo, 928-474-5105

Rim View OFFICE PARK, Executive Suites, Payson’s Premier Office Space, 708 E. Hwy 260, 928-472-7035 or 928-970-0877.


HOMES FOR RENT 3BDRM/2BA MF HOME Fairly New, Fenced Yard,One Car Garage, Near Hospital. $725/mo+$725/Deposit. Available July 1 ALSO DOWNSTAIRS APT. 1,000 Sq/Ft., $550/Month Mark 928-951-3439 Ted 480-694-4044 Beautiful 1500sf 3Bd/2Ba Home: in Mesadel, Fenced & Gated, $ + $1,000 Dep. & Utilities: 928-472-2176 Beautiful Almost New Home: Bonus: One Half off First Months Rent, 3Br/2Ba, 1500+sqft, 2 Car Garage, Tile Counters, Blinds, Laundry Room, Landscaped Yard w/Drip, Large Covered Patio, AC, All Appliances Included, Pets/Smoking-No, $1150. p.m + Dep. 928-595-4024 Beautiful View, Fully Remodeled, Serene Location,Payson East 2bdrm/2bath, New Appliances, Garage, $870.p/m plus deposit Pets, No! 602-558-7859

2Bd/1.5Ba House for Rent, Strawberry, Avail Aug. 1, Washer/Dryer Hookup, Fenced Yard. Pets Ok. $600.p/m, Please Call Brandy 928-595-0638 2BD/2BA, STRAWBERRY Laundry. 1 Car Garage, Corner Meadow Lot! Freshly Painted, Fenced Yard, $850.p/m 928-978-3597 2Br/1Ba, Duplex/Yard in Pine; Kitchen, Living Room, Family Room, Walk to School, Pets-Ok, $675.p/m, Water/Electric Included, Security Deosit! 480-248-6144, Owner/Agent

DAILY RENTAL PAYSON 2Br/1Ba House: In Town, Sweeping Views,Cable TV, Patio: Rent Short or Long Term, Weekends, Call for Availiblity & Pricing 520-977-4530 House for Rent in Pine 2Br/1Ba Central Heat, Fireplace, All Appliances $700.p/m, $350 Sec.Dep First & Last Month Pets/Smoking No: Call 928-476-3462


14x65 Mobile Home w/AZ Room, Screened in Patio, Sit on Lake, Over 1300sq.ft. Reduced to $18,000: 928-474-9294

2Br/2Ba:Site Built in Pine, Large Lot, Centrally Located, $575.p/m or Lease Option to Buy!! Credit History Required: 928-476-3989

1Br or 2 Br: Security Dep. Plus First Months Rent Pets-No, $300. to $600. 928-978-3775

1989 CAVCO: Bright Open Floor Plan 2Br/1Ba, Covered Parking, Windo Air Con., Shed $15,000. Twinlakes Park 928-474-4167

3/2 in Upsale Quiet Neighborhood, Garage, Storage, W/D, Serene, Private, Minimum-maintenance backyard w/deck & tall trees. $995/mo+Deposits. Must see! 928-978-9100

2Bdr/1Ba Mobile in Town, Completely Restored! New Hardwood Floors, Paint, Heating, Cooling, Laundry,Large Storage,Large Deck w/View, $ Call (626) 683-1589

55+ PARK 705 E. MILLER Space 24, 2Bdrm/1Ba, 12x60, New Insulated Metal Roof, New Carpet & Windows, Tall-Pines, Backs Catholic Church, Covered Parking & Patio, Storage-Sheds, $7,000. 928-978-2658

3BD/2BA Payson, Carport Appliances. Pets/Smoking-No Central Heat and AC, Great View $850/mo + Sec. Dep. Avail. July 10th. 928-472-4646

Space for Rent for Trailer/RV or Mobile, On Beautiful Private Property, $350. p/m: 602-290-7282

Drive a Little, Save a Lot, Year End Close-Out, 45 New and Used Homes to Choose From, Bronco Homes: Call 1-800-487-0712

3BDRM/2BA IN TRAILWOOD 1/Yr. Lease, Smoking, No! Call on Pets, $1,000/Month + $1,400 Security Deposit 309 N. Stagecoach Pass 602-909-2824

Mobile Home for Sale or Rent to Own. Setup in Park, Located Oak Mobile Park $6,000.00/OBO. Contact Lee @ 602-708-2171 Mobile Home in Star Valley, Extra Large 2Bd/2Ba, Remodeled, Nicest 55+ Park in Area, Must See, $16,500: 928-951-2655 Star Vale MHP 55+ Park Model 14B, Shed, Carport, AC, Shaded Yard, Asking $8,500. To See Call Earl 928-472-3241(Star Valley)


• 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths • 2 Bedrooms/ 1.5 Bath • Washers & Dryers • Covered Parking • Pet Friendly

1 Month $100 Off. (928) 474-8042 st

801 E. Frontier St. • Payson, AZ 85541

MOBILE/RV SPACES RV SPACE FOR RENT $290 Month, Close In, Cedar Grove Mobile Home Park Payson Location,480-390-8901


Foreclosures: 45 Homes to Choose From, Free Delivery Call Bronco Homes, 1-800-487-0712


Background Check & Drug Screen required

APARTMENTS FOR RENT Longhorn Apts. 401 W. Frontier. 1/Bdrm 3/4/ba. W/D, D/W, Upstairs Apt.,Central air/heat. Storage shed. $500/mo+$500/dep. 928-978-1331.

2Br/2Ba in Pine, 1 Car Garage, Central Heat/Air, Very Nice, $900.p/m: 928-476-3597

Apt Rental CD A SPEN C OVE

Wages based on experience.

Applications can be obtained at The Rim Main Entrance on Rim Club Parkway or Call 928-472-1470

HOMES FOR SALE 3BD/2BA, ALPINE VILLAGE 1/OWNER Greatly Reduced!, to $165,500. Appliances, Double-Car-Garage, Wood Burning F/P., Fenced/Yard, Central Heat/AC, 928-468-8354 or

Large 1br/1ba Unfrunished Condo Bottom Floor, End Unit, $575.p/m, Smoking & Pets No. Contact Virginia: (623) 780-1394 Cell (602) 615-5142 Pine 2Br/2Ba, W/D, Sun Room, .70 acre, 2 Storage Sheds, $900. p/m + Deposits, Year Lease, Pets-Neg. Owner/Agent, 928-978-4721

Room for Rent to Share 2Br House, in Payson w/Large Fenced Yard $350.p/m + Half Utilities & $200.Dep. Call 928-474-9539 Site Built Home for Rent, Payson Ranchos/2 Lot, 3Br/2FBath, Carport, Fenced Yard, Fireplace, AC, D/W, W/D Hookup, Smoking-No, $950.p/m: 928-978-1859

Site Built, 3Br/2Ba, 1600 sq.ft.,

Lux Condo, 1500 sq.ft. 2Br/2Ba, Pool View, Smoking-No, Pets-No, $950/mo + $500 dep 928-978-5450


delivered to your home every Tuesday and Friday with a subscription to the

Fenced Yard, A/C, Dogs OK. $950/mo + $500.Sec.


Mesa Del Caballo,Site-Built 2Br/1Ba, Oversized Driveway & 1/Car/Garage, Carport, Large Fridge, D/W, W/D Avail. Fenced, Dog-OK, $900.00, 928-474-4308 or 231-730-1842 Payson Airport Home: 1 Year Lease, 2Br/2.5Ba, 2 Car Garage, Deck w/Spa, $1,250. Reference Required: 808-256-5137

PAYSON ROUNDUP Call 474-5251, ext. 108.

JUNE 29, 2011 • SENIOR LIVING | 23

Planning your road trip NOW IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO From page 19

phone so you can stay on track and in touch. You might also consider a set of dressier clothes if your dining tastes have matured since your fast-food days. Finely tuned machines

In the old days, you might have motored through the night with just a few hours of sleep and several cups of coffee to keep you going — and that was part of the thrill. These days, however, you probably appreciate a more relaxed pace, which includes sleeping well and eating right. Keeping yourself “well tuned” can help ensure you enjoy your road trip as much as possible. You’ll also want to make sure your vehicle is in top condition. It’s a good idea to change the oil, and check the tire pressure and coolant system before you get on the road. If your vehicle is due for some routine maintenance, have it done before you start your trip. Have a plan, man

How many road trips of your youth ended up at a destination other than the

one you had in mind when you started out? Meandering can be fun, but having a plan can be rewarding too. Your taste in destinations has probably matured, so consult with your traveling partners and consider spots that appeal to your current interests and finances. For example, you may have developed an affinity for wine, where once you preferred beer. A tour of wine country may be in order. Perhaps you’ve discovered an interest in history? Consider taking the guys to a Civil War re-enactment or to one of the country’s great historic cities, like Savannah, San Antonio, San Diego or even New York or Chicago. Use a GPS or online resource to preplan your route and make sure the people you love know where you’ll be along the way. The mechanics of your mature road trip may be a world away from the flyby-the-seat-of-your-pants style you favored in your college days. But a road trip can be a great way to relax and reconnect with friends no matter what stage you’re at in life.

HAVE A CHOICE FOR YOUR MEDICAL IMAGING! Experience the Benefits of SimonMed-Payson. It’s not just Savings. It’s Savings AND Quality! SimonMed is often less than 50% of the cost of the competition.You could save hundreds.

Need to file Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy by Phone! Unfiled or Unpaid Taxes? We Make House Calls!

$ Creditor Calls • Wage Garnishments



Get started today for



*If requested to begin case preparation. Attorney and filing fees must be paid in full before filing.

Foreclosur es • Repossessio ns • IRS Collecti ons


We are a debt relief agency helping people file bankruptcy under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code Sandra C. Oswalt, Responsible Attorney. Oswalt Law Group, 300 W. Clarendon Avenue, Suite 290, Phoenix, AZ 85013

SimonMed has a state of the art facility, equipment, and certified technician’s to assist you with your CT, MRI or X-Ray imaging services. It’s not just the service and the quality that makes SimonMed the leader in imaging, it’s the caring staff and sub specialist radiology team that offers you, Payson, the most detailed diagnosis when it comes to using SimonMed for all your imaging services. We have the largest subspecialized outpatient radiology group in the Southwest. Which means experienced experts to read your studies. Call us today for an appointment or just stop by!

SimonMed Payson — 928-468-8234 117 E. Main Street, #D100, Payson, AZ 85541

24 | SENIOR LIVING • JUNE 29, 2011


No Chem ica Adde ls d!

RYO Headquarters

NO INTERNET! NO SHIPPING! IT’S FAST! IT’S FUN! IT SAVES YOU MONEY! ed z i m o t Cus bacco Pure To Taste! r To YoNuON-FSC

190-200 Tubes, Tobacco and Machine

$ Under


Not valid with any other offers. Ask for details. Offer varies by location.

Surgeon General’s Warning: Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide, can cause cancer.

• Lowest Cigarette Cartons & Packs - Largest Selection of RYO Tobacco • • Smoke Accessories • Coffee • Soda • Ice • Snacks • • Western Union / Orlandi Valuta Money Orders • Mobile & Overseas Calling Cards • • Arizona Lottery • ATM Inside • • Food Stamps Accepted • Major Manufacturers Coupons Accepted • • Wide Selection of Domestic & Import Liquor, Beer & Wine •




1 Pick FREE Gatorade $5599 $ Lighter FREE 2 for 3

$ 50 off


COUPON 32 oz.



per ct +tax

Limit 2 w/this coupon. One coupon per person, per visit. Not valid with any other offers.

When you spend $50.

One coupon per person, per visit. Not valid with any other offers.

Excludes gas, lottery, WU services. One coupon per person, per visit. Not valid with any other offers.

When you buy 3 packs of cigarettes

1 coupon per person, per visit. Not valid with any other offers.


Any carton of cigarettes w/this coupon. One coupon per person, per visit. Not valid with any other offers.


Payson Marketplace

1116 North Beeline Highway (Inside Texaco) • 928-474-2810


Beeline Highway

Airport Road

Senior Review 2011  

Senior Review, a publication of the Payson Roundup

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